Thursday, September 14, 2023


 I'm working on my thesis for word harlot.

Monday, September 11, 2023

hitlers bodyguards doc


My edited message about Nazi Hitler:

Amazon Documentary TVseries, "Hitler's Bodyguards".  Churchill had ONLY one guard (Albert Einstein escaped the Nazis, he was Jewish and alerted Churchill to Hilter). Hitler had thousands of bodyguards to stop his enemies, the SA and SS were created.  Hilter made sure that his bodyguards, if they were found not totally loyal, he killed them.  The SS wore black and white, his sadist S&M bodyguards, the most, violent men. Hitler was a raging, hateful trouble making Austrian not German, sent to prison for high treason.  The German people were manipulated by his cunning, secretive, contolling plans. They voted in a politican thug for a leader.  You might equate Hitler to gangsters.  I will not disrespect gangsters.  Hitler was not a gangster but a fist fighter, illegitimate baby.  The Germans listened to him.  He promoted the Aryan race.  If a top, SS bodyguard father had a weak genertic child they killed that son at the mental intuition.  When a girl got her period, she was tested for the Aryan perfect race.  If not perfect she was eliminated.  Hitler killed over 50 million people and some were Germans.  If you were not loyal to Hitler he had you killed.  Does this sound familiar?

Guess who studied Hitler?  Mr. Trump!


Adolf Hitler made it up on a rumor,
was never a race after he
murdered millions.

Sunday, September 03, 2023