Saturday, September 14, 2019

Molested Little Girl Song by Dianna

I checked out to ------------
Made me want to die . . .

I ran when I saw his --------------------
Made me want to die . . .

This heart's been broke
Made me want to die . . .

Run little one
See the ---------------------

Run girl run
It's not -------------------------

Run to water
Run to a ----------------
Run to ---------------------------
Run to the sea

Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Maria wears her kick boxing gloves:  I won't punch him for his smack down.  Counterfeit money from high-paid Silicon Valley engineer.  He jacks off to porn and can't get a girlfriend (separation of sickness).  He knows his dick is small, and matches his coward, con job.  If feel sorry for him, I won't punch his face.  His loneliness punches him day and night.  What goes around comes around motherfucker ( Samuel Jackson).  Rip off a whore, life's gonna kick his pathetic ass.  My fantasy, put his phone number and loser face on freeway billboard "I have a small dick".  

Sunday, August 04, 2019


I've been a escort all my life.  Never busted.  Started, age 24 on the streets.  Moved up the ladder to VIP.  My Dad's name is Asshole.  Mom looks like she could star in a nurse horror movie.  Dad is dead.  Good.  I think some of my escort friends describe me as disconnected. 

Now that the Internet is here, I'm still working on and off.  Some of the reviews about escorts sites are a total waste.  Anyone who believes what a male writes (who does not see escorts) has another agenda.  How can a male who never sees escorts give a good review.  He's not a player.  Here is the review I read.  I give it a "F".  His review, don't waster your time reading is mis-informed bullshit

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Call girl, Maria is a swinger and loves to get off over and over on her homemade
"Fuck Me Machine".  The kinky call girl passed it up, she fucked to much before the house party.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Predators are cowards.  They use fear, lies and muscle to hurt women.  Your Dad was a coward, Diana!

Today, I saw that it was not me.  It was the coward that raised me as a child.  

He called me a whore and it was all my fault.