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    Sunday, January 08, 2017

    Zoe Zane - Wikipedia

    Zoe Zane (born January 27,1947), an American pornographic actress and filmmaker.  Nicknamed "Zoe" became a celebrity, her appearance on Howard Stern Show 2008 for cake farts. She was voted Hottest Older Woman 2010 on Howard Stern TV Sirius Radio.  Over 800 films and thousands of adult and fetish images "Images for Zoe".

    Early Life

    Zoe Zane was born in San Mateo, California to a lower middle-class of strictness.  Her father was a airline manager, World War II Army Air Force Veteran and mother, Native American Indian, a professional seamstress. 

    Pornographic Film Career

    Zoe Zane denounced her conservative lifestyle 1985 (mother of 7 children).  She graduated with 2 degrees, P.E Dance Emphasis, Education Teacher and one Art minor.  She married right out of college, she taught ballet and modern dance classes.  In 1987, as a divorced white female she saw that the adult industry (photo, film) was a reliable means of supporting herself.
    She was hired by a LA phone fantasy company and was a Las Vegas erotic dancer.  At Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club several porn stars wanted her in their films.  Zoe finally contracted with Kitty Foxx (she was the best of the best as a mentor about the porn business) Production Las Vegas, Nevada.  At age 51 she performed in the adult film in Aged to Perfection #15.

    Her stage name Zoe Zane was selected by herself, Kitty Foxx and husband Alan.  Zoe was her first choice and Alan said the last name Zane would be catchy (Zane Porn brothers, she is not related).  Many internet models have copied her stage name with different spellings.  One college girl, Emily Sander used the name Zoey Zane, internet model.  She was murdered which brought huge attention to the name Zoe Zane.

    Mature Porn Star Kitty Foxx had an exclusive Over50 group of women who starred in her adult films.  Zoe Zane was one of the first mature females who boldly stood out to express herself as Over50.  She is a pioneer with Kitty Foxx for the older women in adult films. 



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