Wednesday, April 24, 2019


It's insane when you watch a bi-polar whore use her ass to out do you
Standing there, watching them go wild, okay, she just stole the client
Next time it happens I'm going to get into the zen position and pray I make it saying .... look at this whore screw her door and out do you
This is good therapy for me!

I wonder what the client would do watching me pray ???

Scammers and Cheaters

They want me, they don't want me, when he comes over, does his thing quick, he wants a discount ??? . . . sweetly said, what was the agreement? Be silent and wait.  He complains again.  Say sweetly, that was not our agreement.  That was your silent agreement to pay less?

Call Girl Maria (her private thoughts, rip me off and I'll sneak off with your wife).  You don't mess with Maria.  She made friends with male client's wife.  

Wife told Maria, he's cheating on me.  The wife was mad crying, wanted to get even.  Maria told her that happened to her with ex-husband.  Wife cried more.  Maria stood up, took her deep purple, lipstick, wrote on bathroom mirror.  If he can fuck around so can we.  Maria said, don't cry, get even, cheat and fucked like men.  Wife, stopped crying very pensive.  If he cheats, I cheat too. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Diana thinking with her pretty, little head:  I need a man to care for me, maybe one of my clients?  Being bi-polar, I'm one crazy bitch.  Men like it.  I'll go after Mr. Money who brags a lot in bed.  My plan, fuck him till he is dead.

Present time, we're in the throes of sex 4 hours (lost count).  I can't get his cum.  Forever, he has a hardon.  The down stair neighbors called management, we made too much noise,  annoyed and sick of my squeaking bed.  Is that why one of the call girls put her box mattress on her carpet threads?  

Not working, my take care of me, Diana's pretty little head.  His wife and I are almost dead.  He's not paying enough and broke my bed.

Nov 9, 1996


Monday, April 15, 2019


Nov 13, 1995
We're talking how all molested growing up by uncles and dads.  Diana blurts, "My Mother raised her frying pan, hit Dad over his head.  Mom needed to pick Dad up and drop him on his fucking head".  We laughed and laughed, stood up, did a 4 girl circle dance, chanting, "Drop Him On His Fucking Head".  One call girl thinks she's a saint, recalls nothing.  I find it strange.  I shared a scape book with her, printed and pasted by High government official, still no reaction.  One of her clients told her to get that away from his head. 

Friday, April 12, 2019