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    Wednesday, October 19, 2016


    I'm on a massive healing journey to stop the abuse by the LDS Mormon Church Mormonism/ex-husband.  WHAT A TRIP.

    In a session today offensive energies dropped my cell phone sent by dark energies from ex-husband Bishop Seminary Teacher.  My shaman healer heard my voice fade away and she keep talking.  ON my phone, no Theresa, the call had dropped.

    I'm putting my past behind me and the offensive energies drop the phone line to stop me.  You're thinking to yourself, what is this woman doing and talking about?  Yeah. it's already Halloween in my world.  Spooky Boo On You Zoe.  I'm finally with the Church.  I tested strong (psych-K) when and if my kids try to trick me to come to a family party and the ex is there, I WILL WALK OUT!!!  I will never be in the same room with him for the rest of my life.  One year ago I was still a victim to my tortured marriage.  I would of never been able to claim my power and say no.  THAT is how powerful the brain washing is from the offensive energies of the Mormon Church.

    Over a week ago the ex had all my kids clean his BLACK HOLE house.  He's a snake even to my kids.  He sent dark energies to my stripper daughter.  Today, I cleared 2,250 offensive energies and 27 saboteurs from her lower back.  She has been out of sorts since she cleaned her Dad's house.

    If you think I'm crazy?  .... okay whatever---- keep doing what you are doing till the body screams HELP ---- I'm undoing the CRAZIES from my LDS Church past life.

    Look up emotion code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and www.psych-K.com by Rob Williams

    Don't believe everything you think

    Believe there are unseen energies that DO affect our bodies - quote Zoe Zane
    If you did read this post at least you are aware that negative thought words and action do affect our lives.  AND.... there is something out there that WORKS.


    Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    MY NEW BRAIN PROGRAMS TODAY 10/18/16 PSYCH-K and Body Code

    As I forgive, so am I forgiven.
    Whole brain posture regarding these past events with ex husband Mormon church, the boys, and the
    “That’s not you, what’s coming out of your mouth!” (down the rabbit hole)
    Whole brain posture regarding the woman next door (annoying late night neighbor)
    I have a God-given right to send love to the woman next door.
    The feminine way is all about the collective. We all move forward together.
    It’s about collaboration and not about competition and isolation.
    I have faith that I am being guided to my next step. (spirit guides me and I listen)
    I am patient and sensitive to the time it takes for myself and others to change.
    Everyone, including me, is doing the best they can.

    You may not get what I am doing but I will explain in my book

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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