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    Monday, January 21, 2019

    Do not play competition game between madonna & lady gaga -gaga was trashed for dance pose mistake 2019 -so offensive by male madonna fan

    The butt implant holocaust by Queen Madonna has cause a negative tornado towards HERSELF.  Fuel
    it up, what the heaven sakes was Madonna thinking for fake butt . . . her 2015 butt so fine already?  She's out of her mind.

    For years my PTSD Dad, the cult for "NOT WHO I AM" and last boyfriend had a hay-day with with Zoe Zane's good looks.  Dad made sure she'd never see the beautiful of herself with his negative rants at the dinner table.  His hate for women piled high in her brain.  What is it Madonna?  (1) You hate her butt, (2) don't give a rat's ass about nothing but your ego maniac, press attention, OR jealous of my behind?  Bragging Madonna, they will never forget my huge influence and impact on Earth.  Yes, we will and rated "BIG BUM BAD.  It's your creation, Madonna.

    The Madonna negative comments for butt plants triggered all the years for ZOE'S childhood, body shame.  That ....SHE was ugly for being a girl.  Madonna thinks she's doing women a big favor standing up to misgogny.  NO!!!  Your "Respect Yourself", it's a big lie, you don't care.  The years pushing the edges have turned padded.  The 2019 butt press of Madonna makes it worse for female adult entertainers.  No thank you Madonna.  In a few days, you created more hate for women than my Dad did in his life time. So don't speak, YOUR BLOCKED, delete, muted and NOT the woman of your own words for "RESPECT YOURSELF".

    I'm making the best of a bad situation:  my only injections are coffee!  HA HA HA

    your mockery, your fake diaper butt, Madonna's "no respect yourself" and uninspiring image IF not real, mocks all women.  PORN STARS .... they have more respect than "NOT MADONNA".  The fake butt for women that will never be forgotten.  So hide behind the dark Italian, hairdo or whatever that you do.  It will never be the same between me and you for "no madonna".  You mocked what we had and you're no rebel but a follower.  Offensive energies have taken over your mind, body and soul.  

    my only injections are coffee and men #zoezane

    Wednesday, January 09, 2019

    madonna fake porn star

    next goes porn star with her big implants for all those jerking black men that love a big white ass

    trump and madonna

    when I hear Trump thinks he's Madonna, Somthing funny 4 U I'm calling on Netflix LUCIFER to fix the problem

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018


    SEPTEMBER 2018

    Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives and Seekers Everywhere,

    I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter message presented as The Story of Bill.

    Those that have followed my work for a while are aware that while I am a spiritual person, I am not a follower of religion. I personally believe that most religions are organizations that have made a business out of managing spirit. With that attitude, I hope you can understand why I honor the words of Jesus over those who interpret His teachings.

    In that light, I believe that one of His most relevant utterances in support of healing today’s world is: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    While on the cross, these words from Jesus are generally interpreted as asking forgiveness for those who put him to death. But it was also a plea for all humanity. The plea is profoundly significant in regard to the insights offered in the “new” biology. All of us, at times in our lives, have become angry with others because of their less-than-good behaviors. Then we identify that individual in terms of how we observe their annoying trait, for example aggressive, belligerent, snob, and complainer, stupid or lazy.

    Now recognize that 95% of their behavior is derived from programs (~70% dysfunctional) downloaded before age 7 by observing their parents, siblings and community. The reason being that the conscious mind, which expresses wishes, desires, and sense of “self,” is internally directed in thought 95% of the day. This is when the subconscious mind, acting as an autopilot, takes control of our behavior and physiology.

    These resulting character traits expressed by these programs come from the subconscious, which by definition means they operate below the conscious awareness of the individual. The real character of the “person” occupying that body, represented by their individual field, or spirit, is unaware of the programmed behavior they express 95% of the day. They only display their own “true” behavior about 5% day.

    The serious point is that everyone, including ourselves, is playing subconscious behavioral programs that we are totally unaware we are expressing. Simply, “We know not what we do.”

    Can we forgive others who know not what they do? This does not mean that we have to accept their behavior and forget our grievances. It means we must recognize that they are not conscious of their anti-social behavior and are playing out a script that they did not even write. They are enslaved by their own invisible and negative programming.

    Can forgiveness change the world? We should all take a lesson from Nelson Mandela, and if you haven’t seen how Mandela helped manifest forgiveness, I highly recommend you view the uplifting movie Invictus.

    Wishing you Health, Happiness and Harmony.

    With Love and Light,

    Thursday, September 20, 2018


    "Holy Water"

    I was walking outside in the moonlight
    At the church on the ground that nobody know
    When I hear it in your voice for the first time
    I was staring at the light through the window
    I was waking up early, feeling under
    I was crying outside on the front lawn
    But you call me with no hesitation
    And you love me with no reservation

    You touch me like an angel
    But you kiss me like a sinner
    Got me dying for a miracle
    Baby step into the holy water

    Tied to your finger like an anchor
    Every second go a little deeper
    Hold my breath, keep getting out
    Hold my breath, don't let it stop
    I was up all night feeling messed up
    Got a couple bad day I'm ashamed of
    But you call me when you're thinking too much
    Hold me back, I get up

    You touch me like an angel
    But you kiss me like a sinner
    Got me dying for a miracle
    Baby step into the holy water
    You touch me like an angel
    But you kiss me like a sinner
    Got me dying for a miracle
    Baby step into the holy water

    If there's something I do, change it
    I just wanna be the one remaining
    And I'll take my chance cause I know you got a wild heart
    But I've loved you from the start
    I'll love you like you want it to end
    I'll love so deep they won't understand
    How could I stop when I know what it feels like
    Yeah, I find myself so alive with your holy light

    You touch me like an angel
    But you kiss me like a sinner
    Got me dying for a miracle
    Baby step into the holy water (step into the holy water)
    You touch me like an angel (touch me like an angel)
    But you kiss me like a sinner (kiss me like a sinner)
    Got me dying for a miracle
    Baby step into the holy water (step into the holy water)