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    Sunday, February 18, 2018


    ONLY nice women and a few good men on MARS!!!!!

    Friday, February 16, 2018


    A strong person and a waterfall channel their own path


    Friday, February 09, 2018


    BID BUDDY TALK: the world talks bad trash about sex workers. They're blamed for everything just like God. It's not right. A lot of sex workers are good people that help good people. Unseen jesters of love for the lonely are never seen. This judgment crap is not cool and humans on planet EARTH, stop it.  I've seen it all with the sex worker I live with.  At night she comes home from a defensive world to the couch.  Our world is not defensive.  She and I love each other.  I do everything I can to make her happy.  I've turned into a ballerina with my big paws.  It's pretty dramatic for a 21 pound cat to show his dance moves.  IMPRESSIVE ME!  Meow.  Big purrs to all of you who read this cat blog for sex workers.  BIG BUDDY

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018


    My divine feminine was stolen, I have been pushing through life to this point.
    Yesterday using psych-K, I put new programs into my subconscious mind.  If I prayed to God, Jesus or Angels, before yesterday my mind would not accept it.  That is how offensive this negative programming is to stop the divine feminine in women on this planet

    I accept life force
    I am life force
    Nature is life force
    My life force coupled with other's life force can heal me. 
    My mind is life force. 
    My body is life force. 
    I can maintain my own life force. 
    I can hear and feel my own life force. 
    Women over time have always understood life force. 
    When I receive life force from another, I value and understand this energetic. 
    I am aware of my life force. 
    I feel my life force. 
    I accept life force from others.

    Sunday, January 21, 2018


    At 2 weeks old, I was hijacked by an offensive organization run by controlling men.  It was like not having my right leg all these year.  I was not allowed to have my own intuition.  My best cat friend BUDDY died this week and went to the most beautiful heaven where all cats go.  I had a dream and it will never leave my mind.  Not ever.  Here are the www.psych-K.com statements I programmed into my female brain today.  T & V from Santa Cruz have far exceeded the boundaries of Rob Williams.  That's what happens when you get a download from Heaven itself.  I AM SO BLESSED.

    • I allow Grace to flow through my life now.
      I trust Grace.
      I am Grace.
      I own my Grace.
      When I allow Grace the universe supports and nurtures me."
      I know who I am in the presence of Grace.
      I am being healed through Grace.
      My Divine Grace on the earth makes a positive dierence in the world.
      My Divine Presence on the earth brings Grace to the world."
      I am one with Grace.
      Every one of my experiences brings me closer to Grace.
      I allow Grace to flow through every one of my experiences.
      I experience life through Grace.
      Whole Brain posture taking in the colors of Grace.
      When I trust Grace, everything is possible.
      I anticipate miracles when I lead my life with Grace.
      Meditation: use these soft colors of Grace to do healing on your body.


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