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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Sunday, September 11, 2016

    Family Visit Utah Grandkids, new born baby and 2 year old we call TT

    Over 911 weekend, I visited very special, little people.  A new born, male baby (grand kid) that Zoe Zane observed how to breathe which calms the brain and nervous system.  It was a healing experience to see how a baby breathes when it feels safe and secure.  He did ----light, easy, soft slow breathes from his lower stomach.  DNRS Annie Hooper made me aware how to calm down the nervous system, breathe like a baby.  I know how babies breathes.  WOW.  And ..... the 2 year old toddler has the most outrageous sense of humor.  I experienced his happy field.  I was in his happy filed and he shared his special blanket with me.  He never shares his blankie with anyone.  I am honored.  He and I were child like in our bodies together. SO AWESOME.

    I was robbed of my early childhood.  Driving home on Salt Lake City freeway, back seat of car, I cried seeing how I never had a loving childhood.  So Sad.  I did not dwell on it very long.  I need to keep a happy field for myself.  Happy makes for a very healthy immune system.

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