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    Friday, July 29, 2016


    Hello there,
    You want me to be honestly interested in YOU and what you have to offer. Perhaps bored with life, you’re looking for ZOE to make things fun again.  You have achieved traditional success in terms of money, cars, access to the BEST restaurants, designer clothes but NO longer enjoy any of it. I, ZOE will give YOU the ability to experience everything YOU once loved all over again.  It's worth everything to YOU.    
    It's important we are playful with each other.  I offer creativity and enthusiasm for life. I might give you a note, how much fun I had or what you hope to do next time together.  You might allow me to send my sexy selfies with a flirty glance ...THAT ignites the same feelings YOU had with me.  
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nice present you gave and your valuable advise.  I appreciate the hero in you which makes me feel safe.  Waves of Love,  Zoe

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    Thursday, July 28, 2016


    notes to myself ...ZOE:

    ALL this childhood healing is bigger than Apple or Microsoft combined!!!

    Colonics & ZOE, going off sugar and gluten, your body is throwing off toxins like a mad woman.

    From a well trusted healer: 
         Doing colonics can bring up some deep emotional stuff, so that may be part of what you're feeling. It means some deep layers may be dislodging from your colon. Always a good thing!  
      ZOE, you are taking this energy from ex-husband too personally.  You have to let it roll off of you. (WWJD ?  remember that saying!)  HE won't take it so personally.  Your getting so upset is playing right into the hands of the enitities who are hanging out with HIM. THE EX didn't send you the curse, his entities did.  They thrive on discord and negativity and anger and all the rest of it, so be aware of it!  DONT ALLOW yourself to be "played" and manipulated emotionally by them.  The more this upsets you, the better they like it!  
    It's so easy to point fingers and get really mad when this stuff happens. So try not to go there!  Instead, put the EX in God's hands.  Anytime something crazy happens, just put it in God's hands. Much easier for HIM to deal with it than you!
                  hope this helps!
                  lots of love,

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016


    House, Stripper Daughter. cats, running water, electricity, my breathe, friends on Facebook, Sexy Miss Lizz, my furry bunny, my camera, windows movie make #10, CALIFORNIA, all my bank accounts, mermaids, doves, WiFi, Netflix, TESLA, all my fetish friends who take care of me, MY FEET, my brain, my teeth etc.


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    Saturday, July 23, 2016


    What I think about myself and words I speak create my experiences. I, Zoe make sure you see yourself in the HIGHEST LIGHT, positive thoughts and watch for what does not make you happy. If sucked in again .... GO BACK to positive words, images and stories. Express yourself assertively, but a loving way

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