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    Monday, October 09, 2017


    1.  Thankful for St. Germaine and Columbus Day.  The Violet Flame Rules and coming at a time that is much needed.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Germain_(Theosophy)

    2.  My taste buds for liking soaked walnuts and almonds.  I'm eating sprouted seeds for life.

    3.  For my cat Peanut who is the guardian of the galaxy commander in chief. He's constantly scouting the perimeters of the house.  He takes his job seriously.  Don't mess with Peanut!

    4.  For all of my special friends that take care of me for my magical services.

    5.  The neighbors dog who barks when bad people are close.

    6.  My simple iPhone.

    7.  I bless myself everyday, place my hand over my heart with left hand .... and in a place where I can do it and accept it.

    8.  Nice weather in San Jose CA USA.  Fall is my favorite time of the year. 

    9.  For all the vintage up-skirt teacher clothes, I've found at second hand stores.

    10.  For the prayers that were given to my by Spirit.  Pray works. 

    11.  For the beautiful picture of 2 female dancers on point on the wall.

    12. Model 3 Tesla

    13.  Helichrysum for the skin.


    Sunday, October 08, 2017


    I almost forgot to write today.  But, my angel friends got in my face, do it Zoe!  Yesterday, I found 3 more angel feathers and they are not all white feathers.  So many of you out there ARE walking around missing your angel feathers.  You have to ask for them and when they are near your feet the angels tell you "pick me up right now".  One of these days, I will post all the feathers in a frame.

    What am I gratitude for today:  I did another emotion code healing which was centered around my Mother and sisters.  I'm always thought I came from a family of losers since my dad was baby Hitler abusing all of us.  Today, I cried for my abused dad and the men on the planet.  If a male felt loved he would never abuse his children.  I cried for my dad. I cried for all the abused men on our planet.

    New psych-K.com positive brain postures and told my subconscious mind this:  My sisters, myself and my Mother are strong.  Instead of seeing all of us as victims we are warriors.  My 2nd sister was controlled by the church and she rebelled.    In her warrior strength she tried to stop the evil cords to her soul.  She went crazy instead.  Now I see her as a mighty female warrior.  She did not have the tools I have to overcome the abuse as children. 

    On my new diet I can have yams.  I'm so excited!  They stop inflammation in our bodies.  WOO HOO for the YAM!


    Saturday, October 07, 2017


    I'm keeping a gratitude journal for the next 6 month.  Gratitude makes Telomers continue to grow and stops the aging of our chromosomes.
    I just found this out and so excited.  We can stop the aging of our bodies.  Even better, the benefits of good vibs!


    1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
      "she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support"
      synonyms:gratefulness, thankfulness, thanksappreciationindebtedness;

    I just changed a negative program in my brain for gratitude using psych-k positive statement.
    In the name of spirit I remain in gratitude.
    Inflamed/angry thinking over a long time causes inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is the big killer of our bodies.
    My new paleo approach for eating is already calming my body down. My abusive childhood set my whole being on fire.  Addictive emotions, negative programming and living in a dark energy field sets you on fire.  My childhood was a very dark one.  Even after dad's death he was still hanging around to torment me and my sisters.  I had to hire a shaman healer to get dad off the planet.  As a small child dad would come home every night in his toxic religion energy field guns blazing to hurt his children.  When you grow up in this kind of darkness you live in toxic dream state.  That's all you know.  I am finally out of the dream and here I am in deep gratitude for:

    simple healthy foods, the sunshine (I can't get enough of the sun), supported of intelligent energy healer, my cats who are taped into spirit (these guys know when something is not right with humans), almonds, walnuts, goat cheese, bulletproof chocolate bars (stevia), frankincense takes away aging spots, the clean fresh air of California, my determination, distilled water, all my money accounts, lavender essential oil (calming), Doreen Virtues ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL HEALING cards, all my angel guides who continue to leave their angel feathers (found 3 today, the feathers are not pure white like we think they are). good friends on my facebook page who sincerely care about me (some of them have been with me through the healing of a sexually abused childhood), stretch who drive me around for photo shoots, Kitty Foxx (she is still close to me even in spirit), fun music I heard last night in a Netfix movie, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna (strong women) and Tesla!

    Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, August 23, 2017


    The old boyfriend tried to make me shave my pussy.  I tried and did not work good for me.  I think he wanted a 13 year old on his dick.  It never happened with him.  I was fucking too many men in my life.  I need hair down there so I can fuck all the men I wanted.  Last week I counted up all the men, I counted how many men I had sex with after I left the Mormon Church 1985.  August 2017 about 624,000 men.  I'm not stopping either.  The old boyfriend wanted to marry a real whore and I never married him.  After he fucked his life (income tax evasion) he ran off with a real prostitute he could control.  I dumped his sorry dick face attitude
    If you think you are doing to control me it will not happen.  When men see me I do what I want with them and none of them complain.  99.9% of them want me to tell them what to do.  Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane
    Today on the phone a black pimp called me.  I could not talk to him, I was busy.  He got in my face and wanted to know if I was seeing someone.  I told him it was none of his business what I was doing.  I blocked his sorry ass on my phone.  BITCH OFF MOTHERFUCKER!  I have to keep my cool on the phone but on my blog I tell it like it is!

    Friday, August 04, 2017

    Tuesday, June 06, 2017



    Thursday, April 27, 2017


    1.  Can I see your whole place,  I'm nervous and do not trust you! (existing client)
    2.  Does your grandmother know what you do?
    3.  When was the first time you had sex?
    4.  Is this free?
    5.  Can you tell me how to "not pay taxes" and get away with it?
    6.  I looked at your ad what is you name?
    7.  If I come over and you see how good looking I am, can I have it for free?
    8.  I have never done this before.  I have seen this provider, do you know her?
    9.  Is it okay if I'm not sure about the appointment, I do not want to waste your time by talking about my insecurites?
    10.  Can I come over and see what you look like?


    !.  How many people do you see in one month? 
    2.  What do you not do?
    3.  Are you available now? (after I posted a fresh ad)
    4.  I read your website, can you give me more photos and xxx videos for free?
    5.  How much is it?
    6.  Is that your real picture?
    7.  I can't afford the appointment, can we go for drinks and dinner?
    8.  What is your real job?
    9.  Are you married?
    10.  What are you wearing now?


    Do you have nothing better to do than make me click login two times now.  WHAT THE CRAP GOOGLE BITCH!  Zoe Zane Review for Google Login.
    I can scream at GOOBLE programmers because they are too busy figuring out more ways to make us all click click click.  FUCK YOU AGAIN GOOGLE BITCH FACE!!!

    Sunday, April 16, 2017

    Friday, April 14, 2017

    Monday, April 10, 2017


    Hello Zoe,

    Please do not cry when I tell you I love you.  I see tears beginning to well in your eyes.  You never heard your parents say "I Love You" as a small infant to adulthood.  When you were born you had all the right stuff but it was hijacked from you.  Your magnificent self was stolen.  After all those years it's time for your to be your own Mother Mary.  SHE loves you.  Repeat after me,  "I Love You Zoe" tell yourself a million times today "I Love You!" You are worthy and deserving of love for your strength and resolve.  Your life journey has been arduous.  But, love will wash it away.  You have a bright happy future in front of you.  I love you for your determination to save yourself no matter what obstacle you faced.  You are a living "Joan of Arc" for love and peace.  Your world is in desperate need of your gifts.  Remember, the domain name you own LOVE BLASTS?  Bless yourself, you have overcome Satan's devils.  Love blast yourself a billion times Zoe!  Copyright Jesus Love Letter -Zoe Zane Inzane Productions 2017

    Sunday, April 09, 2017



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    Sunday, January 29, 2017


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    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    25 Things You Don't Know About Me

    1.  As child, I out did all the boys in any sport.  All the neighbors thought I was a cute boy.
     2.  I can't stand hamburgers and the smell makes me want to throw up.
       3.  At 9 years old, I had my own paper route.
       4.  I played the violin in Junior High. 
    5.  I never helped my Mom clean house but today I'm a cleaning fool with my own house. 
    6.  I made most of my own clothes as a teenager. 
    7.  I hated Church and ran off to the candy store every Sunday afternoon. 
    8.  I forget what I've eaten during the day so I write it down.
      9.  My first pet was a pollywog. 
    10.  At age 4, I made mud pies and ate the mud.  eek! 
    11.  I delivered all my kids with no drugs during birth. 
    12.  I worked in "DOLE" cannery San Jose California for 3 days.  It was awful! 
    13.  My fourth grade teacher inspired me to me an artist. 
    14.  I can write with both of my hands. 
    15.  I got myself off on monkey bars at age five in front of my classmates. 
    16.  At stop lights, I sing by favorite songs in my car. 
    17.  I was obsessed with weighing myself on a scale and stopped 3 years ago. 
    18.  I did not know how smart I was until I made porn movies for the Internet. 
    19.  I've was mentored by 1000's of men about sex as a phone sex girl. 
    20.  My favorite drink is "Synergy" kombucha. 
    21.  I love to make things up with creative people. 
    22.  I'm making a hat from the hair of my 3 male cats! 
    23.  My real life story is like Harry Potter.
      24.  I love my Facebook page, all those requests for nude pics/video doesn't bother me anymore.
      I ignore them and do what makes me happy. 
    25.  I will be 70 years old January 27, 2017. 

    Sunday, January 08, 2017

    Zoe Zane - Wikipedia

    Zoe Zane (born January 27,1947), her real name Charee Lynn Jensen, known by the stage name Zoe Zane, an American pornographic actress and filmmaker.  Nicknamed "Zoe" became a celebrity, her appearance on Howard Stern Show 2008 for cake farts. She was voted Hottest Older Woman 2010 on Howard Stern TV Sirius Radio.  Over 600 films and thousands of adult and fetish images "Images for Zoe".

    Early Life

    Zoe Zane was born in San Mateo, California, to a lower middle-class Mormon family (LDS Church Mormonism).  Her father was a airline manager, World War II Army Air Force Veteran and mother, Native American Indian, a professional seamstress. 

    Pornographic Film Career

    Zoe Zane in 1985 denounced her membership in LDS Church Mormonism 1985 (mother of 7 children).  She graduated from BYU with 2 degrees, P.E dance emphasis, Education Teacher and one Art minor.  She married right out of college, she taught ballet and modern dance classes.  In 1987, as a divorced white female she saw that the adult industry (photo, film) was a reliable means of supporting herself.
    She was hired by a LA phone fantasy company and was a Las Vegas erotic dancer.  At Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club several porn stars wanted her in their films.  Zoe finally contracted with Kitty Foxx (she was the best of the best as a mentor about the porn business) Production Las Vegas, Nevada.  At age 51 she performed in the adult film in Aged to Perfection #15.

    Her stage name Zoe Zane was selected by herself, Kitty Foxx and husband Alan.  Zoe was her first choice and Alan said the last name Zane would be catchy (Zane Porn brothers, she is not related).  Many internet models have copied her stage name with different spellings.  One college girl, Emily Sander used the name Zoey Zane, internet model.  She was murdered which brought huge attention to the name Zoe Zane.

    Mature Porn Star Kitty Foxx had an exclusive Over50 group of women who starred in her adult films.  Zoe Zane was one of the first mature females who boldly stood out to express herself as Over50.  She was a pioneer with Kitty Foxx for the older women in adult films. 


    Monday, January 02, 2017


    My HOLY WATER is everyday when I do good to all who cross my path.  When I talk to myself each day "It's my divine right to lead a full and meaningful life!"  I AM HAPPY AND HEALTHY.  The more I love myself the more spirit I AM!  I baptism myself with positive words and thoughts.  MY LIFE IS FILLED WITH LOVE, GRATITUDE, ABUNDANCE and MAGIC !!!


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