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    Thursday, May 26, 2016


    Get Your Free Guide, Get Ride of Trapped Emotions and Negative Programs in the Brain Increase Your Personal Power - RECLAIM Your Power 

    Read my past blogs, heal your life with:

    PSYCH-K by Robert M.  Williams M.A
    Emotion and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

    Did your doctor tell you he has no answers for your health condition?  Did it feel hopeless?  

    Are you frustrated and it feelings like something is missing but you can't figure it out, your life is not working?

    Read this about complaining and what it does to the brain.  Stop complaining and stay away from complainers.  Complainers will make your life unhealthy.  COMPLAINING WILL KILL YOU!

    New scientific research on the brain and complaining.  Complaining makes you more negative.

    Fires up your limbic brain, more trauma in the human body.

    In my line of work its a challenge to find people who understand and accept what I do.  Someone in the underground understands what a girl like me goes through.  After reading how complaining rewires your brain for bad health, I'm so happy I stopped my relationship with a pr dom female complainer.  Read why:

    Negative words and emotions change the brain.

    Sounds WEIRDO??? BUT this WEIRDO works !!!

    Zoe Zane what are you about?

         Yes, I'm a mature porn star AND there is more behind the wild things I do on camera.  I'm about ALL of us collectively on a energetic level.  After I left the LDS Church Mormonism, I set out to fix myself.  I found the Church of Religious Science and CRYSTALS.  I read various books on healing. Honestly, I felt God had forsaken me and not for being a porn star.  I held on for a long time searching from one thing to the next still not feeling I was making progress. Mormonism FUCKED ME UP on deep levels.  No voice, no power and a deep dislike for myself.  I type my words carefully for the words we speak and the emotions we feel DO affect the brain.  From early childhood, I lived in the land of anxiety and numb.  The fear, shame and guilt on that little girl was terrible.  Yes, my porn is instant gratification and I bring lots of happiness to thousands. BUT, Zoe is healing herself of her terrifying childhood.  I am the American Horror Story Girl.  When the body is filled with emotions and trauma it screams NO MORE.

    My new read  is PSYCH-K by Robert M.  Williams M. A.  We need to be connected to Spirit for optimal health.  If life experiences threaten us with shock, terror or worthlessness those negative programs run your life (our parents mentor us on how to operate).  PSYCH-K is the new way to get connected with your Higher Self.  You find the negative programs, erase them and replace with positive programs.  DOWNLOAD takes 5 minutes.  SERIOUSLY.
    Many invisible trapped emotions will disconnect your body from Spirit.  I had trauma to my foot and in a healing session with emotion and body code practitioner, my foot was disconnected from Spirit 85%.  It has been reconnected back to 100%.  It's important to be connected to Spirit 100%. BOLDLY ......and with great courage there is a GOD, SPIRIT or higher self that makes our bodies healthy.  It's vital for LIFE to be connected with the CREATOR. And .... if I saw you personally and don't believe in God (Slave Buttercup) you need some major emotion work on yourself.  Believe in something that is loving PLEASE.  Be a witch, tree worshiper OR something.  Just believe in something bigger than you.  Believe in LIFE for it is supporting your life.  HA HA HA ....woship that red enema bag.  Yeah, I have a weirdo sense of humor.  BIG SMILESSSSS!!!!!! I was so disconnected I even though life was not there for me.  BUT TODAY ....life is there for me.  I know it is.

    SO this is how it goes when you twist an ankle.  My stripper daughter last week missed her footing on a sidewalk curb, food flying in the air, and twisted her ankle.  OUCH!  She called her emotion code practitioner and the next day 85% better.  She released 27 emotions from her twisted ankle.  It healed quick after releasing the trapped emotions.  WOW!

    The emotion and body code plus PSYCH-K are new healing modules for our bodies.  Yeah, it sounds weirdo but this weirdo works.  And if you think I am out there I am.  Okay, I am weirdo.

    Have you've been told by your doctor there is no hope or he does not have an answer for your health condition?  If so do your own research on these modules.  I want you to know there is hope.

    Saturday, May 21, 2016

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    Saturday, May 14, 2016

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    Sunday, May 08, 2016

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