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    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    New Blog Feb 2012 - Click Here to Link

    I'm posting my blog over on LiveJournal.com


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    See you there Buttercup and all my friends.

    Zoe Zane

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    What's up - my Sunday runt - Oh...rant? HA HA HA

    W H A T ' S UP is the biggest "turn you off" comment a guy can say to you on your cell phone. I might have the hood you desire but I'm not from the hood. WTF. Street guys don't get it when it comes to finding the right one.  I figure they think women are a piece of meat for their what's up digging. Is there a book out there for phone manners? If you find one send it my way. Is there a live cam Internet book for cam manners? The workbook might ask men questions like: Do you feel rage and excitement when you get ready to chat in cam/video? Did you ever think that your hate for women keeps you from sex, from chicks?  Results --- no flower for you. Is that why you have to force women to have sex with you?  Is that why you run in packs with other street guys?  What's up might get ghetto chicks but not educated chicks baby.  I wonder IF they do get laid by WOTN? Oh no, some guys can't even get a  WOTN?  Low life gutter words are spoken to WOTN 24/7.  Street guys think they can display their worst manner with WOTN and get away with it. WTF. Were you humiliated, made fun of, laughed at by women as a child? Laughed at and now no nooky wooky baby. I understand that thing get ruff, life gives you shit. I've had my pile of
    crap-woo-lala. Saying --- what's up --- right from the start sends ladies off to to another planet that "What'sUp men" can't find. Smart ladies hide themselves from what'z up.  You go girl.  I jokingly speak my my low life talk with trusted friends, what'z up girlfriend? We laugh and make fun of what's up men. HA HA HA. When I get what's up on my cell phone, I say nuttings up. Chuckling. Thinking, pondering, hum?  Maybe, I'll send what's up on a wild ride to a flee market. Tell him, I'll be waiting in my tiny mini skirt with no bra under and sheer blouse. Painted, big red lips chewing a big wade of bubble gum holding a tiny purse that says "WOTN 4 U BABY". I hope he runs around the flea market looking for me. When he calls me back complaining he didn't find me, I'll tell him he was too  late.
    I got laid by a big stick baby who does not say WHAT'S UP.

    Last night was Day 39 for my yoga slamming.  The yoga room was great again.  Big surprise.  Are they getting the message make it right baby.  The manager asked me when I was in the room IF the fan vents were running.  Well, someone thinks what I think is important, respects my judgement about the temperature of the yoga room.  Good job.  My input will make it so the studio prospers.  So be it.  I love it.  I'm happy.

    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Today is day 39 for yoga challenge

    I'm lost in the world of yoga right now. I'm finding out who is hardcore and who is lovecore in the community. I was raised to be "A" type hardcore. I'm in the "A" type mode naturally. I don't need more A-type yogis in my face. I'm seeking to be more kind, more gentle, more loving, more accepting of myself. I don't want to do another 60 day challenge, not ever again. Why suffer. I might eat my words another day. The new studio is state of the art. All the new state of the art studios are off the wall torture. Please open the door in the back, please. It's a dream to tell everyone it's state of the art and it cooks everyone. I'm glad I'm not the owner of a new state of the art Bikram studio. It sucks.
    Day 38 - Last night was the best class, I've been in since the new opening. Perfect, cool room, just the right temperature. I will remain in the back by the door till the owner figures it out. THAT, the door needs to be opened. The owner is aggressive and hardcore. She will remain this way forever. I'm staying away from her right now. In one of her classes, I pushed myself over the edge in triangle. Next day my body was way stressed, forget it. I see other yogis abusing themselves too much. There are a bunch of insane yogis in my world. Yogi athletes that love pain. One of my female yogi friend told me to tell them all ---- to screw it. Some of us have been through hell as small children. That's why it's better to be kind than hardcore.

    One more note: I ride myself of the chocolate bandit stalker. He steals your mind, he steals your soul, he steals your love. I know him from way back, he THINK he loves and respects me. I'm his Diva Goddess Mistress, more like his abused chocolate whore. It's all a bunch of wordless words with him. The chocolate he's using for the female model body parts is ... crap. I told him right to his face, still---- didn't get it. I bluntly told him if he calls me ... on a another sneak up on Zoe phone line or email, I will call the cops. Silence. GOOD! Thank heaven. He wants to be business partners with me but never listens to what I have to say. It's a big argue match with him. I'm so glad, I told him to F OFF. Hey Lizz, if "DZ" contacts you tell him to get lost. I would never make a clone of my nipple with his chocolate --- puke puke puke --- he wants to use. His chocolate is throw up, baby.

    To stud macho with jock strap smelling nuts that just called me: It's not my job to pay your sorry ass mortgage and take your cheap offer. You're really are a cheap macho stud face RB mauderfacker. I hate macho anything. I love to make them tell me their low balling, cheap offers. It makes me laugh. I laugh right in their face on the phone.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Day 35

    yoga class day 35. I have a great yoga friend I call guru boy. He's helping many of us see things differently. Another female friend showed me what she does to monitor her anxiety. She reads Science of the Mind 365 daily thoughts. It calms her down. I like. When you freak out read calming words. It works! Guru Boy was the one who got me to 2 triangle poses on this challenge. I'm still doing two triangles in every class. In the past when feet on the rug, I could not push myself up. I needed the yoga mat for support. I can push up more and more now. I'm gaining strength. I'm so excited. I'm overcoming 25 plus years of man hate, I took on when I left the Mormon church. My live in the Mormon Church was painful sour graped.

    I'm in the process of buying a mid-century modern house in Salt Lake City. My two daughters will live there. My X Mormon (moron) husband.... is on a power trip with me over the new house. My stripper daughter tells me what "the X" tells her how she can't do the house. Those girls need to get the hell away from HIS negative church mind. My stripper daughter has a girlfriend whose Mom is 70. Her Mom is all into the LDS church. My daughter is directing "my X" in the 70 Mom's way. They can worship and lust for their Celestial Kingdom together, all the way into the hereafter in their sacrediness. I hope they hook up and get off our backs. The X can not stand that I'm successful. He's upset he can't get both girls to take care of him. He would use them to get what he wants. When we own the new house he will be invited. He will not be allowed to show up when he wants to show up. This is my house and the 2 girls know what are the rules. I don't want him to dump his shit on my sacred house of love.

    Zoe Zane is stepping up to HD video baby.
    Chubs just jumped into my lap and gave me a big kitty hugs. I love it.

    Sunday, February 05, 2012

    Sunday morning

    I was wasted last night after Day 33 Bikram Yoga Class. The teacher did not monitor the room BC the room was to be monitored by the manager. He did not manage the room either. It was awful. Someone open the door and lets make this room humanly possible ---- PLEASE!

    Friday, February 03, 2012

    Re-routing in the body during yoga challenge

    I miss this and that right now. Update for zoezaneSC2 "Southern Charms" will be up on Monday. I forgot to send in the FTP notice. OFM! I gotta get a grip on things. Last night in yoga it was Day 30, class was cool at the end. What a relief! Only 30 more days to go. One of the teacher told me to not do doubles/2 classes on one day. The studio is still gagging the climate for the yoga room. Working on making it perfect. It will never be perfect BC of the weather and the people who come to the class. Too many variables. Educated guess.

    I did a search on Vicki Vette - I'm wild like Vicki on her VNA! I'm a Vette Girl. I'll hit her up, tell her THAT! A mature MILF - over 60 brings spice to her VNArmy. Over 60 with her glorious smiling experience and class, Miss Zoe kicks ass! Yes. I'll post and blast all over the net. Zoe Zane is a Vette Girl - Vicki Vette loves her! VNA for Zoe Zane

    Just a note to Buttercup:

    You need to feel the steam from my ironing board. I'll make you iron my clothes then tell you to sit on the ironing board and laugh. HA HA HA
    That's entrainment from his gorgeous, smiling Diva --- Miss Zoe Zane/Fetish Diva Diamond.

    Thursday, February 02, 2012

    I am different

    his exact words to me on the phone. So here is the story girls: I found you on this ad looking for something that is high class. If I think you are hot, I will see you twice a week. Let's make a time for 8:15PM tonight. I'm only 15 mins away from you. But tonight, I'm coming from Santana Row from dinner. I'm ready but he does not show up or call to let me know he is not coming --- Next call, his excuse, the dinner went over. Okay. This is #1 excuse from I am different. Another arrangement in the afternoon but he calls to tell me he has to pick up his daughter from school. Can we make it later at 8:15PM tonight. No show again, no phone call. Next day excuse, my daughter broke her arm. He feels bad. -- O. K. -- Can we make it for in the morning at 8:30AM? -ok- This is the last time for him if he doesn't show up. Since I'm doing my 60 day challenge for Bikram --- I'm in the tolerant, mellow, la la, exhausted mood. GUESS WHAT? ---- he doesn't call me. His excuse --- I had to pic up my kids take them to school. Yesterday, he calls in the afternoon --- can I see you in 15 mins, I'm coming from work. I wait and he calls 1 hour later. I'm not there so he wants to make it for 6:30PM. I hurry back from yoga and he calls telling me he just had botox on my forehead. Can we make it for 7:30PM? Your voice sounds so sexy. I wait till 7:30PM --- he does not call. Now you know Zoe is very wiped out from doing her 60 day yoga challenge to put up with this guys bullshit. YES I AM WIPED OUT! Next time he calls, I will be calm with this MOTHERFUCKER who has no respect for women. This is what I will say to him and I'm sure he will call again. Well, "Mr. I am Different" with you botox forehead treatments. Are you widowed or divorced? In our conversations you told me if I'm really hot you will see me on a regular basis. Well............... since you are such a different CEO ---- you will never find how how HOT --- Miss Zoe Zane is, because you are not coming over here. Not ever. I do believe you hate me or women in general, you keep calling me up and never show up. And you are not different. You are like all the other men who lie, cheat and steal Mr. I am a Different CEO. So take you botoxed forehead and jerk your dick off. If you're divorced, I hope she cheated on you and hurt you bad. You deserve her punishments. Whew! I am done with this "DIFFERENT BOTOXED CEO". What a prima donna, what a vane botoxed man bitch.

    I am missing days for Bikram. I think it is Day 29 --- and is today Thursday? Oh brother. I did 2 triangle poses in class last night. The owner was teaching the and I get hyped up when she teaches. She'd high strung and excellent. It's hard. the pressure. I almost choked, feel over after the second triangle from anxiety. I gotta work on this one. OFM!

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