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    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    Zoe Zane started her Dominahood in Las Vegas

    Bored with phone sex went professional in Las Vegas.  First slave loved me to throw bed mattress on him and jump jump jump laughing.


    Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane

    Thursday, September 06, 2012

    Sex Teacher Lesson - Keep Your Hard on!

    Miss Zoe Zane leaves Blogger to Live Journal.  I need to create my own blog off my server.  In time, I will get higher traffic rankings.  My part time job is driving traffic to my site.  I've talked with a web traffic builder this week.  It sounds gud but I don't want to spend the green on traffic.  In Utah, I found a house on a short sale, partners with my stripper daughter.  I can pour my FIM into the house.  Over a long period of time it will pay off.  It's paying off assisting my two daughters in the valley of patriarchs.  The Mormon Church still thinks women are 2nd class citizens.  The girls finally moved in a few weeks ago.  They are not living with their Father who hates women, a misogynist.  Maybe gay?  Speculation.  One day, lite his fire, ask him --- are you gay?  SHOCK TIME!  I've rambled on him many times.  He has lead himself into the old fart kingdom.  As men mature they don't have to go down.  What are you creating?  It's the same for women.  Girlie parts will die off, IF you don't do something different.  Some maturing men don't get it, that doing yoga will preserve their sex drive.  I guess the lasy files in their brains overrun the desire for a hard.  Lazy will erase the male sex drive.

    Sex is still taboo and men have ego, that stated, the hard on will fade away.  Our American Culture, lets take Viagra and not talk about the hard on.  Let's not love the male sex organ.  In time the male hard on dies.  Men in panic over their sex drive, don't get it, that they can change the course of their hard on.  They can keep their sex drive strong.  Men losing their sex drives is frightening, that's why it's not talked about.  Many times aging men have expressed the fear to me in private of not having a strong sex drive.  If men want to keep it, they must change their minds and do the work to keep their hard on strong.  Losing your hard on is losing your power.  Do yoga.  Go do a half assed yoga class.  Just start and save your hard on.  Yoga is not for panzies.  Our sex is connected to the throat, our voice box.  If one avoids this yoga pose called  PARSVOTTANASANA - PYRAMID OR SEPARATE LEG HEAD TO KNEE - your voice is not strong with your sex.  Your voice and the lower sex chakra is connected to one another.  The lower chakra is your sex power.   Your voice is your sex power.  Make them both healthy with yoga, have a long lasting sex life.

    Monday, July 09, 2012

    Boring Monday - No Malware - Happinees 4 Me

    I haven't been to the studio to see if my computer is up. I'm sure it's okay, I do daily virus/malware scans. It's nice to be boring in San Jose on Monday morning 8:26 AM PST. I hope your are boring too. HA HA HA

    The affiliate business I found doesn't allow advertising from adult site. It's a family run business. I had to take all banners off my blog and sites. This on-line business is a great opportunity to get your scrilla ($$$) - laughing.

    The threat of malware on Monday was nerve racking. Last night a close girlfriend called me from Ohio, she was by her computer till midnight. She's okay. I felt like the FBI/gov was terrorising all of us using malware. Why not just contain the malware and been done? If the FBI contained the malware just get ride of it with their gov paid virus software that we pay for. There is something weird here. I hope your computer is okay. I talked with my stripper daughter about Malware Monday. She said if you are down call your Internet provider. But id you are down you cannot read this message. LOL.
    News on Malware http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-57468504-501465/malware-threat-curbed-with-help-of-internet-service-providers-report-says/

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Diva and Buttercup Switch Story June 2012

    Diva's attention, her sexual aggressions heightens her male sub Buttercup.  His irresistible impulse to surrender and cower to her requirements consume his mind, body and spirit.  He can't escape the control she has over him.  Her old fashion  standards of conduct makes Buttercup submissive to her authority.  That said, Diva will tell her lady friends how Buttercup misbehaved, laughing out loud.  He didn't suit her wishes, he provoked her way too much.  A basically good male like Buttercup needs his Diva to be his Fetish Mommie, his Mother.  Even though he's a grown man, Diva takes his pants down.  She blisters his bare bottom like the color of a red apple.  Diva might not punish Buttercup when he thinks he wants it.  She will wait when she's good and ready pouncing like a cat.  Buttercup will be taken by surprise and made to cry like a baby.  She will remind Buttercup that maybe even more than once in a while, Buttercup needs a hard switching from fresh cut tree branches.  Isn't that right Buttercup!

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    Returned waste paper cans

    I drove into the parking lot last night, my 2 waste paper cans were returned. Strange indeed.

    Over the weekend, I will go to my yoga classes. It will be very hot in San Jose, Ca. lover 90 degrees for Father's Day weekend. OFM! Ranting and staying cool.

    I found a new affiliate program that makes you money. Hard to believe. Some of my family members and I are making money $$$$$. We get paid to advertise for web sites. woo hoooo!

    I'm the girl who will rise like a lotus blossom from the mud. No one will see me coming when I flower to full bloom. Many will see the full bloom and wonder how did she do it --- ??? --- hum.

    The XMormon husband, my Utah house slave (he does not know he's a slave to me) told my stripper daughter that she and I are "tuff cookies". That's the first positive thing he has ever said to me. LOL. People will slam you when the chips are down but will praise you after you turned shit to gold. My stripper daughter has been a punk bitch with construction workers, make it right boys ----with the Utah house we own together.

    Be safe everyone, smile when shit hits the fan.

    My favorite CableTV series is "Suits". High power wall street lawyers, oh yeah.


    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Live Journal Speller Does Not Work - Blogger.com is better

    Blog sites, others work better, others not so good - they drives me crazy.  I'm patient, I dream of the perfect blog site.  I think it will remain a dream, the perfect blog site.  Live journal has a staff of 200 people.  It's hard to get teck help.  Will post over http://www.blogger.com/ and use the speller. 
    I'm setting up free video sites all over the Net.  Soon you will see me everywhere.  Free video is free adverting in 2012.  I'm behind like always.  It would be great to have a man posting dirty porn movies for me.  Deauxma is so lucky her husband Larry does all the computer stuff while she works at being beautiful in her movies.  How would  it be to have that kind of life.  Oh well, I have what I have.  I have lots of boyfriends that give me lots of things in my life.  That's where my life is right now.  I gotta get the High Definition videos up and running.  Sexy Miss Lizz is a very smart mature MILF.  I see he do this and that and there it is.  Keep up the good work girlfriend.
    Last night in yoga class, I was a dripping wet pig.  I was not in the room to get the spot I wanted .  I ended up in the middle where the mirror joins, I looked cracked.  Whatever.  As a dancer I learned to make the dance movement look great without looking in the mirros.  I move by how it feels in the body.  If you get the technique down then you move the right way.  It does work. 
    My Utah projects with the X- house husband is very interesting.  He's buying Mid-Century Modern furniture for the house.  It's shocking and jaw dropping.  My stripper daughter thinks he is trying to please Mommie.  He has to do something.  I think she is right about pleasing Mommie.  He's pleasing his X-Mommie, that's me.  Laughing.

    Friday, April 27, 2012

    Zoe Zane Site Update


    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    New Blog Feb 2012 - Click Here to Link

    I'm posting my blog over on LiveJournal.com


    Click the title to the link

    See you there Buttercup and all my friends.

    Zoe Zane

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    What's up - my Sunday runt - Oh...rant? HA HA HA

    W H A T ' S UP is the biggest "turn you off" comment a guy can say to you on your cell phone. I might have the hood you desire but I'm not from the hood. WTF. Street guys don't get it when it comes to finding the right one.  I figure they think women are a piece of meat for their what's up digging. Is there a book out there for phone manners? If you find one send it my way. Is there a live cam Internet book for cam manners? The workbook might ask men questions like: Do you feel rage and excitement when you get ready to chat in cam/video? Did you ever think that your hate for women keeps you from sex, from chicks?  Results --- no flower for you. Is that why you have to force women to have sex with you?  Is that why you run in packs with other street guys?  What's up might get ghetto chicks but not educated chicks baby.  I wonder IF they do get laid by WOTN? Oh no, some guys can't even get a  WOTN?  Low life gutter words are spoken to WOTN 24/7.  Street guys think they can display their worst manner with WOTN and get away with it. WTF. Were you humiliated, made fun of, laughed at by women as a child? Laughed at and now no nooky wooky baby. I understand that thing get ruff, life gives you shit. I've had my pile of
    crap-woo-lala. Saying --- what's up --- right from the start sends ladies off to to another planet that "What'sUp men" can't find. Smart ladies hide themselves from what'z up.  You go girl.  I jokingly speak my my low life talk with trusted friends, what'z up girlfriend? We laugh and make fun of what's up men. HA HA HA. When I get what's up on my cell phone, I say nuttings up. Chuckling. Thinking, pondering, hum?  Maybe, I'll send what's up on a wild ride to a flee market. Tell him, I'll be waiting in my tiny mini skirt with no bra under and sheer blouse. Painted, big red lips chewing a big wade of bubble gum holding a tiny purse that says "WOTN 4 U BABY". I hope he runs around the flea market looking for me. When he calls me back complaining he didn't find me, I'll tell him he was too  late.
    I got laid by a big stick baby who does not say WHAT'S UP.

    Last night was Day 39 for my yoga slamming.  The yoga room was great again.  Big surprise.  Are they getting the message make it right baby.  The manager asked me when I was in the room IF the fan vents were running.  Well, someone thinks what I think is important, respects my judgement about the temperature of the yoga room.  Good job.  My input will make it so the studio prospers.  So be it.  I love it.  I'm happy.

    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Today is day 39 for yoga challenge

    I'm lost in the world of yoga right now. I'm finding out who is hardcore and who is lovecore in the community. I was raised to be "A" type hardcore. I'm in the "A" type mode naturally. I don't need more A-type yogis in my face. I'm seeking to be more kind, more gentle, more loving, more accepting of myself. I don't want to do another 60 day challenge, not ever again. Why suffer. I might eat my words another day. The new studio is state of the art. All the new state of the art studios are off the wall torture. Please open the door in the back, please. It's a dream to tell everyone it's state of the art and it cooks everyone. I'm glad I'm not the owner of a new state of the art Bikram studio. It sucks.
    Day 38 - Last night was the best class, I've been in since the new opening. Perfect, cool room, just the right temperature. I will remain in the back by the door till the owner figures it out. THAT, the door needs to be opened. The owner is aggressive and hardcore. She will remain this way forever. I'm staying away from her right now. In one of her classes, I pushed myself over the edge in triangle. Next day my body was way stressed, forget it. I see other yogis abusing themselves too much. There are a bunch of insane yogis in my world. Yogi athletes that love pain. One of my female yogi friend told me to tell them all ---- to screw it. Some of us have been through hell as small children. That's why it's better to be kind than hardcore.

    One more note: I ride myself of the chocolate bandit stalker. He steals your mind, he steals your soul, he steals your love. I know him from way back, he THINK he loves and respects me. I'm his Diva Goddess Mistress, more like his abused chocolate whore. It's all a bunch of wordless words with him. The chocolate he's using for the female model body parts is ... crap. I told him right to his face, still---- didn't get it. I bluntly told him if he calls me ... on a another sneak up on Zoe phone line or email, I will call the cops. Silence. GOOD! Thank heaven. He wants to be business partners with me but never listens to what I have to say. It's a big argue match with him. I'm so glad, I told him to F OFF. Hey Lizz, if "DZ" contacts you tell him to get lost. I would never make a clone of my nipple with his chocolate --- puke puke puke --- he wants to use. His chocolate is throw up, baby.

    To stud macho with jock strap smelling nuts that just called me: It's not my job to pay your sorry ass mortgage and take your cheap offer. You're really are a cheap macho stud face RB mauderfacker. I hate macho anything. I love to make them tell me their low balling, cheap offers. It makes me laugh. I laugh right in their face on the phone.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Day 35

    yoga class day 35. I have a great yoga friend I call guru boy. He's helping many of us see things differently. Another female friend showed me what she does to monitor her anxiety. She reads Science of the Mind 365 daily thoughts. It calms her down. I like. When you freak out read calming words. It works! Guru Boy was the one who got me to 2 triangle poses on this challenge. I'm still doing two triangles in every class. In the past when feet on the rug, I could not push myself up. I needed the yoga mat for support. I can push up more and more now. I'm gaining strength. I'm so excited. I'm overcoming 25 plus years of man hate, I took on when I left the Mormon church. My live in the Mormon Church was painful sour graped.

    I'm in the process of buying a mid-century modern house in Salt Lake City. My two daughters will live there. My X Mormon (moron) husband.... is on a power trip with me over the new house. My stripper daughter tells me what "the X" tells her how she can't do the house. Those girls need to get the hell away from HIS negative church mind. My stripper daughter has a girlfriend whose Mom is 70. Her Mom is all into the LDS church. My daughter is directing "my X" in the 70 Mom's way. They can worship and lust for their Celestial Kingdom together, all the way into the hereafter in their sacrediness. I hope they hook up and get off our backs. The X can not stand that I'm successful. He's upset he can't get both girls to take care of him. He would use them to get what he wants. When we own the new house he will be invited. He will not be allowed to show up when he wants to show up. This is my house and the 2 girls know what are the rules. I don't want him to dump his shit on my sacred house of love.

    Zoe Zane is stepping up to HD video baby.
    Chubs just jumped into my lap and gave me a big kitty hugs. I love it.

    Sunday, February 05, 2012

    Sunday morning

    I was wasted last night after Day 33 Bikram Yoga Class. The teacher did not monitor the room BC the room was to be monitored by the manager. He did not manage the room either. It was awful. Someone open the door and lets make this room humanly possible ---- PLEASE!

    Friday, February 03, 2012

    Re-routing in the body during yoga challenge

    I miss this and that right now. Update for zoezaneSC2 "Southern Charms" will be up on Monday. I forgot to send in the FTP notice. OFM! I gotta get a grip on things. Last night in yoga it was Day 30, class was cool at the end. What a relief! Only 30 more days to go. One of the teacher told me to not do doubles/2 classes on one day. The studio is still gagging the climate for the yoga room. Working on making it perfect. It will never be perfect BC of the weather and the people who come to the class. Too many variables. Educated guess.

    I did a search on Vicki Vette - I'm wild like Vicki on her VNA! I'm a Vette Girl. I'll hit her up, tell her THAT! A mature MILF - over 60 brings spice to her VNArmy. Over 60 with her glorious smiling experience and class, Miss Zoe kicks ass! Yes. I'll post and blast all over the net. Zoe Zane is a Vette Girl - Vicki Vette loves her! VNA for Zoe Zane

    Just a note to Buttercup:

    You need to feel the steam from my ironing board. I'll make you iron my clothes then tell you to sit on the ironing board and laugh. HA HA HA
    That's entrainment from his gorgeous, smiling Diva --- Miss Zoe Zane/Fetish Diva Diamond.

    Thursday, February 02, 2012

    I am different

    his exact words to me on the phone. So here is the story girls: I found you on this ad looking for something that is high class. If I think you are hot, I will see you twice a week. Let's make a time for 8:15PM tonight. I'm only 15 mins away from you. But tonight, I'm coming from Santana Row from dinner. I'm ready but he does not show up or call to let me know he is not coming --- Next call, his excuse, the dinner went over. Okay. This is #1 excuse from I am different. Another arrangement in the afternoon but he calls to tell me he has to pick up his daughter from school. Can we make it later at 8:15PM tonight. No show again, no phone call. Next day excuse, my daughter broke her arm. He feels bad. -- O. K. -- Can we make it for in the morning at 8:30AM? -ok- This is the last time for him if he doesn't show up. Since I'm doing my 60 day challenge for Bikram --- I'm in the tolerant, mellow, la la, exhausted mood. GUESS WHAT? ---- he doesn't call me. His excuse --- I had to pic up my kids take them to school. Yesterday, he calls in the afternoon --- can I see you in 15 mins, I'm coming from work. I wait and he calls 1 hour later. I'm not there so he wants to make it for 6:30PM. I hurry back from yoga and he calls telling me he just had botox on my forehead. Can we make it for 7:30PM? Your voice sounds so sexy. I wait till 7:30PM --- he does not call. Now you know Zoe is very wiped out from doing her 60 day yoga challenge to put up with this guys bullshit. YES I AM WIPED OUT! Next time he calls, I will be calm with this MOTHERFUCKER who has no respect for women. This is what I will say to him and I'm sure he will call again. Well, "Mr. I am Different" with you botox forehead treatments. Are you widowed or divorced? In our conversations you told me if I'm really hot you will see me on a regular basis. Well............... since you are such a different CEO ---- you will never find how how HOT --- Miss Zoe Zane is, because you are not coming over here. Not ever. I do believe you hate me or women in general, you keep calling me up and never show up. And you are not different. You are like all the other men who lie, cheat and steal Mr. I am a Different CEO. So take you botoxed forehead and jerk your dick off. If you're divorced, I hope she cheated on you and hurt you bad. You deserve her punishments. Whew! I am done with this "DIFFERENT BOTOXED CEO". What a prima donna, what a vane botoxed man bitch.

    I am missing days for Bikram. I think it is Day 29 --- and is today Thursday? Oh brother. I did 2 triangle poses in class last night. The owner was teaching the and I get hyped up when she teaches. She'd high strung and excellent. It's hard. the pressure. I almost choked, feel over after the second triangle from anxiety. I gotta work on this one. OFM!

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    Day 26

    Day 26 yoga class I was sweating tears from both eyes last night. No crying, just rivers of sweat. I couldn't see the room. I'm sweating like a farm of wild pigs. That's a lot of sweat for a girl like me. I'm drinking enough water. Good job Zoe Girl.
    I'm so blessed today. I celebrated life with a very close friend. He left high on life with his heart open. We blessed each other. Thank you Universe.

    Monday, January 30, 2012

    Day 26 yoga

    The woman who had attitude with me in yoga class was in my face last night after class. When a person says that I am trying, they do not know what Bikram is all about. I'm centered, focused and doing the practice ....... biO-tch. I'm in the middle of 60 days and it is a bitch for me.

    I hired a agent who will listen to all business deals. My agent will make sure you are respectful of my time. From now on, send contracts to my iPhone agent.
    I will give you the iPhone number in email. You can speak to my agent about business deals on the Net.

    Thank you,
    Zoe Zane
    Her iPhone Agent "V"

    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    Day 25 for Bikram and Free Live Cam Show

    Day 25, yoga room packed passed my ears. I did my class by someone I didn't know nor like. They had a arrogant attitude. Yesterday, was the anniversary party for the studio and free yoga. I don't like the days we have free yoga.

    Now - my weekly live cam show is just for members. I'm disappointed in camworldVIP. I went to a lot of work to get on the site, now this. Please don't misunderstand why I'm upset. How will I ever get all my members to watch me at the same time? Will see what other cam girls are doing. CamZ dumped us with no warning. Oh well. I was out of the loop. How can you be out of the loop when the chat cop monitor your shows? Stuff on the net comes and goes. Camz is gone and so are my free live cam shows (need to change it on the entire site - ekk!). When you joined my site you saw other model's shows. That's over. I guess I will not worry about it and focus on money making videos like Sexy Miss Lizz. She told me when she stopped doing free live cam shows it didn't affect traffic.

    Buttercup took me to dinner last night for my birthday. My birthday was Friday. I'm deep into my Bikram yoga challenge. I didn't care about my birthday. My close family said hello, happy birthday Mom. That's all that mattered to me.

    Lately, everybody out there wants something from Miss Zoe. Right now, I'm hanging in there doing my yoga challenge. Most people don't understand how intense 60 straight days of Bikram yoga can be. So.... I will just let them all say what they want to say, listen with a smile and live my life. I can only fix and do so much. I just felt the pressure from someone who doesn't understand what I went through. That little girl endure a lot and she's very tuff inside. Other people have their own needs and what they want. It only matters what they think. I will let them say what they want to say, let it roll over me like a soft wave.

    My book will talk about a little girl's Father's sex abuse (she and her sister). Sister went insane, now in lock down mental hospital. How no one cared, did not give a damn about a pretty little girl. How she took it all on herself and keep going. How she survived is a miracle. She went outside to her favorite trees and ran away. No one was there for her. Now she's deciding who will be close to her. She didn't have a choice when she was small. She took it all on as a tiny girl. This little girl kept her family secret way too long.

    When I see selfish, I know it's time for me to love me. That's all that matters, my love for myself.

    Friday, January 27, 2012

    Celebrate Yourself - You're Your Own Best Friend - Click Thumblogger.Com

    Happy Unbirthday Everyone
    If someone missed your birthday have yourself a unbirthday party. Celebrate yourself. On my web site www.zoezane.com I will show you how to have a party with yourself on your unbirthday. woo hooo Why even go down there when someone missed your bithday. Just make yourself happy and it will come to you in different ways. I love to mess with food and wrestle. It's the best fun to trash a birthday cake, smear and throw it --- all over the place. Smear it on yourself, the walls, the ceiling----wherever! Zoe Zane

    Day 23 yoga - I moved myself just a tad to the left in the class room last night. The cold air was blowing under the glass door. Oh, I love this. If I ever like the hot room it will be a miracle.

    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Class last night

    was so freaking hard I wanted to throw up. I laid down during class. I love the teacher, she helped me out correcting some of my poses to make them right. I can handle Miss France. After class I rested outside which I never do. The studio is big a warm. I stay longer and hang our after class. This is good. My muscles are so sore from yoga. Took some aspirin so I could sleep. My laundry is piling up, it's wash day. I kept telling myself in class ---- I need my Mommie! HA HA HA
    I might just chill out for a few hours watch the tube to gain strength. Something different is happening in this 60 day challenge. About an hour after class I get energy. WOW! My body it stepping up to powerful me. When you hold yourself like a precious object you get stronger.
    Horny Miss Zoe --- I have been looking at eye candy in yoga class at some stud. I can look! YUM YUM YUM

    It seems one of my old acquaintance is missing in action. Not sure what happened to her. Either she went to jail or died. I don't talk to her anymore. She was the Lady of Sting, a mean Scorpio type. I dropped the relationship, she said she loved me but threw darts when least expected. I got tired of her hurts. So if something has happened to her she created her own drama. I'm so glad I'm not involved in her negative drama.

    There might be some typos or grammer mixed ups since I' so wasted from yoga class. Bear with me everyone.

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    I always get mixed up on how many days I've done

    during Bikram Yoga Challenge. I'll check how many red stars I've posted. I think, it's Day 21. I have some wonderful, suffering yoga friends. I'll need to soak in Epsom salt today. Still taking my Zija powder, extra emergency C powder, Calcium and B vitamins. I slept last night. I've given it way to much thought, I need to do it, get body wraps. They are amazing what they so for your skin. Body wraps tighten up the skin and make it look youthful. By Sunday, I will have done a body wrap like a Hollywood Movie Star. HA HA HA --- Let you know what it has done to my skin. I'm making a commitment to all of my Net friends. I'm now public with body wraps. Laughing again.

    Some special male admirer is sending me chocolates in the mail. How wonderful and delicious this male friend. Thank you Zakk.

    When men call me up on the phone with long distant numbers I ask them questions. I like to hear them stumble around on the phone. I do it to see if they are serious about meeting with me. Many long distant numbers are men wanking their sticks just to say hello to Miss Zoe. I just talked to one on the phone and he was taken by surprise. He stumbled --- ah, well, I do not know what airport ---- ah... well.... that..... ah.... --- he hung up. Too funny.

    I found some of my first photos in the woods for the Net yesterday. They will be posted on Southern Charms. It's weird how many admires like Southern Charms. They see the photo farm and go crazy. Hum? Oh, well, I like their admiring lusting horny selves for Miss Zoe.

    I love the two kitties hugging each other. Sweet pic of fluffy duffy putty cats.

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    After Vegas two Bikram yoga classes

    Days 17 and 18 Bikram yoga classes - my stripper daughter encouraged me to do doubles on Sunday after Vegas. I did the trip alone this time. You'll see how I trashed out a Vegas hotel room with the help of a male fan that found me at the show. Hey Sexy Miss Lizz, you're the bomb. I trashed Vegas for you baby!!! HA HA HA Did a custom video getting drunk, throwing my glass at the wall. LOL.
    I'm getting strong this year in my Bikram yoga class. It's taken 8 long years to see results. Big reason why, the damn boyfriend is gone and not dealing with his shit. He gave me a lot of shit. Whatever, whoever that comes into my life from now on better be positive. I've had it with shit hitting the fan. It's up to me to make sure the right people are in my world.

    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Back from Las Vegas - my fast trip - Click Yoga Rap Song

    Hard Rock Casino has major history for me. This casino changed the direction of my life. The old boyfriend did all the wood floors in this casino, we didn't get paid. We went to arbitration for what was owed. It took over 7 years to get some of the money back. Why was this job a hard one --- laughing BC hardwood floors were laid at the HARD to get paid casino. HA HA HA --- This casino got me back home to Santa Clara, California. It was not a pretty picture for a long time, no money coming in except phone sex money. I meet this pi-polar female with her alcoholic cowboy boyfriend at a friend's wedding. It was annulled two weeks later. LOL. Dianna wore a black dress to the wedding looking for a roommate to work with her. That's how I got back home to high income Silicon Valley/San Jose/Palo Alto. Zoe in the middle of Google and HP, from eBay to Apple, where Microsoft, Yahoo and Anti-virus software were born. I feel right into the Internet pool that changed our world. Hard Rock Casino pushed me back home. I knew I would get home but not this way. My family was in Cupertino/Santa Clara County. I ran from a angry fighting parents hoping to make my way better. After all these years, I did make it better for myself and NOT with the lieing, cheating, thieving boyfriend. When I pick
    bad boys I do it well. OFM! I left Vegas late last night and now home talking to all of you. The guy who was to assist me never showed up. OFM again. He didn't even say he was sorry. Write him off. Something about his water pump and he said I did not need him anyway. YES, I needed you assistance you dumb MTFER. After the old boyfriend dropped off the planet this guy tried to be my boyfriend. Oh no! I got the room, the AVN tickets and no sorry Zoe. WTF Motherfucker! It's over with this one. I will never ask him to assist me every again. One time of ungratefulness is ENOUGH! I have a long time standing admirer this is now in my picture. At least he has some manners. Thank you Zakk. I'm wearing red today - Go 49ers - will watch the game this afternoon. woo hooooo!
    I want to thank the Universe for blessing me. Late last night, I had a very nice friend recover some of my loses from the Vegas Trip. New content from Vegas: at the Vegas hotel room, I trashed the room. Look for pictures on my site within the month. I got this guy from AVN to help me with the pics/video and made a dick sucking video. I'm patting myself on my back this morning for being there for myself. Good job Zoe Girl.

    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Day 14 and 15 bikram yoga

    Hey Sexy Miss Lizz remember when you and I flashed out by this sign in Vegas?
    This is our sign --- and we OWN IT!

    I have a personal yoga coach encouraging me to push myself in different parts of my practice. Certain poses have slammed me down but not this year. I did another set of triangle last night and the night before. I've been building my body up with "Zija Drink Mix powder" that feed your body and gets ride of inflammation. It's working well with my body. Day 14, I missed my dancer friend in class. Day 15 was hot at the beginning and cooled off at the end. The teacher rolled of the dialogue like a auctioneer. I held back the word sold from my lips. I told the teacher after class how funny it was his fast words. The class laughed at his fast words. Next time he does that I will yell out
    ....S O L D!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

    Early Saturday morning, I fly off to Las Vegas for 24 hours. It will be a different adventure since I'm going by myself and my male director Mr C. Her she comes the naught school teacher in her fnacy business suit and heels. It will be funny to see how I engage the AVN porn crowd in my picture just like I do at Folsom Street Fair. I feel like I'm on the edge. Maybe I will see some of you at the AVN Porn Convention. Do not hesitate to say hello. I love to meet people I have emailed over and over again. Yeah baby cakes.

    Sunday is the 49ers game here in the Bay Area. Everyone is excited about this game. If they win it's off to the Super Bowl. woo Hoooo for the 49ers! When I watch football I get so excited, I scream a lot.

    May crazy day on Friday blog

    Over to store make sure cats have food when I go to Vegas.
    Buttercup was reminded what a thorn can do it a bad boy.
    Whip brought in cherry, birch and bamboo from his yard for punishment. He gave me a book called the "The Pearl". No author. This will help me with my book!
    Then I worked some MTFers ass real good who just got back from the AVN Porn Convention. Now I know what pimps and stars do during the Porn Convention. LOL.

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Do something different Zoe - call your Congressman about SOPA and PIPA

    I got this email today. Please read.Yesterday was nuts, right?

    Google launched a petition. Wikipedia voted to shut itself off. Senators' websites went down just from the sheer surge of voters trying to write them. NYC and SF geeks had protests that packed city blocks.

    You made history today: nothing like this has ever happened before. Tech companies and users teamed up. Tens of millions of people who make the internet what it is joined together to defend their freedoms. The free network defended itself. Whatever you call it, the bottom line is clear: from today forward, it will be much harder to mess up the internet.

    The really crazy part? We might even win.

    Approaching Monday's crucial Senate vote there are now 35 Senators publicly opposing PIPA. Last week there were 5. And it just takes just 41 solid "no" votes to permanently stall PIPA (and SOPA) in the Senate. What seemed like miles away a few weeks ago is now within reach.

    But don't trust predictions. The forces behind SOPA & PIPA (mostly movie companies) can make small changes to these bills until they know they have the votes to pass. Members of Congress know SOPA & PIPA are unpopular, but they don't understand why--so they're easily duped by superficial changes. The Senate returns next week, and the next few days are critical. Here are two things to think about:

    1. Plan on calling your Senator every day next week. Pick up the phone each morning and call your Senators' offices, until they vote "no" on cloture. If your site participated today, consider running a "Call the Senate" link all next week.

    2. Tomorrow, drop in at your Senators' district offices. We don't have a cool map widget to show you the offices nearest you (we're too exhausted! any takers?). So do it the old fashioned way: use Google, or the phonebook to find the address, and just walk in, say you oppose PIPA, and urge the Senator to vote "no" on cloture. These drop-in visits make our spectacular online protests more tangible and credible.

    That's it for now. Be proud and stay on it!

    --Holmes, Tiffiniy, and the whole Fight for the Future team.


    P.S. Huge credit goes to participants in the 11/16 American Censorship Day protest: Mozilla, 4chan, BoingBoing, Tumblr, TGWTG, and thousands of others. That's what got this ball rolling! Reddit, both the community and the team behind it, you're amazing. And of course, thanks to the Wikimedians whose patient and inexorable pursuit of the right answer brought them to take world-changing action. Thanks to David S, David K, Cory D, and E Stark for bold action at critical times.

    P.P.S. If you haven't already, show this video to as many people as you can. It works! http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa/


    Yesterday, I was chatting with one of my enlightened sex worker friends. 911 hurt us all by surprise, sub prime loans took off because we did not say NO to them. Now SOPA and PIPA is here to steal our freedom. Maybe... our voice power will stop this madness to take away our freedom on the Internet. If there is a small elite, rich, wealthy group moving our planet to a one world government who thinks we will be their slaves, think again. They think we're not powerful but their slaves. This is what they hope for. That we do not know our own power letting SOPA/PIPA happen. That collectively, we all THINK helpless and powerless. I think more of us are beginning to see and feel our powerful selves. It's the power we have inside ourselves that will stop SOPA and PIPA. Yesterday that happened. So stand up, call your senator next week. I'm doing just that. I've never call a congressman's office. Never.

    I'm going out to the back yard and get myself a brat switch to show those rich elite who is boss! Laughing. Hi Buttercup, see you tomorrow morning.

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Stop SOPA and PIPA - read how our GOV wants to take away our freeedom

    Zoe Zane is all about freedom. Read this comment from a friend about SOPA and PIPA.
    Unfortunately software alone cannot stop SOPA or PIPA, however there are people who are engineering workarounds for reaching DNS blacked out websites if the legislation goes into effect. There will also be a backlash against the US, but it will be much better to stop this legislation before it is passed. Pressure is already working and some of SOPA and PIPA sponsors are starting to back off, but more pressure is needed.
    1 - Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, and many other websites are going to be blacked out for 12 hours beginning at midnight. This will certainly raise the awareness of this effort among people who aren't aware or are sitting on the fence.


    2 - Learn more about how SOPA/PIPA work and what they would do.



    3 - Find out where your congressional representative stands.

    Re: Stop the SOPA before our lives are run by the GOV. This is about who is in the inner circle for wealth. Did you read who is on the list?

    Hint - Check the link under "Follow the Money" to find out how much they have received in donations from interested groups.


    4 - If you haven't already done so contact your representative by email or phone to register your opinion. Enter your zipcode to find the contact info for your representatives.


    Here are some good tips for calling congress - keep it short and prepare in advance. Refer to the legislation by number (HR3261 = SOPA = House of Representatives, or S968 = PIPA = Senate)


    If you write well send an email - here are some tips:

    Congressional staffers say the following things are important to making your message influential: including your name, address, and ZIP code so the staff can verify you are a constituent of the Member of Congress, referencing specific legislation rather than a general issue by bill number and title, talking about the impact of the bill on the district or state, and your own reason for supporting or opposing the bill. One well-respected organization recommends being: personalized, short, targeted, and informative.

    Will they listen to you? Well probably not so much as an individual, but they will pay attention to the volume of communication on a particular issue, especially from individual constituents as opposed to an organized campaign from an advocacy group like MoveOn. The more they hear from their constituent against this legislation the more they will have to think about their vote.


    12 Day for Bikram yoga
    Room was very hot, the fans went on full blast. I had a panic attack, almost lost it. I felt like a big air balloon in 60 seconds. Next time that happens, IF it does, I hope not, I will lie down and wait till it passes. I did the triangle pose 2 times again. woo hooo!

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Cougar Movie Star - click my freeone messageboard link

    If something interesting comes up in my underground world it is cryptic.
    Last night, Day 12 for my yoga challenge. I did two triangle poses again! WOW --- Class room temperature was good. I love the teacher, she is very spunking and has a sexy body like a dancer. My good male yoga friend came back from China. We got caught up on all the yoga gossip. Laughing. I have a wonderful sweet loving yoga girlfriend in class. When it gets hard we squeeze each others hands. We are yoga babies together. It made me cry when she help my hand. I am giving thanks for EVERYTHING I have right now. Thanks you Universe for blessing me with so much abundance.

    Some babe I know is not working for over a week. Did she get gailed, oh no!

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Sunday Day 11 Bikram Yoga

    This is strange. On one computer I have full access to this forum I post on. On the other computer I'm blocked from the forum. LOL. I've gone through everything I know and still blocked. I need to get one of make geek friends to solve the mystery blocking. Hum. Puzzled. Something about DNS server? Well, I will learn something for sure.
    Day 11, Sunday Yoga Class 4:30PM class was cold. State of the art room temperature was low with weather change. It was nice in class. I practiced next to a buff chick (first timer) and feed off her energy. Chicks like that have a lot of self confidence. I was sucking up her self confidence. Little do the know what it takes to do Bikram until they practice. In class I got the message about someone who is trying to ruin my reputation. They have severe low self-esteem. Not to worry Zoe, they will try --- but fail.
    Saturday, I sent cross dresser Bonnie's cloths off in the mail. woo Hoooo! I am a Diva of her word this year. Buttercup will enjoy fire in his pants on Friday. Laughing gleefully.

    AVN PORN CONVENTION TRIP "Las Vegas Hardrock Casino"
    January 21-22, 2012 --- I leave early Saturday morning come back early Sunday. 24 hours in Vegas baby, as the sassy upskirt school teacher in her classy business suit, stockings and heels. I plan to engage with the crowd as their Computer Teacher.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Day 9 and 10 Bikram Yoga

    Day 9, Friday night --- I felt strong in class. Teacher is new, she has pink hair. I love teacher's with pink hair. I love pink hair anything on anyone.
    Day 10 Saturday at 4:30PM. I was a swimming pool of sweat tonight. J U I C Y --- Zoe! eeK! I was late and in a different spot in the room. Worked on update for zoezane.com --- it made me late to class. Still had to finish update and it's done. Uploading pee video for clips4sale with pee pic tomorrow.

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Day 7 & 8 for yoga

    Day 7, Wednesday night, in the back row near door, teacher was owner Michele. The room was perfect for heat, humidity, and air flow --- nice class. Michele was most attentive of my practice - I felt her strong support. Many of the teachers have great respect for me. I'm so blessed. T H E N ----- I go home and can't sleep. WTF. Muscles are sore. On Thursday, I was zombie girl all day long. Edited pics for Southern Charms, update is on Monday.
    Planning a photos shoot in the wilds of San Jose, end of January for Buttercup and other fetish freaks.

    Last night, Day 8 was different, sweat like a pig in class. I finally have my hydration up. That's so important when you do Bikram. Drink your water, tea, coconut water - do it Zoe! I love all my great friends that suffer with me during the 60 day challenge. 150 people have signed up for the challenge. WOW!
    It's great to be able to walk around in the new huge, spacey, giant Bikram studio.
    I love it.

    Update for zoezane.com is hardcore Vegas Sex with another MILF at hotel party room. I think I will post one of my bad school teacher pee videos for members. Some final details to set in place by the technical department for live cam show (I'll accept any savvy help from people I can trust). I miss doing the weekly show and all the cam viewers. The cam viewers get creative crazy with me. Great fun.

    Kinda weird when you know someone and they show up to the yoga studio. I wonder if they remember what we did together. I was freaking out until I talked about the eoncounter with Cashmier Mob Princess. They have more to lose than me. I'm good at keeping secrets. Your Zoe Girl has the most interesting life. A life, I never dreamt would have so many secrets to keep.

    Something new in my life, I have a cute, submissive female named "Miss Precious". AND ----- two Fem Dom girlfriends that will put slaves in their place with me. Right now, I have a submissive male I'm training to be my pink pantyhose girl, her name is Bonnie. Diva and Bonnie, just like Diva and Buttercup. I have a lot of "B" in my Fem Dom Realm. HA HA HA

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Day 7 for Bikram and Trust

    I've got this file in my brain....when I start 60 straight days of Bikram Yoga something happens to me. Last year I practiced by a spunky 20something year old who now runs a studio in California. I connected with her energy but not her body. I hurt my back pushing myself to far. I got through it, finished the challenge. Patience Zoe, patience. That is my lesson on that one. This year I got a head cold --- it's almost gone. WTF. Over the weekend I was a limp gumby girl. The pressure of the 10 ffstocking videos was wearing on me. I'm still worry I didn't get it right. If not --- I forget the whole damn project. Zoe the webmaster, it sucks sometimes. Women who have husbands doing the techie stuff are so blessed. Treat your guys nice and spoil them. It's hard to be the star, the model, the promoter, the writer and the techie girl. I need a nap. Must send off the HD video memory cards to the stocking/girdle webmaster. I loath High Definition for these reasons: takes up to much bandwidth, need a hyped up computer with at lease a terabyte, new software to edit the darn video (must be converted to new format for clips4sale). All in the name of making it High Definition, keeping up with Sony Baloney.
    In February, I might go to Santa Monica, Claifornia for a love money retreat with Natalie Pace. If I go to her retreat, I'll miss 3 days of my Bikram challenge. This means I must do 3 days of double classes. Oh my my my. What are you doing Zoe? Not sure right now. I'm getting a call from my higher guides to go with Natalie Pace. I have a big job that needs love money training from the Goddess. More than every before there is a call for people you can trust on this planet.
    Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust
    World by Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed
    of Trust and his long time business partner, Greg Link
    Trust has become the new currency in today’s networked world — the critical competency for individuals, teams, organizations and even countries.

    Monday, January 09, 2012

    Bikram Yoga Blog - 60 day challenge - click here for ffstockings

    Picture of Lady GaGa in spiked heels doing private Bikram yoga class.
    O M G over and over again OMG OMG OMG! ! !

    4:30 PM class big, huge new studio - I started on Friday, Jan 6 - Robin, owner of San Mateo studio was the teacher. She is awesome!!! I connected with everything she said - be centered, be calm, stay focused (I finished the 10 HD videos as the up skirt whore story lady in nylons and girdles for Canada webmaster http://www.ffstockings.com - whew, a lot of work just getting dressed for each HD video - so glad that project is over - this HD video is nerve racking). Yoga class was packed again. New studio is 7000 sq feet. Need to find the garbage can. LOL.

    Saturday, Jan 7 is the offical first day for the challenge, but I started yesterday. I'm in the back by the pillar of light post. 4:30PM class was packed again. Oh no! Must get to class early to get the spot I want. So far so good. Teacher was incrediable Jennifer, owner of Morgan Hill studio. More than a year ago, I did 60 day challenge next to Jennifer. She has incrediable energy. She did the challenge in 30 days, 2 classes per day. WOW! She's a young studio owner from New York/Wall Street. I remember how it was being next to her in that class. After class she found me, huged me twice --- you are so sweet Zoe. What a big surprise, such a kind gift for words. It made me cry. Lately, lots of great people are saying hello to me, speaking nice words of kindness. I have a warm heart right now.

    Sunday, Jan 8 did two classes called doubles After the 10AM class I felt great, decided to do another class at 4:30PM. I talked with my stripper daughter about doing 2 classes in one day. We decided I have the energy right now. The teacher in the morning class was young went on and on, she went over. I had to leave right at 11:30AM to make an up skirt fetish appointment with friend. Teachers need to start and end on time. When the class is packed it can be a problem moving everyone to 5 rows. Doing doubles is arduous. I'm not ready to be a Bikram yoga teacher. I don't want to be a teacher in the heat all the time. Damn sweaty job. HA HA HA --- In the second class I had to stay in the dead pose a lot. I did all of the poses at least once. I'll be in Las Vegas Saturday, January 21 for AVN Porn Convention as the upskirt school teacher in nylons. Will be a fast 24 hour trip to Vegas baby with director Mr C. will assisting me with pics and video.
    I feel pretty good this morning for doing two classes yesterday. Hum. I must be getting stronger. I'm so proud of myself. Giving myself a big huge being my own best friend.

    Friday, January 06, 2012

    My flob cake blog continued

    My cake creation took 6 month and a crumbling mess. Oh well. I feared the sparklers would start a fire. I've had three big major fires in my life. I'm done with THAT kinda fire. I poured liquor on the cake and envisioned a fire blasting cake. That didn't work. I'm known to do it over and over again until it's done right. That's for the future, set another crazy cake on fire and watch it burn up and away. wooHooo --- I had left over canned whipping cream which flopped out of the can too. Bummer. Get your cans fresh and they'll make you happy when they blast cream. It was a flopping disappointment when I made the cake movie. Over all it was a flop but who cares. Too much fear flops everything. My advise for setting cakes on fire: do it right away. Use your smarts and intellect not to set your house on fire. Laughing. This is my recipe for flopping cakes on fire by Inzane Production director Miss Zoe Zane and the Monster Cat Crew. I did the video with the cats around. We all make it safely through the day. Rated: A Big Flop! HA HA HA

    Thursday, January 05, 2012

    Offers for Zoe in the underworld

    Two nights ago editing pics for SC, some admiring Texan calls me up. He's never been married wanting exclusive rights to Zoe. I listen to his life story about his dieing family member. Watching someone you love leave their skin suit can be difficult. This lonely person has lots of abundance and needs a nice lady to treat him right. This arrangement got my attention. It might be his fantasy and nothing more. But Miss Zoe likes the offer.
    Last night I got another marriage proposal. He wants a Vegas marriage with me and my sexy hot, new girlfriend. I've known him for over five years. Last double encounter with him, the other woman tried to make him marry her. Stupid bitch, bad move baby. Now I'm finding he wants me? LOL. Interesting development. Hum. Vegas marriage, him and two women, I think that's polygamy Mr. Lick. If I marry her and then he marries me is that polygamy? Now I'm a polygamist. Too funny, since I was raised in the Mormon Church. Laughing till I pee. We could fake a Vegas marriage with wild friends/no relatives. That would be fun. Bring on the big diamond rings we will wear on our toes. HA HA HA --- When you are horny hot you will say and do anything. But..... I'm getting the message from him and how he feels for Miss Zoe. It's very good.
    Yesterday morning on the phone, this is the most interesting offer. Another call from a clergy man who needs my attention. Since I was once married to a Mormon seminary teacher and a Bishop's wife, he thought I would understand the social pressures being a clergy man. I do. It was hard putting on the religious, perfect hat. It's unfair and not real what people think you should be for them. Today, I would ham it up and be all in their face about the Glories of the Kingdom. I would fake my "Self Righteous Highness Act" and bull shit everyone. Then dress up like a whore at night roam the bars and have fun. Loudly laughing --- ...!@#-$%^&....! When my Mormon Bishop husband was released from his calling the next Bishop's wife knew how to play it. She was Almighty in her Glory and made everyone think it too. LOL. Forgive them for they no not what they do. Her husband ran away with a underage girl. They brought him back home for counseling. Today they are still together. Oh fuck them over and the the church's image.
    Today will be interesting. I will let you know in my next blog. I still need to talk about my cake flop. That will be continued and included in the next blog.
    Big smiles.
    Picture posted is Giantess Zoilla crushing a huge airplane. The feet are my feet. It didn't hurt when I smashed the big airplane.

    Monday, January 02, 2012

    My cake flop - my New Year Cake Wreck 2012

    I'm editing the NYCW movie right now. I took pics of my crazy New Year's Cake. I've had this cake in my fridge since July 2011. Why, so long Zoe? I wanted to set the cake on fire and put sparklers on it. I was afraid it would cause a big fire with the sparklers. I put it off until New Year's Eve Day. LOL. It went smooth. No fire. Sparklers smell up your house. I didn't let my party friends eat any of the cake. Good girl, Zoe. Laughing. A cake in the fridge for 6 month is pretty dried out. I'm glad the cake is out of the fridge and down the garage disposal. WHEW --- to be continued

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