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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Throwing out the old, get my whip out - The Happy Domme

    The studio is in a uproar as of last night. Miss Zoe is hunting for USB cable to HD Handyman Sony Camera, bummer, not found. I did it again, I accidentally threw it away. I made a HUGE effort to keep it all together. Oh well, I'm a throwing, crazy woman again. eek! I threw more out, tear, break, snap it and over the fence. HA HA HA! Those things made me very unhappy. More will come back to me. That's how it works. Get ride of the old for the new.

    Early this morning, I had a dream, a male movie star was kissing me. We both understood each other and how the game is played. When like minds join that's what happens. He's tall, very very funny, my mystery man. I'm happy this morning.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh....... I called my slave "WHIP" up yesterday cause I was livid "LIVID" out there. He'll call this morning to get a huge spanking session from the tree switches I cut off birch tree. I'm hungry to whip "WHIP" give it to him. After I'm finished with him, I'll put him in the corner, nose to the wall laughing. Look at his red bottom with a big fat, huge gigantic smile.Sufffer slave suffer, I know you want it bad from me.

    Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond (she spanks men who are untruly)

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Last night on Apple

    my family and I messed around with the video applications. You look stretched, bent, bulging, green, negative black and white - it's crazy fun with the family. I like to stretch my head and hair in silly ways. We were all laughing. My grand kids adore me and I love them so much. The oldest boy told his Mom that he already missed me as I drove off in the car to the airport last weekend.

    Live cam show is Sunday morning 9AM PST. I gotta get over there and iron my school teacher outfit for the show. It's show time baby. Let you know what my students come up with in the show. It can get pretty wild in the show with the cam viewers comments. This morning San Jose has fog. I love fog. bye bye for now

    Live cam show was all about the teacher's apple in her cunt. If you bring an apple to this teacher, Miss Zoe, she will smear her cunt juices all over it and lick it off in front of you. The dentention school teacher likes to gang bang all the bad boys in her class on the floor.

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    After the Holiday

    I've performed my live cam show for over 5 years. I'm burned out on the same show time. I moved the show to Sunday at 9AM PST. I need Saturday off for now. How long, I don't know. I just need a break from the routine. I've been working my ass off all year long. It feel nice to be OFF this morning. I created my own vacation from porn. Laughing.

    I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Today, I'll post my zoezane.com update.

    My trip to Carmel was wonderful until I had my second, girlie drink. My drink was heavy with expensive vodka, people in Carmel must be alcoholics. Grrr. The bar boozed up my drink. I didn't like it, so it was changed. Drink was still hardcore for Diva Miss Zoe. The drive home, I wanted to throw up but didn't. I'm a pretty tuff girl for having seven kids. That's not half of what I've been threw. I thought to myself in the awful throws of throw up, a Diva doesn't do that, throw up, so I didn't. Quit frankly, I wasn't being me. If me, I would of thrown up on the side of the road. At other dinners, I've had two drinks that weren't as strong. Along time ago when pregnant in Utah, I was embarrassed to throw up, I repressed it. It came up, I swallowed it back down. eeK! My driver. a booze expert, felt responsible for not watching out for me and the two demon drinks. He needs to be on his toes for his Diva. He knew it was a very, heavy drink. My mind was thinking, why did he not catch what was happening to his Diva? Maybe he was all caught up in his wonderful Diva. It's important to look after your Diva. She's the light of your life. You can make up for it, be a generous gentlemen, do it quickly, dance and prance on the tips of you toes, call her.

    Another subject: I read the tabloid magazine article about Demi Moore and Ashton. Boy, she's all into herself. Is this the way Demi will put herself back into the Hollywood game? I think Demi is making a terrible mistake getting so thin. Did she do that to make Ashton feel for her? Honestly, I know the game about getting attention. In college, I was anorexic to get my Dad's love and affection. It's a horrible place to be to get someones love. You would never think Demi is insecure.
    I'm shocked, Demi. I guess it will all work out. Hum? I know certain things can make a girl feel insecure. Are you doing that one Demi? If it gets her out there, go for it. I think she's beautiful, for God's sake, Demi, eat some food. Your fan's will like you more. We don't like seeing Demi Moore, skinned and boned, a woman who looks like she walked out of a Jewish Nazi Camp in designer clothes.

    Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Sweet Smiling Horror of Utah

    I'm waking up, my three cats sleeping close. I think their soft tails, furry purrs channel in truth to my mind. My bed covers are charged with honesty. My family trip to the sweet warm horror state(Utah)was better this time. My therapist and I must be doing something good. My baby daughter was laughing at my funny jokes. Just the idea of moving out from her useless Father gives her hope. Their Father is a lazy slob who loves his chickens and scriptures more than his kids. I destroyed his bubble when I divorced him. He wanted to be an apostle for the Mormon church. OFTC - oh fuck the church! An apostle that never cleans out his toilet? WTF

    Now for the horror of Utah. I learned from a close source, the abuse is still going on. Rumor or not, in the Mormon temple, symbolic sacred rituals are performed, passage to heaven. I still have respect for the spirit of the Temple. I learned that old men are molesting younger men threw the temple curtains. It makes sense. I know men who are deprived, they do weird, freaky sex. No one talks about this one at all. My mind this morning saw how the Mormon church was founded on polygamy and the taboo subject, incest. How old farts were marrying girls under 18. The Church covers up all of this with their sweet warm smiles. The word of wisdom, not drinking and smoking, not swearing, the beauty of the Mormon people, covers up the abuse. I was a sinful woman to have a boyfriend come live with me, called to a church court to be excommunicated(or asked to repent of my fallen ways). But, my X-husband abused his children and me, his wife, no one cared. I didn't go to the humiliating Church court. I wasn't banned from the Church. I banned myself and ran far away. I think my name is still on the membership roles. I'm still a member of the sweet warm horror, the Mormon church. HA HA HA

    Zoe Zane

    P.S. Credit given to slave Buttercup, he saw the truth about Utah, calling it sweet warm horror.

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    This weekend in Utah with family


    I'm leaving for Utah this morning, back on Sunday night. I'll be with family for Turkey Day this weekend. My ER Docotor son is cooking a huge meal this weekend. He'll be on call on the big day. Will see my stripper daughter -- Utah watch out, Zoe Zane is in town!

    HA HA HA

    Doing my cam show this morning, then a fetish friend -- zoom zoom away .... off to the airport in my car. I've been a working fool this year like many of you. I need this short vacation. It will be so much fun to see the grand kids. We have a blast with each other.

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    The B Man who cried dishonest

    He wants to see me again, his third appointment, okay. If it doesn't happen the third time, he is are gone. I caught him at his time wasting, dishonest game yesterday. Please don't play games with me. If I taste, feel, smell game -- you're out. You will not be able to talk to me every again. Only way back into my good grace, send the anniversary to my business office, the full amount.
    His reason for not calling me at the right time, "I was
    w a t c h i n g the 49ers game. He was low key, casual, it didn't matter, he was late. I don't care tones in his voice. I told him you will not come see me. He said he would. Then I laid it on, this is the third time you've done this. You're dishonest. Are you pissed off about your life and the women who flake on you? So lets take it out on Zoe Zane. Pissed off cry baby! I'll dump my shit on the whore field. Why not. Everyone else is dishonest, I'll be dishonest too. He hung up. He knew he was caught at his dishonest, cry baby game. Boo Hoo my life sucks, I want to see you in nylons. B Boy gets the Fat Liar Award for the week on www.zoezane.com

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Character for the book

    She's the Kashmir Mob Princess, edgy sadist for many men. They would come over for their extreme kink time with KMP --- one guy had fake bullets ... LOL
    She's real, a close friend. I hang out with some interesting people. It's part of my life. I get involved with them, they trust me.

    Hi Buttercup, who is a sneaky library freak. Make sure you stay smart, or I will smart your bottom with the tree switches. Prance and dance a jig for me bad boy <<<@#$%^&!<<<<(**&^.... laughing out loud at you!

    As for the guy who said people aren't honest anymore, he cancelled on Friday afternoon. That is 2 times. Do it one more time and you're dishonet B Boy. He has one more chance, that's today at 3PM. If he cancels again he's not a honest man. Let you know what he is. Right now, he's on the time wasters list. Next list, the black list for the complaining man who said the world is dishonest. Show your feathers B Boy.

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Free gift

    I read this book written by the Mayflower Madam. Many of my old friends will see that I'm stepping up my service like Estee Lauder. At the end, they will receive a tiny present from me. New friends will get one too. It's my new VIP treatment for being so kind and generous. I want to thank all of them for assisting me in my life's journey for erotica.

    Monday, November 07, 2011

    Geek Sunday and tiny stuff

    I thought my head was going to fall off by 3PM. With assistance from stripper daughter, I uploaded my iPhone to my new iTunes account. De-authorize, then authorize this and that, to this computer and that computer. Make sure every thang is in Sync. All it takes is one botton, still doesn't work. WA La..... its working! Yippee! I deleted all the iTunes on the PC, more hard drive space. In the afternoon, I wrote a nice little story for Buttercup, my slave of 15 years. It's called Diva and Buttercup.

    I have a flushing toilet. YES! For over 2 weeks my toilet was not working. The cheap landlord came out to save money but it still didn't work right. The plumber just left, he was shaking his head over the cheap landlord.

    The cleaning of my teeth went well. I chipped a tooth, will need a tiny repair in the morning at 8PM. Better to fix a tiny part.

    Off to yoga to kick my ass. I want potatoes and cheese for dinner. My cats are doing yoga right now. Too funny.

    Sunday, November 06, 2011

    Come on baby lie to me, I like it

    This message is not to Buttercup, I know he likes me. Laughing back, his grining face for his Diva. I will post a story soon on my message board www.stardomtheatre.com. I know it's more work, Buttercup. The story will be placed on my fetish/domination site.

    Now for the sidewalk surfer who lied that he liked me. Yes, I know many are adjusting to this damn mess from the rich. Many of us are still feeling the pain. If you did steal from the many, this message is not for you. I'm sure the rich have run off, are hiding on a island or plastic surgery. It will not work

    Mr. Surfer found me in a chat room with his video. He cried about how the dating sites suck. Now, I see why they suck for him. He lies. I saw something of interest, I'm fucked, time to set his pants on fire. FUB. He jerked off over email, every kind word, I hope he jerked it raw. I'll call him the Net Jerk. I love the way you lie, I love the way you hurt. Zoe, I want to do live cam with you, a date with you. NOT, now, Zoe, as planned, oh.....someone is bleeding to death, I must check on them. Zoe, now, I can see you, it's past your bed time, you're sleeping. I'm a jerk to even call this late. He wanted fast in my pants like fast food. LOL. I hope he finds this blog and reads he's been caught. If he's a real man he will send me the anniversary to my mailbox, say I'm sorry in a nice note. If he's the liar, I think he is, he will not do anything. He lied sticky, candy words, made up all the rules, showed me no respect with his actions. I spent time in many emails making sure he would make it to the cam. He did not do the guest model release and proper ID right. He will not be on my cam show.

    Today, I will see the Boiler Man who told me on the phone no one is honest anymore. I am honest! My honesty has got me in trouble all my life. Let's see if he keeps the date and a honest man. I will let you know tomorrow.

    Today my systems administrator help me move content from PC to Mac. We did it.

    Saturday, November 05, 2011

    Falling down

    Several weeks ago I hit my right pinky toe. I thought it was broken. It was a severe sprang, threw off my right leg up to my hip. Something so tiny can mess up the whole system. LOL. It's on the mend today. When I did the double with the Miss Hostile it was hurting really bad. No one knew at the party, and I was taking care of both of them. My yogi friends have been most attentive helping me get through the ordeal. Yesterday, I got a email from owner of my yoga studio about the Halloween costume contest. I didn't do much, I was so Halloweened out (picture attached of my silly lite up bing bond orange pumkin head band). Well......I won the contest. The universe was telling me to keep going and not get discouraged about a painful pinky. I was so exited, happy I won. In class, I cried how the Universe was saying yes to me.

    There's a alot of stuff swirling around me again. Last night my handicapped/retarded looking sister (it's her undercover skin suit, she is very smart - people think she's stupid) and I talked about the nextdoor dirty old fart man who has the hots for me. We came up with ideas to turn him off. I'm going to wear a beard, see what he does. Dress like a Hillbilly, wear blue hair, etc etc etc. My sister and I were laughing our heads off to the stupid fuck nextdoor. At first, I thought he was okay but then he parked millions of used cars in the back parking lot. He thinks he like me, but he's selfish. He keeps looking out his kitchen window at me. I'm pleasant, smile, will not give him much, the dumb ass. I will post short videos on youtube "how to ward of old farts". It will be funny, way funny, smiling. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2011

    My slave WHIP got spanked again

    It's great. If I get ticked off, I call him up, beat his ass, pinch his nipples. He loves me. Busy with images and video on Net yesterday. I started a new forum for the older woman. Will post the link soon. In my yahoo group, I am posting my private stock lessons. Right now, I am talking to TACO. He put me on hold. You never put me on hold. I will tell him, the dumb ass!

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