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    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Happy Halloween Everyone

    Tonight, I zoomed to my Bikram yoga class at the last minute. I placed a silly happy pumpkin headband over my scarf. The other cute Kitty friend is my yoga teacher Patrica. We were the only ones dressed up for class. It made me laugh at myself when I looked in the mirror. The orange pumpkin heads were springing every which way. I bonged into the orange cosmos with a big smile in each poses. When shit hits the fan, you smile through it. It works. The shit you face, it's not yours.
    Happy Halloween -- I just put on my black PVC latex bodysuit. I know I will scare someone. I looks very creepy.

    Zoe Zane

    Friday, October 28, 2011

    Updates and writing.......

    extremely time consuming, Halloween creeping upon us ..... and the men I know. Saturday night, I was invited to a party with my neighbors. Finally, a connection, but last night Buttercup asked me out to a fancy dinner. I love to be wined and dined by my favorite houseboy. Most houseboys are worthless, time wasters. I'm exhausted when they leave. Most try to get something for free, haven't got a clue what it means to serve and worship. I'm the baby sister, sucky sucky. Buttercup had a great Mom, she trained him well(if his toilet is clean, he has a chance and no butt stains on his underwear). His Mom is still alive, has mentored me on many levels. She doesn't know of me, if she did she MUST be #1 in Buttercup's world. She's a control freak, I'll stay clear. Maybe when she is on her death bed, I will arrive and thank her. She'll wonder, who in hell was that women.
    Buttercup honored me with these glorious words about my Goddesshood. Many will try to copy and imitate, they will try to be who you are. But you're energy is total Goddess(it has taken me years to come to this place of my own recognition. I see, I'm the Goddess of Absolutely Everything! Laughing. More laughing, a big huge smile on my face.)

    My fetish slave over 15 years, his job finally transferred him away from his sexy Nurse. So far away, he can't find time to talk to her on the phone. He needs a safe place at noon time. He has little time for himself with new his job. He doesn't travel right now. His family is feuding, I will not see him in December. He called me this morning wishing we could session together. He found someone else, but it's not the same. It hit me what I did to him. It's my energy, no one can replace who you are. I taunted him about my white cotton panties and PVC nurse uniform. He has a huge enema fetish, all the way to 4 quart, red/white enema bags. I directed his mind to find a safe place for his conference call with his private Nurse. He will find a way, I know. He had dreams lasts night, all the sessions we did together. Yes, men who see providers have relationships with these special women. Hi there, come over, get your oil changed. It's a pit stop relationship, she repairs all his flat tires, up and running, ready to face the road again.
    Zoom zoom zoom away, back another day, soon.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    The Kay Parker Fantasy

    It is hard to find the right woman to do the fantasy. Some will not touch it. It's too taboo, makes them feel weird. I get this Kay Parker fan emailing to do the fantasy, but doesn't think I have value. He ruffled my feathers, so I bumped up the anniversary. He saw I was ruffled and was sorry. He's not sorry asking if I knew if another older woman does the fantasy. I'll not tell him what I know. I'll not give him the time of day. I'll not waste by time on a time waster.

    I've not seen the OB for sometime, it been quiet. Today, I went over to the my body shop, it's right across from his work. OF! The damn man bitch is still in town with his alcoholic whore wife. Everyone in town knows what a - - - - - she is. Both are losers, need major repair. I bet he went religious with the Mormon Church. Oh, they would take him, in a heart beat. Now to reform the sick bastard. There's no reform for them, but let the Church use all their big egos. The OB doesn't want to change. When his five years is up he will spit, leave the country, do his dirty work again. Evil is always evil.

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    Zombie School Teacher

    My studio is a big mess, I smoked an awful tasting cig for cam show. The smoke looks great, my breath is not. eek! Today, a male friend will help me take Zombie/Halloween pics for sites. I love Halloween. Today, I let him be my house boy for a few hours. He was most helpful.

    The college professor stalker is back, he thinks he's wants to marry me. LOL. After all he has not done, I told him he must take me to my favorite restaurant. Pay top $$$$$ and order what I want for a week. Dinner, it has not happened in the past. I'll say what I want, whatever. I don't care what he thinks. He's such a idiot, I hope he reads this blog. He'll cry like a big baby, tell me -- why are you so mean to me? Duh. Buddy, you're not a man of your word, not the man of my dreams and look weird. I saw his picture on the Net. My brain chip for financial domination clicked on. Yes, I'm a money hungry, arrogant bitch, I hope you go away.

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Am I lazy, afraid of hard work - NO!

    I chatted with another writer today. I have a few writers in my sex circus, oops, circle. Did I cheat on one writer, talking to another writer? Yes. I can see why Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) killed people. If she didn't like what they said she nuked them. My fun bone is out.

    Peanut Jr. is running around with a huge, furry cat tail. I like it when he does that. Something spooked him, made him hypo. You go, Peanut Jr.

    Tic-tock, tic-tock, I'm ticked off:
    Honestly, as a sex writer, my sense of humor will rule. Humor saves the day when life gets crappy. Am I lazy, yes. Am I spoiled, yes. Am I lucky, yes. If someone ticks me off, I call up "Whip" and beat his ass. Who am I mad at? Hum. There are a few right now. As for Buttercup, who makes sure to get me mad, I'll pinch his ass in the wrong place. Make him show me where to pinch it right. Poo Poo Poo -- Give him a huge enema, watch him lose control. Put him in his place for being obstreperous (someone who stubbornly resists control). Hello Buttercup, you have fought it all your life, so keep fighting. Big smiles from ear to ear, laughing. Am I a cry baby, yes! Never, I shouldn't say never, has writing been so arduous for my quick mind. It was worse giving birth to a deformed child, no fun. I need Jessica Lang (American Horror Story) to bake some chocolate cupcakes. She's so evil. Am I kind, yes. I'll use Ex Lax in my batter (the brand is an expert in gentle, dependable overnight relief. We are so confident that you will be satisfied)-- OR -- X Lax (the stuff that makes you crap almost instantly, give it to your boss in his coffee). Did a Google search, are there different strengths for Ex Lax? Batter for the runs, yes..... watch you prance like a squeeling piggy to the butt bowl. Is this passive aggressive, yes it is. If I'm giving you ideas on how to get back, wait till you read "give it back" in my smart-ass bitch book. It's okay to think about it. Some of my subbies, want me to give it back to them. Okay baby, come and get it.

    I'm done torturing myself self this morning, writing about different writers with different styles. Bye bye, outside with my 3 male cats and a hot cup of tea.

    P.S. I like the timer with Ex Lax on it. I can time how fast it takes Buttercup to run to the bowl. HA HA HA

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Now I know why I'm avoiding the book

    I'm not a English major (writer), terrible speller, I missed spelling in the second grade. That school year was blocked out of my mind. I don't remember that year. Today, my editor told me the truth about my writing. He's a top professional writer, very conservative. I was under the gun with another person this week on my typos. eek! Breathe, do the work, let them tear it apart. I'll turn into another person, nothing new in my world, take the heat. If it gets hooking stressful, I'll take it out on slave "Whip". The book must be written for the unheard.

    Actually, I've improved my writing and spelling. I've put a lot of effort into my blogs. But, it's not good enough. OFM! I'm used to not being good enough. I was constantly criticized by my parents. Okay. I'll be wrong, I stand corrected. Bring it on. I misspell words to make a certain point. Conservative and creative don't mix.

    This morning, I found a bowl of cat food for the feral cats. I called Officer Angie (animal control), she told me to keep my eyes open. I know it's the crazy woman who turned in.

    I've wrote about a freaky whore, who doesn't know how freaky she is. The drunk, angry whore doesn't remember what happened the night before. I'm off the hook. Whew.

    Today there is dissension about my writing:
    dis·sen·sion   /dɪˈsɛnʃən/ Show Spelled[dih-sen-shuhn] Show IPAnoun 1.strong disagreement; a contention or quarrel; discord.
    2.difference in sentiment or opinion; disagreement.

    My horoscope said this today:
    Your creative powers are well-known, but today brings a new kind of playfulness -- and also seriousness -- to your work. It's a good time to fight for your creative vision. There will be dissension.

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    We're NOT getting off that easy

    world. Prediction, the world will end next year on Alexa, today. I need to become a psycho religious leader preaching the end of the world, a certain date next year. I will call my church "The Church of Peaceful Rest". LAUGHING! Then, I'll donate my millions to the underworld. Laughing more out loud. That's easier than being a real whore. HA HA HA!

    At the end of my live cam show, I set my feather halo on fire. SO awesome. I'm a freaking cougar on the prowl 4 wild HOT sex. I got off 3 times in my worn pantie girdle. Girdles are the best for masturbation in nylons and garters - psycho school teacher get ready for Halloween. Live Cam Show Friday Oct 14Th, 2011

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    All my great friends

    My dear one "Buttercup" is taking care of Goddess Zoe. Oh shit, I forgot the switches this morning. They were so beautiful, the subbie cut for me. DAMN! I will post the update for zoezane.com early, today. Over the weekend, I'll be with sensuous, soft touch tantric instructor "Jewel in the Lotus" in LA. All things are possible when it comes to sensuous sex.

    My 3 cats are doing great. Peanut Jr. was flinging himself off the bedroom walls this morning. I need to get some kitty food. Back to my hot pink closet to sleep more. Peanut Jr. is not a head banger. Laughing.

    I watched the American Horror Show. It was way out there for gore. I closed my eyes when that happened. The pregnant wife was a hero for her daughter warding off a male killer. She got the fuck real good, kicked his ass. I like her. She shows women not to be a victim and trash male attackers.

    Not much crazy right now. Yesterday, I finally found the right head shrink for what happened to me as a small child. She understood my terror, I've harbored in my body (some of sex worker friends thought it was no big deal they were molested. That certain worker is wrong). I have protection, my adult self and the BIG ASS Angel that looks after the tiny little girl. No one will mess with me now! It will be in my book what happened and why I am writing for the voice of sex workers.

    For Halloween, I've decided to be "zombie red riding hood". I can be a freaky ghoul and lose body parts. I LOVE IT! Great balance since my sex is on 100%.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    I think

    that following what others want for you is a the dumbest thing you can do for yourself. My cat Peanut Jr. makes sure he gets what he wants. He is relentless, will not stop till he gets it. Watch Peanut Jr. When you live your life for others, it's not your life. Other people think they know what's right for you, WRONG! They live in you. eek! When I rescued my three male cats, their my boys, I was called..... crazy. Why so many cats in one house. My accuser was the German bitch that sold me out to Animal Control. She had hate. Many don't have the balls to be themselves, to live their dream. They don't dream, imposing their rules on others. Their sadness becomes your sadness. Go after what you want, be bold, be courageous. It's a crap life being someone else. Rebel, stand up to those THAT THINK they know what's best for you. They don't. Other people tell us what to do, don't know how to live. My 20 pound-er, Buddy, he knows how to live. He loves to eat and love. When he wants your love he's right in your arms, dramatically throwing his head back for a big, fat kiss. Kiss a cat, disgusting. Why not, he loves kisses. My Dad was a small man with small balls that bullied all his children. They live in you, unhappy in you. If you live for others you wear their small balls. Those balls aren't your balls. Put on your big set of balls, turn up your music, look in your mirror, strut yourself, be your best friend. Go for it. Get up, ball yourself to greatness. Most, live half on, too afraid. I watched Steve Jobs talk to Stanford students in a graduation speech. Watch my app be on the iPhone next year. When my cats go outside, it's hip hip hooray to be in the sun, the rain, the wind. Dare, be driven, have a big dream, do it. Don't give a crow's ass what others think. Don't care if others hate you. The haters hate their lives and hate you. Stay clear of haters who live to take you out. Haters, hate the greatness in you. Be unique, be different, do the impossible, dream. Let the haters laugh at you, let them be a copy cat. Wear you big set of balls and scream dream. First step, believe you can have your dream. This must be a pep talk to myself. It is.

    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    My Apple

    It took me a long time to get to Apple. After reading all the crap around Steve Jobs, his leadership, I still love Apple (quality, no hackers). Yes, I know China doesn't care about those who slave away for the excellence of Apple products. Last night, one of my slaves expressed his hate for Jobs, will not buy any of Apple's products, not ever. He think Steve Jobs is a Mauder-facker! Okay, that's cool, Mr. LLBs - Laughing.

    Read about the Manhattan Madam, how she'll not stop until prostitution is legalized. I heard in San Francisco it was close to legal last year. Better get a tax attorney sex workers. I don't know when it will happen, I'm not on a crusade to make it legal. I'm the voice for the underworld. I made another corporate decision last night in Palo Alto at fine French restaurant. I have a new Chief Editor for my fictious book. He's brilliant, very smart, known him for years. I also have a software analyst working for me, self driven and motivated. My web manager and I decided what I will do when the book goes public. When it comes to sex and prositution, I need to protect myself from the wolves. It means wolves in the my underground world. I won't be surprised, IF they try to sue me.

    The lies men tell you to get the sex they want. Over the years, I've developed a keen sense for the lie. I have placed certain rules, conditions to get close to me. It gets so freakin' old how men lie to get what they want. Whatever, shake my head, a certian foreigner tells me to call him, he thinks he's hot, I think he's a sleeze. For a long time, I was patient, then lashed out. It does not pay to lash. Now I listen, tell them how they make me feel, most men will say sorry. Like, I believe their sorry words. I like it when my phone shows me they called earlier that month. I tell them, how they called me before, they still lie. They even call again in an hour just to see if I remember. I call them, serial sex phone liars. It cost little to lie 4 free. I'm so uninterested how they use the phone for free jack off time. I can tell when they're jacking off. I hear it in their voice. Men who use their best sexy voice on the phone, are jacking off.

    A new feature to contact me, I started texting only for those who need a build up.
    I'm a fantasy role play expert. I will help you belive that your fantasy can be real, you can taste, feel, smell your fantasy. Our fantasies keep use alive.
    Mature Zoe Zane

    Friday, October 07, 2011

    Whats the truth

    you never know unless it comes from the i-ponies mouth (HA HA HA). Truth, might be tainted, not real. Sometimes I tell people what they want to hear it makes them happy.

    I'm so APPLE in 2011. I've had a iPhone for 2 years, never used it. I was too swarmed with porn updates, working and overcoming the bitch OB. The OB was the one for a long time, he was the important one. I was the working machine that funded the white trash pimp of spend. I'm so happy he died out of my life, SO ....Miss Zoe can be the Goddess she was meant to be. When shit hits shit, you crawl through it up to the light of day (I had to change my nero pathways/dendrites). I talk about this BC some never make it out of the shit hole.

    I've been following Steve Jobs, his death, Apple and comments by his co-founder iWoz (Steve Wozniak). iWoz was shy, Steve was bold. They sat in their garage and slammed out bi-code for days drinking coffee and pizza. D A M N. I'm not that geekie.

    As for writing about the underworld of whores, I had to dump one of my whore friends so I could write the book. She was so insanely jealous, she threw her poisonous words like spitting green goo in your face. The green goo was filled with negative hate.

    I made a corporate decision to not give my precious knowledge away. If you want what I have, you must pay for it. My head shrink told me to NOT give it away anymore. The whore I dumped was ungrateful with my gifts. She did not see how great they were. If she calls me up, I'll politely inform her my time spent on the phone must be paid for, she must pay for valuable knowledge. I hope she reads this blog and gets the message. Just a clue on what I had to do to get out of the shit. I had to involve myself in high impact, high frequency support.

    I'm not the first corporate whore on this panet. Do you feel like a corporate whore? Laughing.

    Thursday, October 06, 2011

    American Horror Story on CableTV

    It's a scary show, will watch the entire series. The head shrink hubby cheated on his wife after they lost their baby. Their relationship is strained, wife makes him feel bad over and over with her rejection. They fight it out to lust and sex. In the sex scenes she see the black rubber latex man on top of her. K I N K Y!!! Jessica Lang is so perfect for this show, so wicked. Her down syndrome daughter has no boundaries. The strained married couple have a angry daughter who hanging out with the psycho male patient her head shrink Dad is treating. I love it. Freak us all out! Total scare, and something I would write for a book. Out there, edgy and keeps you on the edgy of you warm blankie. Boo Boo Boo 4 Halloween

    Monday, October 03, 2011

    Be a honest whore

    Some men need to hear it from a whore how great they are. In this world, it's full of downers. He liked blond Cougars who speak the truth. A whore can speak the truth. I said it. He was beautiful, black and very very tall. Not all black men sleep with everything in sight. Some are shy, need to hear how great they are. Be honest, whore, some ears need to hear the damn truth about themselves. Truth spoken, it made his day. His ears have heard too many times, how he's too black, black. He saw I wanted to do more on him. Your actions do not lie.

    Saturday, October 01, 2011

    Saturday morning after cam show

    I had a stud boy show up for my show. All I wanted was to get laid. When I was done, I sent him out the door. Bad Teacher. I gave him a kiss and said good-bye. I have penis for a brain. In cam show some viewer keep pestering me to stick my heel up my ass. Boring. I used my mouse, clicked him away. Don't you love the Net, what your mouse can do with stupid cam viewers. He had diarrhea of the mouth to abuse me in my own show. I was smiling when I clicked him away. Today for video cam, I was the "wrinkled nylon panty click away teacher". LOL

    Damn, I don't want Demi and Ashton to spit. Time will tell what happens with them.
    I like both of them.

    In yoga last night, I wore something from my lingerie bin to class. It was weird how I looked. I'm feeling the inner strength of my body, my core come to life. I've been doing the hard ass yoga for over 7 years. My body is not doing what I want it to do. I guess I'm not intelligent like my body that knows what to fix, when to fix it. It's been hard this year, more tired, but doing more yoga. You're thinking, how can yoga make you sore and tired? Go to Bikram for a while and find out for yourself. It's hard! You get tanigible results.
    Pic is for Southern Charms, I'm the smoking Queen with clevage. I'll boob your face with my heart. HA HA HA

    The video of Folsom were taken by iPhone. I have to figure out how to convert to windows media play

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