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    Friday, September 30, 2011

    Up early

    gave the cats a nail trim, it's tuff with Chubs, he hates nail trims. But Mom doesn't like those claws "yea all have", so snip snip. Sorry boys, afterwards, I gave them a full body, hair brushing which made Chubs very happy. Gotta get them to the vet for shots this morning which will be a big carry over 50 pounds to my tiny car. I told all three cats were going to the vet.

    I read about Demi Moore and Ashton, maybe a split. Hollywood makes us all crazy one way or another. The "Cougar Town" will still go on even though Demi is getting slammed to be with men her own age. And if she did this and that to be youthful, so what. You go Demi, I love you. As for Ashton K., he's doing the typical male thang, run around and stick it in. He's still a looker in my book. I can't judge. I'm a whore myself ..... laughing --- I do it day in and day out, well some days, I get a break. It's all over the Net what I do. And, my old boyfriend got off on me doing it with other men, but then ran off with another escort. I survived all of it and stronger, took about 4 years to get over him. He needs his balls kicked by my spiked heel for what he did. He might get off on it.

    As for my Bikram yoga training, I focus on my breathe when it gets damn hard. I stay still and don't move, hang on till the hard part passes, up again, doing the next pose. I hang on till the end, did it. I was close to the front, the teacher who makes me nervous, she didn't say one word to me. Lucky me, her attitude is back, it gets to me. I made it through the bitch teacher's class. Some teachers will always make you feel nervous edgy. WHEW!

    Will work on new update for zoezane.com site. Not sure what it will be at the moment.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Honestly, what really happened on Sunday

    before and after Folsom Street Fair. I found out feeding feral cats is a big no no!!! An older German woman, complex neighbor, got me sucked up into her stupid thinking to feed the wild cats. I had a visit from Officer Angie to stop feeding the wild cats in my Queen of Hearts costume. I covered my boobs, she told me not to worry about my chest. Her son goes to the fair every year. Too funny. I saw the bigger picture, was ordered to stop feeding OR get cited. The squealing, so called friend, lied to Officer Angie, that I was the one feeding the wild cats for over 2 years. I started feeding first of the year, after the squealing bitch was forced to leave her apartment by her neighbors. She lied to get out of trouble from Animal Control. It's clear, she's not my friend. I had a deposit slip with the squealing bitch's address, no phone number. Officer Angie clearly saw who was feeding the wild cats at that address area. You can't fool Animal Control. They know how many female cats are breeding, how many young females cats are ready to breed. LOL. That's a lot of wild cats causing a HUGE public nuisance. Feeding wild cats brings in wild life like coyotes, raccoons, hornets, birds, etc. Rabi's hikes up, endangering domested cats and dogs. I was wrong, doing what I did. I stopped feeding the wild cats, they are gone. WOW. Before the Fair, I cleaned up the cat food in the back, went over to Animal Control to get a trapping cage. That's why I didn't get to SF until 3PM PST. I was wondering IF my daughter and I would make it. Many people at the fair loved the Queen of Hearts costume with added Wonder Woman crown and wrist cuffs.
    Leaving the Fair to the parking lot, I went out with alarms screaming. My alarm key pod to my locked car broke, set off the car alarm. We tried to stop the alarm, it keep going and going and going. OFM! Down the street, SF police department, no one cared that my car was screeching. My stripper/hacker daughter saved the day, torn open the key pod, moved the broken chip on the tiny motherboard to the right spot. It set the car right, shut the alarm off, and away we went. WHEW ..... so stressful wondering If we were going back to San Jose. Next day, I went over to the dealership, got new keys and reset the alarm.

    feral cats animal control folsom street fair car alarms - Zoe Zane

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    What a inzane day - Sunday Folsom Street Fair

    Finally, made it, whew, Holy Cow Bar after 4 PM. It was hectic in San Jose, arrived later than planned. SF weather was cool, love it that way. The owner of the Holy Cow Bar let my stripper daughter and myself into the bar for free. He was having a private party charging Folsom freaks 10 bucks to his VIP Party. He recognized who I was was, we're in. The bar is free till a certain time. The fair was jamming when I got there. My daughter saw Miss Andrea Storm in her orange and black witch costume with black umbrella orange trim. I didn't see her, found the parking lot on Harris and 12Th. The bar is right up the block on Folsom. We made it. Whoopee!@#$%^&*()...

    My best friend Martini and his hot girlfriend got into the bar on my porn star reputation. Hey, I saved someone some money. Rock on. The freaks in the dark bar were sexy with each other. We headed for the back for some fetish smoking pics for Southern Charms. In the back corner Martini's girlfriend and I did a steamy kissing video. Will be posted off my site this week. Now, up and down the sidewalk for interesting Folsom pictures. I wore my black PVC platforms boots. At the end, changed into flats, my ankles and feet were sooooooooooo sore from walking. I ran into Beverley Fisher and her sweetie. She was dressed in steam punk, looked great. We were surprised to find each other in the middle of 400,000 or more people. Beverley is a friendly gal, I like here. We talked webmaster/geek stuff and other plans.

    Pictures of Folsom will be posted on my site up till December. I did something different this year. I asked people if I could take pics with them instead of boldly taking over. I went well, my new approach. I think people were happy to be a Folsom star on such a fun day.

    Zoe Zane

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Click here Folsom Street Fair 2011 - My stripper daughter is coming into to town

    to take hundreds of pics @ Folsom Street Fair. Last night, our cell phone talk. she told me about her hacker friends that go after bad boys, sent to prison. The bad boys who steal money from financial anything. Good job! She has a geek name, Trojan Tiffany. Today, she and I will decided what I'll wear to Folsom Street Fair. When we're together the Earth spins off to the unknown. I will miss Sexy Miss Lizz, she's the best street performer of all time.

    Yesterday I had the best time with a new Bondassage subbie. He's so grateful he found me and blessed me. I love those blessings.

    No blessing for you buddy: A manipulating dude, his excuse, I have never done it this way before, tried to get me to do something we didn't agree on. I hate that! Shaking my head over men who stall, lie, cheat a girl like me. He was from a Silicon Valley Company, wore pink, played gold at 32 at some charity. I was glad we were done, he was gone. He wasn't receptive to my high energy, didn't like the big mirrors. He must not like to look at himself. Oh well, he will not come back, he couldn't get me to do what he wanted. He has my blessing, shew shew away, don't come to play, never more.

    Just before I drove over to the studio for my cam show @ 8:30 AM PST, I found one of the tiny kittens killed on the sidewalk. I will not tell you want I saw. I can not get it out of my mind. I have a cat killer in my neighborhood. I know who he is. My daughter told me to leave the kitten and call the cops. It's a felony to kill animals. I gotta be smart so the guy who is killing these cats does go after my car.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    High on life - kick the cat haters!

    Feeding the tiny baby, cute, feral cats has turned rotten again. A cat hater is stealing my water bowls and eating the cat food? WTF He's fat now, maybe he lost his job. LOL. More spare time to harass me, the asshole. The other day one of the older kittens got nuked and left it's skin suit. I got the feeling 4 feeding, I was thanked by one of God's unwanted creature. To the cat hater, someday you'll be starving, starving, starving, no one will care. I saw you outside all reefed up sneaking around, fat from eating my cat food. I've taken pics of the fat, cat hater. I can hardly wait to film his dumb ass. I'll put it on You Tube with Title "CAT HATER".
    I read Paris Hilton was arrested for Vegas cocaine. What a dumb, rich bitch, I still love her. She needs one of my cream pies in her face. Paris, why the drugs girl? She needs to hang out with me and my new sex workers friends. We can show Paris how to get high on kundaline energy. I'm creating my Folsom Street Fair costumes for Sunday. It takes a huge amount of energy for Folsom. Is that why Paris drugs? If I did cocaine, I'd rage up the Empire State Building and blast off into space. My nervous don't like drugs.

    I replaced my woren away letter keyboard with another keyboard from storage. Different place, the delete button, will take time to rehab my mind to new delete. LOL

    HA HA HA ...... So funny. Right now 20 lbs cat Buddy sat down on a pair of purple glasses, got stuck to his butt. He was swirling around on my desk. Glasses dropped off, Buddy is now waiting for me to let him outside.

    Yesterday in San Jose, is was freaking HOT! Hotter than Sac. Might be another HOT day. I can hardly wait till fall drops in. Hurry up fall, I need you.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Click to join my yahoo group - it is free to join

    My number one moderator and I are posting behind the scenes. What has happened with Internet models, I've played with (Yahoo Group). Some models are very close, some not so close. An interesting reading, I promise. Yeah, I know YAHOO is old school and not like Facebook or MySpace or Google Groups. I still have friends in my yahoo group that have been loyal. Thank you! All the main companies are important like: I'll Google your Facebook, if you Twitter my Yahoo. Laughing out loud.
    At Folsom Street Fair next Sunday, September 25, 2011, people at the fair are going to get "sexed out" my Miss Zoe. My "geekie" topless stripper daughter is flying in and will take pics of the damage. wooHoooo ---- here we come San Francisco. The fair is way big, like over 400,000 people and can handle my energy. Picture on Folsom Street 2011 posted, left to right, myself, Sexy Miss Lizz and Miss Andrea Storm.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Read blog on Live Journal

    Heading to yoga class and home to my 3 lovely dovie cats. Update for www.zoezane.com is up this afternoon.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    I moved into new studio and

    still unpacking, what a mess. I'm organizing the haus today. I found my yellow and silver stripper heels. WooHooooo ... YES! I told one of my foot slaves I was throwing away old shoes. He got hot on the phone, told him to come over and get the old shoes, the silly freak. LOL. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what they like. I threw most of them away, walked outside with the rest, he was out digging in the garbage can. WTF! Oh wow, I found a vintage magazine of porn star Seka! He won't get Seka. He was happy with his bag of old worn shoes. I wish I had it video taped for you tube. Too freaky, fetish funny. Zoe Zane, up to her waste in stuff today.

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Miss Boobies thoughts

    An important phone call from support:

    I have a new friend that has my back. We had this conversation on my iPhone. Now, I see what's going on and the big picture. I must beware of THEM. I'm still cleaning up haus from their mess. I must get ready for the wave when notes revealed. One thing for sure, I do have control over my own body like never before. I'm my own boss, very powerful. I can work my ass off, not get up for the day, which never happens. But if I wanted, I could. I have the freedom to be me. I'm so blessed. But, some may not like the idea of me having this kind of freedom. THEY want to control what I do. I'm aware.

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    My Live Journal Blog - Click here, read about Sexy Miss Lizz and me

    I need to relax today, on overload with everything and the Net. Will watch TV/movie. Maybe go to Starbucks and yoga today. It's overcast and windy in San Jose. I love fall time, my favorite time of the year. I'm so glad summer is almost over. Sending my heart thoughts to those who lost loved ones ten years ago on the
    horrible day 911. I looked at some of the 911 pictures, all I can say is......OMG. I'm sending love to New York. Zoe Zane

    Friday, September 09, 2011

    A Whores Thoughts

    What's all this anxiety all about, a learned behavior from my predator Dad. He was uptight with the family making sure no one knew what he did. Mom, she valiumed out, feel off the kitchen chair, was pissed off when he did it again. This painful secret, no one in my family wants to talk about it. I hate it when they shut me off. I'm so sick of their denial. When you don't have "Mom & Dad 4 U", you run like a stray, feral kitten. Today, I saw a tiny black, 5 week old kitten run to his buddy cat friend for safety. He was all alone, no Mommie Cat. The little black kitten curled up to the 6 month old male Tabby. It made me cry how these unwanted animals love and care for each other. I'm chocked, all in my tears. How can these wild cats love each other and humans just keep hurting. What a waste of human emotion the anger and the hate. WTF! When you're molested you feel unsure about so many things, like yourself. I get sick of that feeling too. I want to jump into the next world, shake Mom and Dad, listen to me, I want your love. I must have something to learn from it all. Maybe, this keyboard will be my salvation for exposing the pain that we all suffered. Who am I, the one that tells what happened. I will not hide, cover it up or run from it. IMF
    Later, when it's the right time, I'll let you know what "IMF" means. For now, it's in my naughty notes.

    Wednesday, September 07, 2011

    Fem Dom her notes to Slave D about his nuts

    David, you got so so so big for the ladies, IF you know what I mean. And your Fem Dom hates David to get like that, like when she gives him a bath or when she tends him on the toidy. She wants them nuts then and their, just to cup those bare little ball in the palms of her hands while you were standing there, and squished them a tiny bit. ouch! You jumped! he he he --- while your Fem Dom scolded you --- he he he --- from close behind. (hahaha - I gotta' laugh just thinkin' 'bout it) she squeezed and said, "Pinch your little balls, buttercup! Tame some of that wonderlust you got, and keep you close by your Fem Dom, where you belong - hahaha! Keep you, too, kinda' permanently outta' any little mischief. What was it that Evie, the old farm girl said? I think it was, pluck and pan fry us a pair of prairie-oysters offa' subbie D's little piggies". Your Fem Dom just loves that, all of that! he he he

    Monday, September 05, 2011

    I do not get it

    how the guy who wasted my time called again for the third time, no car. I told him he wasted my time, I even insulted him and he keep talking to me. Hiked up the gardenias too. Still wants to see me. Is his brain dead? WTF!

    I follow my cats example for yoga - watch your animals

    I had this incredible, off the wall business coach that told me to watch my cats. Animals know how to live, examples for us. Yesterday, I watch the movie "Inside Job". One of my close male "H" friends let me take it for a few days. Last night before yoga class, I was fired up after watching the movie narrated by Matt Damon. It's about what Wall Street/Banks/Investment Companies/Harvard/US Government did to our American economy, our world. It's not over, the Obama administration, the president appointed the same financial advisers who support "no regulation". What's really scary, Harvard is teaching no regulation to new minds. No regulation makes it legal to steal from the common man, steal his life savings, his job and forced some to live in tents in America. The thieves and crooks are still at large. I also heard, the CEO of Starbucks and small business owners are not going to give campaign money until something is changed. Right on, Starbucks. We the people need to take back the power. Remember Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York, all over the news, he saw prostitutes, public humiliation, he resigned. Mr. Spitzer uncovered what was going on with the "crooks criminal thieves" in New York/Wall Street. I laughed with the crooks when his ass was fried. OFM! "oh fuck me" The working girls on Wall Street banked on the biggest criminal job in history.

    Saturday, September 03, 2011

    My cell phone is a sex addict - HA HA HA

    I love it when some guy calls me up telling me he loves porn stars. Then, he goes on and on about fucking Nina Hartley, Kittty Foxx and some other baby. I told him, Nina would not lie about his dick, he'd know she was not telling the truth. After I said that I heard a crash and the phone dropped off. Was he driving, jacking off in his car on his phone? LOl. I hope not.

    Friday, September 02, 2011

    Upskirt Teacher - Her girdle slip vintage sheer nylons

    in live cam show Saturday morning 9AM PST. Your teacher loves the tightness of her new girdle slip and silky nylons on her white smooth skin. Check out the picture, I posted of my new girdle slip and tan authentic vintage nylons in orginal box. Very nice indeed.

    Some idiot slave called me right now on my cell phone, he was spanking his balls pretending it was his Mistress Teacher. I asked him where he found my ad to call my number. He couldn't tell me. What a idiotic, trying to get a free thrill. I hope he hurt his balls. It serves him right to try to get free from this Diva!

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