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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Zoe Zane and Julia School Teacher Girdles - click here you tube video

    I was surfing and found my pink girdle on "you tube" www.ffstockings.com "Julia" my on-line school teacher girlfriend. Sniff the knickers!!! HA HA HA I was looking for 2 older women in suits, I watched several of the videos and my favorites were the ones with the fun music.

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Last 24 hours

    1. You keep lying about seeing me, so I missed him. He showed up, I wasn't there. Maybe next time but call me from the pay phone dude.

    2. I'm greek from a rich family in Greece. Like I really believe you have a dime to your name buddy.

    3. It has taken this person over 5 hours to get to the corner. All he can say is - I'm not familair with this area, over and over before he gets to my door? No way lost in "no space".

    4. I just won $1500 hundread dollars, but some one has to drive me over to see you. WTF!

    5. My cell phone is not charged, I don't have my charger, but I'm talking to you on my uncharged cell phone at my office. I say, call from a pay phone. He says, Oh this is too complicated. WTFer. Could you come up with a better lie, please!

    I told my baby sister about these freaks, we had a big laugh.

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Part #3 - Slave D pants down and off

    That reminds me ... do you remember when you got out and climbed the roof? When your Fem Dom finally got you down, with Evelyn's help, thank goodness, we took you quick into the house. Right away, we got your little shorts and the little panties shucked down offa' you. HA HA HA! Then, we chose and cut a nice switch, bent you way over, the subbies precious and bare, pluckable, little balls hanging out there, so that we could then just warm them up: sting-swat you sobbin' silly, right on the brazen and fair, little bottom. Them we made you go stand in the corner. Your Fem Dom and Evie loved seeing you stand on display, all sobbing, shattered and still with no pants! Remember? Oh, how you just cried your little heart out, over your out stretched arm, little Tshirt and shoesies, but absolutely and quite indefinitely, no pants on you, in the kitchen corner. Since you were a pretty, big boy, Evie and your Fem Dom looked ever, ever so pretty in your shorts, short summer shorts and tops. Delicious indeed.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    This so and so said --- I saw you in Vegas

    2 1/2 months ago. You are the one with the yellow fast car. I love it when guys lie telling me they saw me in Vegas. Then they turn it back on me and ask if this is the right person. I let them fry themselves with their made up story.

    Hi Teck Bozo at 64, that I trusted

    for the right address lead me on a wild car chase last night. What was I thinking? Not thinking! He brags he sold his house, wants me to get him cigs - LOL, he will be off for one week on a house selling vacation. He brags he has 10 grand on the table. I wonder if he's high. No way, no go to see the bragging Bozo Man. But he calls back and begs me. Okay. I get in my car, late over one hour. LOL. He still gives me the wrong directions. F I N A L L Y, I make it to Bozos' house. He's never made it with a girl like myself and not good at giving direction. Maybe I need to go GPS? Some people tell me their GPS makes them lazy and they don't know where they are 24/7. OFM! I get there and he's like a big crane falling down all over me. I knew there was a reason I was a Tom Boy growing up. So I could handle hi-teck Bozos like Mr. 64. Come one dude, I'm not gumby. No wonder he's divorced. Actually he was a military Bozo now in hi-Tech. In our final moments he speeds up to heaven like never before. He's voicing it all over the room. Whew! I'm glad he's in BLISS! Now I must get home in the dark. I make it home but locked my keys in my car. I'm waiting for the locksmith to show up.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Wholefoods Parking Lot Rap Song- click here, this is so funny

    I knew, that one day someone would rap about wholefoods. Many of the checkers are home boys with tattoos, the girls are yoga suicide looking chicks and baby boomers. At the Campbell Wholefoods I shop at frequently, they even have granny checkers. Smart marketing idea get the hood, the yoga, the rocker, the Gothic chick and older women working for yeah.

    I'm excited. I found a vintage clothing store in San Jose for all the 1950's clothing I need for my upskirt school teacher with real silk nylons. I emailed ffstockings.com Julia about my find. WooHooooo!

    Yoga at 4:30PM was living hell. I was on the floor a lot. Forget the advanced students, the world champions and the skinny, young yoga babes. I'm here and I will make it till the end.

    Saw a bunch of stud boys. I give them nicknames and make them laugh at the end. One is called Volt, Hawaiian Nut, and LLB - ha ha ha!

    It was hot in San Jose yesterday, had the air on. Last night, near midnight, Peanut Jr was "dive bombing on me" again. WTF. Peanut you are a bit late, the earthquake was earlier today on the East coast dude. Damn cat. I had to sleep in the pink close last night with the fan running. I made it through the night. Whew!

    Earthquake news: On Monday afternoon, my Sister in Sac said she wanted to bomb the White House. Next day there was a earthquake. Watch out for sister who is frustrated like all of us, over the G O V --- LOL.

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Added my 3 male cats to blog title today

    These guys are here to levitate Miss Zoe. I live on top of a building near the Los Gatos mountains. This morning before I woke up all 3 of them were lined up next to me in bed. Chubs was up high, next 20lb Buddy with his massive purrs, and last, the crazy one Peanut Jr right next to my heart. It was the trinity pose. Laughing.

    Answer to anger, upset, ruffled in any way

    Last night I finally made it to yoga class. I was ready at 4:30 PM PST but one of my stud boys needed me. Saw the stud boy, went to 6:30 PM PST yoga class. The teacher did a double take on me. He saw me at 4:30 then 6:30. WHAT? It was funny. During class my male teacher said to all of us if we get ruffled up over anything in life: If you get upset, angry or riled up in any way close your eyes, FOCUS on your breath and keep breathing in & out of your nose. It's important to still the mind with your breath. FOCUS on the breath, you will calm down right away. It's the mind that needs to be calm and focused. It's your breath that stills your mind.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    Please drive up to get me

    I get this phone call and he tells me he's taking the light rail to my address. He is 30 minutes late already. He has the balls to ask me if I can call a cab for him. I gave him the address and now he wants me to pick him up. LOL. What a cry baby. This person has tried my patience and pushed me over the edge. One of my girlfriend's who was adopted by the mob would give him a different address and go shopping. This person who wants to see me hates women. He is late, didn't write the address right and expects me to pick him up. What would you do if you were in my shoes this Sunday afternoon in San Jose?

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Second entry - slave D and his training

    When I was horny at 21 my next door neighbor loved to observe and recount, quite spontaneously and boldly, for me while were driving in the car, or in other places that were natural for close conversations. She was also one to leave her hand boldly upon my upper inner thigh, while I was sitting close beside her, as I did in the car, which was a gesture of her full possession of my body and will.

    Ooh, will ya' look at those little balls on you! He's just "a sashay-in' himself out there, him prancing all proud-like, in his cute little T-shirt and no pants on, where all the ladies can see him like that. He's just 'a wig-waggin' in flip-floppin' his little weenie and bitsy little balls, out there, bare 'n brazen to the beat of the band'. His Fem Dom should go find him a little pair of pants to put on him - for mercy sakes - ha ha ha! I love to see horny 21 year olds like that. Males do benefit, I'm sure know, my pet, from what we ladies might call a full, southern exposure - ha ha ha! I sure hope there are no geese around to mistake and peck that tender wee wee for a nice 'n fat-juicy worm - ha ha ha! ..... it smarts a 21 one year old, huh dumpling? Oooooh look at the Fem Dom's subbie, he's lookin' so grumpy and gloomy when he should be laughin' with his Fem Dom. To be continued.....

    Zoe Zane Zoey Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    My life lately

    Doing Bikram yoga more (5 or more times a week) has kinda backfired on me. I have not been able to sleep. I'm backing off to 4 days a week. My body gets on overload 4 sore. I'll do power walking with small weights. I do have access to a small private gym by my studio.
    The fast car shoot is on hold. The guys will be racing for big money in LA. When it's a go, I'll let you all know the Sunday date.
    I'm planning on going to Folsom Street Fair in September. I love Folsom!
    My cats are are three years old. They are much easier to manage. It was insane when they we kittens. I bang metal cans of cat food together and they come in the house. Yum yum Mommie we want food from our Mommie. Here it is boys. Laughing.
    My daughter got into a bad accident in Utah during the winter. The car saved her life. The insurance paid to fix it but other major problems were lurking. She needed my help, he engine died. It's fixed now. She was bankrupt with her car, owning on it. I'm investing in the future. She and I are very close. She is thankful she has a car and her Mom. I am thankful to have a daughter that loves me.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Set their pants on fire - Thx David and his Fem Dom

    for mentoring me on setting unruly men's pants on fire. It's too funny when I think how the hacker banned me from my own message board. Last night I saw a stud boy and we laughed about it. He told me he's been with cougars, a few older women, but I was the best one and so fine. Nice words get your everything stud boy from the financial district.

    Story continued, setting hacker's pants on fire:

    I'll get one of my sexy girlfriends like Ashley Dobbs, Sexy Miss Lizz or Maven Fae/San Francisco (a younger version of wicked Zoe Zane - ha ha ha ha) to tease the hacker, gets his dick hard, while I light the match under his crotch. I'm known to give it back if you fuck with my life one way or another. After the old boyfriend twisted my life inside out, I went to Vegas. A dweeb by the name of Robert, he gives free tickets to Deauxma and big Larry, her hubby, Robert offered to help me do photos. Little did I know, he was a groupie stalker. I get to his sleazy Vegas hole in the wall rental space and die! WHEW. I was polite and stayed, but didn't sleep at all. A year later, Robert, the loser was at another "Girls of the Internet Party" in Arizona, I went after his pants. One of the Internet porn producers told me he was farting all night long. I chased him down with a lit cig. HA HA HA ....and farted back on him, laughing. I chased him to set his pants on fire. He treated your Miss Zoe with disgusting disrespect at his low life Vegas hole in the wall. Live and learn, right. Whenever Robert sees me, he runs for the hills. All my girlfriends know what a loser he is. He stalks Internet models to feel important. I'll make him feel important and watch Robert jump up and down, as he tries to put out the fire. If you think for one minute this is all made up it's not. If you think I would not light his pants on fire you're wrong. That's why he runs fast for a water hole. Keep running Robert, run fast. Do you think Robert wants to stalk me now, NO!

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Well well well - I was banned from my own messageboard

    Today I'm cleaning house on my sites. I just discovered a hacker got into my own message board and banned me. I deleted the board off of zoezane.com just minutes ago. I can set up another one just like that, with a M O R E complicated password. Last night on myredbook message board I told everyone I wanted to lit the hackers pants on fire.

    I'm working on new projects that will eventually go mainstream. When I'm done, I will announce what I did. I have been slamming myself too much with Bikram yoga and taking the night off. The cats are doing great. I clipped their nails this morning. Chubs, the mellow one didn't like it at all. Poor kitty. I gave him extra hugs before I left my house this morning. I just did a major overhaul on www.stardomtheatre.com --- my Fem Dom website. I'm doing all my traditional fetish/ femdom sessions. Soon I will add something amazing to my menu list. I have been doing it all along, but will fine tune it with some specialised training in the next month. I'm excited. The women, I'm teaming up with are incredible, higher energy, that I love so much.

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Fast cars cars with hot MILF Cougars - click here funny cougar

    Hey Miss Zoe Zane it was a pleasure speaking with you today. I'm really glad I made that call. Your enthusiasm was a pleasant surprise. Really think we could collaborate and make some things happen. Well here is a little back-round about our car club and myself. I'm a founding member of our club, "Savage Habits". Our motto is "Any Time Any Place" we are a street racing car club, we got out and race for cash any time there is another willing club to put up the money. We are a younger crowd ranging from 25-35 we all own new to late model Mustangs, Camaro's, Trans AM's. Most cars in our club are in the upper 600 Horse Power range. My Cobra Mustang is a 700 Horse Power Monster. We thrive to be different. Most other car clubs have older to newer cars and always have the same thing in common, young girls modeling with them. So we figured this would be a great way to throw a curve ball at them and be different. Why not use some super sexy older ladies to pose with our newer, fast cars. And now that's where you come in. We use a Cannon 60D HD camera to shoot all our videos and pics. All pics and vids are 1080 HD quality. They can be seen at SavageHabits.net. Let me know what you think and if your interested. Photos would be used on our website and also flyer's to promote our car cruises and fund raisers from time to time. I will include some links and photos for ya. I'm the coordinator/director of events for the club so I would be the point of contact. You can reach me at my email or by phone. I checked your friend Sexy Miss Lizz site and she is a hottie. You two would be perfect maybe you can forward this to her. Your site was also great by the way. Spent more time than I thought I would LOL. Would love to take you for a ride, and haul some serious ass! Well any way let me know what you would charge or if you wanted to do some soft of trade I'm open to anything. We can work out the other details like location and outfits later. Well, thanks again for your time.

    This is a link to my car on the dyno. A dyno is used to measure rear wheel horse power.


    And this is me, I figure it's always nice to put a face to a voice or email

    Thanks and hope to hear from ya soon

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Diary of slave 14 years - click here Fetish Diva Diamond

    I started out as a Fem Dom several years ago. The only way a subbie could find me was in the local newspaper. I was Diva Diamond and later added the word fetish. I'm now "Fetish Diva Diamond". When I first interviewed slave "D" he had a knife in his bag. It scarred the crap put of me, I threw him out. Later on he came back, explained, apologized for misbehaving. He has given me permission to write his story about his Diva and what happened to him.

    I love women who, like my female neighbor, who laughed when they saw a startled male jump or he was entirely embarrassed from punishment by a woman. I will make her name short, call her "HWL" (humiliation with laughter) for now. HWL really, really liked to see a male kept up on his toes. Though always attentive and caring for him, she was yet very strict and absolutely merciless to her exact authority, as a woman, upon a male. She wanted the male ever-uncertain as to whether or not he might lose all his pants, preferably right in front of ladies. After all, HWL would often coo to admonish me, "Males are always suppose to be nice to ladies or they need some good, little punishment." She wanted males to additionally worry about what might happen to them after "he lost alla his pants!" He might either get a ferociously good, little spanking on his bare bottom, get a nice, little pinch, or fire lit hot, right way in under his 'you-know-where'. He was given some good and quick, little energy . . . . . Hee hee hee HA! When a male fears those kinds of consequences, in HWL's wise judgement, then he gets wonderfully trained and molded to want to be a little gentleman. A good gentleman for all women all the time. HWL was an extremely girly-girl feminine flirt, who combined the wiles and seduction persuasion of a trickster with controlling leadership of a disciplinarian. It was never enough that a male simply behave and mind a woman, he was also teased and taunted frequently, his little dignity totally shattered, if he was to "stay put right in his proper, little place. The ladies and their friends - HA HA HA - they liked to talk, as well as giggle about, all what could happen to a unruly bad little gentleman. To be continued . . . . .

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    MILF with fast cars - Click here

    Yesterday I got this call from RB about the yellow corvet picture taken in Florida. Sexy Miss Lizz and I flashed our hot bodies around this car. A stud boy from Northern Ca is looking for older women/Cougars to model around fast race cars like Mustangs, etc. I'm excited. Sometimes they race the cars down in San Jose. I watch a video of them racing. That's a lot of car power. I love fast cats and stud boys. I'm sending the email to Sexy Miss Lizz and Kelly DD. They are both hot sexy older women. Different twist, instead of younger chicks, the photos will be hot cougars by fast cars!

    Tuesday, August 09, 2011

    Really funny fetish video - click here




    "Jessie J"

    Monday, August 08, 2011

    You are the bitch, I am the DIVA!!!

    I drove into the war zone @ Cheesecake Factory for a tiny piece of key lime cheesecake. I'm waiting to pull into a parking space for pickup only. This couple in a new BMW drive head on into the path of my car telling me to move out of the way. They were driving the wrong way. Boldly, I held my position and didn't move. They could of turned to the right and gone around to get out. As I pulled into the parking stall they drove past my car. The husband was screaming at the top of his lungs, "You fucking bitch!" That I am. I'm a fucking bitch!

    Sunday, August 07, 2011

    Brute Force Cracking on my site this past week

    Brute force (also known as brute force cracking) is a trial and error method used by application programs to decode encrypted data such as passwords or Data Encryption Standard (DES) keys, through exhaustive effort (using brute force) rather than employing intellectual strategies.

    Here is the one who did it to my site:
    This message is to inform you that a sale has been made and was referred by:

    M.p.a. Dinkgreve (ID: 1966159)
    Funix BV

    Transaction type: Trial
    Date order: Friday, August 5th 07:51:21 2011
    Total price: 19.95
    Subscription ID:311217501000001975

    The customer's e-mail address is: acesmas2007@yahoo.es
    The customer's phone number is: 61572316- ( I erased one number BC I'm a smart cookie

    The customer's billing address is:

    This porn hacker/male bought a membership to my site and gave out his username and password to thousands who subcribe for free porn.
    Aritz Calvo
    Ganboxa 16
    oiartzun, XX 20180 ES

    Additional information:

    Username: potrozorri
    Password: orereta
    This sale was under CCBill account 921167-0000

    You are receiving this email to let you know that CCBill has processed a subscription for your site.
    This transaction was processed for account 921167-0000.
    Customer Name: Aritz Calvo
    E-mail address: acesmas2007@yahoo.es
    Username: potrozorri
    Password: orereta
    Subscription ID: 0311217501000001975
    Price: ? €14,79 for 30 days then €11,08 recurring every 30 days Any subsequent (future) charges will be billed in the above selected currency, and are subject to adjustment (adjustments are based on the selected currency value = to US Dollars), at the time of each subsequent charge

    Billing services provided by CCBILL, LLC support@ccbill.com

    I wish I had a hacker right now who could get into porn hacker's most important possessions and sell them on the Net for a profit. Like put his car up for sale. He goes outside to get into his car and finds a bill of sale. As he drives home in a taxi and sees a huge billboard with a picture of his car. It says THANK YOU for selling your car to us to feed starving African children. Laughing! Or, your car was stripped down to car parts and put in other cars. That is what theses porn stealers do. They steal porn content, my porn content and post it for free to thousands of other porn stealers. I'm not crying just exposing him.

    Another guy who was one of my members for a long time did the same thing. Then he had the balls to tell me his username and password was lost and wanted a new one.

    The software I use Strong Box stopped his stealing attacks. On the software it shows his username and password he signed up with. Then I went over to my CCBill account and saw he signed up. That is how I caught his lie.

    Men lie about sex all the time. I wish more women would lie about sex and fuck as many guys as they want. I watched "Eyes Wide Shut" last night. I like it when macho Tom Cruse gets slammed on the screen. Nicole Kidman, his wife in the movie was fucking lots of guys. Thx you Nicole.

    Saturday, August 06, 2011

    Strong 4 porn @ 64

    I shake my head and could of stopped 5 years ago when the old boyfriend fucked my life with his stupidity. I keep moving forward and here I am today. My mentor is Jane Fonda and she's too hot for words at ancient 73. I love you, Jane Fonda! I don't get how people think that they can slam you down to get up above you. In live cam today some guy by the name of Ken made sure he said something negative about my show and his gal was better. SO WHAT! It's a tuff job to produce porn on so many levels. Girls in this business get jealous and want to hurt you. There is so much room for everyone in porn. A big happy porn family is my cup of tea not slam you down shit. I'll just keep my head up high. I know that men are seeking to be one on one with you. They see you and think of being with just you! I've watched Sexy Miss Lizz produce a lot of solo porn. The guys love it BC they are just with her!

    Don't say shit about Zoe Zane BC she will talk about the shit you said. It will be free negative publicity 4 U baby cakes.

    Thursday, August 04, 2011

    Long nail update for SC

    My fake nails keep falling off, my nylons feel down, I couldn't hit the button to take the pics BC of my bad ass long nails. After I finished the photos I smoke a dirty cigar and spit for SC video. Zoe Zane is a smart ass bitch! LOL

    Wednesday, August 03, 2011

    Sunday night bad dreams about OB again

    It's awful when I don't sleep and the old boyfriends with his whore wife are in my head. The truth, his whore wife, she's a drunk drug whore in real life. A drunk whore who sucked on vodka in water bottles. I always lead with my big heart and that opens you to big hurts. Sunday night, I was restless over them running away together. In my real life my heart isn't hurting much over what he did. She advertised on myredbook.com as "Dana DD" (deleted her account last year) or DeeVee on eros-guide.com (used different name to hide form the drug lord boyfriend that went to prison. She likes guys who go or have been in prison. Last night I heard the LE were watching the hot tubs over on Saratoga and Kyley. She worked over there all the time. I can't imagine her not being a whore. The job spoils you for the money. She has a big mouth and attitude to go along with it. I know one thing is for sure the old boyfriend will use her like he used me. He uses everyone.

    Last night I went to Bikram yoga and had a great nights sleep. I am so thankful for my breath!

    Tuesday, August 02, 2011

    Advise from LA song writer about my book

    He told me to make sure it was fiction and that I don't attach myself to any of the stories. When the book is torn apart, I will not be slammed emotionally. Good advise. I don't need to be ground up like hamburger. LOL. He told me that art itself is NOT bad. It's about the story not how perfect it is. I need to get ready to put it out there and not worry about how perfect everthang is. Whew!

    This is weird, my 3 cats are sleeping in this morning. It's 10:15 AM PST. They are snogging away on my bed while I'm on my computer. Very strange indeed. Smilessss everyone! Happy Tuesday

    Monday, August 01, 2011

    Another publisher is interested in my book

    I got this call from a underground best girlfriend who was raised by the mob. She has my back and a true friend. It's very common in the underworld for the women to turn on you. I call it whores who hate whores. Another publisher is interested in our books about our lifestyle. FANTASTICO This is great, two wicked older women go to press. She has close Hollywood friends who are producers. She and I were talking
    about how the producers will need our input on how our world operates. There are many who think they know about what we do but don't. It makes me chuckle how pimps think they know whores. Pimps know how to bull skit whores and their hos believe and listen to their bull shit. Pimps are the patriarchies of the underground.

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