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    Thursday, June 30, 2011

    I'm the one - I will avenge the murder of Zoey Zane

    I'm doing a traffic search on my site Zoe Zane. I noticed the name Zoey Zane is very high on the list. I just posted over on "Freeones" for celebrities and porn stars. It must be the traffic from Freeones.com. The guy who killed the college student Zoey Zane was convicted to life in prison. Zoey Zane was leading a double life, her boyfriend dumped her BC she wanted to be a porn star. Then some guy from Mexico killed her. It was not a pretty picture when he sodomized Zoey Zane. When my book is published it will be for Zoey Zane's death. AND, other victims of sex crimes In America. Even though the book will be fictions it will reveal the truth about how our American society trash's and damns sex workers. They want us but hate us. That's what they did to Marilyn Monroe. They wanted Marilyn and hated her in Hollywood.

    It's coming up in my face over and over again. When I go to Starbucks they spell my name Zoey all the time. I used to make sure they spelled it right. Now I know I must take her on and make it right for Zoey Zane . I am Zoe Zane. I am Zoey Zane. I am Zoe Zane-Zoey Zane. That is what she wants. Zoey Zane wants me to make it right for her fear and pain she suffered on the night she was murdered. When there's a bigger picture and purpose it all seems worthwhile what you are doing in your life. It's my crazy fingers missing the keys on the keyboard and the misspelled words that frustrates me. My mind works faster than my hands. Writing it not what I set out to do in this world, but here I am with my coffee and Marshmallow Dream Bar from Starbucks. Keep a big smile on your face girlfriend and remember why you are writing.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Behind the scenes in my life

    Over a week ago I was way behind. In a thoughtless hurry I used a razor on my legs. It was a dry shave. LOL. I got razor burns on my lower legs. When I went to yoga is burned. At night I couldn't sleep. I ran out of aspirin and used Tylenol. I'm allergic to "T". My skin itched and I couldn't sleep at all. What an ordeal. If I'm on overload or a hurry my legs will be hairy till I have time to do it right. NO more dry razor on my legs. eeK! BURB! LOL. (((((((((((((((((((((( ouchies))))) !@#$%^&*(.......!

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Click here watch video for women

    The one flaw women have in our world is this, they do not see their worth. Watch this video, it made me cry and laugh and sing and dance. See what men see in us as women.

    The 4Th of July will be Monday. I'm getting ready to blast and sparkle the 4Th out in my thigh high boots. My cam show on "Cam World" is Sunday at 9AM PST. Inspired by none other and her magnificent boots "Sexy Miss Lizz" http://www.sexymisslizz.com

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    I'm outdoing myself

    I love it when I'm on a roll and outdo my wild self. Best competition in my whole life! wooHooooo

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    I compete with myself

    "Set higher standards for your own performance than anyone around you, and it won't matter whether you have a tough boss or an easy one. It won't matter whether the competition is pushing you hard, because you'll be competing with yourself."

    Power Coach for Miss Zoe
    YES to me!!!!!

    zoe zane

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    The day has whizzed by

    will go to yoga tonight. Make sure I drink fluids. WHEW! I'm so glad that heat is gone. My cats and I survived. Got a email for custom video from a long time fan that loves to see Sexy Miss Lizz and I together. It's a crazy off the wall story line where we get drunk and throw glasses at the wall. Whatever happens it will be a fiery video for sure. Lizz and I are DA-bomb together. I will drive up half way to hotel and trash it. LOL. Two bad MILF teachers have a summer party. LOL

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    5 days ago

    I placed the air conditioner in my window. It tweaked my back. It's been a challenge. I went to yoga last night and worked it out. I'm not doing that every again. My freakin foreign neighbor "M", he can help me lift stuff in the future. He owes me after all his family and friend's cars parked in the back lot. It's insane how these people think they can take over when they don't live here. I hear ongoing chatter from a foreign woman. I wish she would shut the uck up. No wonder his Dad is not married to her anymore. I have not seen his Dad around. I bet he's gone out of town when she's around. My neighbor Dad is after me. eeK! He's aggressive, pursing my blond hair. Like I want him. Forget it dude. I don't talk to him or look at him or give him any attention. If my boobs were bigger he would be worse. I ignore. On Father's Day which was Sunday night he came knocking at my door. It's been hot and the screen door was open. He cooked food on his big ass, red barbecue and smoked me out, the dumb dumb! He kept knocking on my door, I didn't answer. Loud voice, hello-o-o-o-o knocking over and over until he gave up. Once again, I heard those foreign old farts like him like blonds like me. NOT THIS BLOND BUDDY BOY! He fucked himself when he keep parking over 5 cars in the back parking lot. I hope he doesn't come back since "M's" mother is visiting. Thank God for ex-wives who babble on and on. She just shut up. Whew. The joys of neighbors. Honestly, I'm positioned just right in my living space, just right so it's livable. I can handle it. I write this story, I see the humor and like to make fun of it. Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Life right now

    My garden is pretty and the bamboo plants are coming back. I'm happy. The feral cats I'm feeding are safe from harm. My 3 cats are all furry and love their Mommie. They're older now and will come inside the house when I tell them. So nice.
    I'm slowly getting over the death of my Dad and the house. My kids are doing pretty gud. Some of them are in the Mormon church, can be a strain, but they know I'm their cool Mom that has wisdom. They will remember me for that.
    The cats a shedding a lot of kitty hairs. LOL. I must brush them daily. My place is cool with air. Tonight I'll go to yoga and get threw it. A female teacher's bothered me but I backed off, now she is telling me her stuff. When your spine opens up there can be many hurts you took as a child. I see that sometimes I get hurt easily and need to stay away from caustic people. I'm getting better at shielding myself. I have this heart, I come from heart, I must keep my heart for those who love with their hearts too. Stay cool California it's 94 degrees in San Jose today.

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Sat and Sun went to yoga

    I'm working on being still in class in between the poses and in real life. I have had way too much to deal with this last year. I'm okay and it's okay to do nothing.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    On-line list, old boyfriend and my Dad

    On-line list offer: Talked with a close lawyer friend - free advise - if you don't know the person in real life pass it up. Most likely it's a scam. Her driver was her referral and always late. If the girls were late he was late, so what the duck. I ran it by my stripper daughter and she said pass it up Mom. It sounds like a scam.

    Morning time in Lost Gatos is so beautiful right now. I can feel the ocean on my door step. Take in a big deep breath of fresh California air. Lovely. Wonderful. Beautiful.

    Up at 5AM this morning woke up in a loud dream of Dad's voice talking to me on the phone. He wanted to know how I was. It freaked me out a lot. He died last year on August 1st at noon. Had another dream about the old boyfriend on Monday. He was tall like 7 feet, was smoking weed and tweeking at the same time. Since I never drugged myself that way I asked a close friend if you can do both at the same time. He said, YES!. The OB was jolly like a court jester. He acted that way with me. When will he be out of my head for gud? It's getting less and less, Whew.

    In yoga class there's some eye candy for your Zoe Girl. It's helping get through this time as I finish up the story about the old boyfriend and me. The story is painful. I can do it so long and must quit like this /////. That tells me where I stopped that day. Next day I begin right there. When I'm done, I'm done forever. I decided to plug on day after day til I'm done. Was putting it off BC the end with OB was so painful.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    The on-line scam list from LA

    I spoke with her again on my cell phone. Zoe needs a reference. It will be her male driver. I called her number and her name was not on the message. Bad. I ran it buy my stripper daughter who knows a lot of scam artists. I don't know this person on a personal basis FORGET IT. It's over. I guess this chick in LA thought I might have money and buy it from her. Besides, if I call up the men on the list...what would they think ---- who is this? Forget it, and who in their own right mind would keep a list anyway. I thought this would be a interesting read, if anything, everyone.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    I need my beauty rest

    I emailed my slum landlord about the squirrels in my attic. This is gettin' old all those pattering feet (run this way run that way) in the attic. I finally figured out why my cats were going crazy at night. The squirrels are having a big nut party at night. It's driving me nuts. LOL. I told the landlord I'm renting a pit bull to get rid of those irritating furry rats. Let's see what he does? My baby sister has a pitbull I can use. I'll put the dog out on the roof and wait. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Zoe Zane

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    The latest online scam to Miss Zoe - click here microwave marshmellow cooking

    I just got this email from a woman in LA who wants to sell me her list of men for $1000 dollars. What a line!

    I'll keep you posted on what develops from this offer on the Net.

    Zoe Zane
    Underground US Marshmellow

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Weird happens in my life - link thehausofdiamonds

    1. Cheap toilet paper on my bum in sexy photos. LOL. Editing is very time consuming.
    2. Men want to marry me and never met me. They do not want to take me to dinner but just marry me. WTF?
    3. Sometimes horny guys give me more than what was agreed. It falls right to me.
    4. Neighbors, I think want me to move ----- but they move or want to move! BURB. And the tell me they want to move. eeK! It has nothing to do with me.
    5. Men in yoga keep looking at my big sweaty boobs. When they think I'm looking they stop looking at them. It's so obvious. LOL.
    6. Guys tell me how hot my hat is for a come on.
    7. Women in the underground copy what I do. Hum? At first I was nerved but now I'm.....flattered?
    8. At one time being mature was on the edge. Now more and older women are doing it.

    One think I know about my business, yeah gotta revamp yourself over and over again, stay fresh. I comes from the creative mind. Yeah gotta be bold to step out of your own box. That takes courage. It can be scary doing different. Many times I was unsure of myself but was right on. Lady Ga Ga is in creative mind. I adore her and her bold courage to be Queen.
    I watched this "you tube" video presented by "The Haus of Diamonds". It made me feel wicked evil deviant to the Devil. My Fem Dom name is Fetish Diva Diamond. For a long time I thought the name "Diva Diamond" was stupid but now it HOT one the Net. I have this darkside to myself and love it. The dark side is where my power dwells.

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    My cell phone idots

    It's not worth it to get into their idiot remarks. I'm going to silent mode from now on. Most of them have low self esteem and angry at women like myself. I'll let them keep "THEIR SHIT" with themselves. Fuck That Shit and bye bye baby.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2011

    Way busy LATELY

    I thought I would lose my head. I forgot to turn the water off on the lawn but my friend down below saved the day. He turned the hose off. WHEW! ..... and THANK YOU! Last night I went to yoga class was tired before I started. But, I got rid of a inner tension and feel great this morning. I'm so thankful for every-TING I have. I need to wash my car today. If you're not getting what you want them give more thanks and gratitude for small things. It makes you feel better. Hugs and kisses everyone - your Miss Zoe

    Tuesday, June 07, 2011

    Busy Monday

    My list of things to do:

    -Wrote about justice and murder of amateur adult star Zoey Zane on Freeones Message board (let cats our for 1 minute back in house I gotta go bye bye - sorry boys)
    -Go for spine entrainment, almost late - whew!
    -Starbucks and the huntress who hits on men (good title for a book) HA!
    -Inquired about about silver lamp that's really gold
    -Pick free gardenias at police station - none (weather is too overcast these days)
    -Make out bills and org finances - good job girl - check this one account
    -Talked to various persons on my cell phone all day long - I wish I had a lie detector for my phone - I'm sick of flakes who blow themselves off just taking to me.
    -Wrote email to executor brother on Dad's estate. I think he and wife are hoarding some of Dad's money. Lying to us. Called my tax attorney and asked questions about the estate. My brother is lying. Oh FUCK ME!
    -Drove over to yoga studio pick up cat collar for 20 pound Buddy. It needs a leash. No class tonight, I'm still drinking water like a fish, rehydrate myself - drink some coconut water it will help.
    -Back to studio to edit pics for Southern Charms update on Wednesday
    -Jumped into sfRedbook chatroom, it was rocking. Saw a ugly picture of someone. Why are they posting that one? I'm shaking my head. Looks like head is falling off. LOL.
    -Now getting the real thang on my cell phone - it's over 9PM. Showed some person how to do Chinese hold backs, he was grateful. NEXT and the last {OFM - he has a hard time doing it - he FINALLY did it, the sweaty sucker. I really got laid! YES!
    - Home to eat and watch some TV, feel asleep, then brushed my teeth. Cats are running like freaks at 1PM at night. I crawled in my hot pink closet to get some sleep. I'm here awake and live to tell the story. he he he he he ----as Sexy Miss Lizz would say. Hi Lizz, I jump over and read your life blogs all the time girlfriend. (((HUGS AND KISSES)))

    I need to space out and put myself in a trance this monring. Peanut is all over me for love - he wants to go outside. What a sexy cat! Laughing out loud.

    Sunday, June 05, 2011

    Live Cam Show - Day and Time Change

    I'm thinking about moving my live cam show to a different day at night. With all the stuff over our GOV and the thieves who are stealing our $$$ - GIVE IT BACK TO AMERICA NOW! - I'm flexible and will move it. I have not decided what night as of today. I'm leaning to Sunday night BC I could pull off some funny church stuff as the Sunday School Teacher. LOL. Like I pick up the wrong suitcase at the bus station and what is this? Or tear out pages from a hymn book and write my own? HA HA HA - Saturday morning the guys in the room awarded me this title on the show: Zoe Zane is an x-rated sitcom entertainer. I love it. Funny wild sexy porn on the Net that is silly sexy stupid!

    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    FRIDAY in Santa Clara MMI Intensive Training

    by Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Ecker MMI Santa Clara. Most people would not think a girl like myself would be doing something like this. I've been changing my beliefs about money for a long time. Yesterday was a repeat course I took a few years back. The MMI course is fine tuned and better. I saw clearly what I must do. It's a healing for my abundance and money. If you do the work from the MMI Intensive Training it will change your life. I've pulled weeds out of my money garden for over 5 years. I'm watching my tiny flowers start to get strong and bigger. It made me cry in class. I'm sure it would of happened faster but I had to rid myself of the dragging old boyfriend. It's like this: we all have a tree with fruit on it. The fruit on your tree will depend on your roots. Many roots need to be changed for a better fruit crop. The old boyfriend had bad roots that he didn't change. He looked like he did but he didn't. I have a girlfriend that is very similar to the old boyfriend. Her roots are like his roots. She was telling me how to manage or invest my money when her garden is over run with weeds. No thank you. That's why I'm not hanging or talking with her anymore. Changing my own ruthless thoughts is hard enough and I don't need a ruthless girlfriend who wants to down me for being successful. It will take courage and strength on my part to DO what I must do. It is very clear! It came up for me, these beliefs, I have over money. Someone like me cannot be rich. Some one who does what I do cannot be rich or have abundance. If I'm rich people will not like me for being rich. I'm aware of my thoughts of NOT being good enough or worthy to be rich. This is the first step to healing my poverty thinking taught by my depression parents.

    Thursday, June 02, 2011

    My chiropractor today

    asked me if she could borrow some 1970's clothing for a birthday party next week. She knew I would have what she needed. I do!

    Wednesday, June 01, 2011

    My new chatroom encounters

    has been super fun. At night, I jump over to the room to see what's going down. Some chatters have been there for a long time. I get weird questions about the fart fetish and then the whole room is on farts. Some of the women are ladies and don't like to talk about farts. The guys are just their frisky pony selves. So the room get slammed about fart this and fart that. Laughing. You can privately chat one on one with each other. About 5 years ago a 18 year black male was hot for me. He called me on my cell phone. I hung up every time he called me. LOL. I'm pretty gud reading people on my cell phone. In private chat he said he was shy. I must of sensed that he was shy and young. I didn't take him serious. We cleared up "the hung up on him" in private chat last night. I was playing with his mind how I'm bad teasing him in our conversation. He told me he's jacked off over 100 times looking at me on my web site. WOW --- That's a lot of tissue or towel washing. He liked my devil, bad attitude. At one time in my life I was terrified of men. My bitch Father "Bitch Daddy" scarred off my teenage boyfriends in high school. He thought they were not gud enough for me. He never told me what he did. I thought boys didn't like me. Today men are men to me..... and I know men. One of these days the 23 year old and I will make a short video. Lust in San Jose, that is long over due.

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