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    Monday, May 30, 2011

    From my mentor to me

    Dear Zoe,

    "You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips."

    Oliver Goldsmith

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    There's no shame in being this far ahead!

    Sometimes I'm misunderstood or thought "crazy silly stupid". When Lady Ga Ga starred up I was so relieved. She made it okay for me to be myself. Ever since my birth I've had inside me this mind that shined, a heart that sung and action for great energy. It was just there, the energy with guns blazing. I would tape into it and run like the wind. I was the wind. I was one big ball of energy. My parents worked hard and hated each other. The only way I could cope was do my own thing on my own. So IF some think I'm way bold, way out there, I am. I'm being my magnificent self. LOL. Here I go again. All my life I've heard words of disdain to take me down or out --- whatever. When you were born with open eyes to this world, you felt great because you were great. Today I'm just minutes old and thank you everyone who has been kind to me along the way. I'm thinking of some of you that are very close to me, Sexy Miss Lizz and her family, David my fetish slave who has encouraged all the laughter, my stripper daughter her brilliant mind and attitude, my baby sister in Sac who laughs with me and the grand kids. The last grand kid is 4 years old and he totally get who I am. Thank you to all the new Friends I'm making on San Francisco Redbook. The door has open wide for me on the adult site. I think they think great too. And IF they don't they will turn away and snare. Let them snare. I will star up and away in myself. I'm working on photos called "Wired 4 Happy". Parts are coming to me and when I see all of it the photos will be posted on my web site www.zoezane.com

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Scribing about the underground

    is definitely interesting. I must have the armor to handle all that has come my way.
    I'm non-judgemental and people tell me everything. I've had girlfriends that are bi-polar(2 hand's full, that's over 10), stalkers call me all the time, and I have heard every sex fantasy know to the human ear. Nothing shocks me. I've see the biggest black dick on the planet that was not a male porn star. HUGE DICK! Yesterday, I was doing some research about perverts. Men are big, huge perverts. Women not much. I see women as stealth aircraft (stealth aircraft are aircraft that use stealth technology to avoid detection by employing a combination of features to interfere with radar as well as reduce visibility in the infrared). We don't want to see women as perverts and they are protected by reduced visiblity. Women are to nurture and love those around them. It's coming out on the Net more and more about perverts. One thing I know, we all need to feel safe.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    The ugly mirror

    In yoga tonight this came to me about the ugly mirror I threw away this week. This mirror found me a long time ago in a trailer park. My life was in a ugly mess. I wanted the mirror to give me beauty. Over and over I went to the mirror and it gave me ugly again and again. The ugly mirror was ugly and made sure I saw and felt ugly. I needed that ugly mirror until one day I saw beauty in another mirror. That mirror gave me tons of beauty. I threw the ugly mirror in the garbage bind. Now I have the mirror I longed for. I'm the proud owner of a beautiful mirror that reflects back to me .... the beautiful me I was from the beginning of me.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    Monday in San Jose

    After my short conversation with my new "LA Pink Girlfriend" I jumped up to create something I've been thinking about for over 6 months. I went to the closet found used costumes and dyed them lavender. I dyed a wig lavender that will have a huge lavender bow on it. The costume is drying as I type. I posted 2 foot videos on Southern Charms from a fan's request. He wanted them to be free in the membership but I posted them on my video page for 6 bucks. My feet are so in right now. I'm shaking my head for missing them when the Net came out. Many foot worshippers go "ta ta" over my tootsies.

    During Bikram yoga class last night the teacher Jen said that one million people practice Bikram each day. Oh my, that is a lot of people taking responsibility for their health and emotional selves. I wonder what the GOV thinks about us? I wonder if the GOV even knows about the army of Bikram that is rising up day after day for LIFE AND JOY. That's is a lot of human flesh in power.

    I'm using the product "Zija" for old running injuries in both knees and hips. This product is amazing. They feed the tree to starving African children. All I can say about "Zija" ----- IT WORKS.

    I want to thank the Universe for giving me so much yesterday. I'm so thankful for all that I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    My new LA girlfriend has pink hair

    We are hitting it off just candy wonderful on our cells phone. We have much in common with each other. Most of all we are NICE to one another. It's so great to talk with a positive person who is aware of how they treat others. What you put out is what you get back. I'm so thankful for new, kind friends that are COOL like my 3 furry kitty cat stud boys. M E O W!!! ----- huge fantastic bold smile for you and me and her (((((-----)))))

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Mocking the Preacher of Rapture

    all day on Saturday off my favorite web site in post after post. Like this: Preacher donates 70 million dollars to Fem Dom "Fetish Diva Diamond" and she puts it back into the economy. Thank you money pig from your Diva. Next: I'm still alive to tell my story! HA HA HA --- one more time: Fem Dom pulls down preacher's pants and she sees NOTHING! I was laughing about how some people quit their jobs, gave away their worldly possessions ---- and today they have to start all over BC some wacky male preacher duped them gud. Sounds like something I dd when I was in the Church. They almost got my soul at the very end. LOL. Oh, it's coming to me now: How I will mock the man I lived with for 17 years as a Mormon Seminary Teacher's Wife. How he become a Bishop in the Mormon Church because of me. Usually the Church places a lot on value on the wife's heart and her devotion to the Church. I had a lot of heart for the Church in those days. Now I have M O C K to the highest level or is that kingdom. Cackling, bit belly laugh and huge grin. At the end of Bikram yoga at 6 PM PST ---- I'm alive!!! --- and spoke those very words out into the air in the dead pose. Too funny. Teacher told me to stay F O C U S E D. I was laughing inside and didn't care what the teacher said. Just another false prophet banking on the lives and money of his victims. When will humans get it that they can get their own power and spiritual guidance for themseleves. Maybe after they are slammed hard and learn they are the ones.

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    There's NO shaking going on

    in my town. Many are going to be upset that the world did not end. My cats have been very calm. They've been acting normal.

    Your money blueprint is your first encounter with money. Good or bad it does affect your life. Many of us experienced negative around money. When you feel and see the negative around money that's the beginning for change. There is plenty of abundance for all of us. Look at nature, all the leaves, the grass, the food that is give to us. You CAN have your cake and eat it too.

    The most important thing you can ever do for yourself is give thanks for what you already have. Gratitude gets you everything.
    Smilesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((---)))

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Watch your animals for the end of the world

    It was all over Alexa this morning the end of the world. So much profit over human fear, religion does it again. This end of the world is a way out for humans who are tired of living on Earth. My sympathies are with all of them and understand how they feel. Many must think life sucks to get duped into such thinking. My cats are very calm this morning. What do the cats want this morning ----- GO OUTSIDE. Every morning I get bugged by their meows. Chubs is the worst, he loves outside. BUT this morn they aren't meowing much. Hum? I'll watch them all day long and into the night. IF the world we know is gone by tomorrow that means we do not have to worry about this damn economy recovering. My gut feeling we will be here tomorrow and no earthquake. A lot of people will be upset BC they didn't die. Some went on vacation for the last time. I hope they had a great time. I'm sure some spent money they didn't have, after tomorrow will have to pay it back. Life's a bitch --- still. Chuckling inside.
    It's very peaceful where I am this morning. The window is open and Peanut is looking at outside at the feral cats. He is such a funny rascal, Peanut my monkey boy. Buddy is drinking water out of the toilet. I put out water in a clean bowl and they don't drink it. LOL. Silly cats.
    I'm still on my search for chocolate Easter eggs. A friend gave me some for Easter. I ate all of them and want more. Maybe See's candy still has left over Easter candy. I'm on a later Easter egg hunt in San Jose at over 50. Laughing. HA HA HA ---- Silly me just like my silly cats. My life is a still a circus but not with the OB anymore. All is quiet with him. Now for the kill by your Zoe Girl and her book. Life's a bitch when the Zoe Witch tells how the OB switch from one bitch to another bitch. What gets me is that he got away with stuff again. My baby sister told me not worry. Since he breaks the rules all the time and his bad karma, he will get caught again. He will go down for what he did in Vegas.

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Chapter in book - People Suck

    It's coming together how I'll use my sense of humor in this chapter. I owe all this to my sister's fat, abusive, glutton husband. Coming up with funny ways to talk back at his abusive chain smoking..... SO she can survive his big, Fat mouth. LOL.
    Here is a small picture of what FATSO is doing, He smokes several packs a day just to make her mad, just to kill himself and her. I know it sounds outrageous but that is what the MFO is doing in SAC right this very minute.

    First step to love

    Make my living space a safe place to be 4 me and the cats. I love me!

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Return to love of thyself

    It has been 26 days since I stopped the phone abuse from a underground female. In yoga tonight, at the very end, I scaneed the room for my new Mommie and Daddy. It would be better to have yogi parents than hateful angry parents. I was raised by hateful parents. Sometimes all I want is a nice Mom and Dad. I want nice! When you're raised by hate and critism you are wanting for kindness and attention. This loathing female slammed me with negative remarks. I was addicted to her negative remarks. I've been conditioned to seek negative in myself since childhood. I'm finding on the Net some cool people who are just cool. I can tell by their remarks some are kind. I will go for 3 months, no contact, no calls, no emails with the loathing female. Let her swim in her shit. I must stop this abuse in myself. I've been talking with my head shrink to love thyself. I'm sharing some personal stuff and wearing ME on my sleeve this evening. I'm human and deserve something better than what I was given. I will overcome my painful childhood where I learned to be an over achiever. It's a hard way to live. I deserve better. I deserve kindness. I deserve love. That's what happens when you practice Bikram yoga. Get ready to get rid of stuff that's not the truth. The truth is..... we are all love.

    Click read money masters - America is taken for a ride of deception

    If you think it's about Obama, it's not. If you think that our government is in debt A LOT ---- it is. After doing some research, I say don't pay off Gov debt. Why should we the people pay off debt that was created my the money masters to enslave all of us. I'm known for my out spoken thoughts. It has gotten me in trouble or I was embarrassed BC your Zoe Girl did not do enough research. I may be totally off the mark about our Gov. They borrowed money that was not real and the interest off that borrowed money is making the money masters WEALTHY. Private own bank must not be allowed to ball out Gov. Those private own bank are controlling America, controlling our planet. Now we're all enslaved to those private owned banks. They do not care about us. Do not pay the debt back. What are your thoughts. This is what I thought of after doing some research on the money masters, the Rothschild's. And, by the way when I checked for wrong spelled words, the Rothschild's were in there for correction. They're so powerful they are in my editor for spelling. eeK! They are that well known and too powerful. We are slaves to the Rothschild's and their other rich buddy banks. Do your own research and find out what is happening to this entire planet by private own banks called the money masters.

    THIS is my first reaction to $$$ in America. I just read more and see I need more education. But what they hell, my head is not in the sand anymore. I figured if we did not pay off the debt, the ones who loaned the money would not be able to control us. If I don't need the money then what control do the money masters have over me. None.

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Hitting the chatrooms - having fun, laughing out loud

    I just discovered whose has been watching. You never know who's watching but I'm beginning to see in my new chat room. It's given my mind a wonderful facelift. Since I left the one who said they loved me but didn't, I've found people who do like and love me. The chat room hits me back with cool words and feelings. It's great fun for my soul that's been hanging in the trenches with a troll. LOL. The Troll loathes themselves, was dumping on me and at me. NO MORE! Birds of a feather flock together. I have a new chat room family of freaky fun birds.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Surprise me and I did just THAT

    My nurse persona has a new friend for light domination. I was the nurse who teased the patient. He expected the doctor but he got the nurse that made him do it her way. He wanted to remain faithful. I made him tell me how much he wanted the nurse to suck his dick. I was sucking on a dildo with red painted lips and made him beg. I laughed over and over and OVER! He finally submitted he wanted the nurse to suck his dick. At the end he was doing the big thang and I never sucked his dick. Our experience was a tease control game and went well. It has taken me years to know how to make fantasies of this nature be successful. We both had a great time and he saw I was having fun. Tip: you must be a gud listener.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Where is your level of hope?

    I'm checking mine today. What must I do to raise my hope? We are being bombarded with too much negative. I'm thinking to my self: I will not watch the news. The news is big on hype, stealing our hope and our hearts. I know about hype and what it does with my entertainment business. The news hypes us up so we will jump in and watch. I'm not watching the news anymore. Today, I talked with my financial advisor. I lite a candle of all of us. What must you do to raise your hope?

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    My new space - Click here to return to love book

    if finally moved into. It's so great. I can take pictures of kink, and fetish and my feet and my naked body and ....... wooHoooo! I'm going to call one of my stud boyes to help me with new pics and video.

    Last night in yoga this male teacher who has bugged me, is no big deal now. His loud voice doesn't bother me anymore. He reminded me of my yelling Dad.

    I'm reading the book "Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson the biggest selling book of interpretation of the spiritual thought system found in the book A Course In Miracles. It made me cry yesterday.

    Cats are too cool how they sleep. I'm watching all of my boy cats.

    Monday, May 09, 2011

    Sunday and morning tea time

    Yesterday, I planned on doing yoga class but my son and his girlfriend celebrated Mom's Day with me. They're such a sweet couple. Thinking to myself, "Now days yeah gotta give hope, encourage, say kinds words, praise them up!" My kids that are out of state called me. I want them to all know they can do it --- whatever they must do. Keep going, pick yourself up, laugh when it hurts, cry it all out and then sing/dance to your favoirte song. Somedays, I give thanks for that one smile or those kind words from someone. I keep my eyes open for tiny drops from heaven. I look for the pony in the pile of crap. Why not. What good does it do to look for the bad. It makes yeah feel like hell. FTS - force that smile! I'll be dreaming more and more this year BC dreams do come true.

    Sunday, May 08, 2011

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Click here my fetish Fem Dom site

    Sexy Miss Lizz owns a online slave that will worship her..... forever. I meet him at a party where he was a bit scared of me. He knew I was a pro dom in SF "Fetish Diva Diamond"


    THANK YOU Paul for sending me flowers. Sexy Miss Lizz is number one in your life and I respect that.

    Saturday, May 07, 2011

    Happy Mother's Day Miss Zoe Zane had 7 kids - Click here Sexy Miss Lizz website link

    Today one of the grand kids is having her birthday in Utah. She'll be baptised in h this afternoon into the Mormon church. I wished her a happy birthday on the cell phone. She's very spoiled by her Mother. YES! Miss Zoe Zane is a Granny with 6 grand kids. The grand kids call me G-MA. I like it!

    A secret admirer sent me flowers for Mother's Day. Thank you so much baby cakes. All these flowers are my favorites.

    Cam show went great today with my lavender heels and purple/blue hair. A few years back they would of thought that's crazy Miss Zoe at it again. But now they just love the color, the variety and the fun..... I bring to all my stud boys in the show.

    I want to send a nice mesage back to my great friend "Sexy Miss Lizz". She has stood by me with flying colors since 2001. She's a true friend. Wish you a wonderful Mother's Day --- Lizz. We both deserve it. Laughing out loud and pulling up my thigh high boot strings. HA HA HA

    Friday, May 06, 2011

    So why did the oil drop so fast? Click here

    Today a close friend told me it takes $140 dollars to fill up his huge truck. They do not care about us. LOL. They do not listen to us. My baby sister called saying the same thing. I wish we ALL had the resources to not go to work, drive our cars or fly anywhere for one week. I know that idea seems impossible for All of us. I want the GOV to listen to us and not jack us around.

    Tomorrow morning at 9AM PST, the upskirt school teacher will shake up the system, shake up her classroom. Bring your kleenex bad boy! Your teacher has a new hairdo, new outfit, new attitude and a new chalk board. FTS

    Thursday, May 05, 2011

    The gap is getting bigger and bigger - click here to hedge fund link

    between the rich and the poor. Today I read this, " An aggressive, gambling hedge funder in one hour on the market can make more than the average man who works for 47 years." LOL. That is a huge amount of green. How can the gap be made smaller? I have been thinking about this all day long. Maybe some of you don't want more abundance? Maybe some of us hate the rich? Being rich is a sin. I grew up in a house that hated rich, white folks. It sucks being poor. I played the game well in the first marriage. Right now, I don't have any answers on this subject. But the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting "more poor". It's out of balance and wrong. How about better finacial education in grade school? My stripper daughter will take a class in college this summer. There is plenty for All of us on this planet.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    To the one who says they love me but really hates me

    I'm jumping off the fence now. I will not take it anymore. I would rather be alone with myself than take your hits over and over and over. The last one what a real winner how you lied sending me THAT negative message, how you made a mistake and sent the message to the wrong person. You can't send a wrong message to my chat room with my name on it. Dauh! How dumb is that? I guess not that dumb in your brain. When I saw the old hag photos and your hints that Zoe Zane will look like this when she is old --- that is it. I've taken your crap way too long. I gave you flowers you gave me stink. FTS (fuck that shit) --- I gave pearls, you stomped on them. I know what's wrong. When you hate yourself you have to send the hate back to me. No more hate for Miss Zoe. Go work on yourself and like yourself. I can't make you love yourself. You have to do the work. So there will be NO tomorrow, no phone and no email with Miss Zoe ever again. Bye bye --- Miss Ugly Poison --- bye bye. I will be on my own and love it.

    I'm done hanging myself.
    I'm done listening to you complain about your sorry life.
    I'm done with your sucking up my energy for yourself. That means you will not be able to trash me so you can feel good about yourself.
    I'm done not loving myself by taking your bashings.

    I'm sure you will not read what I've said. And..... it does feel gud to vent how I've felt way too long in our so called friendship. This message is to a female that I thought was my friend but wasn't my friend.

    Cats & the lavendar shoes - click here Three Stooges fire in pants video

    I found the shoes! Woo Hooooo. The closet needs to be emptied to another space. A lot of Halloween creatures will be placed together. Hum, in the coffins. Gud idea Zoe! Yesterday I had the best time with this good looking stud boy. I got it real gud from him. He's a natural at hold backs.
    I often think of my fetish slave "D". This month he must take care of some personal matters. I will be thinking of him a lot this month. He is a very generous man that wines and dines me. Top notch, VIP treatment for his Diva, that's me. He calls me Diva all the time. I love it. I met him over 10 years ago and our sessions have evolved. He's the one who brought my attention to the "Three Stooges" with fire in and on the pants. Laughing a lot right here. I attached the "You Tube" video to the title. Click the title link to fire on pants. It's all about laughing women watch men jump up and down with fire in and on their pants. Too funny.


    The Monster Cat Crew at the screen door. Let us out Mommie. From left to right --- Chubs, Buddy the 20 pounder, and Peanut Jr. is walking away. Oh darn she's not letting us out right now.

    My lavender of shoes and Peanut Jr, who is the trouble maker of the crew.

    Tuesday, May 03, 2011

    This morning I feel like a zombie - click to the cat crew link right here on facebook

    My 3 furry cat boys "The Monster Cat Crew" woke me up at 5AM today. It came to me go the the walk in closet and get more sleep. I have a ton of stuff to get done today and feel REALLY wasted. That's how it is some days with me and my furry love cat boys in San Jose. I will wake up here real soon. Moving my studio is a big job. It will be better for all my creative creations. I have not found my lavender platforms. eek! I'm still looking. LOL. I'll find them. Probably lost in some suitcase from a way back model trip. It get crazy when I put back outfits. Yesterday, I found the lost cross dresser's shoe. Whew! I have another shoe that I like to wear all the time. It's a basic black high heel. I lost one of the heels. Hopefully, I will find that when I get organized. Am I lost in lost shoes? I AM!

    I'm so lost in the clothes story:

    I found the one black basic heel! YIPEEE!

    I found a few nylons that now match for one of my slaves. It gets crazy in the dungeon of freaks with Miss Zoe aka Fetish Diva Diamond.

    I have NOT found my lavender shoes YET! LOL. I want them so bad for Mother's Day

    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Monday in San Jose

    When I was a teenage we ran around in the hills of Los Gatos, California. I have this wild girlfriend from my yoga class. She stripped her clothes off and ran naked up the hill. I thought what the hell. I followed her busty lead. We ran to the top of this opening stood there naked together laughing our heads off. The water down below was beautiful with the sky lights. I think the road is call Black? Any who, it's great to have a crazy, wild busty girlfriend again.

    There is a lot of talk about a SOB that's dead. I went through some of the forums this morning. Who knows if that SOB is really dead. One thing for sure you can't lie to the people anymore. What we need is more jobs and less inflation.

    Next weekend is Mother's Day. I've had many emotions over being a Mother. Today, I'm cool with being a Mom. The first xMormon husband was a fool to not like me. I was so stuck in my life with him. He is still the father to my kids. Oh well, let the damn fool be his fat self with his Bible reading and his chickens. Can you believe that I was on a small farm in Utah? Might be handy all the knowledge if it comes to the survival mode.

    I'm going through some hard core emotions over my Dad. I think I lost 5 lbs, in my yoga class breathing it all out like a Lion. LOL. !@#$%^&*(.... cough #$$%^!!!!.....

    This morning is totally, outstanding and fantastic beautiful. in San Jose. I woke up to the sunshine in my face. That's a new one for your Zoe Girl. I'm usually hiding in a dark room sleeping.

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