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    Friday, April 29, 2011

    White angora bolero cardigan is the fashion - watch

    and wear. I know many men who love the look of this sweater. The sweater in is for sure. Happy me! I love angora and sweaters and furrilicious. Mature MILF Zoe Zane USA Blogger - The royal wedding 2011 had brought so much fun and love and happiness to our world. Thank you so much William and Kate.

    Today is a huge celebration day for all of us

    I've been following the ROYAL WEDDING. It's very interesting about Princess Dianna. She went through so much and so kind to children. It's very tragic what happened to her. Long live Prince Dianna and her children. Today, I will have a cup of tea for her and the Royal Wedding with crumpets. When my Dad died I grabbed up all the tiny tea cups that belonged to my Mother. Tea time anyone? Enjoy your day for I will indeed.

    A few days ago an over 40 male freak wanted to be in one of my fetish video. It was time spent with a nutless, control freak. As a tiny boy he bossed his Mother around. When he went to school the teacher told him what to do. Do I want him my den? NO! At the end he asked IF Miss Zoe knew of anyone who has coke? LOL. Did he even listen to me and my Bikram yoga practice? NO! On top of this he had early male menopause at 30. Some people are so fried. A coke user that has no nuts. Does he see the connection? Duh! No. He has no brain, he has no nuts, he does not cum. What a dumb dumb and I can't call him a dickwad either. Darn. (dickwad is more powerful insult than its predecessor 'dickhead').

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Who says - Selena Gomez- her new song - click link YOU TUBE

    [Verse 1]

    I wouldn't want to be anybody else

    ( Hey! )

    You made me insecure
    Told me I wasn't good enough
    But who are you to judge
    When you're a diamond in the rough
    I'm sure you got some things
    You'd like to change about yourself
    But when it comes to me
    I wouldn't want to be anybody else

    Na na na na na
    Na na na na na na
    I'm no beauty queen
    I'm just beautiful me

    La na na na na na na na na!
    La na na na na na na na na!

    You've got every right
    To a beautiful life
    ( C'mon! )

    Who says
    Who says you're not perfect
    Who says you're not worth it
    Who says you're the only one that's hurting
    Trust me
    That's the price of beauty
    Who says you're not pretty
    Who says you're not beautiful
    Who says

    [Selena Gomez - Verse 2]

    It's such a funny thing
    How nothing's funny when it's you
    You tell 'em what you mean
    But they keep whiting out the truth

    It's like a work of art
    That never gets to see the light
    Keep you beneath the stars
    Won't let you touch the sky

    [ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/who-says-lyrics-selena-gomez.html ]

    La na na na na na na na na!
    La na na na na na na na na!

    I'm no beauty queen
    I'm just beautiful me

    La na na na na na na na na!
    La na na na na na na na na!

    You've got every right
    To a beautiful life


    Who says
    Who says you're not perfect
    Who says you're not worth it
    Who says you're the only one that's hurting
    Trust me
    That's the price of beauty
    Who says you're not pretty
    Who says you're not beautiful

    Who says
    Who says you're not star potential
    Who says you're not presidential
    Who says you can't be in movies
    Listen to me, listen to me
    Who says you don't pass the test
    Who says you can't be the best
    Who said, who said
    Won't you tell me who said that
    ( Yeah, WHO SAID!? )

    Who says
    Who says you're not perfect
    Who says you're not worth it
    Who says you're the only one that's hurting
    Trust me
    That's the price of beauty
    Who says you're not pretty
    Who says you're not beautiful
    Who says(x2)

    I have been zo busy

    lately. I'm moving my studio to a more creative space. Shall I lock you in my storage closet? HA HA HA

    This may be of interest or u already read it. This is for my benefit:

    It is about sax on the Net
    Sex study reveals what people really REALLY wantBy Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 5:09 PM on 27th April 2011

    Comments (79) Add to My Stories
    Straight men prefer heavier women to thinner females and find feet erotic, finds surprising survey of online searches

    Study also reveals women enjoy reading about romances between two men

    Scientists have finally got a grip on our deepest sexual desires - by looking at what people type into Google.
    They have examined one billion online sex-related searches from around the world to find out what users click on when no one else is looking.

    The findings have been published in a book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, co-authored by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam. The pair hope it will prove there is no such thing as sexual deviance as almost nothing is seen as out of bounds.

    The findings show almost 80 per cent of internet searches are made up of 20 interests, ranging from youth, to cheerleaders
    The survey is so vast it is viewed by many experts as the most complete analysis of human sexual desires.
    Among the findings are the fact straight men prefer heavier women to thinner ones and find feet erotic.
    They also enjoy a wide variety of erotic images, including bizarrely both elderly women and transsexuals.
    Meanwhile straight women enjoy reading about and watching romances between two men, but only when the focus is on emotion and not sex.

    More...The end of the 'bonkbuster'? Jilly Cooper, 74, 'too old to write sex scenes'
    Powerful people are the most likely to have an affair even if they are women

    Gay men and straight men were found to have the same favourite body parts, which in order are chests, buttocks then feet.
    Surprisingly, search engine results from Dogpile, which provided the search data from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, said almost 80 per cent of internet searches were made up of 20 interests, ranging from youth, to cheerleaders.

    Mr Ogas told the New York Post: 'Sex therapists haven’t known which interests are common and which are rare,'
    'We probably now know more than ever before.'
    Youth (13.5 per cent)
    Gay (4.7 per cent)
    MILFs (4.3 per cent)
    Breasts (4 per cent)
    Cheating wives (3.4 per cent)
    Vaginas (2.8 per cent)
    Penises (2.4 per cent)
    (Blocked out in the book)
    Butts (0.9 per cent)
    Cheerleaders (0.1 per cent)
    Doctors said the findings may now help reassure patients who think what they are interested in is perverse or disturbed, when it may actually be quite common.
    Information from the search also found men fantasise about group sex more than women, and picture more men than women in the action.
    Straight men prefer to watch amateur porn online and domination and submission is popular among straight women and gay men. Gay men also enjoy watching straight porn.

    Experts think because porn is so readily available on the internet it may be helping human desire evolve as billions of men and women log-on more and more.

    Prior to the internet boom there were less than 90 porn magazines but now an estimated 2.5million porn sites have been blocked.

    However, Donald Symons, a pre-eminent evolutionary psychologist in America, thinks the survey does not necessarily prove people find the images arousing and they may just be searching out of curiosity.

    Others point out that there is no way of knowing what motivated any of the searches.

    Dr Symons told the New York Post: 'Ogi is convinced that when people are searching for things, it’s primarily for sexual arousal. I’m not so sure about that. If there was a porn star with three breasts - I bet there would be a zillion hits. Would that be a sign men were suddenly aroused by that? I think not.'
    The book's authors however, argue that the study does prove a sexual desire as they noticed people were spending money on subscriptions and visiting the sites over and over again, proving they are not just curious.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1381179/Internet-sex-study-reveals-people-really-want.html#ixzz1KqVrN1MZ

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    My cat Peanut Jr wants his tack

    This morning I caught Peanut Jr. taking the dark curtain down so he could take the plastic tack out of the wall with his mouth. He jumped up on the coffins and heads for the window wall. Right now he is going crazy to get his fix. Silly boy. I need to take a video of this unusual trick by Peanut. When Fuzzy left I had no idea what I was getting when I took on these 3 male cats born the same day from the same Mommie. Peanut has got himself balanced like a circus act on the side of the gray carry cat cage. LOL. He wants to do his tack trick for me. I'm laughing watching his amazing cat paw balancing act on his morning Monday Show. WOW

    Sunday, April 24, 2011


    from the Psycho Bunny Girl who was born yesterday in live cam show. Pictures will be posted next week with video. Sometimes yeah gotta let go and just let it out. I've have the too long of time, close contact, that found me, that is always puttin' me down for my zaniness. That person will not be able to cut me up in tiny pieces anymore ---- BECAUSE I will not be talking to that person again. When I'm done with something or someone, I don't tell them. They just don't hear or see or talk to me anymore. I'm moving in a lovely direction for myself and new friends are showing up. I will always be great friends with Sexy Miss Lizz, Moon Aynjl, Kitty Foxx and my underground girlfriend Dianna that was there for me at the beginning. She will be in my book along with 3 other older women. I'm serious thinking of turning that story into a comedy about cougars in the underworld of sex. Is it about Grannies??? ---- damn right it is! Here I come Adam Sander. WooHoooo. I did the Howard Stern thang now for Adam.

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    My Cougar World of Change vs You are old and sit in your ways

    That would be a great domain name for an older women's website. I'm chilling out day but I have one one important thing to do for my future. I'm surfing and reading about our economy. LOL. The "Greeds" really made a mess for most of us. There needs to be a law for Greedy people when they hurt the entire planet. There are guidelines for people who break the law when it comes to money. This last one was the worst ever. I know many of us are worried and feeling what they did to us.
    Okay. I'll go down and take a risk for my future. Better take that risk than leaving your money in a mattress that might turn to paper.

    Photo update for www.zoezane.com was taken in Las Vegas. Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club --- I miss the wild days of Vegas. I miss the strip clubs and the wild people I hung out with like Kitty Foxx and her hubby Alan. Good people.

    I got this call from my son who practices Bikram yoga. He mentioned my name to the owners of his studio in South San Jose, Their faces lite up with big smiles when they heard my name. That's nice to know people love, like and know you're cool.

    I'm working on gettin' ride of old associations that keep giving me hits. Hit Zoe, I'm no good. I'm done! I'm sick of it. I plan not to talk to them anymore. I'll just hang out with my cats, the trees, the birds and the bees. From childhood I was slammed over and over by both parents. You don't even know how much your were hurt. You get used to living that way. You make sure you find people who hit you with negative stuff. I'm finished with those negative so called friends. If old friends wonder where I am ---- it's over. If they call me, I'll not answer the phone. They will get the message I'm not around to take their hateful words of disdain. I know they loved doing it to me. It made them feel better to hurt me. Not any more baby cakes. I brouhgt kindess and and they vomited on me. Go vomit on each other.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    I just talked to my head shrink

    about my name on the net. She said, "Zoe you do not have control over what other people do, or say or take from you, or about you". Okay, that given, I do not care what the sweet girl "Zoe Zayn" in the Mid west is doing with my name.
    Just something of interest: I have a pretty laid back way of looking at stuff. Where is all of this huff coming from over my name? Talking with the head shrink, she was digging in my brain, and I remember how the old boyfriend liked to watch me squirm. He got me all in the air over people using my name. He liked to watch me suffer for his enjoymnet. O K A Y ----- from now on IF it gets way of of control on my end of things ---- I will not say anything about in public. You will nave to read about it my book.

    My lips are sealed -----ha ha ha

    I'm the one and ONLY Zoe Zane on the Net! Zoe Zane Zoey Zane Zoe Zayn

    I got this email from a very nice stud boy about my porn name. He showed me the comments from "Zoe Zayn" in the Midwest who thought I accused her of being an impostor using my porn name. She spelled her name just a wee bit different than mine BUT it sounds the same.

    The stud boys comments:


    Hi Miss Zane, how are you? I stumbled upon your site and started to read your blog. I thought they were very insightful and funny at times, only one caught my attention.

    She's still at it with my name http://zoezayn.com/ ----- I checked this morning IF the wannabe who took my stage name babe, is still at it. She is. I remember my conversations with mature porn star "Kitty Foxx" and the women who would impersonate her and use her name. My name is catchy. I would get more done with more Zoe Zane.
    Names used so far are Zoe Zane on a radio talk show but the girl quit but still on My Space. Next is Zoey Zane who was murdered at 19. Am I to be her on earth steward for his murder? Maybe so. And last is Zoe Zayn in Ohio who is in her thirties. She is slender with dark hair. I can see she has attitude in her pictures. I do not feel threatened at all.

    Stud boy said in the email to me: I have met this Zoe Zayn at a event in Indiana that a lot of Models and online gals get to together at called NAP "Nudes 'a Poppin". She is very smart, funny, down to earth sweet gal who just trying too make her own mark in the Porn World. Are these her comments???

    Maybe before things are said about someone maybe you should speak to them and ask them, why they choose that name, other people have my name, I don't call them imposter's, I know a different scenario.

    I posted my porn name in 2001 as Zoe Zane. Zoe Zayn posted her name in 2007.

    I just edit this blog. I've decided let her do her thang in Ohio. She is sending me traffic. Thank you Zoe Zayn for free traffic. I'm sure I'm sending her lots of traffic.

    Maybe I'll do this for my name: Zoe Zane aka Zoo Inzane - the Asian stud boys will say my name right IF the spelliing as Zoo Zane! Laughing with big fat smile.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Emotions are up again

    Last night my baby sister and I were talking about my Dad's death, his coffin. My asshole, executor brother told Dad's older brother and wife, he had no choice to change Dad's coffin. That's a big lie. I guess he will not get his temple recommend for lying. Big smile! You can order any coffin you want, you can change it, and people will not take your money for a more expensive coffin? OH PLEASE! What my brother is mad about, he had to deal with me, his older sister who left the Mormon Church. How my brother and his wife tried to take half of Dad's estate money. If I wasn't near Dad my brother would of stole ALL of Dad's money/estate and get away with it. That is why he did not upgrade his casket. My executor brother is a thief. And, he calls himself an upstanding Mormon bishop. Like, he is not. He yells at his family just like my angry Dad. I think I will send him a upgraded coffin for Halloween right to his front door step. HA HA HA ---- You can get a really nice pine box for about $500 dollars. Address it to: "The Hypocrite". I think I'll place a copy of one of my chapters of my book inside the coffin - How you can tell if your Father is a sex offender by the Devil 666. That will really get his Almightiness! Right now, he has a Church job to catch sex addicts and those who down load porn. I think the Church is playing with the Devil if they even attempt to keep it in house. Goes to show you how righteous freaks think they can do a better job than the FBI. Oh lets reform all the sex offenders ourselves so no one knows they are in the Church. Arrogant and foolish, I'd say.

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Last night in Bikram yoga class

    I was struggling through the class. The male teacher came over and asked me if I wanted some electrolytes? I said yes. He brought them to me 3/4 ways thorugh the class. I took them and it helped a lot. It was very touching. Thank You Patrick. I'm caring for myself, but sometimes I miss what I need. Bikram Yoga is a different game. The more I practice, the more I see, I need assistance from caring friends. Electrolytes are very important when you train in Bikram yoga.

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Life with Zoe and Princess Peanut my cat

    Got a nice phone call from one of my fetish boys. He likes to bring me fresh tree switches just for him. Bad boy!!! Yes, I do interesting and quirky fetish play with friends. It's very important to give them what they need. Not, what you think they need. When things slow down I bump up my service and give extra. It makes them happy and they come back for more. Yipeee!
    Last night I came home and couldn't find Peanut Jr. LOL. Where are you????? He was in the closet with the door closed. He seemed alright but I wasn't. I made sure he got plenty of kitty scrubs from his Mommie Zoe. I'm so sorry I closed the closet door on you, Peanut Jr.
    I'm finally catching up with my sleep with the time change. I have nice words with Peanut Jr. every night before I go to sleep. Don't jump on me hard when you are hungry. I moved my cozy bed back up on the mattress. For the last year, I was sleeping in my hot pink walk in closet so Peanut wouldn't harass me at night for more dinner. He gets extra sea food before I go to bed so he'll let me sleep. Peanut Jr. is a spoiled cat. But, they do give me lots of love.
    Some guys moved in down below me. Let's see how long they stay. The living space down below me has had 3 different tenants.
    I'm going to Bikram for 4 straight days. My stripper daughter is doing her own 60 straight days of Bikram yoga challenge. Her life is changing for the better. Rock on!

    Live cam show today didn't happen. 

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Long time no see BC - he moved - click here YOUTUBE video

    It's nice to see old friends that love what you do. I tied him up and blind folded his eyes. I've discovered some amazing mind balancing video found on "YOU TUBE". If you're stressed out or down these videos will lift you up. THEY ARE AWESOME! I attached one on the title if you want to unwind and feel better. Now you don't have to feel better. I'm finding more and more it's a choice to feel better, be happy for YOURSELF. Many of us have been hurt by hateful, angry people. Then we get angry about it and dump it on others. It keeps going on and on and on. Fear works the same way from one to another then to another human being. On and on and on..... I'm taking the first step for me to be my own best friend, be kind to Zoe. All the past stuff of hurt and disappointment tears down your body and mind. I love to listen to these video found on YOU TUBE. When you're the US Marshall for the underground I need a Matrix brain enhancement like Neo! HA HA HA --- about the US Marshall thang, sometimes I feel like one with all the men I monitor. eeK! Am I a penis monitor? Laughing out loud.

    copy and paste into your browser or go over to YOU TUBE search for DNA cell repair, healing frequencies, raise your vibration - some of you will think this is hokey and past it by - you will stay down in the shit for sure - guaranteed!


    http://youtu.be/tgMQOAWeVs0 (love frequency)

    http://youtu.be/ERenoWYIno4 (balance chakra)

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011


    is practiced by noble souls. This comment was posted on one of blogs this morning. I was talking about farting on a live cam viewer that was rude. I'm so thankful I can fart, and see and type and sing and move and drive my car --- have a phone, a TV, a roof over my head and water --- ETC! I wonder what he is thankful for? I will ask him when I can get on the comment section on Live Journal.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Get a new me

    I've not felt good the last few days - detoxing my cells and spine. Healthy spine happy life, Bikram yoga. Sunday, my stripper daughter who works for the health care system showed me the grief process. She read to me the different stages of grief. Since Dad's house was sold, I've been sad, mourning the loss of my Dad, the house and my family. My family does not talk to one another. So that given, I'll be rebellious to the one who broke my heart. My Dad broke my heart too. I was always in defense whenever he was around as a child. Before he died, I was able to approach him. He was old and dieing. My Dad's love was like a old tattered rag. That's what I had for love from him and held onto it. Little children need love at the beginning of life. No rotten rag, no me! Yesterday, I discovered a special place I can go by myself with some of Dad's things. I can go there and still have my Dad. It's part of the mourning process I'm going through. Even if Dad hugged me it never felt real but defensive all my life. You live your heart on your sleeve for the demons to eat and swallow. Now for my rebellion for the punk who devoured my heart.

    The cats are screaming let us out. Gotta go. Just remember when shit hit the fan, keep smiling.

    Saturday, April 09, 2011

    Hackers are blasting my site today

    I have an idea how to stop porn hackers. I need to talk to the FBI about it and get permission. I doubt I will get the okay. All the work that goes into one weekly update is a lot. It takes a lot of education to make your site work. There's a lot of security just for porn. HUM? ----- security4sex.com HA HA HA
    Strong Box Webmaster to my rescue in email. THANK YOU!

    Some guy in my live cam show at 9AM PST was trying to make me submissive. Maybe he is the one who is hacking away at my door? We did live phone sex on the show. It turns me off when "macho porn freaks" try to make me their submissive bitch. I shut my cell phone off, stopped all his calls.

    Friday, April 08, 2011

    It's coming .....

    J U S T I C E! At the end of the year, it will be final. It's taking great courage to be final. Up on Facebook this morning listening the light and sound video, change your DNA cell structure. IT WORK! If you are sad or down listen to the videos on YOU TUBE. Copy and paste this link into your browser. http://youtu.be/5K4BUzQaCa8

    Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Take a peek where Miss Zoe Zane lives?

    Do you want to see where the naughty school teacher lives? What's inside her upstairs Silicon Vally living space near the forest. Some of her furniture is Mid-Century Modern from the 1950's - Eichler/Mackie Home Era. Did you know that Miss Zoe Zane has a degree in Fine Arts? When Miss Zoe graduated from college she was presented an award for outstanding excellence as a teacher. She was a professional dancer trained by New York (Martha Graham) dance company and RDT Dance Troupe near University of Utah.

    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    Spring cleaning the studio - eeK- an ongoing never ending story

    When I moved back home (California) I had nothing. You know how it goes when you live in one place for a long time. You acquire! I made a dent in my costume department yesterday at the studio. Next time I org, I'll take pics of the mess. I don't have enough space or maybe I need to org better. Hum??? Porn bulging at the seams. LOL. My Canadian friends, a webmaster couple, has one room for their wardrobe. At one time they were in the movie business, now produce their own stocking girdle porn 1970s' styles. Fabulous content! I like what they do, it's inspired my naughty school teacher, librarian, corporate boss you'll see in coming months. I do have a teaching degree. In fact, I have 2 teaching degrees. LOL.

    Fantasy Time: Now, I teach stud boys how to be good dick wads --- LOL --- in my night dention class. It can get wild after hours with the naughty school teacher in her panties, nylons heels and sexy suit. Older woman with spunk - yeah baby.

    Yoga class adventures: Last night I was gabbing with my good friends. I love my studio friends. The owner, just before class, acknowleged me with her words, "Come on Zoe lets do it!" In class she smiled at me. It felt great to have her positive support. When you practice Bikram yoga it's hell, once in awhile a class is easy. Not many.

    The teacher in last nights class is obnoxious, has issues - yeah, get some manners bitch. She keeps gettin' in my face for rude. LOL. From now on, I'll stay away from her, she knows I want to go to the SF techno dance parties. If she wants to invite me, she can make the move, not me. Stay away from bitch face Zoe! Just BC she went to teacher's training and now a teacher doesn't mean she has arrived. This one needs lessons on how not to be rude to studio students. She pulled my bra strap after a hard class--- eeK! --- what the uck ---- missrude.com..... and I'm not laughing right now. Let's cat fight on the studio floor bitch. That would be intersting. HA HA HA

    Monday, April 04, 2011

    Make good happen for you

    I received a call, this morning on my pink Fo-fur phone. I could let it turn bad, make it sad and for the dick-wad lad. I'll never see what was stolen from me. I decided NOT to be hateful with this idea from my stripper daughter. I just purchased a multi-million dollar home in the "Land of Karma". HA!
    I drove over to his work, deliver the letter of good news. Don't come over unannounced anymore. Call me on my cell phone and grow up dude. Now you are happy for what I gave you that belonged to me. Huge, gigantic smilessssssss!!! for myself, I was bigger than they were.

    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Hello all you broken hearts

    I'm wondering how many of you have had a broken heart. It's not easy to mend a broken heart. If you were betrayed, broken, ripped off ..... do not give up. Everyone loves and admires those who pick themselves back up and keep going up and onward. Little do you know how you inspire who see your courage. There is always shit to see but you can see different. You can see what is working and beautiful. I bet you saw the beautiful the whole time. You did, Hugh. Remember who you are and what you can do for all who are watching. Make sure you see yourself and inspire yourself. That's what really matters and what you think of yourself. Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself you are beautiful/handsome. Notes from the School Teacher - Miss Zoe Zane

    Saturday, April 02, 2011

    Had a good night sleep - a rare commodity

    Having 7 kids meant no sleep for many years. The time change messes up my inner clock. I'm finally adjusting to Spring in California. I had a nice talk with my 3 cat boys. I told them I need to sleep at night. If they get hunger go eat the dry food please. Your Mommie Zoe needs her sleep boys. Peanut Jr. is the worst of the three cats. He lines up his 2 paws, aims for my navel, runs, and jumps on me IF he's hunger. He does a damn gud job slamming me from my sleep. I've had cats wake me up but nothing like Peanut Jr. He takes the cake, the cookies, the candy, and the i-scream from his Mommie.

    In live came I tied myself up with a big belt. The stud boys liked watching me squirm. I'll post that video next week in the membership. I like watching tied up women squirm. WHY NOT!

    I've done 2 days of Bikram in a row. My baby sister was down on Wednesday. We had a tiny vacation together. It was great to have some time off.

    I'm finally free of this big, huge bill hanging over my head left from the OB, the punk, worm face, bitch boy. It's took 7 years for this to be final. I'm sure his mad that I overcame the big shit pile he left me with. Can you believe this, he wanted me to fall low like himsef. He was actually jealous I got better. What a dumb, dick wad.

    Friday, April 01, 2011

    Higher Charges - Your Bill was Raised

    If you're with Comcast and they keep raising your bill, do this. Be your own Tiger Bill adjustor. Twice now, I called up Comcast and got my bill reduced down. One time it went for 6 months. Just recently, I dropped the bill for a whole year. Call in, tell them your bill was raised higher. The bill is too high and you want to talk the supervisor. Don't let the first Comcast assistance pitch you another promtion unless your want to listen to their sales pitch. You can listen and do the protion IF you want it. THEN ----- ask...... for the supervisor. Tell him or her, you're a good customer, pay on time, and do not want to pay the higher charges.

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