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    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Back with my old haridress

    She's the best at cutting my wild hairdos. It was great to get back with Kelly. She saved her house from the recession by being a "witch bitch" with her mortgage company. Yeah, gotta get in their face to win. Do not take all their excuses. Do not take their crap-olla. Don't give up or in. Be a bitch from home on your phone. ROCK ON! ----- Kelly!!!!! She saved her house. She told me it was TOO stressful and this year it's better. Her new neighbor bought the same house for half the price. That house was lost to the bank and then back sold at cheaper price. Don't you hate them, the bank and the fat boys that caused this recession. This is bank hate rant for all of you out there who went through hell.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Have you heard about - click to laughing baby video

    a laughing group? I found one. I go to this group and we laugh about everything. It's crazy what we talk about. My stomach hurts after I leave the group. My spirit is high from laughing out loud - huge, big belly laughs. Attached is a video, a baby laughs at torn paper. Her dad got rejected for a job and his baby girl was laughing over and over. Too funny this YOUTUBE video.
    Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Ranting about the contol freak I live near

    I'm feeding the feral cats still. I know they do not like it. They moved the dumpster. I moved it back. People like this have never starved or gone with out even in this recession. They are spoiled brats. Someone left a note on the washing room wall ---- do not leave you laundry unattended. So I did, so what. Right now, I'm getting over my Dad who is really gone for sure. Now both parents are gone. I left my dirty laundry in the dirty laundry room. Big grin. I'm irritating a neighbor. Okay, I am. I'm doing my best at the moment. I torn the note off the wall and threw it away. I don't need some dick wade in my face right now. Go watch some porn, jack off and get out of my face. Ahhhh, uck me. This neighbor is the kind that gets irratated about everything. So get upset and I'll smile back.

    Sunday sips

    from my tea glass at my computer. With all the turmoil in the world, I'm working on peace for myself. It's a challenge and will take a lot of focus to be peace. I think IF you have had any stuff hiding inside of YOU it wants to come out now days. Since the death of my Dad it's been difficult. He was a major control freak and slave driver. It was all about what he wanted. I left my entire family just to be free of his chains. After Japan's quake he would be talking about all the radiation and the end of the world. I'm praying for Japan and all of us. I know, Japan will fix it. I have hope for Japan. I'm heading for a mourning group somewhere. When both parents are gone it's a major adjustment. They were there even IF they were a pile of monkey shit. Shit is better than nothing, right? For most of us it is. If they were shit and bull we want them to be gone. Then when they are gone, you have nothing to complain about. Laughing.

    I'm doing some intense research for the book. I'm discovering I had encounters with some interesting and complex personalities. More like doing the tango with the Devil himself/herself. How I did it, is beyond my mind. LOL. I know this, we do a lot for love. But the love I had was false. I'm finding out how terrible fake and false.

    Last night in yoga it was in my face how I feel about myself. Sometimes when you fix you it hurts. My head shrink told me to just be with how I feel. It's okay to feel.

    I'm off to do some field research for the book. This will be the year for the book. A lot of work is ahead. Sometimes my fingers and head hurt after writing. There is too much emotions when I do it. I can only take it so far and then stop. I must take a break from what happened to my life. I did not intend on writing a book or books, like many things in my life. I will always want to dance and be the dancer...... I love her. There it is. Right in my face, as I blog, it came to me and what I see in myself. I see the lovely dancer. There she is. WOW. Lately, loving myself brings many tears. It's your soul letting in the nice that it's been waiting for.

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Big ass PVC platforms on the teacher in live cam show

    Fetish and Fantasy: I wore my 6 garter belt/suspenders with black fishnets and lacy peachy panties with tight leopard mini skirt and sweater. Nude lacy bra held my big boobs in place till I took them out and giggled them crazy. I thought it would be hot to see all the stud boys on my screen stroking themselves. That's a lot of stud boys for Miss Zoe. I would go wild watching them. It turns me on to see you stroke.

    Today I found some video footage of my favorite male cat "Fuzzy". He was born in Las Vegas. He had the sweetiest personality. I'll post the footage of Fuzzy in the kitchen on YOUTUBE and Facebook. Fuzzy will be my main man forever. He was there when shit hit the fan. I love and miss him. I know he is happy up in kitty heaven with all of his kitty friends. I've heard that in heaven they have too much fun. When they come down to us, it's a big calling for them to help us.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    A big cloud over my head

    will be going away very soon. The first marriage almost nuked me. I hung on longer than needed. There was so much against me at that time. When I broke away it was by the last hair on my neck. I was angry and rebellious. I was strongly influenced not to follow the system. Some things you must never rebel against. It's not to your advantage. I have smoothed out this one important part for a better life. This year, I'm working on my security. There are many who will help me get there.
    I faced the demon head on today. When I got there, the person who assisted me was half a soul. I could never work that job, not ever. I can see how shut down and repressed she was. She did her job well and I will wait for the final word from up above. I'm talking in code or cryptic. Sobeit.

    The Monster Cat Crew Facebook picture: my 3 cats when they were kittens. Small kittens are sweet and cute. I love this picture of them playing with their kitty toys. Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    A working fool on my computer - wednesday

    I was up early, 7AM PST. Today was a very long day for me. I had Friends come over during the day. Then, I hit Photoshop, edited a ton of pics, 2 short videos. Updates are headed for Southern Charms. I worked on the book. Exercised and walked around the block for fresh air. I might attend a Southern Charms Bash in June??? Thinking ...... now I'll watch JUSTIFIED on Cable TV.

    Yoga class last night

    was a challenge for me but I finished. I was tired before class. Worry over my broken furnace wore me out. I feel better this morning and my place is warm. A long time fetish friend will relocate BC of the economy. I'll miss him but never say never. He was gone 2 years ago but still found me. He has helped me with my money blue print.
    During yoga class I thought the"M" teacher was a bitch to me. After class she was all friendlily and it threw me off. She was talking about her new baby and how happy her baby was. It was a very fuzzy warm conversation. So in class she was just making sure I was on track and we are nice friends. Stepping up doing all those 60 day challenges, I have earned respect from many in the studio. Now I must keep building up my strength.
    Fantasy Time: Do you have a fantasy where a sexy nurse gives you an enema? Do you want to give her a enemas? Kinky kink by Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Furnace man arrived - click link - how to get rid of cat hairs

    and I have not told my slum landlord. I will email the LL when I know my furnace is working right. The repair main came tapping on my door this morning at 8AM PST. Nice guy. It took over an hour to replace a gas gasket and the wall thermostat. It was getting warm til I was summoned by a dear friend, I call "my farm stud". He is 6'7" tall and loves me. I'm racked out this morning from being sooooo cold. It's good I have my 3 furry cat boys (monster cat crew) to keep me warm. It's more like they take over my bed space and sleep on me. eeK! 50 lbs of cat is a lot to feel --- like HEAVY! I'll pull the blankets up over my face and get cat hair on my lips. On no! I do a lot of cleaning for cat hair. I brush them a million times a week. Actually the cats demand me to brush them. Screaming meow do me Mom with the hair brush. OKAY OKAY.....!!! -----all the time. When I get my own garage or backyard it will be better for all of us. That is coming in the next year.

    Fantasy Time: Do you like to see women pee? Do you like to see women pee in their panties? Do you like to be p_ _ d on? One time, my panties were peed on and then I peed on the dick. It was kinky wild.

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    My runaway furnace is broken - floor heaters to the rescue

    My furnace is dead. I slammed my slum landlord in email, I'm cold! Another storm is coming, I want the cheapO landlord to get on it. In the past the owner of the POS (piece of shit) I live in, has taken their time to fix things. The back fence is trashed down by the garbage man all the time (dude are you drunk???) and the bathroom unit is making a small lake near my car. LOL. The wild kingdom mates in my attic. The squirrels have torn out more screens for love. That is some strong mating going on baby cakes. Today, I'm giving thanks, the washing machine washed my clothes, my vacuum cleaner works and my Cable is on!!! I have friends that have offered their floor/wall heaters, so I will not freeze. Too nice for words, thank you everyone for helping me not shiver and quake in Silicon Valley/San Jose, California. I'm not telling the slum lord I have friends. I want the landlord to cowboy up and deliver in 60 seconds. Their is no mercy for the cheap MOFs who take my rent month after month.

    Fantasy Time: Are you longing for a 2 wild cougar "big tongue party" in a trashy trailer? Do you want the cougars to make you uck a wienie? I bet you do, you dirty little "ock ucker". I know you can figure out the code for the misspelled words. You're a wiener and I like it!

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Life on the weekend - my runaway furnace

    I went to yoga last night. I'm working on anxiety over de punk worm in my life. I figured out how to erase the punk. It works. It will be part of the story in the book. Friday night, the wall thermostat broke and the furnace runs continually. I have to turn it off at the switch so it will not run over and over. I have a runaway furnace in California----LOL. I emailed my slum landlord. I'm freezing right now. It takes forever for the heat to build up. If I go out I must turn it OFF and then back to freezing mode. The place I live is a piece of shit "POS". Look for the good Zoe Girl. I AM!!!!! My roof is on, my toilets are all working, I do have power, and I need a freaking HOT cup of tea. I do have a floor heater that's great. Will call the slum lord about his POS. This is what I get for paying cheat rent.
    Yoga was hard last night. Since the punk and his crazy wife are around it wears on me. I'm getting over a broken heart that was devoured by the punk. Lady GaGa and I know what it means to be eaten alive and spit out. I have a online coach that's helping me with the broken heart.
    I will go to yoga tonight to warm up. LOL. Eats some potatoes for comfort and a piece of key lime cheesecake, Yum yum yum---I can hardly wait for dinner. Laughing.
    One of my close fetish friends expressed to me that I have the sense of humor like Lucile Ball. I love her. She was so wacky fun funny. I watched her on the tube growing up. I love Lucy! Smack and smooches to all of you out there today. I hope your are warm.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Click here to Monster Cat Crew Facebook link - it rocks funny

    This is so much fun for Mom and us. We are taking over Facebook. Invite your friends and read how crazy we get in our world we call the "Wild Way". Our Mommie is giving us lots of attention and we adore her. She'll be taking funny pictures and video of us. The next 6 months will be a blast for everyone. Monster Cat Crew - Buddy Chubs and Peanut - the latest news for all three of us. Peanut, the rascal loves to eat dates from palm trees. Clean off that face sugar baby. Lick Lick Lick. Today our Mommie let us outside and it was raining freaking hard. We all got drenched under the broken rain cutter. Chubs wanted to run to the tree and whiz but never made it. LOL. Buddy was nosing around the the neighbor's barbecue pit. He pink nose has black smug on it. Monster Cat Crew Blog

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    How much pain are you willing to go through to heal yourself?

    That is the question to myself today. If I was paid $5000 dollars a day to go through the pain I might do it. That is what I face in the days ahead as I write my shocking book. I keep avoiding it BC of the pain, anger, shame ---- WHATEVER. I just popped over to Violet Blue's blog. I did a fast scan on sexual abuse. Is that why I don't like to read? How did I get this far? In yoga, I still don't like seeing myself in the mirror. I can handle the soft image in the glass door. You would think I loved myself like a narcissistic fool but just the opposite. If I could be a vampire in a mirror I'd be very happy. With my web presence for porn and sex, everyone thinks that I'm bold and strong. What I am is courageous and must face the emotions ahead. I must face the trauma from my younger childhood and the punk worm. He's hoping I will chicken out and not do what I must do.
    To the punk worm: you've been stalking me with the freaky whore wife. Why did you not call me on the phone to set up a meeting place in public? You're a staking fool, you snuck over, under the radar, and harassed me with the BWW - bitch wife whore.

    To a close girlfriend with the initials "Ms. A.S." I know you're not reading my blog. I want you to know that you live in denial over your abuse. We avoid what our Dads did to us. We look the other way and act like we don't care. We're in denial BC of the terrible pain, the loss..... our grief is tsunami. That's why you deny what Dad did to you and your sister. You blow it off like it was nothing. You can't handle the pain --- and that is okay. I just saw why you ignore and blow things OFF.

    This blog is not a happy one but a courageous one. My sense of humor has lead me to these words. Thank the Gods for my sense of humor. The last days with my Dad, he did not reveal what he did to me. He almost did in one conversation. But he died not telling me what he did. My family suffered BC of the family secret. I still must face the loss and the grief for not having a Dad all my life. Maybe with words it will easy the pain when I share. All my life, I works like a damn fool to get love. I worked so hard I missed the love. Now I must get through this stuff so I can love and be loved. Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    More closure and tons of respect that has been earned

    Yesterday, I went to the bank, now I have a female banker looking out for me. Rock on! In your face to the punk who drained me dry for years. I stand tall. I hope you're reading this blog you life sucking punk. Your dick is not that great and I bet your ass sags after time spent. Hey, there is a another man that is a better
    fuck who has respect for me and what I do. You never did care. I was all for what you wanted and could get. The new whore in your life, one of these days I will get a call from her how you dumped her sorry ass. She would not believe me if I told her. That day she'll be crying in my face how you fucked her over. Right now, I see WHY the ex-wife hated YOU so much. Hey punk, you deserve all that is coming your way. For the first time in my life, I don't have a male telling me how he's going to spend my money. Telling me how I need to get the money and take care of him. I told the banker, she smiled big from ear to ear. I walked over to the teller and she liked it too that I didn't have a man telling me what to do with money. I've had to crawl through the swamp, the mud, the rain, a tornado, the tsunami - to get to this place standing on the hill in the forest. It was meant to be, other women assisting me with the money. I broke the code, to please a man and impress him with what I do in my life. It all comes from being raised in the Mormon Church. Women in the church are beneath the men. It sucks. They do most of the work in the church and slave themselves to the men. My Dad would be screaming in his grave right now. My Mom in heaven is jumping up in down injoy for her first brat daughter who rose above all the shame, fear and quilt. I hated it when she called me brat but brat does serve me well for what I've done to get here. I am brat on the the hill, there is more to do but I will find my way. My mantra: I'm happy, wealthy, rich and powerful.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Last night in yoga I did a silly meow with my hand

    at a male friend. He's my bud from way back. We have good vibes with each other and love cats. I get along quit well with all of the men in yoga. As a young girl, I played with all the boys, a 100% Tomboy. I wore boys shoes and played right along with the guys. It was great fun being a Tomboy. I was a smart girl not to get into my parent's fights. I ran outside to grassy field, horses and streams in Milbrae, California. My favorite tree is eucalyptus. The next house will have a forest of "E" trees. ------ soooooooooooo LOVELY and yum yum for my nose!
    It is final with my Dad and I still miss him. I wish I had more with Dad growing up. Dad treated us all the same way. When I left home it made me strong. My other siblings lived close to Dad. My younger brothers and sisters were spoiled. Dad bailed them out many times. I left home at 17 and didn't come back to California. I wish I would of understood the greatness of California. Cying..... I was not given much growing up so I will look for the good. There is always a pretty pony in pile of shit, right? HA HA HA --- Now I hang out in Los Gatos with new friends. It was the rich town even in sixties. Mom and Dad liked poor people. Dad's house will always be his house. It will be the house I grew up in forever. Closure is here for me and Dad. The house has a new owner with small kids and their parents are close. It's a solid house with upgrades. My executor brother passed the test. He didn't try to steal from the rest of us. What a money pig! I'm glad he made the energy between us better. Whew. I was worried and concerned but he did the righeous thing. Laughing. He owed Mom and Dad for raising their 2 girls. Sometimes, I wonder why I was born into a painful family??? grrrrr...... Today, I have my kids and I can make it the way I want it to be. I've created a foundation of love and trust with them. At one time, I wanted loved so much I gave up my kids to be with a punk worm. The whole time I miss them. Little did I know how the worm was manipulating me and them for his deviant gain. If I ever see the punk worm again I'm calling the cops. If he is on the road giving me his seductive eye look, I'll call 911. I'm done with the dumb fuck that almost destroyed my life. I did survive and now for the story on my coffee stained keyboard. I have a publisher that's very interested in my writing. It might turn movie. That's been my plan from the beginning.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Spring - time change - I missed it this morning

    It's good I have a inner clock telling me when I need to get up. I missed the time change last night. I changed all of my clocks this morning. I had a fetish slave call me this morning for his session. He is my LBB with his LB - little balls that I make fun of. I've known LB for over 10 years. He loves my smile and how I like to watch the 3 stooges "fire in the pants". Laughing. I'm a fire freak. Last night I went to yoga. I was not up to par before I started the class. In the middle of class, I got energy. I finally experienced how Bikram yoga gives you energy. It is the only exercise that will gas up your tank. HA! Here is a picture of my baby garden in California. The flowers came from my Dad's house.

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Monster Cat Crew Facebook link right here

    Hey, this is big fat 20 lb Buddy from Facebook. This morning my brothers and I we are licking our owner's face in her cozy bed, playing with our fake toy mousers, and using the kitty box. Yeah, there is a lot of poo from all us of us. Our owner complains about how we poo poo poo. What do you expect when she keeps feeding us. We like everything she does. She cleans up our poo and pee all the time. In the computer room she has 2 coffins. Peanut loves to climb high and run down the side of the coffin. He digs his claws into the wood and makes the coffin look older. Good job, Peanut. Later this morning my owner will post the stupid picture of my kitty cheeks painted pink. LOL. I'm a guy cat, I know I'm a big lovey mush ball for my owner but why this? I can't lick off the pink color. Oh brother, now all the girl cats in the neighborhood think I'm a pussy or gay or something weird. I'm not going outside until I get this pink off my face. My owner's girlfriend told her to make my cheeks pink. What a dumb broad or is that whore? I like dumb whore better!

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    The punk out there and my guardians

    The game is on punk so beware. I just started gaming on-line. In the game, I have a very special friend that told me to wear a cross at all times. The cross is power. My special friend told me to place a legend of wing force all around me.
    During this time while I tell the truth which must be revealed is under attack. I have ancients telling me to tell in code, so the punk out there will not know what the HELL ------ I'm doing. Close secret friends told me to tell the truth. Those friends wanted to kill the punk. The truth will wipe out the pink. Dearest Zoe, what the fuck are you talking about. Dearest reader, it's in code.

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    That nightmare got to me

    and I've been under the weather for the last two days. But, tonight I feel pretty gud. I went to yoga class and sweat out the demon. I'm facing up to feeling I have buried since childhood. Sometimes it's not too much fun when you reflex on yourself and life. Tomorrow, I'll go buy a gardenia candle. Over the weekend a fetish slave will spoil me. Tonight on Cable TV the fighter series is on. I like to watch the fighter's and his come back.

    I love my 3 cats. They are my best friends right now. Peanut is looking down on me from the file cabinet. He has a very handsome face. Chubs almost ran out the front door tonight. WHEW. He's a such a smart kitty. Buddy was fetching his mouse this afternoon. It's SO funny to watch a 20 lbs cat play and fetch his mouse. It's a play mouse not a dead mouse. HA! But....Buddy would slam a mouse right to nothing. He has the biggest paws and doesn't mess around when he plays with his brothers. Wish all of sweet dreams and lovely thought when you sleep tonight. It's not cool waking up to a bad monster in the morning.

    Sunday, March 06, 2011

    The body! Click here read story about wife set husbands clothes on fire

    does it's own thang. It has an intelligence of it's own. My body right now 10:37 AM PST wants a nap. LOL. I'm chilling out today with my monster cat crew. I went to yoga on Friday & Saturday night. I might go tonight. Not sure right now. I'm heading for my theater room, watch the tube. I need to escape into the my big screen. My live cam show 9AM PST is showing improvement. The "women haters" are showing up slamming yeah. Hum? Is this a sign, the economy is improving? Maybe??? I like to ban the mow-foes out of the room. It gives me please to say bye bye baby. I set my nylons on fire in the cam show. I love fire. I like to set the viewers on fire with my attention getting antics. HA HA HA

    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Friday with Zoe Zane

    I've been reading my good friend's blog about the fire in her garage. What a hassle Sexy Miss Lizz. http://www.sexymisslizz.com I know about fire in the house. After my 7Th baby was born in Utah, I had a fire in my basement that burned the upper floors. It spread from one end to the other end. We lived in another house down the street for over 4 months. I had a new born and lost my entire business from the fire. I wish you the best. I did get new paint and walls etc. The insurance company paid me to save damaged anything. In one day my entire house was thrown away into a huge, demolition dump truck. It takes years to build something and that fire wiped out everything in a few hours. LOL.

    If you are a new person with Miss Zoe it's like changing your oil. HA HA HA

    Did update for www.zoezane.com site. Need to post weekly update to the archives today. Then, I'm done. Went to yoga last night, it was a hard class for me. I need to keep up my Zija for strength and endurance. New people in yoga try my patience. I can see they don't have discipline, don't follow the rules and are angry. Grrrr!!! Oh well, it's a journey for health and no one's perfect.

    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Early this morning

    my book was in my face. I got up and let my fingers slam my keyboard. Every detail, the damn truth how I was deceived by the Devil himself. Now I must work on my mental state. My new mantra is this: I graciously accept good into my life right now! I deserve abundance. I'm financial secure. I'm supported abundantly and everyday in my future.
    I'm creating a "FACE BOOK" for my monster cats. Right now Peanut is in my face for something. What do want Peanut? Do you want a kiss from your Mommie Zoe? I bet he wants a big leg of turkey meat. HA HA HA --- He would scream meow so loud over that kind of meat on his plate. Have a nice night everyone. I'm going to exercise with Jane Fonda and then some din din.

    Hugs and smooches from Miss Zoe to all of you out there in CyberLand.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    I DID IT

    I completed my 60 day challenge last night. My favorite teacher "Darla" was there for me. The class was terrible. People were in and out of the room, were all over the place, up and down, before and after, in between the poses. When you leave the class it's a "no no" to leave during a pose. Please wait and then leave if you need to. About 5 people left and I was crammed in the back by 2 guys that had suck-o energy. Hey guys, stay in your mat space, have respect for my space. The two males had body spas and it felt pushy. I was annoyed. I was crammed. But.... I finished inspite of all the crap going on in the class. It's okay to hate in yoga. When I'm tired at the end of 60, it's easy to hate. I focused on something good. Those who left the room didn't wait for the pose to end. Worst class I've been in for walk outs. LOL. A bunch of newbies were dieing from the heat. I was a tad late, and placed my mat near the humidifier. The mist, I love it, it's cooling on my skin. Some big, tall skinny guy wanted the space. I was bold and aggressive. You gotta go after what you want. During class he was in my space the whole time. Actually, I don't like him. He parks his car lazy in the parking lot. He makes it so other cars could get fender benders. He almost hit me with his long leg. I told myself, IF, he kicks me I will grap his leg and HOLD ONTO IT. Parana time dude, Zoe teeth ----- grrrrrrr....... watch it buddy, have some yogi manners. I felt squished, hard to breath and a drooling bubble blowing idiot. I didn't care if spit was running out my mouth and down my chin. Sweat was in my eyes pouring down my face. When you do this yoga many things do not bother you, you just do it. At the end of class, Darla told everyone I finished, there were lots a claps and "hip hip hoorays". THANK YOU SO MUCH ZOE - YOU DID IT. I gave myself a big hug after class on my mat in dead pose. It will be a big relief not to go to class today. No pressure and if I miss a few days, I can do 3 days in a row, if I choose. I think today, I will go for a long walk and clean up my house. My car needs a smog test, my tax papers must get to the accountant. WHEW! I need some down time, do what I feel like doing, not what I must do. Being the boss gets to me sometimes.
    Yesterday, I made some good progress on the book. I'm working on the "crazy people in my life". Did some research on mental disorders. Many in the underground have disorders. REALLY! Does that mean sane men and women are having wild sex with crazy people? Is that why we have whores? We need to let go and be wild? Hum???

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