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    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Final Day

    is here. Today is my last day for 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. I'm stronger, can go deeper in the poses and have R E S P E C T. Doing the challenge by myself was different. I forged ahead day and day. I will do my next challenge with a group. It's easier with all the support from other yogis. The owner of my studio has taken the time to nurture me. Just her smile touched my heart, I cried in class. When I felt all alone she was there. Other friends in the studio have encouraged me along the way. I have a special girlfriend who works at "HP" that is very generous. I like generous people. They're into abundance and helping others. I'm so blessed to know "P". She is so special. Last night one of the teacher sat next to me and said these words, "I know you have been through so much Zoe". I cried in class thinking of those very words. Only IF, my parents would of said something kind along the way, it would have helped. To never be noticed for doing good is a very hard road to travel. But.... today, I have earned "respect" from fellow yogis WHO know how difficult it is to practice Bikram yoga. One of the guys in yoga is a runner. He told me that doing one class of Bikram yoga is much harder than a 10 mile run. LOL.
    Notice of termination for the worm: this message is to worm face and his freak wife. Over at the yoga studio where the worm and I practiced, neither of you can go over there BC I told the manager what happened. I don't think you'll go over there. I'm thinking you are smart enough to not show your worm face. But, if you are in you're in the God-like narcissistic personality mode ----- DON'T EVEN TRY!

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    Pound it Zoe ----- fist pump, Fo' Knuckers, Bro-Fist

    another 2 triangle poses right next to teacher "Patrick". It's a buzz in the studio how I'm pounding my yoga challenge. It must be my personal trainer and what she is doing to get me on top of it. Only 4 more days to GO. I feel hopeful.

    Last night it made me nervous to see 3 punk males in class. If you are punk with attitude you're at the right place. Eat your humble pie punk. Bikram humbles all men who are smart ass macho Mow-Foes. If I see a punk male fall down in class it makes me chuckle. I don't care IF he falls boob boom. Cry baby. Most punk men are insecure. We're here to open the heart, not prove who is the boss dude. They will find out who is the boss when they practice Bikram.

    SOMETHING EXCITING: someone is coming my way. My most favorite male son is coming to live with me for a few months. He has a construction job for a private Tuscan Mansion in Los Gatos. Oh this is so FAB. Now my daughter and son are living with me.

    WE ARE WATCHING! That is a special advertisement for the two crazies in my life. Do you remember how I called the LE on the 51/50 next door male who barbecued the porch? It was okay with you. How you felt sorry for him and his alcoholic wife. Guess what, he went to prison and she was married to the con freak. Is that why you felt so comfortable with them? The 51/50 guy was running around in Campbell trying to get away from the law. He was a runny nut! After he left, his drunk wife was picking up guys from the bar, lining them up and fucking everyone for pennies. .....THEN----- squatters moved in. Oh I know, you loved all of those people. You love losers. Is that why you married the drunk ho who likes to take it in the ass? After too much ass fucking, it gets boring. She makes you feel powerful and important. You like to find losers and fix them. I bet the story about the drunk wife picking up guys in the bar makes you stiff and hard right now. Are you getting a puffy? Don't let your new wife know what makes you hard. She'll get crazy on you. Whatever I tell you, you'll not hear. So forget it buddy.

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    I know real "women of the night"

    that don't get laid. I know many who don't get it done the way they need it. DAMN FACT!!!!! Too funny when you think about it. Everyone thinks they get it good but not really. It's a service.

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    ONLY 6

    more days left and I'm done with my 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. My life is consumed with yoga, sweat and sore muscles. My daughter is doing yoga over at the studio with me. She's going to work, school part time, finding out how smart she is. It's building her confidence. When you practice Bikram yoga it brings you to your full potential. In 2004, the worm (OB) and I went to yoga class. He thought I would never get going, started, OR finish. Fooled yeah, worm face. HA HA HA ---- He was amazing in yoga with his hardwood flooring body strength. But..... when you do this yoga it brings out the shit. He blasted himself right out of my life. It was horrible what happened. THEN ---- he ran off with one of my girlfriends telling me he was in the mountains meditating. Yeah right. He was over at the old green apartments over on Bascom Avenue living with her. --- Liar, cheater, thieve. --- He was getting ready to steal from me. And by the way, he is using his new wife too. When he's finished with her he'll dump her and find another insecure female to be his white trash whore. Hey..... new wife, make sure he does not get your Mom's house in Saratoga. He's after her $$$ when she dies. I know you hate your Mom but get smart. He wants the $$$$ honey and your cunt when he's horny. He was after my Dad's house/money but blasted to outer space 2004.
    It's great my stripper daughter and I are together. We are taking a self-defence class to protect ourselves. We use stuff in our purses to hurt attackers like slam the eyeliner brush in a eye. Grrrr..... after what the worm and his bitch wife did to me with the fake cop ---
    B E W A R E. I talked with the Campbell Police Officer about the noise complaint. I know what you did. You better stay about from me and my daughter worm face. Tell your bitch to whore herself out ...... AND LEAVE ME A LONE. Go get your own money slut! What low lifer's, not even high school, to ask me for $$$$. He has a job and she can work the tubs bitch! Get on with life. Let me help you both out a bite. The picture is of DD Dana in a hot tub. She also goes by DeeVee. She's a great fuck and likes it in the ass when she is drunk. The worm like her to cheat on him. It makes him hard.

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Driving in San Jose - pushed into different lane

    I'm in the left lane to get home. I see this cop car in the right lane. I pull up very very very slow near his car. I have a bad feeling about this cop car. EKK! No turn signal, no lights, and cop car crosses to the left in front of my car. OFM! Then the car behind the cop car crosses right in front of me too. Dumb mo-foe. LOL. It sucks that cops can drive like that and we have to make sure NOT to get in a accident. Yeah, yeah, yeah..... cops can break the law to keep the law. The cop had some bad driving manners. Good I followed my feelings and not my foot.

    Dancing in SF - house music

    Tink you're a loser - dman right. To his girl, there's no fight. I gave him up for free. Sit it up, sent him out. Now I'll wait to watch u scream and shout. "No more OB" (chanting in low voice) Birds of lame feathers fucked forever. If you think I'm hurt deeply, I AM. If you think I'm angry, I AM. If you think I'm the same girl - I'm not. OB never liked my dance music, it was all about his selfish music.

    Now my stripper daughter and I can go to SF techno clubs and shake our booties. One of the female teacher's knows a lot of DJs in San Francisco. wooHooooo!!!!!!!!!!! ----- over the weekend at the dance club, a 29 year old kissed me! My daughter is still looking for a virgin. HA HA HA --- All these Feb holidays are too much for me. They're in my face this year.
    Blog about men: are you the guy that lived with his wife over 30 years, both of you went your separate way? Are you the guy who lost himself in his work and was worried his dick didn't work anymore? Now you know it works BC of me. Miss Zoe Zane saved a hard on.
    I am so blessed that I can do yoga, and sleep, have running water and friends who really love me. My eyes do see, I love me.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Click here: Sexy Miss Lizz & Zoe Zane Flashing on Vegas Strip Video

    It was edgy for me to flash on the strip. Sexy Miss Lizz could feel my uneasiness when we flashed over and over again. I was a different girl before the worm trashed my living space in 2004. He didn't care about what he did to me. He was a selfish narcissistic MOF! Since then I have been on edge to flash in public. BUT---- watching the video with Lizz helped me to get my bold self back. I did great flashing with Lizz on the strip. My sexy feet in my stomping boots smashed the worm out of my life. Squish, twist and smear the worm on the black road pavement. I don't see the worm anymore. HA! Thank you Lizz for putting your Zoe Girl back on track.

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    This fem dom music video gives me ideas - U ROCK "R" - click here to crazy video

    I love the star Rihanna. I'm in my closet making up crazy shit for my live cam show.
    Sunday morning, I'm the dirty mouthed diner chick at 9AM PST. Make sure you click the title and watch this funny vid by Rihanna.

    Yesterday was day 49 for my yoga. I feel racked out this Friday, rainy morning and that's not my big rack of 38D on my Danish girlie boobs chest. My spirit is great but my body needs a hot tube.

    I cleaned up my "cat house" - HA - where the famous "Monster Cat Crew" lives. I'm seriously thinking about putting up a "facebook" for the 3 boys. They're 2funny and love their Mommie Zoe. A picture is attached of the 3 boys on my computer chair sleeping together with their identifying collars. Whewie, that was a long one.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    I have no worm

    and he would squirm to watch me turn. My turn, my turn, it's my turn, you won't learn. He worm thinks I have no face but now I'm grace. Here' my face not @ your pace. Your new bitch had stinky face, take her now, fuck that cow. You're smart is like this fart * > ! Bent and gray, take your can, and run away.

    I'm blowing off. For years I had no face but NOW my words say face.
    It's my power keyboard, short nails tap tap tapping away.

    G-Ma "Zoe Zane"
    It may mean nothing but it means something. That is my 15 minutes of feeling the pain.

    I'm feeding the feral cats even in the rain. I will act dumb IF anyone talks to me about the cat food. The animal control people told me to not talk to any of the tenants but only the landlord who is responsible for the feral cats. I have starved which was self inflicted as a dancer in college. It just happened. I lost weight eating like a pig. When I lost more weight, I got attention for the first time in my life. Yes, I was anorexic. It's a horrible way to live. Starving is very painful. Many professional dancers are anorexic or bulimic. It's the pressure to be skinny. So..... I'm feeding the feral cats. Yes, I know all the problems with wild cats. MORE WILD CATS!!! But, I can't let any living things starve in this world. Starving is slow and painful, a terrible.....terrible way to die.

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    My favorite Starbucks hang out - the gas cap story

    Yesterday, the SB crew and I were all taking about how the sensors to our gas caps don't work right. Our gas caps drives us all crazy. It was too funny how we all got on it together. A female customer and I became new friends over our gas caps. LOL.
    Yesterday, I saw my executor brother at Dad's house. He's younger than me and going through some health problems. It's insane how a mind is stuck and does not get it. I'm so thankful, I have the health to do Bikram yoga. The female teacher last night doesn't know me very well. She was telling me how great I was, to stay in the room. LOL. Oh well, let her be OFF! I'm cool with her.

    One time I told some dumb fuck he would get it. He didn't listen and paid the price. The mind, when it's frozen, not open, will keep you in your shit. I guess some people have to learn things the hard way or no way.

    Right now, I am writing about some obnoxious brazen, loud mouth in your face bitch! I gotta get this chick off my chest. She'll take herself out. Time and patience, down she goes. Shall I make her a gutter............ hum?

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    15 mins of feeling the pain - when does it go away?

    I was instructed to it keep up for 15 mins a day, feel the pain for as long as it takes. It will go away and you will survive.
    Today is day 47 for my yoga challenge. I talked with my most favorite teacher and girlfriend last night about the spas attacked I had in the middle of the night(02.14.11). She told me that when you get deep into Bikram you have more energy. At teacher's training, Bikram invites friends to watch movies with him. Bikram yoga is the only place in the world where you get energy. It's like a gas station. I'm not sure what the "up all night spas attack" was about. Either more energy or my nerves were on edge. I'm taking extra calcium and B vitamins with chamomile tea. I hate beer forever. I will do a polite sip in public IF you buy me a beer. In Vegas, I did a lot to restore myself and drank hops tea for my nervous system. I'm a beer hater! Besides it makes you fat, it's one drink I will not have a problem giving up.
    Early this morning, I watched Obama talk about lowering the US debt. This is what I saw, he seemed unsure of himself and nervous. He better be nervous. Now lets watch the drama of Washington and our money. eeK!
    One last thing, the squirrels scratched threw my ceiling --- LOL --- and the landlord has ignored me. I'll just blast it with some caulking. The cats are going crazy. So there you have it, Zoe and her wild kindgom. The worm, the racoons, doves on my roof, the ferols cats, my 3 cats(Monster cat Crew) and the dman squirrels. What next? I'm not looking. Eyes closed and breath, girlfriend.

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    From a distant slave to Miss Zoe

    Thank you Troll. Thank you Bill for the See's Candy.
    Thank you Paul for the book, candy and kitty cards.
    Thank you - all my Southern Charms, zoezane.com and yahoo group members for r support.
    Thank you Sexy Miss Lizz for being my friend.
    Kisses Miss Andrea Andrea and her fluffy, kitty cat.

    HUGS LICS SMOOCHES from Miss Zoe Zane to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey stud boys: Tonight, my stripper daughter and I will drive up to SF, we'll dance and shake our booties! Yipeee!

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Day before the big heart day

    My stripper daughter and I were on the phone this morning talking about Louise Hayes Radio. She is taking a math class on Sat for 4 hours. Ups and downs of life has joined us together. A few years back after her black, pimp boyfriend dumped her she needed assistance from Mom. But the "worm" boyfriends made sure she didn't come back. He couldn't get what he wanted from her so he made her "a spoiled brat" in my face. She was left to suffer in the wilderness. The worm loved the fact that she suffered. I figured it out this year what "worm face" did. It's better to be with yourself than live with a worm. A worm is always a worm NO matter how hard you try to make it a good worm. You do that to make yourself feel better. It's your ego. I want to say it "as it is". No candied up story that life is a big bowl of cherries. Life is cherries with pits and sometimes you crunch down on the pits, it hurts your teeth. I've wondered why I've had this sense of humor? When shit was all around, I saw something funny in the picture. I got chipped with funny in my brain. THANK GOD.

    Make sure you do something great for yourself on Monday. If you don't feel loved give your self a big fat hug, yell out loud "I'm so cute or handsome" and do a little dance to your favorite music. I'll be hugging my 3 furry cat boys. And.....eat some chocolate or cake or cookies or cheesecake ---- get laid for God sake, I will ..... AND smile.

    Today is day 45 for my 60 day challenge. I'm in the sore muscle mode and I don't want to do this anymore stage. Oh fuck on girlfriend, finish. I'm finding out how powerful and strong I am. I was the whole time and didn't see. Oh one more thing, I forgot to mention, over at the yoga studio there are cops watching for break ins on the studio and the cars in the back parking lot. So, IF you think you can get away with shit over there, go right a head and you will go to jail - gotcha buddy. HA!!!

    Zoe Zane (pic is the eye of cat Chubs, the smart one)

    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Honestly --- I need some LuLuLemon.....and

    I don't know what day I'm on for my yoga challenge. It's the weekend! TGFTW - thank god for the weekend. HA! I'm working through some stuffed away pain. Everyday, I will feel it for 15 minutes, look at it, forgive myself for the shame, fear and quilt. Then I wove me. I go through each body part and say I love you. Listen to the the free Louise Hayes Radio App. It's okay to have feelings. Then with my left hand, I'll write phrases to empower myself when I was a very little girl. That was when you were learning how to be person in this world.
    Cam show is 9AM PST this morning. I'm not sure what I'll do for Valentines. Maybe..... brazen wild in leather jacket & boots, my satin shorts with a big fat cigar with heart hat?

    A punk was in my face this morning about the ferol cats. I think he's using a bb-gun or something? I heard some weird bang outside in the last 24 hours. It's against the law to shoot animals. If you want to trap a animal your can write a check for $100 deposite for the trap. When you return the trap the deposite is released. It's nothing to trap a wild animal. The punk told me that animal control would not come out anymore and it cost too much money to trap the cats. He lied to me. I will watch and see IF he shoots at the cats. What a dumb ass MFO! I'll get his license plate, find out here he lives. And it's the landlords problem not the tenants. I'm a sheep dog. Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    Fem Fatale nails and stun gun

    Short and simple, so I can use my tasar. That's the game, take care of me, I'm Fem Fatale. Shorter nails, I can type faster. I'll use some OPI long lasting nail polish. I'm pounding away on several chapters for the book. Maybe, just maybe, one will be out this year. It's payback for the freak, I call worm, who fucked me over royal. It will be a tell all, the truth needs to be read. The worm has gotten away with WAY too much. Now that my "asshole air force" general Dad is gone, I can tell what really happened in my family. My baby sister has had my back for years. I mentioned that Mom and my baby sister tagged teamed my "bull horn" yelling Dad. He deserved what they dished out. LOL. It's interesting, all of Dad's neighbors thought the world of him. I hear it over and over again, "He was such a good man". But with his family, he was hurtful hate with all his kids. Inside our house, I was breathing in hell. Dad was a temple worker for the Mormon Church in his last years. He was trying to make up what he did wrong. He was cramming for a test at the end, trying to get into heaven. All the terrible secrets, I'll shout out. For a very long time, I did everything to get Dad's love and attention from starving myself, a good girl, an over achiever to our last days in 2010. At the end, I got a few moments from him. I must be okay with it but somehow when you are never loved by your parents you just long for more. I'm erasing negative files for my lovely self. Your brain gets filled with shit. I'm the only one who can love me. I'm my best friend filling up a empty cup with love. Maybe that is why I have wild animals all around me. They need my love and I need them too. Two nights ago, Momma and Papa raccoons strolled through the parking lot. It was way cool. I can say, "I have Zoo!" HA HA HA - Wednesday for Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011

    Last night after yoga class

    I crashed with a potato and lots of cheese. Day before, I watched "The Social Network" on Cable thinking I had another 24 hours to absorb the story. NO way, only 1day. Cable rules for 1 or 2 days to view. I'm bummed. I want Wall Street II and The Social Network for my collection. Yesterday, a Viking almost ripped off my boob. He thought I was submissive. Fooled him. His story: a movie screen writer for comedy. He thinks I'm a character in a big main stream movie with Adam Sandler. He is doing reserach. Right. What a line or is he telling me the truth? Does not matter BC......I'm a sheep dog and he doesn't know it. I will take his idea and put it in my book. He thinks he knows the underground. Men always think they know more than women. It must be the sperm --- HA HA HA! It makes them aggressive and want to save helpless women. It's the caveman gene in men. Okay. Women like to be saved and protected. Who protects the men? eek! US women, I think..... BC they want their Mommies to love them. Okay. Men want the nice girl but in the bedroom be a whore. Okay. So what, That is nothing new to my brain cells. Throw out the Fem Fatale chick. LOL. She is still in my book, Miss Fem Fatale! He told me a tiny secret about men and what they want. I will put it to the test for 30 days. Let you know, IF he is right.
    Last night was day #39 for my Bikram yoga challenge. I called the male teacher "The Almighty" from my lips. In class he acknowledged me by playing tootsies with my left foot. He must think I'm cool. Guess what, I'm cool. Laughing. I wish he would use his soft, low voice during the class instead of helling so loud. A small, guy teacher with a big mouth. Very unrefreshing for me. I'm getting more respect from many teachers for doing my one girl, all alone, 60 day challenge. I see some of the instructors being with each other. It does not bother me that I'm not included in the uppity group. None of them have had kids. Giving birth changes everything for a female. And, they are half my age, let them help one another get through what they gotta get through.
    Something awesome happened yesterday and it will take 45 days to come true. SMilessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Life on Monday with Zoe Zane

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    Deep in Meltdown 4 Bikram yoga

    I overheard a new teacher how she cried at Bikram teacher's training. She's never had kids, in GREAT shape. LOL. I didn't feel like crying last night (Feb 6, 2011 - Super Bowl Sunday and my favorite team won. YIPEE!). ----- but.......I'M SICK OF YOGA! My last night teacher tells me she doesn't like people. FM! She and I are cool with each other. Thank God for that. I'm so sore in most of the poses. A compliment from the teacher.....w h a t? The teacher tells me how great I looked. It feels like hell in the pose. Some of you are wondering WTF are you doing to yourself. I'm wondering WTF too. No one is doing the 60 day challenge that's in my face. Some took themselves out. not gud for me right now. Where are the tuff yogies? I need just one. I feel all alone right now. I miss the suffering and gripping with other students in a 60 day challenge. I'm beginning to see the inner strength I gained from past, life trials. Giving birth to "not so perfect first baby" turned me inside out. I had a baby girl that was first born with Lang's Syndrome. It means, the brain doesn't grow. All the other kids were healthy. Why did it go THAT way? WTF Oh well. Sighing. I think having that child made me super strong. That experience, pushed my limits. I was self critical of myself and everything in life. It slammed me to the humilitation wall. The days ahead will be difficult. I'll put on a fat smile. I must drink plenty of water, eat some protein and take my Zija. When I get hammered in my body and mind, I need my Mommie. A few nights ago the "monkey" female yoga teacher was not my Mommie. She just crunched up her face up and walked away when I asked her to be my Mommie. She brags about raising her kids. Poor kids. What a bitch!
    On another night, my cute yoga teacher's was making sure I held the poses right and made me laugh. She was giving me support with heart. Sometimes, I find myself wobbling this way and that way. Oh, skin of my body, hold on. I don't want to hurt you.
    Melt down is coming--- or is the meltdown????? ---- I'll be with it. Hold on Zoo Girl....HA HA HA ---- Zoe Girl --- it will be over. I find myself stronger in a few poses like the one at the end. We twist our spines and sit up straight. WOW! Where did that come from? I'm doing really WOW in the straight spine twist. One thing is for certain, I will always love the dead pose. Dead is gud. So, IF and when, I feel out of it, go dead. HA HA HA ----- think about my breathe, smile, and hang on. Oh, and stay in the moment you sweet thang!
    Now for the conservative folks. If you think a porn star can't be healthy, successful, and do Bikram ..... you are wrong. Just those thoughts of negativity or shocked makes me do it more. May the force be with me and it is. I will look at the stars and be a star. Sunday was day 38 --- Zoe Zane

    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    My Dart Board

    A friend gave my stripper daughter a present for her birthday. I have a new dart board in my house as of last night. I'm aiming my darts at pictures. HA HA HA ---

    A few days ago, I told a story to a on-line fetish slave(my private live cam show) how I order the loser male and pig female slave. I make them do disgusting things to one another. They like it raunchy! Cam fantasy: it was dirty what all 3 of them did in the big, hot tube. I ran out on the balcony and took a big breath of fresh air. WHEW! I need my gas mask. Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    Inspire yourself

    One of my yoga teachers has taken your Zoe Girl under her wing. At the end class she tells all of us that doing Bikram yoga makes you an example. Everyone is watching your example for taking responsibility of your life and health. It's what you do and how you act that shows who you are to yourself and others. My mantra still is----I'm NO spaze. HA HA HA ---- When your body goes through major adjustments for balance it can be off. You might have aced this pose for months and now you fall this way and that way. A new body is coming your way. Hang on, and be patience girl.
    I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl this Sunday. A small town (Green Bay) against the Steelers. Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    Somethings you have no "Ctrl"control over

    No spaze
    Okay, I get it. My baby sister called me this morning about Dad's house. Sometime now, she and I have talked about the family, the house, etc. We have no control over what my executor brother & wife, who don't give a dan about us. My family is not close. The Mormon church divides us since I left. But even before that, I was not close to my brothers and sisters. I've wanted my sister to be positive for a long time, but she had crap to talk about. She has disclosed many mysteries about our family. I was raised by hoy-tee-toy-tee religious parents. LOL. After all this time my sister's asshole, fat husband told her to be positive about dah house. Well fuck me, and my good words. It takes the fat slob to make her see. Oh well, whatever. He just wants to get laid. If that's what it takes for baby sister to be cool, so-be-it! I'll see how long this "positive" will go on about the house. Grrr

    Yoga class #32, I was up near the front door. I made it. I'm NO spaze. Laughing.
    Last night I had a wonderful time in Los Altos Hills with my tongue near the college.
    Got home late, feed the cats, feel asleep watching TV.
    Up early this morning for a fetish freak. He loves wrinkles. What the uck! Is there a wrinkle fetish?

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