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    Monday, January 31, 2011

    I just died and went Capricorn by scientists - click and read here

    Like what a bunch of crap-O-lla to fuck with my soul-la. I need to put on my G-MA rap clothes, make up a song to royal free Southern Charms music and air it on on "YOUTUBE". I'm working on the words right now. Be a fool and blast. I'm NO Capricorn. Who gives ye, the right, 2 undo me!

    Did you know the Mexican drug cartel want to take over the pot farms? War over pot-Santa Cruz mountains. LOL.

    Did you know a huge farmer's co-op is selling rice to Libya?

    Zoe Zane

    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    The Fake Sheriff Incidence

    I called the Campbell police 3 times and the Sheriff Department in Saratoga. Someone called in a noise complaint on my building where I live. I saw a fake cop in a light green uniform on my porch after 10PM Sunday Jan 16, 2010. It's been filed with the Campbell and Sheriff. I went over to the gun shop with my stripper daughter, she bought me a tasar. I'm in training on how to use it. I will aim it as his balls next time. I'm not messing around anymore. My stripper daughter has moved in with me. We are not answering the front door unless you call us on our private line. Zoe Zane

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Sore feet from dancing so much and big laughs

    I'm going to bed now. It's almost midnight in California. Just had a brief chat on phone with baby sister. We laughed about my new curfew on where I can laugh at home. I can laugh after 10PM in certain parts of the house. LOL. She and I have so many laughs together over my dysfunctional family. Next time, I see my executor brother I will say this to him, "I feel bad for you. I'm so sorry you think your brothers and sisters are retarded losers. It must be hard for you. HA HA HA HA HA!

    I'm doing great - today is my birthday

    Tonight, I'll be a dancing fool at a private party in Los Gatos. House and techno, drinks and big cake for my birthday. I love to dance. Sexy Miss Lizz has a male slave, he was so sweet, he sent me a birthday card. At one of her house parties "Troll" was serving her in the kitchen. He was a bit scared of mem but he is finding out, I have a big, huge heart. Today, is day 28 for my Bikram yoga challenge. I'm drinking tons of water like a fish and staying hydrated.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Zoe Zane on YOU TUBE

    My account was terminated. I found out today, when I went over to look at my cat videos. YOU TUBE has changed there rules so many time and now it is PG. Okay. I will set up another account and post only my cats, boots and talking about my life as a model. WHATEVER!

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    My eyes

    felt like they were sweating water in 8AM PST Bikram yoga class. Tonight, I do another class. I'm total mush. Sweat is poring down my face and if I did drool out of my mouth no one would see it. A few times, I've drooled. You just don't care. I'm not the first nor the last to drool in class. I did not look like the drool dog. HA HA HA
    The class was packed with one of my favorite teachers. When you've practiced as much as I have, it's important to lead by example. It's very important to listen to the detailed instruction for each pose. Go in when told and out when told, rest when told. I'll lead by example. I don't have to go to teacher's training to be a leader in my studio. I get respect all the time. Now, that I'm doing my own 60 day challenge by myself, I get ooohs and aaaws from fellow students. They are impressed. I have to check and see what day I'm on. I don't know right now, LOL, as I type.

    Zoe Zane, her 5Th Bikram Yoga Challenge - 60 straight days with a few make up classes BC of Vegas trip.

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    My yoga challenge - I'm doing it

    Yesterday was day 21. On Sunday I will do doubles again, 2 classes in one day. I feel like Miss Meltdown right now. I'm using a new supplement for many reasons called "Zija". I know it's working. Last night in class one of my wonderful girlfriends did a generoous act of kindness class. She gave me a coconut water Zico. It has many minerals that Bikram yoga students and teachers use. It was the sweetest jester. It made me cry. Class was hard last night. She thought I was crunching the class. I thought, I'm here and showed up. WHEW! I'm still kicking.

    Update on www.zoezane.com is drunk hot sex with a stud boy in Vegas. I do like to get smashed sometimes with wild sex. Blue Eyes has a big dick. Kitty Foxx found him and told him to do porn. He has a full time job and his site on Southern Charms. He runs around with all the chicks on SC. Does that sound like something a stud would do? Damn right.

    Yeah I know drinking and yoga don't mix. I know what you are thinking. But I'm me and that is what I do. I can handle it baby cakes.

    Here we go again. The squirrels are back up in my attic. Very entertaining for my cats but they are noisey buggers with their tit and tat. When they make too much noise I hit the ceiling with a broom. BAM BAM BAM scram to those furry rats that are too cute.
    HA HA HA Zoe Zane mature cougar porn star

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Team of writers - The book is writing itself - Click link

    What makes a serial killer click?

    A scary story has been passed on to me about women of the underground. A working girl kills her close working girlfriends for their clients. LOL. At one time in the 1960's women of the night were very open and close with each other. But it all changed with Miss Borderline Personality (Miss Borderline) who nuked out her close prostitute girlfriends. Coming soon, a special ad picture of Miss Borderline. Scary and funny!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Updates for Southern Charms - Click here

    More of my big afro and it's huge success at AVN Porn Convention 2011. I'm editing a vid clip of my dirty little dance for zoezane.com site. Thursday, the school teacher is calling you for dention class on SC. Friday more of my sexy feet on my sexy car outdoors on Southern Charms
    My book is writing itself. This is so strange what I am going to tell you. Yesterday, I saw the predator boyfriend on the highway. He used his seduction on me while he's married to the new wife. He plans to use her up just like he used me. That is how he operates. Use and lose em. I told my stripper daughter I saw him yesterday. My X-Mormon husband the day before asked my daughter IF I talked to him. LOL. Is this crazy shit??? YES! I keep the X at arms length, hey buddy, stay over there and get you spiritual insight to my life. He does care how we were fucked over by the con artist boyfriend. Is this a double LOL on my life. I think so. Zoe Zane and I am shaking my head over this one.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Click here for "cake time" funny ecard

    Thanks Miss Andrea Storm - Smilesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! back at yeah.
    Story about printing out ticket for AVN Porn Convention: My printer is only picking up the color. Oh NO! I run out to buy a black ink cartridge. Before I put it in, I pull off this rubber part off and ink blasts all over the rug. OH FUCK ME! I wipe it up and get most of the ink off the rug with water. WHEW! I call my mail station and the owner prints out my ticked to AVN for 10 cents. Where will I go to get print outs? To my mail man baby cakes. All that hassle and so easy for 10. Rock on.

    My driver's license written test story: I call the DMV phone line to see if I can renew my DL by mail or the Internet. The women on the phone told me they want me to take the written test. I study and worry like a damn fool. Last Friday, I went over and faced the dragon. I get there early and fill out the forms. I do the eye test, take a new picture and this is what the guy, who was a stud, said to me..... You are all done now. WHAT? I didn't have to take the written test. The gov female phone operator did not look up my driver's licence number and blew me off. Don't you hate gov employees that hate their jobs and give you hate back! I give thanks everyday for not having to take the written driving test. I'm a better drive for studing. Kiss myself.

    Latest news for my 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge: The studio is so different now. I don't know many people. Yesterday, I did 2 classes to make up for 1 day miss while in Vegas. I'm playing a game with my mind since I missed 3 days while in Vegas. Doing doubles in one day is hard. I did pretty good in the second class. Really. I'm very pleased with myself. I plan to make up the other 2 days on Sunday. Sometimes life huffs me up and I use the fuel from that and go to yoga class. I got huffed up yesterday over Dad's house. That is another story. This news is not the story. There's an offer on Dad's house. In Cupertino school district, many Asians are buying. They like to low ball yeah. Right now, were are bouncing numbers back and forth. It will be interesting to see what the number ends up at. Dad's house is in great condition, it's worth what we're asking.

    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    Blonde in Vegas - Our Big Blonde Afros made headlines - click here to link page

    WOW! Sexy Miss Lizz hit me up in email that we made headlines at Vegas AVN Porn Convention 2011. OMG! Next year, I'm heading over to the electronics CES Show, as a walking billboard for a new app I'm developing. My stripper daughter will be with me. I had a dream, a vision, a day ago, as to how I did it. It is all about the fun, the energy and the love with me. Smilessssssssssssssssssss everyone, look for good. It's there, just look a different way. Focus on what is working in your life. Your Sassy Zoe Girl - Mature MILF Vegas Porn Star

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    Dirty Little Sex Video

    If you want to see the real thing, what I did with a LA stud boy in Las Vegas, I posted it today on www.zoezane.com for members only. It's very trashy. The room was painted hot pink and the sheets were leopard. The mattress was on the floor so the bed would not squeak. Dirty hot sex is the best. I love it when you whisper whore in my ear. It makes me juicy wet. Zoe Zane

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    12 days of Bikram Yoga

    I have 2 days to make up for my 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. I'm getting ready for all my stuffed emotions to hit me in my face. That's what happens when you fix yourself. In one of my classes a teacher talked about her melt down at teacher's training. She sobbed and could not stop crying. I think I'm strong enough to handle this challenge since the studio is not sponsoring an official challenge. I do have friends who are doing it on their own. I will get a exercise sweat band for my arm and place marks on it. Might look ghetto but who gives a damn. I'm giving myself a star every time I finish each day.
    My trips to Vegas always present challenging fears to overcome. It does wear on me. But, I'm a stuff biOtch and will rise up and conquer myself. As a entertainer you always wonder IF what you do they will like. Sometimes is doesn't work but I'm still standing and they're still following what I do. It's working Zoe Girl....okay girlfriend. HA HA HA
    My 3 male cats love to put their butts in my face when I sleep. When they were baby kittens it was so funny to get slammed my 3 tiny kitty butts in the morning. Now, they weight well over 50 lbs of big, putty cat flesh. That's a lot of fur in my face. Tickle de nose, "pump a lumpa" my padded chest and tons of purrs for Mommie from their lovey dovey hearts. I'm in kitty heaven for sure. Scratch, grr, paw, spit and hiss, and meow meow meow.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Wednesday - Click here Vegas Flashing SexyMissLizz - read her great blog

    I lost count how many times we flashed our boobs on the Vegas Strip. It was the big main, flashing lights, sparkling strip with all it'z glitz. I was paranoid we would get arrested. But no one came after us. Maybe the high up camera men who monitor the strip got a charge from us? I love it when men let Lizz and I get away with stuff. Lizz just bats her big brown eyes and her smile at them. Me, I stand there in all of my glory and grin. I say nothing. BUT.....you know me and my little devil mind. At Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club http://www.vegasredrooster.com ----- no cameras are allowed. I took one in and made a small sleazy, dirty sex vid clip of me suck and fucking one of my stud boys. In the dark, in the back room, wild dirty sex with "Cougar Zoe Zane" No one knew what we did. I put pillows up against the door crack near the floor. A few years back, I upset the manager "Lee" at the Rooster. That year, I posted on my yahoo group, I was doing a gang bang for video. A lot of girls called Lee and said they wanted to make video too. He was pissed. I stayed away. I did not know how powerful my marketing words could be. eeK! Now I'm very careful what I say and what I do. All and all, Lee was all happy to see me and we talked about his 30 years in porn. WHEW! Now he does community work with his wife and manages the Red Rooster. I had a nice chat with Mike the Rooster owner. He loves me. I think he is a great guy.
    I got away with one bad thing. After I sucked one of my stud boy off, I left the cum dry on my face. When I went out to the dance floor a nice Russian guy was all over me. He was trying to get me drunk and get in my pants. He kissed me. I let him. HA HA HA --- The plan for the Red Rooster was to take Lizz out and she was the..... THE FRESH MEAT!!! Liss was just that! Everyone was after her, guys and gals. I missed "Alice in Swingland" with her hubby "Michael". They were coming in on Sunday afternoon to a party. Darn. I love Alice. She and I have known each other for years. I was the "FRESH MEAT" then and she and her hubby took me at the Rooster.
    Mature MILF/GILF Cougar Porn Star Bloggist "Zoe Zane" (maybe next time at AVN Lizz and I will wear our own creation of a "Fresh Meat" dress? How about Adult Con? How about Howard Stern?)

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    Tuesday in San Jose - My sore feet - Click 4 afro pic

    Late last night, I finally decided to take 2 aspirin 4 my over used feet in Vegas. My walking for hours drew blood on my sexy lady toes. It will heal all my foot lovers. Nothing to worry about baby cakes. I just inspected my feet and I do have blister from my blinged out, bad ass, high heel platforms. Sexy Miss Lizz weathers all the extra walking with foot inserts. Smart girl! That'z for me. At 6:30PM, I went to yoga class and crunched the class. I was totally surprised at my performance. Something happened in Vegas, I got rid of old fears stored in my body. WOW! My feet still hurt when I walk around home. Maybe, I can wrap them in Arnica gel or soak them in epsom salt. The trip was a smashing success. Lizz and I are the best of best friend in our new "fresh porn". We are cougars, bold as gold. We injected fresh into porn. Male porn star, Ron Jeremy is such a ICON. He loved us at the show. I zinged zapped zaned his heart and Lizz did her sexy twiz with his Lizzy lips on his head! He will always remember the crazy, bold cougars at 2011 AVN. Nina Harley loved us! We're all cougars now. I was the oldest porn star at AVN this year...and no one saw it. They saw fresh! I'm still basking in our "fresh energy" from our Vegas trip. It was so out there, so bold and so different..... and it was a FUCKING FANTASTIC --- a fucking success for older women in the sex industry.

    Here is in the infamous AVN CONVENTION pic with ICON - male porn. star Ron Jeremy. Zoe Zane, Ron Jeremy , Sexy Miss Lizz

    Sunday, January 09, 2011

    Sunday Jan 9 2011 VEGAS BABY

    We did it! We were the show at AVN PORN CONVENTION 2011. I'm typing this on a tiny ACER. LOL. Sexy Miss Lizz and Zoe Zane had young porn stars running up to take pics with us. Legend Ron Jeremy loved us. Our big ass, blonde afros stole his heart. Blog you tomorrow. We are Vegas. Zoe Zane

    Thursday, January 06, 2011

    My porn life and yoga

    Sometimes in yoga I want to blast out to my fellow yogis that I produce porn. Many The world is so ashamed of sex on film. I'm getting stronger with this next 60 day challenge. I see it and feel it. I have worked long and hard to get here, 7 years of Bikram practice. The studio owner and I are connecting. My heart is opening up and so is my soul. I leave for Vegas tomorrow afternoon and will arrive about 7PM PST. I'll meet Lizz at the airport. We will cab together to the time share. Maybe we'll molest the cab driver and take pics/video??? I finally got my ticket printed off for AVN Convention. LOL. What a story, I'll tell you when I get back. I need many hands to assist me in my life for porn. They are coming my way. I'm letting go of the old pain from the old boyfriend, although I want to write my hate blog about the escort bitch who took him away. It was so wrong what they both did. They are on their path to destruction. Thank God, I am not in their way anymore. Mature MILF Cougar Porn Star and bloggist. HA! Today, I have done 7 straight days of Bikram yoga. I will not do yoga till Monday. I will have to make up the missed classes.

    Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    AVN PORN Comvention Sunday Jan 9

    I'm packing and unpacking my bag for Vegas. I'm never sure what I will do in Vegas. It's a creative process for me. Going through piles of clothes for the right combos.
    Yesterday was day 4 for my Bikram yoga challenge. I takes up alot of time each day to do one class. I'm working on doing 2 triangle poses this year in every class. It's one of the most difficult for me to do. It connects the heart and the lungs. They don't want to connect.
    My cats are all happy with their Mommie Zoe. A few days ago Buddy, the 20 pounder wanted my attention. He taped me 3-5 times with his huge paw. It was so cute. Oh, Mommie pay attention to me BC..... I love you so much. I did. I gave him a big kiss on his forehead and a big hug. HA HA HA
    Friday night in Vegas, Jan 8Th, Lizz and I will be out at Vegas Red Rooster Swing CLub. Lizz has never been to the club. They are going to go crazy when we walk in with out big boobs. Sunday Jan 9Th you will see us at the AVN Porn Convention in a gigantic blond Afros. We're going over the AVN Magazine booth and crash the porn crowd. Watch them get freakum when they see us!

    Monday, January 03, 2011

    60 days of Bikram Yoga - Click here Step Up 3 trailor

    The studio where I practice will not do a challenge this winter. The studio is getting a face lift and expansion. January is the month when the all the classes are packed from new year revolutionists and grouply coupons. It will feel like 60 days. I'll be doing my own 60 day challenge with other students. Another studio in South San Jose is on for the challenge. It started on the 1.1.11 - I might just keep going this week before Vegas. When I get back I'll have to make up the 2 days in Vegas, they are called doubles. That's where I do 2 classes in one day. I don't like doing them. Time consuming and a huge energy/strength challenge 4 Zoe. I'm using "Zija" for stamina - "www.zija.com" - It comes from a tree near the Himalayas and the sea. In 30 days, I will know IF it works. It helps with digesting and many other things. Yesterday, I rented "Step Up 3" on Comcast and was inspired by the break dancing and street performers. Those street performers have created their own dance crews. AMAZING! Yesterday, I posted my update for SC for Tuesday. My Dad's house is not up on the market. Still some touch up painting to be done. Dad's house looks 100% better. Right now, Chubs the cat is giving me a big, purring kitty hug. He's been this way since I got him as a tiny kitten. Every morning he jumps up on my lab and puts his heart on my heart. So sweet, this animal.

    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    Nextdoor neighbor - RANTING on Sunday

    My neighbor
    has his father visiting. His Dad snores. It wakes me up at night. He's a parking hog too. He's finally moved his chair off my personal balcony. I don't like this guy --- more and more. When a man gets over 50 and does not have manners he is a lost cause. My fantasy, to set his pants on fire and watch him dance. I found out her likes blondes. I need to wear my purple wig. HA HA HA --- Blogging about the parking hog lets me steam OFF, so it doesn't turn into a big war zone in my place of peace. I'm sooooo irritate. I'll be glad when he leaves the dumb ass. I wonder IF he has a small dick? I need to ask him if his snoring matches his small dick and bad manner? I would like to get a pic of his face when I ask him the above Q.

    Saturday, January 01, 2011

    1.1.11 numbers will not happend for a long time -click link jumbo new years eve sunglasses - I LOV THEM!!!

    How unusual to have these numbers show up 1.1.11 Saturday January 1, 2011. Last night, I got a glimpse of New York City at a dance bar with an wild girlfriend. Four women called me on their cell phones to wish me a Happy New Year. One from Ohio, my stripper daughter was driving in Utah snow, it freaked her out, Miss Andra Storm and Kelly DD. Knock knock on my door.... knock knock Miss Zoe, at 10:45PM the phone rings and a wild girlfriend, I have not seen for years showed up. What a big surprise to see her. We went clubbing till 1PM. I had a great time shaking my ass to techno. I'm a bit tired this morning but going to yoga will get rid of the tension. Tension robs our bodies of it's energy. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I'll be post today, pics of myself with Sexy Miss Lizz in white and red. We love clubbing together. She and I are dancers. Lizz is a tap dancer and I did ballet and modern dance.

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