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    Saturday, December 31, 2011

    Next year a writing fool - book will be finished

    New Year Glitter Graphics
    New year glitter comments, animated newyear gif scraps, happy new year wishes

    Scraps, Images - GoodLightscraps.com

    I'm joining up with Kashmir Mob Princess for the completion of the book. She has a sassy attitude with my bitch attitude when it comes to writing. She's Jewish. I have many Jewish friends.

    Miss Zoe was accused of being mean the other day. What a cry baby. That cry baby caused the damage, not me. I was not supporting the cry babies' crap. The cry baby is trying to wipe me out. The cry baby failed. Little does the cry baby know how tuff I am!!! Tried to put it back on me. Best thing for me to do is not respond back. The cry baby likes to get me in the fight. It's not my fight but your fight cry baby.

    Today, I started my New Year celebration with my banker. I gave him a bottle of champagne. This year I will direct myself to high positive energy, and run like hell from anything that keeps me down. Nothing is standing in my way, here I come world. woo Hooo!

    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    Days fly when buzy - continued hate the fruit cake blog

    My two daughters made a big deal over my ex's fruit cake - the cake they hate. Everyone grabbed their favorite dessert but not the fruit cake. So my stripper daughter cut herself a big chunk of the colon clogging fruit cake. She took a very sharp knife to cut the hate cake. Over and over, she cut thin slices. Now the cake is cut into a 25 tiny tin slices. Then she cut it crosswise, over and over. She got up from the table, walked outside, threw it in the snow for the birds to eat. She went back inside got herself a nice dessert and smiled. My baby daughter cut herself a huge piece of "I hate fruit cake". She placed tons of whipping cream on top of it. She walked to the laundry room left the cake on the floor for the cat to eat. The cat licked off the whipping cream and left the soggy fruit cake on the paper plate. One of my grand kids saw what my stripper daughter did to the fruit cake. The grand kids hate fruit cake. The oldest boy took the remaining cake out to the garage. He took a hammer and slammed the soggy cake. Then, kicked it to the wall and laughed. WOW! The fruit cake is killed. My ex saw what they did to his fruit cake. He asked them why they did not eat the killed cake. They started to laugh eating their favorite dessert. "We hate fruit cake Dad!" He said, "Oh?" My ex has no emotion about anything since he is closet gay and can't admit his is gay. The gay community would not have anything to do with an old fart like my ex. If he admitted he was gay where would he go. The Mormon Church would not accept him and neither would the Utah gay community. So he swims in his lie and buys fruit cake that everyone hates. Laughing gleefully ---- HA HA HA ---- Zoe Zane

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    I throw up when I eat Christmas fruit cake

    Got this call from my stripper daughter and baby daughter, how their father, my ex, went to the store for a family Christmas dessert. My ex bought a Christmas fruit cake that no one likes! Tonight, the girls will mocked the cake at my ER doctor's house. His house is not the traditional, poor Mormon Utah family house. My ex, a misogynist, he hates women. My two daughters are feeling his hate for women on Christmas Day. He got up early yesterday morning to see if the girls wanted to go to breakfast with him. He walked into their rooms saw they were sacked out. He didn't ask them out for breakfast(he's a tight wade, only spends $$$ on his guns and gun club). He later on told the girls he went by himself to breakfast. He has a cheesy, old red truck, drives way slow. He asked the girls IF they want to go down with him to dinner. My baby daughter told him, no way. I will drive down with my big sister. He made sure his Christmas dessert would be hated by all. He bought what he wanted for dessert. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. The girls will make sure they make a HUGE spectacle over the fruit cake. It's a traditional fruit cake with dried candied fruit, red and white raisins, dates and nuts. I   h a t e   raisins. My Mom made these raisin cookies, I picked out the raisins, threw them over the couch. Cooked raisins make my shutter, I want to throw up. I will let you know what happens over the butt plugging Christmas fruit cake in Utah.
    My version of Christmas fruit cake is this: gingerbread cake with a touch of Disaronno, Italian Liqueur - Amaretto, gum drops, M&Ms, maraschino cherries and nuts. I know the kids would love Mom's tainted version of let's have some fun Christmas cake.

    History of Fruit CakeThe history of fruit cake can be traced, by most accounts, to the ancient Romans.

    In the early 18th century, fruit cake, then known as plum cake, was outlawed in Europe for being sinfully rich. From 1837 to the turn of the century, fruit cake was very popular in England and always had a place on the high tea table.

    In the United States, fruit cakes are popular items to send soldiers, and in 2006, Americans mailed 2,952 pounds of fruit cake to soldiers stationed in Iraq, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

    Types of Fruit Cake
    The basic ingredients for fruit cake are flour, sugar, eggs, alcohol such as rum, nuts and candied or dried fruit. Also, recipes may include additional spices and ingredients typically found in cakes, such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus peel, almond extract, allspice and cloves.

    SOPA legislation - is there more than meets the reading

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), also known as H.R. 3261, is a bill that was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on October 26, 2011, by Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) and a bipartisan group of 12 initial co-sponsors. The bill expands the ability of U.S. law enforcement and copyright holders to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods.[2] Now before the House Judiciary Committee, it builds on the similar PRO-IP Act of 2008 and the corresponding Senate bill, the Protect IP Act.[3]

    The originally proposed bill would allow the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as copyright holders, to seek court orders against websites accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement. Depending on who requests the court orders, the actions could include barring online advertising networks and payment facilitators such as PayPal from doing business with the allegedly infringing website, barring search engines from linking to such sites, and requiring Internet service providers to block access to such sites. The bill would make unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content a crime, with a maximum penalty of five years in prison for 10 pieces of music or movies within six months. The bill also gives immunity to Internet services that voluntarily take action against websites dedicated to infringement, while making liable for damages any copyright holder who knowingly misrepresents that a website is dedicated to infringement.[4]

    Proponents of the bill say it protects the intellectual property market and corresponding industry, jobs and revenue, and is necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws especially against foreign websites.[5] Opponents say that it infringes on First Amendment rights, is Internet censorship,[6] will cripple the Internet,[7] and will threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech.[8]

    The House Judiciary Committee held hearings on SOPA on November 16 and December 15, 2011. The Committee is scheduled to continue debate when Congress returns from its winter recess.[9]

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Take camera home to film the cats on XMAS Day

    My 3 male cats are so funny. Everyone needs to see the crazy fun stuff they do living with Miss Zoe. I grabbed the camera for video fun on Christmas Day in San Jose.

    At night I will Apple on iChat with the grand kids in Utah.

    Early today, I walked through Valley Fair Mall, not crowded. I'm a ground hog for porn with all my sites. I had to get out and finish up last minute shopping.

    I did something very kinky just a few minutes ago with BMW. wooHoooo

    Merry Christmas everyone. Love to all my close friends who are there for me no matter what happens. You know who you are.

    Video this week - 2 MILFS give NY black dick a foot job together. WOW!

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    On Friday - Southern Charms

    Hi Buttercup. Diva is going making you break your rules. Bad Diva! Jump in your car, drive to your special "Net View" location. Now lust over your Diva's shorts and switch pics. I've posted some special pics just for you in my yellow shirt and short shorts. It's yours, the switch I have in my hand. Bring to me, here's this list: Ivory Soap regular size, chocolate cake with lots of frosting and German Chocolate Cake with Coconut topping. YUMMY! You know when and where, the date, the time. Make sure you bring me a fresh lime tree switch from your morning walk. I'm thinking, we could do a drive by near the Wild Forest in San Jose. (maybe in January in the morning). I'll jump out, pose fast, take off laughing. I spoke with my movie director/movie critic. He knows about the unkept wild tree location. He made the comment that Clint Eastwood thinks San Jose is a low life city because of the wooded area. I told him about the Hart Murder Movie. You know your Diva likes a good murder movie. Diva adores evil Jessica Lang in American Horror Story. Diva has been searching in vintage shops for clothes similar to Jessica Lang's wardrobe on AHS. Her Xmas Surprise Video, the clothing is vintage. Lic Lic Lic

    Yesterday, a 1950's nylon admirer worshipped Diva's legs. He was begging Diva to pose in vintage clothing for his site. He is one of many photographers who longs to take photos of Diva's vintage.

    Zoe Zane

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Sunday - video photo shoot with new director

    I'm finally finishing up projects before Xmas. One short video, smoking naked, I muted the sound and added royal free music. Now to upload my Holiday Surprise video for this weeks update. No sound. WTF. It freaked me out, my camera is broken? ---I tweaked windows movie maker over and over, still no sound. My daughter called and asked me, first question from IT, do you have the speakers turned on? I checked. speakers turned off. LOL. That's the problem, I shut down WMM, then opened it up again. Silly me. Clicked on the video, I have sound! WHEW. This happened just before my yoga class. I'll get the short surprise video up today. woo hoooo

    My new film director gave me free movie for a Xmas present. The movie "WARRIOR" is pretty good. Great story line. My new film director is a movie critic.

    Today I'll get a phone call from some very important people. I'm looking out for the founder of a huge project. This project will change the world. I'm so thankful to be apart of a noble cause to help sex workers.

    Let all three cats outside this morning for some fresh air. Let's go boys.
    My favorite drink for the holiday is Asti Martini & Ross Champagne.

    Zoe Zane

    Drive safe out there before Xmas - it is crazy ---- !@#$%^&....999<<<@...#$%^&!!!

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Friday - 5 nylon videos

    I'm tired this morning, jumped into the bath tub and relaxed on my slant board. I took a 15 min nap, feel better! Yesterday, I dressed up and undressed sooooo many times my head was spinning. Still have 4 more videos to do for ffstockings.com

    Working on zoezane.com update right now. Then, I did my wonderful session, STARDOMTHEATRE -  Fetish Diva Diamond BBHJ. He told me he liked the surprise, what I might do to him when blindfolded. He was very happy and gifted Miss Zoe more. woo hooo! I love BBHJ. I can bring in the Goddess energy, lift myself and him too. Holiday Update --- Look for it on Sunday - I'll be in my cute maid antler's attire. Furry loves and HO HO HO to the World. Sexy Miss Lizz took the pics in our "Lust in Livermore" adventure last Saturday.

    This morning, my 3 cats snuggled up to me in bed under the covers. Peanut first, his cheek up to mine, them 20 pound Buddy dumped himself on top of Peanut. Peanut did not care. He is so funny. Smashed by his brother and sleeping away. Finally Chubs arrived and curled up down by my belly button. That is over 50 pounds of purring kitty loves for me. WOW!

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Click link 1952 North Star Fridge called "Buttercup"

    Buttercup. I want to show you the yellow fridge called "Buttercup". In my kitchen you will have the rare privilege of standing in front of it with your pants down. Look up high, do you see the lime tree switch on top of the cupboard knobs? That switch is just for you, unruly Buttercup. At any given time, your Diva can grab it, make you dance as she smacks your bottom to bright red. Next time, nose to the corner, place your finger tips on your shoulders prancing on and on and on. Pick up your feet and perform for my lady friends, right quick. We're laughing with glee knowing that all of us can hold you down in the backyard. Let's whip him with the switch he cut for himself. We'll force Buttercup to the ground, take it now, wisp wisp wisp. Big, huge smiles from Diva's lady friends. You deserve it. All my lady friends will watch you swat like a dog. Now --- put your face in the grass. Do it, Buttercup. Then Diva will hose you off and watch your dingle berries blast off into space. Oh what fun, let's take Buttercup to the bathroom, give him a "Ivory Soap Enema" from the red bag nailed to the wall. Your Diva loves to watch your face crunch up with pain. Buttercup is helpless in the bathroom, unruly no more! LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING ...#$%^&@---$%^&*(...!
    Fetish Diva Diamond aka Mistress Miss Zoe --- I love you Buttercup. You have a Nothstar 1952's fridge named after you. That's so spee-cal.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Crazy Driver, my lips are blue yeah -- eeK!

    Saturday: Lust in Livermore with Sexy Miss Lizz in a hotel room was fantastic as always. We were really funny bad, crazy wild. She and I pissed all over the place. When I tell fetish friends they laugh at what we did. I was the school teacher who peed on the desk, ironing board and bed. Lizz peed on the mirror, the curtains, the bed, and outside in the hallway which was very daring. We made sure there were no security cameras on the ceiling. We went out for a smoking fetish video by a liquor store. I flashed my pussy at some guy. He was hanging around till we drove off. The fetish for golden showers is well loved by my slaves. Very soon on clisp4sale, my pee pee videos.

    Sunday: Drove to Monterey to dominate female sub Justin with master Jo Jo Max. It was awesome how we all clicked. They're in love with me, Fetish Diva Diamond.
    Oh, I got lost driving from Livermore to home, drove into Tracy. OFM! In Monterey, I got lost again, drove past the airport and made it to the hotel room. WHEW!
    I'm not one to drive so far. The devil is making me do naughty in far places. Big smiles. Miss Zoe has been a driving fool. Last night I went to yoga class to rid myself of tension --- ahhhh....

    Yesterday day, Monday I was off the wall busy with fetish slaves.

    Mercury in retrograde it moving past all of us now. Make sure when you sign contracts, everything is clear OR just wait till Mercury is back home. That will be on December 15.

    I'm doing good this morning talking with my best friend in Ohio. My Cashmier Mob Princess has my back. She is a true blue friend forever. Friends I dumped this year tried to hon in on my established circle of great friends. They did not succeed. Know, I know who my real friends are. I love you Lizz. Merry Holidays everyone. It's Tuesday in San Jose.

    Thursday, December 08, 2011

    High Definition VIDEO BABY - Sexy Miss Lizz Website

    I have a hard time making changes. It means I have to learn how to do something new. I get nervous when I don't know how to make teckie stuff work. Baking a cake or cookies, no big deal. Doing the teck-thang ---- is a big deal. I'll keep plodding along till I get it right. High definition video needs different different editing software like Adobe Premier. I just took in a big breath and blew it out. It makes me want to eat cookies and chocolate when I face the learning curve for HD video. This is what I get when I do it on my own and not go to school. Oh Zoe, cowboy up and do it.

    Over the weekend Sexy Miss Lizz and I will be having fun together. She is dependable and a great friend. Here is a pic of us doing our wild thang at AVN Porn Convention 2011. We turned a lot of heads like Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy, Deauxma and her agressive, competitive husband. I wish Larry would just get it, lets do porn together! It will not happen, I can wish, Larry will have to swallow his ego. Airforce jocks like Larry don't swallow their egos, so forget it Zoe. I know the fans on the world wide web would go crazy if Sexy Miss Lizz, Deauxma and Zoe Zane were doing hot housewife HD Video. We R mature, hot 4 sure.

    Last night I watch American Horror Story. Jessica Lang has the police jumping to put her in prison. She just smiles and twinkles around them. She knows that it won't happen. Violet is dead, she just found out. The Rubber Man boyfriend didn't save her life. Violet's pregnant Mom was raped by Rubber Man. She's carrying twins, one is her husbands, the other twin was conceived by Rubber Man. It's a very dark series and I love it.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2011

    I am back - up on eros-guide

    In 2008, I sadly left eros-guide. But today, I get this email and they want me back. I was the first mature woman on eros-guide to post mature. I will be the bold and post that I'm over 60. In the mature section women under 40 posted. They do it so they can be noticed. The men want women who are over 40. It ruffled my feathers a long time ago but I don't care now. I know what men are seeking.

    I have been talking to a foot fetish webmaster on clips4sale. Soon you will see my feet in High Definition. We are working about the details so we both win.

    Someone female I had a close encounter with is trying to sabatoge me. It's not working.

    This weekend, I'll be up in Livermore doing video and photos with my best friend Sexy Miss Lizz. We are calling it --- Lust in Livermore! HA HA HA

    Friday, December 02, 2011

    Studio is clean and organized - yipeee!

    I usually blog more but this studio stuff is very time consuming. I'm down to the last of it. I didn't find the USB Cable for my HD Camera. I ordered on a cable on line. A close male friend found the first recorded vintage upskirt school teacher video on the memory card. I DID IT! He will help me with video in the future. I have another male confidant who is a writer/movie critic. He will help me with photos and video too. I'm hand picking the right people to further my porn life. I'm so blessed.

    Yesterday, I was at my bank correcting an important account. The male banker was curious about my Inzane Productions, how I got the name. He wanted to know my porn name, I didn't tell him. I want it to be just business with my bankers and advisers. At least for now. When my book is published they will know who I am. I have another publisher that is very interested in my book.

    Updates for my fetish site "The Happy Domme", http://www.stardomtheatre.com yoga class, there isn't much time to sleep. Sorry Buttercup. I'm swamped with a movie project for Canada, Southern Charms, clips4sale videos, all my sites and the Monster Cat Crew.
    W H E W!

    Sunday on my live cam show, I will have 70's male porn star, Will. My lovely Will will help me on the show. He's a professional writer too.


    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Throwing out the old, get my whip out - The Happy Domme

    The studio is in a uproar as of last night. Miss Zoe is hunting for USB cable to HD Handyman Sony Camera, bummer, not found. I did it again, I accidentally threw it away. I made a HUGE effort to keep it all together. Oh well, I'm a throwing, crazy woman again. eek! I threw more out, tear, break, snap it and over the fence. HA HA HA! Those things made me very unhappy. More will come back to me. That's how it works. Get ride of the old for the new.

    Early this morning, I had a dream, a male movie star was kissing me. We both understood each other and how the game is played. When like minds join that's what happens. He's tall, very very funny, my mystery man. I'm happy this morning.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh....... I called my slave "WHIP" up yesterday cause I was livid "LIVID" out there. He'll call this morning to get a huge spanking session from the tree switches I cut off birch tree. I'm hungry to whip "WHIP" give it to him. After I'm finished with him, I'll put him in the corner, nose to the wall laughing. Look at his red bottom with a big fat, huge gigantic smile.Sufffer slave suffer, I know you want it bad from me.

    Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond (she spanks men who are untruly)

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Last night on Apple

    my family and I messed around with the video applications. You look stretched, bent, bulging, green, negative black and white - it's crazy fun with the family. I like to stretch my head and hair in silly ways. We were all laughing. My grand kids adore me and I love them so much. The oldest boy told his Mom that he already missed me as I drove off in the car to the airport last weekend.

    Live cam show is Sunday morning 9AM PST. I gotta get over there and iron my school teacher outfit for the show. It's show time baby. Let you know what my students come up with in the show. It can get pretty wild in the show with the cam viewers comments. This morning San Jose has fog. I love fog. bye bye for now

    Live cam show was all about the teacher's apple in her cunt. If you bring an apple to this teacher, Miss Zoe, she will smear her cunt juices all over it and lick it off in front of you. The dentention school teacher likes to gang bang all the bad boys in her class on the floor.

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    After the Holiday

    I've performed my live cam show for over 5 years. I'm burned out on the same show time. I moved the show to Sunday at 9AM PST. I need Saturday off for now. How long, I don't know. I just need a break from the routine. I've been working my ass off all year long. It feel nice to be OFF this morning. I created my own vacation from porn. Laughing.

    I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Today, I'll post my zoezane.com update.

    My trip to Carmel was wonderful until I had my second, girlie drink. My drink was heavy with expensive vodka, people in Carmel must be alcoholics. Grrr. The bar boozed up my drink. I didn't like it, so it was changed. Drink was still hardcore for Diva Miss Zoe. The drive home, I wanted to throw up but didn't. I'm a pretty tuff girl for having seven kids. That's not half of what I've been threw. I thought to myself in the awful throws of throw up, a Diva doesn't do that, throw up, so I didn't. Quit frankly, I wasn't being me. If me, I would of thrown up on the side of the road. At other dinners, I've had two drinks that weren't as strong. Along time ago when pregnant in Utah, I was embarrassed to throw up, I repressed it. It came up, I swallowed it back down. eeK! My driver. a booze expert, felt responsible for not watching out for me and the two demon drinks. He needs to be on his toes for his Diva. He knew it was a very, heavy drink. My mind was thinking, why did he not catch what was happening to his Diva? Maybe he was all caught up in his wonderful Diva. It's important to look after your Diva. She's the light of your life. You can make up for it, be a generous gentlemen, do it quickly, dance and prance on the tips of you toes, call her.

    Another subject: I read the tabloid magazine article about Demi Moore and Ashton. Boy, she's all into herself. Is this the way Demi will put herself back into the Hollywood game? I think Demi is making a terrible mistake getting so thin. Did she do that to make Ashton feel for her? Honestly, I know the game about getting attention. In college, I was anorexic to get my Dad's love and affection. It's a horrible place to be to get someones love. You would never think Demi is insecure.
    I'm shocked, Demi. I guess it will all work out. Hum? I know certain things can make a girl feel insecure. Are you doing that one Demi? If it gets her out there, go for it. I think she's beautiful, for God's sake, Demi, eat some food. Your fan's will like you more. We don't like seeing Demi Moore, skinned and boned, a woman who looks like she walked out of a Jewish Nazi Camp in designer clothes.

    Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Sweet Smiling Horror of Utah

    I'm waking up, my three cats sleeping close. I think their soft tails, furry purrs channel in truth to my mind. My bed covers are charged with honesty. My family trip to the sweet warm horror state(Utah)was better this time. My therapist and I must be doing something good. My baby daughter was laughing at my funny jokes. Just the idea of moving out from her useless Father gives her hope. Their Father is a lazy slob who loves his chickens and scriptures more than his kids. I destroyed his bubble when I divorced him. He wanted to be an apostle for the Mormon church. OFTC - oh fuck the church! An apostle that never cleans out his toilet? WTF

    Now for the horror of Utah. I learned from a close source, the abuse is still going on. Rumor or not, in the Mormon temple, symbolic sacred rituals are performed, passage to heaven. I still have respect for the spirit of the Temple. I learned that old men are molesting younger men threw the temple curtains. It makes sense. I know men who are deprived, they do weird, freaky sex. No one talks about this one at all. My mind this morning saw how the Mormon church was founded on polygamy and the taboo subject, incest. How old farts were marrying girls under 18. The Church covers up all of this with their sweet warm smiles. The word of wisdom, not drinking and smoking, not swearing, the beauty of the Mormon people, covers up the abuse. I was a sinful woman to have a boyfriend come live with me, called to a church court to be excommunicated(or asked to repent of my fallen ways). But, my X-husband abused his children and me, his wife, no one cared. I didn't go to the humiliating Church court. I wasn't banned from the Church. I banned myself and ran far away. I think my name is still on the membership roles. I'm still a member of the sweet warm horror, the Mormon church. HA HA HA

    Zoe Zane

    P.S. Credit given to slave Buttercup, he saw the truth about Utah, calling it sweet warm horror.

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    This weekend in Utah with family


    I'm leaving for Utah this morning, back on Sunday night. I'll be with family for Turkey Day this weekend. My ER Docotor son is cooking a huge meal this weekend. He'll be on call on the big day. Will see my stripper daughter -- Utah watch out, Zoe Zane is in town!

    HA HA HA

    Doing my cam show this morning, then a fetish friend -- zoom zoom away .... off to the airport in my car. I've been a working fool this year like many of you. I need this short vacation. It will be so much fun to see the grand kids. We have a blast with each other.

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    The B Man who cried dishonest

    He wants to see me again, his third appointment, okay. If it doesn't happen the third time, he is are gone. I caught him at his time wasting, dishonest game yesterday. Please don't play games with me. If I taste, feel, smell game -- you're out. You will not be able to talk to me every again. Only way back into my good grace, send the anniversary to my business office, the full amount.
    His reason for not calling me at the right time, "I was
    w a t c h i n g the 49ers game. He was low key, casual, it didn't matter, he was late. I don't care tones in his voice. I told him you will not come see me. He said he would. Then I laid it on, this is the third time you've done this. You're dishonest. Are you pissed off about your life and the women who flake on you? So lets take it out on Zoe Zane. Pissed off cry baby! I'll dump my shit on the whore field. Why not. Everyone else is dishonest, I'll be dishonest too. He hung up. He knew he was caught at his dishonest, cry baby game. Boo Hoo my life sucks, I want to see you in nylons. B Boy gets the Fat Liar Award for the week on www.zoezane.com

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Character for the book

    She's the Kashmir Mob Princess, edgy sadist for many men. They would come over for their extreme kink time with KMP --- one guy had fake bullets ... LOL
    She's real, a close friend. I hang out with some interesting people. It's part of my life. I get involved with them, they trust me.

    Hi Buttercup, who is a sneaky library freak. Make sure you stay smart, or I will smart your bottom with the tree switches. Prance and dance a jig for me bad boy <<<@#$%^&!<<<<(**&^.... laughing out loud at you!

    As for the guy who said people aren't honest anymore, he cancelled on Friday afternoon. That is 2 times. Do it one more time and you're dishonet B Boy. He has one more chance, that's today at 3PM. If he cancels again he's not a honest man. Let you know what he is. Right now, he's on the time wasters list. Next list, the black list for the complaining man who said the world is dishonest. Show your feathers B Boy.

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Free gift

    I read this book written by the Mayflower Madam. Many of my old friends will see that I'm stepping up my service like Estee Lauder. At the end, they will receive a tiny present from me. New friends will get one too. It's my new VIP treatment for being so kind and generous. I want to thank all of them for assisting me in my life's journey for erotica.

    Monday, November 07, 2011

    Geek Sunday and tiny stuff

    I thought my head was going to fall off by 3PM. With assistance from stripper daughter, I uploaded my iPhone to my new iTunes account. De-authorize, then authorize this and that, to this computer and that computer. Make sure every thang is in Sync. All it takes is one botton, still doesn't work. WA La..... its working! Yippee! I deleted all the iTunes on the PC, more hard drive space. In the afternoon, I wrote a nice little story for Buttercup, my slave of 15 years. It's called Diva and Buttercup.

    I have a flushing toilet. YES! For over 2 weeks my toilet was not working. The cheap landlord came out to save money but it still didn't work right. The plumber just left, he was shaking his head over the cheap landlord.

    The cleaning of my teeth went well. I chipped a tooth, will need a tiny repair in the morning at 8PM. Better to fix a tiny part.

    Off to yoga to kick my ass. I want potatoes and cheese for dinner. My cats are doing yoga right now. Too funny.

    Sunday, November 06, 2011

    Come on baby lie to me, I like it

    This message is not to Buttercup, I know he likes me. Laughing back, his grining face for his Diva. I will post a story soon on my message board www.stardomtheatre.com. I know it's more work, Buttercup. The story will be placed on my fetish/domination site.

    Now for the sidewalk surfer who lied that he liked me. Yes, I know many are adjusting to this damn mess from the rich. Many of us are still feeling the pain. If you did steal from the many, this message is not for you. I'm sure the rich have run off, are hiding on a island or plastic surgery. It will not work

    Mr. Surfer found me in a chat room with his video. He cried about how the dating sites suck. Now, I see why they suck for him. He lies. I saw something of interest, I'm fucked, time to set his pants on fire. FUB. He jerked off over email, every kind word, I hope he jerked it raw. I'll call him the Net Jerk. I love the way you lie, I love the way you hurt. Zoe, I want to do live cam with you, a date with you. NOT, now, Zoe, as planned, oh.....someone is bleeding to death, I must check on them. Zoe, now, I can see you, it's past your bed time, you're sleeping. I'm a jerk to even call this late. He wanted fast in my pants like fast food. LOL. I hope he finds this blog and reads he's been caught. If he's a real man he will send me the anniversary to my mailbox, say I'm sorry in a nice note. If he's the liar, I think he is, he will not do anything. He lied sticky, candy words, made up all the rules, showed me no respect with his actions. I spent time in many emails making sure he would make it to the cam. He did not do the guest model release and proper ID right. He will not be on my cam show.

    Today, I will see the Boiler Man who told me on the phone no one is honest anymore. I am honest! My honesty has got me in trouble all my life. Let's see if he keeps the date and a honest man. I will let you know tomorrow.

    Today my systems administrator help me move content from PC to Mac. We did it.

    Saturday, November 05, 2011

    Falling down

    Several weeks ago I hit my right pinky toe. I thought it was broken. It was a severe sprang, threw off my right leg up to my hip. Something so tiny can mess up the whole system. LOL. It's on the mend today. When I did the double with the Miss Hostile it was hurting really bad. No one knew at the party, and I was taking care of both of them. My yogi friends have been most attentive helping me get through the ordeal. Yesterday, I got a email from owner of my yoga studio about the Halloween costume contest. I didn't do much, I was so Halloweened out (picture attached of my silly lite up bing bond orange pumkin head band). Well......I won the contest. The universe was telling me to keep going and not get discouraged about a painful pinky. I was so exited, happy I won. In class, I cried how the Universe was saying yes to me.

    There's a alot of stuff swirling around me again. Last night my handicapped/retarded looking sister (it's her undercover skin suit, she is very smart - people think she's stupid) and I talked about the nextdoor dirty old fart man who has the hots for me. We came up with ideas to turn him off. I'm going to wear a beard, see what he does. Dress like a Hillbilly, wear blue hair, etc etc etc. My sister and I were laughing our heads off to the stupid fuck nextdoor. At first, I thought he was okay but then he parked millions of used cars in the back parking lot. He thinks he like me, but he's selfish. He keeps looking out his kitchen window at me. I'm pleasant, smile, will not give him much, the dumb ass. I will post short videos on youtube "how to ward of old farts". It will be funny, way funny, smiling. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2011

    My slave WHIP got spanked again

    It's great. If I get ticked off, I call him up, beat his ass, pinch his nipples. He loves me. Busy with images and video on Net yesterday. I started a new forum for the older woman. Will post the link soon. In my yahoo group, I am posting my private stock lessons. Right now, I am talking to TACO. He put me on hold. You never put me on hold. I will tell him, the dumb ass!

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Happy Halloween Everyone

    Tonight, I zoomed to my Bikram yoga class at the last minute. I placed a silly happy pumpkin headband over my scarf. The other cute Kitty friend is my yoga teacher Patrica. We were the only ones dressed up for class. It made me laugh at myself when I looked in the mirror. The orange pumpkin heads were springing every which way. I bonged into the orange cosmos with a big smile in each poses. When shit hits the fan, you smile through it. It works. The shit you face, it's not yours.
    Happy Halloween -- I just put on my black PVC latex bodysuit. I know I will scare someone. I looks very creepy.

    Zoe Zane

    Friday, October 28, 2011

    Updates and writing.......

    extremely time consuming, Halloween creeping upon us ..... and the men I know. Saturday night, I was invited to a party with my neighbors. Finally, a connection, but last night Buttercup asked me out to a fancy dinner. I love to be wined and dined by my favorite houseboy. Most houseboys are worthless, time wasters. I'm exhausted when they leave. Most try to get something for free, haven't got a clue what it means to serve and worship. I'm the baby sister, sucky sucky. Buttercup had a great Mom, she trained him well(if his toilet is clean, he has a chance and no butt stains on his underwear). His Mom is still alive, has mentored me on many levels. She doesn't know of me, if she did she MUST be #1 in Buttercup's world. She's a control freak, I'll stay clear. Maybe when she is on her death bed, I will arrive and thank her. She'll wonder, who in hell was that women.
    Buttercup honored me with these glorious words about my Goddesshood. Many will try to copy and imitate, they will try to be who you are. But you're energy is total Goddess(it has taken me years to come to this place of my own recognition. I see, I'm the Goddess of Absolutely Everything! Laughing. More laughing, a big huge smile on my face.)

    My fetish slave over 15 years, his job finally transferred him away from his sexy Nurse. So far away, he can't find time to talk to her on the phone. He needs a safe place at noon time. He has little time for himself with new his job. He doesn't travel right now. His family is feuding, I will not see him in December. He called me this morning wishing we could session together. He found someone else, but it's not the same. It hit me what I did to him. It's my energy, no one can replace who you are. I taunted him about my white cotton panties and PVC nurse uniform. He has a huge enema fetish, all the way to 4 quart, red/white enema bags. I directed his mind to find a safe place for his conference call with his private Nurse. He will find a way, I know. He had dreams lasts night, all the sessions we did together. Yes, men who see providers have relationships with these special women. Hi there, come over, get your oil changed. It's a pit stop relationship, she repairs all his flat tires, up and running, ready to face the road again.
    Zoom zoom zoom away, back another day, soon.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    The Kay Parker Fantasy

    It is hard to find the right woman to do the fantasy. Some will not touch it. It's too taboo, makes them feel weird. I get this Kay Parker fan emailing to do the fantasy, but doesn't think I have value. He ruffled my feathers, so I bumped up the anniversary. He saw I was ruffled and was sorry. He's not sorry asking if I knew if another older woman does the fantasy. I'll not tell him what I know. I'll not give him the time of day. I'll not waste by time on a time waster.

    I've not seen the OB for sometime, it been quiet. Today, I went over to the my body shop, it's right across from his work. OF! The damn man bitch is still in town with his alcoholic whore wife. Everyone in town knows what a - - - - - she is. Both are losers, need major repair. I bet he went religious with the Mormon Church. Oh, they would take him, in a heart beat. Now to reform the sick bastard. There's no reform for them, but let the Church use all their big egos. The OB doesn't want to change. When his five years is up he will spit, leave the country, do his dirty work again. Evil is always evil.

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    Zombie School Teacher

    My studio is a big mess, I smoked an awful tasting cig for cam show. The smoke looks great, my breath is not. eek! Today, a male friend will help me take Zombie/Halloween pics for sites. I love Halloween. Today, I let him be my house boy for a few hours. He was most helpful.

    The college professor stalker is back, he thinks he's wants to marry me. LOL. After all he has not done, I told him he must take me to my favorite restaurant. Pay top $$$$$ and order what I want for a week. Dinner, it has not happened in the past. I'll say what I want, whatever. I don't care what he thinks. He's such a idiot, I hope he reads this blog. He'll cry like a big baby, tell me -- why are you so mean to me? Duh. Buddy, you're not a man of your word, not the man of my dreams and look weird. I saw his picture on the Net. My brain chip for financial domination clicked on. Yes, I'm a money hungry, arrogant bitch, I hope you go away.

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Am I lazy, afraid of hard work - NO!

    I chatted with another writer today. I have a few writers in my sex circus, oops, circle. Did I cheat on one writer, talking to another writer? Yes. I can see why Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) killed people. If she didn't like what they said she nuked them. My fun bone is out.

    Peanut Jr. is running around with a huge, furry cat tail. I like it when he does that. Something spooked him, made him hypo. You go, Peanut Jr.

    Tic-tock, tic-tock, I'm ticked off:
    Honestly, as a sex writer, my sense of humor will rule. Humor saves the day when life gets crappy. Am I lazy, yes. Am I spoiled, yes. Am I lucky, yes. If someone ticks me off, I call up "Whip" and beat his ass. Who am I mad at? Hum. There are a few right now. As for Buttercup, who makes sure to get me mad, I'll pinch his ass in the wrong place. Make him show me where to pinch it right. Poo Poo Poo -- Give him a huge enema, watch him lose control. Put him in his place for being obstreperous (someone who stubbornly resists control). Hello Buttercup, you have fought it all your life, so keep fighting. Big smiles from ear to ear, laughing. Am I a cry baby, yes! Never, I shouldn't say never, has writing been so arduous for my quick mind. It was worse giving birth to a deformed child, no fun. I need Jessica Lang (American Horror Story) to bake some chocolate cupcakes. She's so evil. Am I kind, yes. I'll use Ex Lax in my batter (the brand is an expert in gentle, dependable overnight relief. We are so confident that you will be satisfied)-- OR -- X Lax (the stuff that makes you crap almost instantly, give it to your boss in his coffee). Did a Google search, are there different strengths for Ex Lax? Batter for the runs, yes..... watch you prance like a squeeling piggy to the butt bowl. Is this passive aggressive, yes it is. If I'm giving you ideas on how to get back, wait till you read "give it back" in my smart-ass bitch book. It's okay to think about it. Some of my subbies, want me to give it back to them. Okay baby, come and get it.

    I'm done torturing myself self this morning, writing about different writers with different styles. Bye bye, outside with my 3 male cats and a hot cup of tea.

    P.S. I like the timer with Ex Lax on it. I can time how fast it takes Buttercup to run to the bowl. HA HA HA

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Now I know why I'm avoiding the book

    I'm not a English major (writer), terrible speller, I missed spelling in the second grade. That school year was blocked out of my mind. I don't remember that year. Today, my editor told me the truth about my writing. He's a top professional writer, very conservative. I was under the gun with another person this week on my typos. eek! Breathe, do the work, let them tear it apart. I'll turn into another person, nothing new in my world, take the heat. If it gets hooking stressful, I'll take it out on slave "Whip". The book must be written for the unheard.

    Actually, I've improved my writing and spelling. I've put a lot of effort into my blogs. But, it's not good enough. OFM! I'm used to not being good enough. I was constantly criticized by my parents. Okay. I'll be wrong, I stand corrected. Bring it on. I misspell words to make a certain point. Conservative and creative don't mix.

    This morning, I found a bowl of cat food for the feral cats. I called Officer Angie (animal control), she told me to keep my eyes open. I know it's the crazy woman who turned in.

    I've wrote about a freaky whore, who doesn't know how freaky she is. The drunk, angry whore doesn't remember what happened the night before. I'm off the hook. Whew.

    Today there is dissension about my writing:
    dis·sen·sion   /dɪˈsɛnʃən/ Show Spelled[dih-sen-shuhn] Show IPAnoun 1.strong disagreement; a contention or quarrel; discord.
    2.difference in sentiment or opinion; disagreement.

    My horoscope said this today:
    Your creative powers are well-known, but today brings a new kind of playfulness -- and also seriousness -- to your work. It's a good time to fight for your creative vision. There will be dissension.

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    We're NOT getting off that easy

    world. Prediction, the world will end next year on Alexa, today. I need to become a psycho religious leader preaching the end of the world, a certain date next year. I will call my church "The Church of Peaceful Rest". LAUGHING! Then, I'll donate my millions to the underworld. Laughing more out loud. That's easier than being a real whore. HA HA HA!

    At the end of my live cam show, I set my feather halo on fire. SO awesome. I'm a freaking cougar on the prowl 4 wild HOT sex. I got off 3 times in my worn pantie girdle. Girdles are the best for masturbation in nylons and garters - psycho school teacher get ready for Halloween. Live Cam Show Friday Oct 14Th, 2011

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    All my great friends

    My dear one "Buttercup" is taking care of Goddess Zoe. Oh shit, I forgot the switches this morning. They were so beautiful, the subbie cut for me. DAMN! I will post the update for zoezane.com early, today. Over the weekend, I'll be with sensuous, soft touch tantric instructor "Jewel in the Lotus" in LA. All things are possible when it comes to sensuous sex.

    My 3 cats are doing great. Peanut Jr. was flinging himself off the bedroom walls this morning. I need to get some kitty food. Back to my hot pink closet to sleep more. Peanut Jr. is not a head banger. Laughing.

    I watched the American Horror Show. It was way out there for gore. I closed my eyes when that happened. The pregnant wife was a hero for her daughter warding off a male killer. She got the fuck real good, kicked his ass. I like her. She shows women not to be a victim and trash male attackers.

    Not much crazy right now. Yesterday, I finally found the right head shrink for what happened to me as a small child. She understood my terror, I've harbored in my body (some of sex worker friends thought it was no big deal they were molested. That certain worker is wrong). I have protection, my adult self and the BIG ASS Angel that looks after the tiny little girl. No one will mess with me now! It will be in my book what happened and why I am writing for the voice of sex workers.

    For Halloween, I've decided to be "zombie red riding hood". I can be a freaky ghoul and lose body parts. I LOVE IT! Great balance since my sex is on 100%.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    I think

    that following what others want for you is a the dumbest thing you can do for yourself. My cat Peanut Jr. makes sure he gets what he wants. He is relentless, will not stop till he gets it. Watch Peanut Jr. When you live your life for others, it's not your life. Other people think they know what's right for you, WRONG! They live in you. eek! When I rescued my three male cats, their my boys, I was called..... crazy. Why so many cats in one house. My accuser was the German bitch that sold me out to Animal Control. She had hate. Many don't have the balls to be themselves, to live their dream. They don't dream, imposing their rules on others. Their sadness becomes your sadness. Go after what you want, be bold, be courageous. It's a crap life being someone else. Rebel, stand up to those THAT THINK they know what's best for you. They don't. Other people tell us what to do, don't know how to live. My 20 pound-er, Buddy, he knows how to live. He loves to eat and love. When he wants your love he's right in your arms, dramatically throwing his head back for a big, fat kiss. Kiss a cat, disgusting. Why not, he loves kisses. My Dad was a small man with small balls that bullied all his children. They live in you, unhappy in you. If you live for others you wear their small balls. Those balls aren't your balls. Put on your big set of balls, turn up your music, look in your mirror, strut yourself, be your best friend. Go for it. Get up, ball yourself to greatness. Most, live half on, too afraid. I watched Steve Jobs talk to Stanford students in a graduation speech. Watch my app be on the iPhone next year. When my cats go outside, it's hip hip hooray to be in the sun, the rain, the wind. Dare, be driven, have a big dream, do it. Don't give a crow's ass what others think. Don't care if others hate you. The haters hate their lives and hate you. Stay clear of haters who live to take you out. Haters, hate the greatness in you. Be unique, be different, do the impossible, dream. Let the haters laugh at you, let them be a copy cat. Wear you big set of balls and scream dream. First step, believe you can have your dream. This must be a pep talk to myself. It is.

    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    My Apple

    It took me a long time to get to Apple. After reading all the crap around Steve Jobs, his leadership, I still love Apple (quality, no hackers). Yes, I know China doesn't care about those who slave away for the excellence of Apple products. Last night, one of my slaves expressed his hate for Jobs, will not buy any of Apple's products, not ever. He think Steve Jobs is a Mauder-facker! Okay, that's cool, Mr. LLBs - Laughing.

    Read about the Manhattan Madam, how she'll not stop until prostitution is legalized. I heard in San Francisco it was close to legal last year. Better get a tax attorney sex workers. I don't know when it will happen, I'm not on a crusade to make it legal. I'm the voice for the underworld. I made another corporate decision last night in Palo Alto at fine French restaurant. I have a new Chief Editor for my fictious book. He's brilliant, very smart, known him for years. I also have a software analyst working for me, self driven and motivated. My web manager and I decided what I will do when the book goes public. When it comes to sex and prositution, I need to protect myself from the wolves. It means wolves in the my underground world. I won't be surprised, IF they try to sue me.

    The lies men tell you to get the sex they want. Over the years, I've developed a keen sense for the lie. I have placed certain rules, conditions to get close to me. It gets so freakin' old how men lie to get what they want. Whatever, shake my head, a certian foreigner tells me to call him, he thinks he's hot, I think he's a sleeze. For a long time, I was patient, then lashed out. It does not pay to lash. Now I listen, tell them how they make me feel, most men will say sorry. Like, I believe their sorry words. I like it when my phone shows me they called earlier that month. I tell them, how they called me before, they still lie. They even call again in an hour just to see if I remember. I call them, serial sex phone liars. It cost little to lie 4 free. I'm so uninterested how they use the phone for free jack off time. I can tell when they're jacking off. I hear it in their voice. Men who use their best sexy voice on the phone, are jacking off.

    A new feature to contact me, I started texting only for those who need a build up.
    I'm a fantasy role play expert. I will help you belive that your fantasy can be real, you can taste, feel, smell your fantasy. Our fantasies keep use alive.
    Mature Zoe Zane

    Friday, October 07, 2011

    Whats the truth

    you never know unless it comes from the i-ponies mouth (HA HA HA). Truth, might be tainted, not real. Sometimes I tell people what they want to hear it makes them happy.

    I'm so APPLE in 2011. I've had a iPhone for 2 years, never used it. I was too swarmed with porn updates, working and overcoming the bitch OB. The OB was the one for a long time, he was the important one. I was the working machine that funded the white trash pimp of spend. I'm so happy he died out of my life, SO ....Miss Zoe can be the Goddess she was meant to be. When shit hits shit, you crawl through it up to the light of day (I had to change my nero pathways/dendrites). I talk about this BC some never make it out of the shit hole.

    I've been following Steve Jobs, his death, Apple and comments by his co-founder iWoz (Steve Wozniak). iWoz was shy, Steve was bold. They sat in their garage and slammed out bi-code for days drinking coffee and pizza. D A M N. I'm not that geekie.

    As for writing about the underworld of whores, I had to dump one of my whore friends so I could write the book. She was so insanely jealous, she threw her poisonous words like spitting green goo in your face. The green goo was filled with negative hate.

    I made a corporate decision to not give my precious knowledge away. If you want what I have, you must pay for it. My head shrink told me to NOT give it away anymore. The whore I dumped was ungrateful with my gifts. She did not see how great they were. If she calls me up, I'll politely inform her my time spent on the phone must be paid for, she must pay for valuable knowledge. I hope she reads this blog and gets the message. Just a clue on what I had to do to get out of the shit. I had to involve myself in high impact, high frequency support.

    I'm not the first corporate whore on this panet. Do you feel like a corporate whore? Laughing.

    Thursday, October 06, 2011

    American Horror Story on CableTV

    It's a scary show, will watch the entire series. The head shrink hubby cheated on his wife after they lost their baby. Their relationship is strained, wife makes him feel bad over and over with her rejection. They fight it out to lust and sex. In the sex scenes she see the black rubber latex man on top of her. K I N K Y!!! Jessica Lang is so perfect for this show, so wicked. Her down syndrome daughter has no boundaries. The strained married couple have a angry daughter who hanging out with the psycho male patient her head shrink Dad is treating. I love it. Freak us all out! Total scare, and something I would write for a book. Out there, edgy and keeps you on the edgy of you warm blankie. Boo Boo Boo 4 Halloween

    Monday, October 03, 2011

    Be a honest whore

    Some men need to hear it from a whore how great they are. In this world, it's full of downers. He liked blond Cougars who speak the truth. A whore can speak the truth. I said it. He was beautiful, black and very very tall. Not all black men sleep with everything in sight. Some are shy, need to hear how great they are. Be honest, whore, some ears need to hear the damn truth about themselves. Truth spoken, it made his day. His ears have heard too many times, how he's too black, black. He saw I wanted to do more on him. Your actions do not lie.

    Saturday, October 01, 2011

    Saturday morning after cam show

    I had a stud boy show up for my show. All I wanted was to get laid. When I was done, I sent him out the door. Bad Teacher. I gave him a kiss and said good-bye. I have penis for a brain. In cam show some viewer keep pestering me to stick my heel up my ass. Boring. I used my mouse, clicked him away. Don't you love the Net, what your mouse can do with stupid cam viewers. He had diarrhea of the mouth to abuse me in my own show. I was smiling when I clicked him away. Today for video cam, I was the "wrinkled nylon panty click away teacher". LOL

    Damn, I don't want Demi and Ashton to spit. Time will tell what happens with them.
    I like both of them.

    In yoga last night, I wore something from my lingerie bin to class. It was weird how I looked. I'm feeling the inner strength of my body, my core come to life. I've been doing the hard ass yoga for over 7 years. My body is not doing what I want it to do. I guess I'm not intelligent like my body that knows what to fix, when to fix it. It's been hard this year, more tired, but doing more yoga. You're thinking, how can yoga make you sore and tired? Go to Bikram for a while and find out for yourself. It's hard! You get tanigible results.
    Pic is for Southern Charms, I'm the smoking Queen with clevage. I'll boob your face with my heart. HA HA HA

    The video of Folsom were taken by iPhone. I have to figure out how to convert to windows media play

    Friday, September 30, 2011

    Up early

    gave the cats a nail trim, it's tuff with Chubs, he hates nail trims. But Mom doesn't like those claws "yea all have", so snip snip. Sorry boys, afterwards, I gave them a full body, hair brushing which made Chubs very happy. Gotta get them to the vet for shots this morning which will be a big carry over 50 pounds to my tiny car. I told all three cats were going to the vet.

    I read about Demi Moore and Ashton, maybe a split. Hollywood makes us all crazy one way or another. The "Cougar Town" will still go on even though Demi is getting slammed to be with men her own age. And if she did this and that to be youthful, so what. You go Demi, I love you. As for Ashton K., he's doing the typical male thang, run around and stick it in. He's still a looker in my book. I can't judge. I'm a whore myself ..... laughing --- I do it day in and day out, well some days, I get a break. It's all over the Net what I do. And, my old boyfriend got off on me doing it with other men, but then ran off with another escort. I survived all of it and stronger, took about 4 years to get over him. He needs his balls kicked by my spiked heel for what he did. He might get off on it.

    As for my Bikram yoga training, I focus on my breathe when it gets damn hard. I stay still and don't move, hang on till the hard part passes, up again, doing the next pose. I hang on till the end, did it. I was close to the front, the teacher who makes me nervous, she didn't say one word to me. Lucky me, her attitude is back, it gets to me. I made it through the bitch teacher's class. Some teachers will always make you feel nervous edgy. WHEW!

    Will work on new update for zoezane.com site. Not sure what it will be at the moment.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Honestly, what really happened on Sunday

    before and after Folsom Street Fair. I found out feeding feral cats is a big no no!!! An older German woman, complex neighbor, got me sucked up into her stupid thinking to feed the wild cats. I had a visit from Officer Angie to stop feeding the wild cats in my Queen of Hearts costume. I covered my boobs, she told me not to worry about my chest. Her son goes to the fair every year. Too funny. I saw the bigger picture, was ordered to stop feeding OR get cited. The squealing, so called friend, lied to Officer Angie, that I was the one feeding the wild cats for over 2 years. I started feeding first of the year, after the squealing bitch was forced to leave her apartment by her neighbors. She lied to get out of trouble from Animal Control. It's clear, she's not my friend. I had a deposit slip with the squealing bitch's address, no phone number. Officer Angie clearly saw who was feeding the wild cats at that address area. You can't fool Animal Control. They know how many female cats are breeding, how many young females cats are ready to breed. LOL. That's a lot of wild cats causing a HUGE public nuisance. Feeding wild cats brings in wild life like coyotes, raccoons, hornets, birds, etc. Rabi's hikes up, endangering domested cats and dogs. I was wrong, doing what I did. I stopped feeding the wild cats, they are gone. WOW. Before the Fair, I cleaned up the cat food in the back, went over to Animal Control to get a trapping cage. That's why I didn't get to SF until 3PM PST. I was wondering IF my daughter and I would make it. Many people at the fair loved the Queen of Hearts costume with added Wonder Woman crown and wrist cuffs.
    Leaving the Fair to the parking lot, I went out with alarms screaming. My alarm key pod to my locked car broke, set off the car alarm. We tried to stop the alarm, it keep going and going and going. OFM! Down the street, SF police department, no one cared that my car was screeching. My stripper/hacker daughter saved the day, torn open the key pod, moved the broken chip on the tiny motherboard to the right spot. It set the car right, shut the alarm off, and away we went. WHEW ..... so stressful wondering If we were going back to San Jose. Next day, I went over to the dealership, got new keys and reset the alarm.

    feral cats animal control folsom street fair car alarms - Zoe Zane

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    What a inzane day - Sunday Folsom Street Fair

    Finally, made it, whew, Holy Cow Bar after 4 PM. It was hectic in San Jose, arrived later than planned. SF weather was cool, love it that way. The owner of the Holy Cow Bar let my stripper daughter and myself into the bar for free. He was having a private party charging Folsom freaks 10 bucks to his VIP Party. He recognized who I was was, we're in. The bar is free till a certain time. The fair was jamming when I got there. My daughter saw Miss Andrea Storm in her orange and black witch costume with black umbrella orange trim. I didn't see her, found the parking lot on Harris and 12Th. The bar is right up the block on Folsom. We made it. Whoopee!@#$%^&*()...

    My best friend Martini and his hot girlfriend got into the bar on my porn star reputation. Hey, I saved someone some money. Rock on. The freaks in the dark bar were sexy with each other. We headed for the back for some fetish smoking pics for Southern Charms. In the back corner Martini's girlfriend and I did a steamy kissing video. Will be posted off my site this week. Now, up and down the sidewalk for interesting Folsom pictures. I wore my black PVC platforms boots. At the end, changed into flats, my ankles and feet were sooooooooooo sore from walking. I ran into Beverley Fisher and her sweetie. She was dressed in steam punk, looked great. We were surprised to find each other in the middle of 400,000 or more people. Beverley is a friendly gal, I like here. We talked webmaster/geek stuff and other plans.

    Pictures of Folsom will be posted on my site up till December. I did something different this year. I asked people if I could take pics with them instead of boldly taking over. I went well, my new approach. I think people were happy to be a Folsom star on such a fun day.

    Zoe Zane

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Click here Folsom Street Fair 2011 - My stripper daughter is coming into to town

    to take hundreds of pics @ Folsom Street Fair. Last night, our cell phone talk. she told me about her hacker friends that go after bad boys, sent to prison. The bad boys who steal money from financial anything. Good job! She has a geek name, Trojan Tiffany. Today, she and I will decided what I'll wear to Folsom Street Fair. When we're together the Earth spins off to the unknown. I will miss Sexy Miss Lizz, she's the best street performer of all time.

    Yesterday I had the best time with a new Bondassage subbie. He's so grateful he found me and blessed me. I love those blessings.

    No blessing for you buddy: A manipulating dude, his excuse, I have never done it this way before, tried to get me to do something we didn't agree on. I hate that! Shaking my head over men who stall, lie, cheat a girl like me. He was from a Silicon Valley Company, wore pink, played gold at 32 at some charity. I was glad we were done, he was gone. He wasn't receptive to my high energy, didn't like the big mirrors. He must not like to look at himself. Oh well, he will not come back, he couldn't get me to do what he wanted. He has my blessing, shew shew away, don't come to play, never more.

    Just before I drove over to the studio for my cam show @ 8:30 AM PST, I found one of the tiny kittens killed on the sidewalk. I will not tell you want I saw. I can not get it out of my mind. I have a cat killer in my neighborhood. I know who he is. My daughter told me to leave the kitten and call the cops. It's a felony to kill animals. I gotta be smart so the guy who is killing these cats does go after my car.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    High on life - kick the cat haters!

    Feeding the tiny baby, cute, feral cats has turned rotten again. A cat hater is stealing my water bowls and eating the cat food? WTF He's fat now, maybe he lost his job. LOL. More spare time to harass me, the asshole. The other day one of the older kittens got nuked and left it's skin suit. I got the feeling 4 feeding, I was thanked by one of God's unwanted creature. To the cat hater, someday you'll be starving, starving, starving, no one will care. I saw you outside all reefed up sneaking around, fat from eating my cat food. I've taken pics of the fat, cat hater. I can hardly wait to film his dumb ass. I'll put it on You Tube with Title "CAT HATER".
    I read Paris Hilton was arrested for Vegas cocaine. What a dumb, rich bitch, I still love her. She needs one of my cream pies in her face. Paris, why the drugs girl? She needs to hang out with me and my new sex workers friends. We can show Paris how to get high on kundaline energy. I'm creating my Folsom Street Fair costumes for Sunday. It takes a huge amount of energy for Folsom. Is that why Paris drugs? If I did cocaine, I'd rage up the Empire State Building and blast off into space. My nervous don't like drugs.

    I replaced my woren away letter keyboard with another keyboard from storage. Different place, the delete button, will take time to rehab my mind to new delete. LOL

    HA HA HA ...... So funny. Right now 20 lbs cat Buddy sat down on a pair of purple glasses, got stuck to his butt. He was swirling around on my desk. Glasses dropped off, Buddy is now waiting for me to let him outside.

    Yesterday in San Jose, is was freaking HOT! Hotter than Sac. Might be another HOT day. I can hardly wait till fall drops in. Hurry up fall, I need you.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Click to join my yahoo group - it is free to join

    My number one moderator and I are posting behind the scenes. What has happened with Internet models, I've played with (Yahoo Group). Some models are very close, some not so close. An interesting reading, I promise. Yeah, I know YAHOO is old school and not like Facebook or MySpace or Google Groups. I still have friends in my yahoo group that have been loyal. Thank you! All the main companies are important like: I'll Google your Facebook, if you Twitter my Yahoo. Laughing out loud.
    At Folsom Street Fair next Sunday, September 25, 2011, people at the fair are going to get "sexed out" my Miss Zoe. My "geekie" topless stripper daughter is flying in and will take pics of the damage. wooHoooo ---- here we come San Francisco. The fair is way big, like over 400,000 people and can handle my energy. Picture on Folsom Street 2011 posted, left to right, myself, Sexy Miss Lizz and Miss Andrea Storm.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Read blog on Live Journal

    Heading to yoga class and home to my 3 lovely dovie cats. Update for www.zoezane.com is up this afternoon.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    I moved into new studio and

    still unpacking, what a mess. I'm organizing the haus today. I found my yellow and silver stripper heels. WooHooooo ... YES! I told one of my foot slaves I was throwing away old shoes. He got hot on the phone, told him to come over and get the old shoes, the silly freak. LOL. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what they like. I threw most of them away, walked outside with the rest, he was out digging in the garbage can. WTF! Oh wow, I found a vintage magazine of porn star Seka! He won't get Seka. He was happy with his bag of old worn shoes. I wish I had it video taped for you tube. Too freaky, fetish funny. Zoe Zane, up to her waste in stuff today.

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Miss Boobies thoughts

    An important phone call from support:

    I have a new friend that has my back. We had this conversation on my iPhone. Now, I see what's going on and the big picture. I must beware of THEM. I'm still cleaning up haus from their mess. I must get ready for the wave when notes revealed. One thing for sure, I do have control over my own body like never before. I'm my own boss, very powerful. I can work my ass off, not get up for the day, which never happens. But if I wanted, I could. I have the freedom to be me. I'm so blessed. But, some may not like the idea of me having this kind of freedom. THEY want to control what I do. I'm aware.

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    My Live Journal Blog - Click here, read about Sexy Miss Lizz and me

    I need to relax today, on overload with everything and the Net. Will watch TV/movie. Maybe go to Starbucks and yoga today. It's overcast and windy in San Jose. I love fall time, my favorite time of the year. I'm so glad summer is almost over. Sending my heart thoughts to those who lost loved ones ten years ago on the
    horrible day 911. I looked at some of the 911 pictures, all I can say is......OMG. I'm sending love to New York. Zoe Zane

    Friday, September 09, 2011

    A Whores Thoughts

    What's all this anxiety all about, a learned behavior from my predator Dad. He was uptight with the family making sure no one knew what he did. Mom, she valiumed out, feel off the kitchen chair, was pissed off when he did it again. This painful secret, no one in my family wants to talk about it. I hate it when they shut me off. I'm so sick of their denial. When you don't have "Mom & Dad 4 U", you run like a stray, feral kitten. Today, I saw a tiny black, 5 week old kitten run to his buddy cat friend for safety. He was all alone, no Mommie Cat. The little black kitten curled up to the 6 month old male Tabby. It made me cry how these unwanted animals love and care for each other. I'm chocked, all in my tears. How can these wild cats love each other and humans just keep hurting. What a waste of human emotion the anger and the hate. WTF! When you're molested you feel unsure about so many things, like yourself. I get sick of that feeling too. I want to jump into the next world, shake Mom and Dad, listen to me, I want your love. I must have something to learn from it all. Maybe, this keyboard will be my salvation for exposing the pain that we all suffered. Who am I, the one that tells what happened. I will not hide, cover it up or run from it. IMF
    Later, when it's the right time, I'll let you know what "IMF" means. For now, it's in my naughty notes.

    Wednesday, September 07, 2011

    Fem Dom her notes to Slave D about his nuts

    David, you got so so so big for the ladies, IF you know what I mean. And your Fem Dom hates David to get like that, like when she gives him a bath or when she tends him on the toidy. She wants them nuts then and their, just to cup those bare little ball in the palms of her hands while you were standing there, and squished them a tiny bit. ouch! You jumped! he he he --- while your Fem Dom scolded you --- he he he --- from close behind. (hahaha - I gotta' laugh just thinkin' 'bout it) she squeezed and said, "Pinch your little balls, buttercup! Tame some of that wonderlust you got, and keep you close by your Fem Dom, where you belong - hahaha! Keep you, too, kinda' permanently outta' any little mischief. What was it that Evie, the old farm girl said? I think it was, pluck and pan fry us a pair of prairie-oysters offa' subbie D's little piggies". Your Fem Dom just loves that, all of that! he he he

    Monday, September 05, 2011

    I do not get it

    how the guy who wasted my time called again for the third time, no car. I told him he wasted my time, I even insulted him and he keep talking to me. Hiked up the gardenias too. Still wants to see me. Is his brain dead? WTF!

    I follow my cats example for yoga - watch your animals

    I had this incredible, off the wall business coach that told me to watch my cats. Animals know how to live, examples for us. Yesterday, I watch the movie "Inside Job". One of my close male "H" friends let me take it for a few days. Last night before yoga class, I was fired up after watching the movie narrated by Matt Damon. It's about what Wall Street/Banks/Investment Companies/Harvard/US Government did to our American economy, our world. It's not over, the Obama administration, the president appointed the same financial advisers who support "no regulation". What's really scary, Harvard is teaching no regulation to new minds. No regulation makes it legal to steal from the common man, steal his life savings, his job and forced some to live in tents in America. The thieves and crooks are still at large. I also heard, the CEO of Starbucks and small business owners are not going to give campaign money until something is changed. Right on, Starbucks. We the people need to take back the power. Remember Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York, all over the news, he saw prostitutes, public humiliation, he resigned. Mr. Spitzer uncovered what was going on with the "crooks criminal thieves" in New York/Wall Street. I laughed with the crooks when his ass was fried. OFM! "oh fuck me" The working girls on Wall Street banked on the biggest criminal job in history.

    Saturday, September 03, 2011

    My cell phone is a sex addict - HA HA HA

    I love it when some guy calls me up telling me he loves porn stars. Then, he goes on and on about fucking Nina Hartley, Kittty Foxx and some other baby. I told him, Nina would not lie about his dick, he'd know she was not telling the truth. After I said that I heard a crash and the phone dropped off. Was he driving, jacking off in his car on his phone? LOl. I hope not.

    Friday, September 02, 2011

    Upskirt Teacher - Her girdle slip vintage sheer nylons

    in live cam show Saturday morning 9AM PST. Your teacher loves the tightness of her new girdle slip and silky nylons on her white smooth skin. Check out the picture, I posted of my new girdle slip and tan authentic vintage nylons in orginal box. Very nice indeed.

    Some idiot slave called me right now on my cell phone, he was spanking his balls pretending it was his Mistress Teacher. I asked him where he found my ad to call my number. He couldn't tell me. What a idiotic, trying to get a free thrill. I hope he hurt his balls. It serves him right to try to get free from this Diva!

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Zoe Zane and Julia School Teacher Girdles - click here you tube video

    I was surfing and found my pink girdle on "you tube" www.ffstockings.com "Julia" my on-line school teacher girlfriend. Sniff the knickers!!! HA HA HA I was looking for 2 older women in suits, I watched several of the videos and my favorites were the ones with the fun music.

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