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    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Halloween party

    I'm off to Los Gatos to the town bar with my big boobs and garters. My favorite bouncer loves my big boobs. I wonder what I can get away with at the bar? I will let you all know what I did at the town bar! Have fun tonight, be safe and scare the crap put of someone. HA HA HA! My costume, the Queen of Wonderland in 2010 has a tasar. eeK! Instead of off with their head, let's watch my prey have a spaze attack.

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    My head shrink and the freaks in my live

    It was a smart move on my part to hook up again with my grounding therapist. Yes, I have a head shrink. I must set the boundaries for my life with 2 freaks. In my dysfunctional California family, my Mom and Dad didn't know how to set boundaries.
    Tomorrow, I will dress as the "Queen of Wonderland" .... off with their heads! HA HA HA I will take pics of my decorated abode and the Queen, send it off in email to my family who is dressing up for Halloween in a different state. I feel so blessed that my 7 kids love me.

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    My message from my big fat boobs to

    2 low life's in my life. I'm the Mistress of......L R C. I knew it would be hard to have the old boyfriend come back to town with his wife that was my one of my friends. I figured he would not have anything to do with me. I guess not. We still have unfinished business. So that given, "LIKE I REALLY CARE" I will need to hook up with my head shrink on this one. For now..... LRC

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    It's a given things DO change

    Tuesday afternoon, I drove around and around and around in "Rose Park" looking for this Halloween party house. What a gorgeous, well groomed neighborhood. I think they sold the house or fixed it up. HUM??? I have someone who can tell me right where the house is located. It was the best Halloween Party I have ever attended on the planet. The owners had a real coffin on the front porch delivered by friends.
    Next year, I will have my own coffin built for me by my girlfriend's hubby. He loves building coffins. Crazy huh! I've been invited by Playboy to their Halloween Mansion Party in LA. I'm excited to go but have other crazy plans with one of my San Jose amateur film directors. He built this Halloween set just for me. He has worked on it for months. That's where I will take my freakum self..... over to his domain of gore. We're filming our freak for "YOUTUBE". Then there is the bar downtown in Los Gatos and the bounce loves big boobs. I might just dress up in 3 different costumes on Sunday and wear myself out. How about Super Girl with huge enhanced tits or the Fairest Princess of Them ALL...... or Doris Duke the richest woman in the world 1920's. Why not! Then there is the zombie librarian for my live cam show on Saturday morning 9AM PST. I have injected a special spell into my red apples called "P". You can decide what the "P" stands for. HA!

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    This is way funny to my funny bone

    I have this white male simeses cat named Buddy that's 20 pounds of pure love. Last night he was sleeping up against the left corner of my pink walk-in closet. He was crunched up right into the corner with blankies all around his big fat cat body. When I went to touch him he was sleeping on his back in pure peace with all 4 legs facing the ceiling. All I saw was four legs with his big paws. He was snogging away in blissful sleep. I makes me laugh so much just thinking about how Buddy makes his Mommie, Miss Zoe happy. I attached a pic I found on the net that gives you an idea of what funny Buddy did. Just watch your animals they show you how to live.

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    What am I thankful for

    When things get ruff for me I give thanks. I have a roof over my head, my car runs great with good tires, my toilets flush, my PG&E bill is paid and I love Halloween. I'm decorating my place, creating new costumes for the weekend. Yesterday, I went to the store for more cake farts 4 Halloween. Light up the chocolate candy corn cake and poof poof poof on it. HA HA HA

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Nice steady following

    in my live weekly cam show on www.camworld.com that was once camZ. I do get members from the show. Doing private shows on Cam World does pay off. All I did was connect the camera to the computer, set up my account and profile, be consistent for private show. You will make $$$$. In my live cam show I dress up every week in a different librarian outfit (suit, panties, girdle, garters & stockings) and tease them. At the end I do something fetish like fart on my homemade brownies. HA HA HA

    Does he still love me? The old boyfriend and his loud wife showed up again on Friday unannounced. Now that I know they are sneaking over here, I've secured my abode. I did not answer the door. Next time they come over I will video tape them. Take pics of their intrusion. The nerve to ask for money when they're driving a new car? Both of them are addicts, drugs and alcohol. He drank all the time and was hardly ever drunk, a functioning alcoholic. He got upset his drinking would not knock him out. He'd stop drinking and then go back to it. One time we flew to Vegas, he got his wish, Tacela alcohol posioning the whole time on our vacation, slammed right to the bed, the dumb ass wipe xPig. I could start it Up how he still loves me with his insecure wife. That would get them all into each other faces. Oh you still love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT. You are amrried to me, see the ring on both of our fingers. Get the picture.

    I thought of more stuff I could do: (1) Like follow me over in my car......to the police station. See how far they would follow me, and when they saw I was heading for the police station, drive off fast. HA HA HA (2) Tell his wife he never liked her when she was drunk. She was driving the new car. I guess she is dry now, but once a drunk always a drunk. The xPig likes to fix insecure women. He was trained by his loveless, sick Mother. (3) Laugh at them, keep laughing, fall to the floor out loud, almost pee my pants laughing. Flash my tits nd laugh, speared my legs open wide and laugh. THEN .....slam the door! (4) Tell her she might be fucking him and she's good, I filmed them for my porn site, but not like what I did. I know what he needs and likes. She'll never get it with her half fried brain from drugs. I'm so done with both of them. I do not care they are with each other. I'm over it and bullet proof. Doing Bikram yoga brought me to a different level of power. Shall I fly high into the sky, attach a gold rope to my eye attached to a huge plane? Watch me fly as I spy on once my guy with his ho that will soon get high. He married her to get her Mother's house. He has a huge IRS debt that is now hers. The dumb bitch....that is why I never married him. Before he left the IRS nailed his ass big time. Now run off both of you and work your whore Mr. xPig. She can drive herself over the hot tubs and screw men for the $$$$$ (4) Open up the door, offer them him wine and her vodka in a water bottle. All it takes is one drink and they are drunk again. (5) Remind the xPig, I called the local police when our next door tents, he was 51-50, his wife was a drunk fucking the homeless. The xPigs does not think I have the balls to call. I do. I already did it once before. Now bye bye, go play your bully game on some other person. Do you weak thing on some other weak thang.

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Friday Update is done early - one day

    I got to it today, edited pics and video, upload to the server. My head feels like it's falling off or not there. I'm off to yoga class at 6:30PM. It will help my uptight neck muscles relax. Have a fun night tonight whatever you are doing. Smilessssssssssssssssssss to all you my best friends and you know who you are. Zoe Zane ----- Here is a pic of my hot butt crack! LOL. Ghetto Bitch

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Thank the heavens for smart

    programmers. I've hired a programmer to fix parts of my site I couldn't fix myself. I'm looking to move all my sites to a dedicated server. I've been on a shared/reseller server and it sucks. Sometimes it takes forever for me to upload content. When to move the sites to my own server, is another story. Last time I moved zoezane.com it took 8 hours. Whew. I have more content now. Oh brother. That's a lot of porn on the move in cyber space.
    More organized for cyber space: I have written down all user names and passwords for all the important logins in one book. In the past it was on my computer. That's a no no for 2010. I feel secure and stable in my cyber world. Now to place the book in a safety box. Smart idea Zoe Girl.
    Last night we had a family meeting about the upgrade of Dad's house. It went well. I watched my executor brother and his wife argue over painting louvered doors and....shall we put in a stove or no stove. It will all work out for the best. Dad's house will shine on his street. His yard looks great right now. Maybe my brother and I will build a Zen garden on the west side of the house. That would be so much fun.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Don't blend my heart

    bitch. Get this... old boyfriend "OB". Once you were my man bitch. Now the xPig, a man with no balls. You've been canceled like a bad check. There's no blending of my heart!

    xPig Rap Sheet:

    Slam da bank account
    Tanked my credit
    Thew me away
    For a better day
    Then you lied
    Married that bride
    Got some nerve
    Asking with her
    4 more $$$$$
    Now whose desperate
    I've got credit
    Not for you
    Ya lowlife fool

    After yoga class last night

    I crossed paths with the owner of my yoga studio. She asked about my stripper daughter and how she is doing. My daughter is a yoga lifer 4 sure. I told Michele that she's always asking me when I will go to Bikram teacher's training. The owner lite up like a fire cracker. She was in agreement that I do teacher's training. You must be approved by the owner to go. Then she told me how I was such an inspiration for her. It made me cry when I was sitting in the car talking to my daughter on my cell phone. I never thought that of myself since the owner is so incredible in all her poses. My daughter wants to be a teacher. It's not the right time for me to go. Several reasons: time consuming, 9 weeks away from home, costly and arduous. Taking time away from home is the biggy for me. Who would take are of my cats? So for now it's the keyboard, my mind's thoughts, talking to all of you in this freakum blog. I must move forward on the book. When it's published that would be the time for teacher's training. It's cold and overcast in San Jose today. I love this weather. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love Halloween. I grew up in Cupertino as a child. I loved to wear gypsy, witch and monster costumes. I used a pillow case for my trick or treat candy. It was so fun then, and I never got a belly ache from eating ALL that candy. HA HA HA

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    My life on Tuesday

    This old boyfriend(white trash pimp) and whore wife, their unknown crap is wearing on me. He and I did everything together in the bay area. Where did we not go??? They are dead in my mind. I'm thinking, focus on something different. Hey Lizz, can I make some roller skate boots similar to yours? I need to get my mind on fun stuff.
    I thought I was getting a cold but I'm okay this morning. Too much confusion in my life. My book chapter on the school teacher is coming along. I decided to tell the whole story and what happened. I will not hold back on this one.
    The sale of Dad's house is in limbo. Fixing it up and the weather, it will be a challenge since the entire house needs new paint.
    I found a green librarian suit for Halloween. I'm looking for a darker green. Wish me luck. My mind has a ton of creativity.

    Knocked on my door
    Old boy & wife whore
    I'm not your bitch
    There's NO more hitch
    Take the hot tub honey
    Get your own money!

    "G-Ma" Zoe Zane Inzane Productions 2010

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Click here my farts on nipple cookies "Clips4 Sale"

    Farting on Nipple Cookies
    Don't get mad at macho men just make some nipple cookies for a Halloween Party. Fart on the nipple cookies several times. Serve them stinky, hot from the oven. HA HA HA!
    Too funny! I made some tiny brownies and put orange Halloween candy in the center of each cookie.

    All my site were down today for this reason: There were some extended issues with the MySQL server that needed to be taken care of. The issues were causing heightened disk read time, delaying many of the key processes on the server. This has been stabilized.

    Yoga 2 days in a row

    Craving some key lime cheesecake with whipping cream, I did my regular class on Saturday and the Sunday 4:30PM class. Sunday, Miss Andrea Storm was coming back from SF after visiting our cruel Asian, Fem Dom friend. We missed each other. I was sweating and working my ass in class. Whew!
    This weekend is the Exotic Erotic Ball near SF waterfront. I have a transformation party scheduled for one of my cross dressers. I'm not sure I will make it to the ball. I have these custom made boots with a million silver sparkels. Another fetish freak brought me a cute, black ballerina dress. All my underground freak friends are flying out of the woodworks in their "Halloween Spirit". My enema slave brought me a metal enema stand to hang his enema bags. The October days are passing quickly.
    Saturday, I went to a book signing for Lynn Davis. She is pretty. I figure she is about 61. I can see she has a hard time with age. WHY? I have a lot of repect for writers. It's lonely and you don't know the outcome at the end of the road(book). I need to hang out with artists and writers in this next stage of my life.
    I will continue to see my underground friends. There is nothing to worry about. I'm a sex freak till I die.

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Orginal pix from hotel room "Folsom Street Fair"

    Yahoo has strict rules for images so I wiped out flipping the bird. Here we are the freakum crew from a Folsom hotel room. Sexy Miss Lizz, Zoe Zane "pimp Girl" and Martini.

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Oh what fun

    I was invited to a cross dresser's studio last night. He showed me all of his expensive lingerie. I told him what to wear and what to do the whole time. He's in charge in his real life and needs a bossy mistress, that's ME! I took 100 pics of him dressed to the nine in his wigs and jewelry. We video taped the whole session. It was a dirty little kinky porn video with Fetish Diva Diamond, my mistress persona and her her slut whore.

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    What you focus on is what you get

    I feel so blessed this morning. It's a freaking miracle to know your mind creates your world. When I first heard that, it blew me away. I was left to fate, to doom, what comes your way. Now, I know I can make my life anyway I want it. You are as happy as you set your mind to be. It's very empowering to know you can direct your life.
    Last night at yoga it was crowded. A lot of new people, a special discount for one month. My right hip is still opening up, and I find myself out of balance. It will get better. I can feel it opening up. No hip surgery for me! WooHooooo! I'm my own surgeon doing Bikram yoga.
    My male cats, the "Monster Cat Crew" have been extra lovey lately. Each cat has his own personality. Sometimes they all want me at the same time. That is a lot of scrubbing and petting and kissing and talking and.....I am out of words. HA HA HA!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    What you do is what you are - white trash marriage

    Action, not what you say you'll do, shows who you are. How you treat the elderly or disabled is what you are. I didn't know I would get respect until I finished my fourth 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge this summer. Even teachers who have gave me a bad time show me respect. I used to work hard to get people to like me. Now I show up at my yoga studio, they know who I am, and what I have done. I can stand in a room and watch the room. All those years feeling inadequate inside are fading away. All my down thoughts.... that no one liked me or I am not good enough are vapors in my mind. How do you build your self-esteem? Focus on what you did good that day, give yourself a big hug for stepping in the right direction for your dreams and goals.

    Just a quick note: the old boyfriend and his wife came to my door Sunday. They had to do it together..... l o s e r s. They came unannounced which I expected (in Utah when I first meet the old boyfriend, he used to sneak over at night through my window. Then, it was exciting to even have someone give me attention or what I thought was love. He was after my high score credit life and I was a Mormon Bishop's wife. I was divorced when I meet the worm. It was not love, it was what he could take from me. I was desperate for any nice attention. I could help him. I saw his shit, I could fix it with my love and hard work).
    The worm and his wife were coming to get $$$$$. The nerve, after what he and she did. The old boyfriend has one nut and he had to bring his cunt whore bitch to bully me with her ONE pathetic nut. They thought teaming up, harassing me with both nuts, would get them money. The nerve. It showed me who he really was, a low life, rip off, take you $$$ fuck. At yoga, I was overwhelmed with their show up and what they did. The manager told me they are perfect for each other and what they will do to get themselves in more trouble. I'm doing this to stop the madness in my mind: they are dead. When I saw them together he was shorter than her all hunched over. She had a fat belly with her loud, bi-polar mouth. Maybe they are thinking about being Bonnie and Clyde? Did they get any $$$$...... NO! I watched their desperation, them begging for a few dollars. The worm and I have a time share together. After all he took from me he would of been smart to sigh it over to me. He wanted me to cash him out. Wrong move buddy and bring your white trash ho to harasses me. Stupid move. I have filed a restraining order against them.
    Last note to pathetic beggars: old boyfriend "white trash pimp" and his skank whore, just work her dirty hole, put her dirty ass out on the streets/hot tubs and get your money. Hey buddy, you know how to work the streets, you were a white trash man whore yourself. Go suck some dick for a meal. I looked up skank it means this: Derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash. You know that girl "D" that lives in the trailer park? She's a total skank.
    One more note to worm face, the white trash pimp: Your mind got the message you will get fucked all the time, so get out there and break the law until you take yourself out with your skank, used up wife!
    Is Zoe upset...I think so. I will not let it eat me up. Remember they are dead in my mind.

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    David and the Mistress

    David has 2 little balls, therefore, not much of a man. When David is 70 he'll still be a little boy with his 2 tiny nuts. His Mistress will train and put his defiant behavior in place with caster oil, ivory soap enemas, feed him foods he doesn't like, eeK!..... broccoli, prunes, and spinage. Clean your plate David...or out to the yard to find your own switch. It's David's job in life to submit to ladies at home and in public. IF he is sullen or pouty, he's whipped to tears. At times, David hates his Mistress and runs off. When he returns, it's humiliation with laughter and her slow teasings. On purpose, he will do his work slow or not at all, knowing his punishments are coming. It excites him. He must stand up immediately when ladies enter the room. Daivid is a dreamy boy and often wastes time. IF he is caught not taking care of the ladies in his life his pants are pulled down and off. His tiny nuts are exposed and laughed at by females. His Mistress makes sure the frisky phony in David is broken down over and over, again and again. It's a cat and mouse game.

    Friday, October 08, 2010

    Late to bed last night

    A male fetish cross dresser wanted to show off in front of me. I told him he had a great tongue with a tiny tap of my finger. I did it several times tapping lightly on the end of his tongue. It's the tiny things that make it special. It's my signature in his mind, the seed is planted for life. I'm sure as he drove home he loved my scent on his face. I called him a dirty little whore to dress up in my fancy lingerie. He likes his dressed up in white or black lingerie. I flashed through many piece of clothing to find the right combo for him. Wig, see through white bra, lacy white garters, tight high white nylons, black lace see through panties, and black patent leather heels. I love see through bras and panties. The sheer material over the flesh is so hot. He liked looking at my black see through bra at my big nipples. I used a soft tiny rubber whip on his panties as he danced like a stripper. At home he takes pics and video of himself. He gets off on showing off..... making his Mistress happy with his golden tongue. He begged me several times to come see him but finally summited to my rules. The Mistress must approve of his manners/behavior before she travels. He was very generous. I had a wonderful time, but a bit tired this morning. Off to Starbucks..........................

    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    Funny words in my sweaty Bikram yoga class

    Owner taught class last night and she made me laugh:
    1. You get a big fat star for showing up and staying 90 minutes in the class.
    2. Curl yourself into a juicy yummy cinnamon roll in the pose.

    Bikram's wife has many doctors ask her how Bikram heals the body. She says when you first start Bikram go as much as possible the first 6 weeks. It will heal your body in a positive direction. IF you can do it everyday for 6 weeks that is the best. But most important go as much as possible.

    I finally painted my writing room, down the hall and out the door. WHEW! My living space has a new face lift. Moved furniture in nice cozy places. Almost done. I'm taking it easy today and focusing on having fun! Will go down to police station and pick the last of the gardenias of the summer.

    I have a special invite from a "YouTube" movie producer for Halloween. I'll show up as the female fem fatale vampire on his scary set. I'm excited, he lovz Halloween as much as I do.

    Wednesday, October 06, 2010

    To track a con artist

    makes me think about myself and my thinking. He was great @ sales, I was mentored by the best. Many times I talk with men in yoga about their jobs. How they negotiate for cheaper rent. How they get what they want. We are selling ourselves all the time.
    The con artist was great at fixing up houses and selling them. A perfectionist, he followed the process. My houses sold when he was involved. Duality inside him, the good and the bad. Eventually, the bad took over and now he's on the run. Run little chicken boy, now a fugitive. When the -- -------- or --- knock on my door or call my iPhone, I have information. You do not hurt and steal and get away with it. Sometimes I remember the good that happened, but I must focus on how he destroyed so much around me. I was too close to going down myself. That was an eye opener. Inside myself, I did not think I could have anything good. Stay focus on the good, I had to stand strong and work through all of it. It was scary many times. I did it by myself with the help of a business coach. Talk one step at a time and now standing free from all of the deception, pain and false love. How to catch a con artist on the run(in my book). It will be worse when they catch him. I guess he figures he's smarter than them and will take his chances. For now, he's free, but one day it will be all over. He bragged about taking small things to eat from stores and not get caught. It was a big thrill to steal and get away with it. Go ahead do it. You will get caught again. It's in your mind, in the cards, worm face.

    My disabled sister is beginning to stand up for herself. All her life she has gotten in trouble for being honest. We all lie. Most can not face the truth. It hurts. Her very words. My disabled sister is not a ravening beauty. She's very very smart, a people watcher for years. Sitting quiet, watching people is smart. You learn alot about people as a watcher.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    6:30PM PST Bikram Yoga Class - packed with new students

    Promotion at the studio, feels like 60 day challenge again. Must get to class early, get my mat spot. I have bonged both pinkie toes, a light sprang to left ankle from Folsom Street Fair, and both big toes were stepped on. My yoga teacher said my feet are the foundation of my life. I need to slow down and be stable. It's okay, there is plenty of time for me. Raised to be perfect, the hero of my family added more pressure to my "A" type personality. I need calm, grounded people in my life. Too many dings in my mind, showing up on my feet, take it easy girlfriend and wear your tennis shoes. Slow down Zoe, it's okay, relax and enjoy.
    Behind the scenes for my book: my reseach is intense, real drama over old boyfriend and Dad's estate with family. My son "Troy" the love of my life is keeping tabs on his Mom. I'm so blessed with wonderful children. Awhile back I decided to build trust banks with my kids. It's working for all of us.
    Last night in yoga class, I heard the teacher tell us what Bikram says about us and the yoga. Bikram says that we have junk bodies with goofy minds. Bikram yoga is the surgeon for your injuries. Many come to class BC their doctors have told them they must go under the knife for surgery. It's better to go to Bikram than under the knife. Bikram yoga is the knife.

    Saturday, October 02, 2010

    I create peace by wearing

    my "Pink Afro and Sunglasses". I had a family meeting about Dad's estate and it went great. My asshole brother does not know I produce porn. Thank God I write, I star, I produce porn. I got balance BC, I'm a fake porn star. LAUGHING!!!!! way out loud...ha ha ha. My brother thinks he's in charge, BUT his wife is "The Man". I told her that and we both laughed. I listen to my brother and he lets it all out. Just let him tell his story.
    Miss Zoe Zane --- Smart Ass Bitch in California --- wear a pink afro and you create peace for yourself.

    GREAT News - The house of misery I was

    raised in will get a face lift. I'm so excited. My Dad's house will be painted inside and out with new carper/linoleum. New energy will come to all of us in the family. True value will be placed on us. The old is leaving, newness for my living family. E X C I T E D sooooooooooooo happy and injoy!!!
    Smilesssssssssss!!!!! More to come about how it all happened. Zoe Zane MILF Blog - Self Respect for a Dysfunction California Family

    Friday, October 01, 2010

    Bikram Yoga Class - Take R Medicine Zoe

    In the triangle pose it's medicine for your heart and lungs. I can only do it once in the class. Each pose is done twice. Maybe by the end of the year I can do triangle 2 times in class. That's my mini health goal I'm working on old injuries, was pushed off a roof when I was child. I was 4 1/2 years old when it happened. I had a cast on both legs up to my waste. When you are 4 you just go with the punches. I do not remember the hospital or what I did after in the cast. I remember being pushed off the roof. I'm still afraid of heights. A lot to get done today, bank, site updates etc. I saw my enema slave early this morning. We are working on getting a medical fantasy. It's very cool. I love the nurse. She is kinky bad and wicked and deviant and wild and has a big fat smile on her face when she does YOU!
    Zoe Zane Fake Porn Star Blog - I love fake anything - I will be doing more cake farts this fall in my live cams on CamWorld.Com

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