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    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    Read this link - preacher falls

    Evangelical Preacher Cheating On His Wife With Another Evangelical Preacher

    Posted by Dan Savage on Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 9:01 AM
    But it's an opposite cheat—you know, like an "opposite marriage" but adulterous—so it's not as sinful/delicious as it could be. But however they fall, it's always nice to see a snake-oil-peddlin', homophobia-preachin' POS fall:

    There’s a new televangelist soap opera. Reports this week suggest a still-married Benny Hinn is now romantically involved with Paula White, another television preacher with a colourful past. The 57-year-old Hinn, who began his preaching career at a church hall near Yonge and Bloor Streets in the 1970s, is best known for his faith-healing “Miracle Crusades” and his half-hour television show, "This is Your Day."

    White, 44, is the star of television’s "Paula White Today," whose ministries reputedly pulled in $40 million in donations and sales of various goods in 2006. Her website’s current offerings include the four-CD set, “Creating Healthy Relationship” in return for “any gift amount.”

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Dad is dieing for sure at 91

    I went to the hospital last night to see the monster of my life. He was always angry, a nervous Father. If I have to go and get a tiny bite of love from a frail fading human being, I will. His skin is so thin, blood in his urine/cancer, he broke his face and has a mild concussion from falling on his linoleum cement floor. The ER doctors wanted to operate on his brain and shove a catheter up his penis. He's out of his mind right now. He did know I was his friend. He was a babbling idiot and wanted to walk out of the hospital last night. Poor nurse, she was beside herself. Shall I call this life drama the "Family of a Monster?" I will go and see what I can give or get, whatever..... from the monster in my life. Mature Zoe Zane
    P.S. I like the monster pic it makes me laugh.

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    A tiny shift for the high class escort movie

    I watched a mainstream movie with Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, Max Thieriot and Amanda Seyfried. "Chloe" is about a hired high class escort that lies. Wife, Julianna hires her to find out about unfaithful husband, Liam. Then the escort seduces her son BC she has the hots for the wife. It feels very real to me. Escorts seduce and fall in love with the whole family! Are you freaked? Human seduction with lesbian sex and it gets twisted. The escort made up sex story, sex lies, never did the husband, took the money, and fell in love with the wife. LOL.

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Click here read Zoe Zane and Zoey Zane who was murdered


    Zoey Zane was the second most searched phrase on Yahoo for the previous month, only surpassed by Yahoo 360. On third was Perez Hilton.
    We just wished that she was searched for better reasons...

    It is so loud and clear today from Emily Sanders, she wants me to write what happened to her and many sex workers. How angry, violent men think they can push around, rape, torture women who are sex workers. How they can dump all their hatred for other women on a sex worker. How society tears down porn stars, etc. who show sex in pics and video. Last week, I had a conversation with a guy who is in the coast guard. He told me that the Arizona board is HOT. Be careful. Sharp shooters are picking down Mexicans near the boarder. How did I come to a planet of war that wants to kill. Heaven help us all.
    The new con gig from the boarder: Did you know that I'm under age and came to you. I'll call the police. I asked for his ID and he did not have it with him. He was out to scare and get 4 less. What a punk!

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Who do you like?

    Do you like the secretary, the boss, the school teacher or the librarian? Today, I like the naughty librarian. I wore a black girdle with pink-orange satin panties, sheer full fashion nylons, blue suit with black high heels and black rimmed glasses.
    I had a big fat orgasm in my panties. Mature MILF Porn Star Live Cam Show Miss Zoe the naughty librarian. One of the cam viewers told me that cam shows were improving a HOLE lot! HA HA HA

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Fried in the brain and shoulder needs a rest

    Working on a lot of porn updates. I'm out of here RIGHT NOW! Going to Starbucks and then home with cats. Tonight is day 21 for bikram yoga. I need to chill out watch some tub and pet my furry cat boys. I'm so wasted, sick of my computer!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Fucking Sex and the flower Gardenia - click link

    I wish humans could be better lovers. It's my fantasy for all of us to get over the fear, shame and guilt over our sex. The Net is helpful and you can find information for a better sex life. That is if you can get yourself over there to read about it. You are the only one who has the power to change anything in your life. When you get THAT things will change. Gotta get over the ego for improvement. Many men in my tantric training groups apologized to all the women for using their dicks like weapons. Mainstream porn shows men how to use their dicks like a weapon. Earlier porn seemed more real, like real sex. But today's porn shows men how to use their dick like a weapon. It sucks. The married women do not like it, so the men go to whores. A whore has to be a tuff cookie and direct/train all that negative sex shit, instruct men who to fuck right. What a big job for all the whore angels in the sex trenches. LOL. Smart Ass Bitch tells it straight from the heart hip. (I had seven kids and never had an orgasm in my cunt all those years. Religion and sex do not mix. Religion does not have the right to instruct people how to have better sex. Religion likes to put a band-aid on a big hurt. Big hurts need tiny details, not a bunch of shame). Here is one trick for men to use with women. Learn to listen and watch. Do not come on like a bull boozer. Women are like delicate flowers that need gentle touch. Treat a woman like a gardenia. Gardenias turn brown with the wrong touch.
    Read how to care for Gardenias.
    How to grow gardenias: http://www.thegardenhelper.com/gardenia.htm

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    After yoga class I called stripper daughter

    She was upset. Went to help move her Dad's shit kicking wanna be cowboy red truck, ---whew!, her foot slipped off the clutch, hit the gas and ran over 3 motorcycles. She was crying and laughing at the same time. I guess she's pissed off at her do nothing, lazy ass Dad who does not fix anything and ONLY cares about himself. He has not changed since I left him and the Mormon Church. Is she angry, I think so. We're working on how to be angry but not hurt yourself. She sat in the truck piled on top of the 3 motorcycles while cars driving by took pics and video of this non-injury accident. When the cop arrived he did not know what to do. He told her to leave notes on the bikes. She begged the cop to give her a case number. He finally gave it to her. Too funny telling the cop what to do. She would do that! HA HA HA
    Maybe she needs to get a job racing Derby cars, bang the metal girl, get ride of her anger -----!@#$%^&*()!!!! grrr yell spit on a flat tire, kick it and yell more! 2 guys who owned the bikes picked them up and put stuff back, no big deal. Too funny. A retarded guy helped her move the truck off the bikes. Too funny. Her Dad did not care about his wrecked truck. Too funny. If you see a red truck on top of 3 bikes on YOUTUBE send me the link. I want to see what she did in SLC, Utah.

    Monday, July 19, 2010


    You do everything to get love from a asshole, wake up Zoe, it's rewardless. Accept it. The asshole doesn't know or think love is deserved. Assholes are loveless so why waste your precious time squeezing a tiny drop of love from the asshole. You jump up and down, get straight A's, a honor student and the asshole still ignores you. I have showed compassion so many times it's sickening. You take the crap from a asshole over and over to numb-ville. NO more numb for me! You take the assholes's crap and think this is love, BUT your world is loveless. My disabled sister was babied by Mom and the asshole didn't slam her as hard. She watched the asshole, is telling me how abusive the "A" was to other family members. Your Zoe Girl escaped to her world of fun love. My sister is telling me the truth now. Honestly, the asshole wants to suffer in his OWN Hell and take all down with him. I thought I might have a change with the asshole, but I can see now there is no chance for love from a loveless asshole. Mature Zoe Zane Porn Star Blog about her childhood with a her asshole Dad. For a moment in time, I thought my Dad and I might connect. But, today, I can see my real asshole Dad growing up as a child. I was the one who had the love not him. I guess you make things up in your mind so you can make it with a asshole. A loveless childhood is too much for child who needs love.

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    1950s Fetish Mommie School Teacher

    I have a thing for silk stockings with seams, tight girdles and panties. The dress I'm wearing I found in vintage shop in San Jose 8 years ago. Many of my stud boys have seen me wear this dress. Photographer www.ffstockings.com finally took pics of the infamous Fetish Mommie red dress. I love these fetish pics. Update is today. Live cam show this morning, I do not have one clue what to do or say this morning. I'll just get naked on the floor and talk dirty with my wet cunt! Mature MILF Porn Star Zoe Zane in San Jose

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Update for zoezane.com

    I love these pics taken by Julia the school teacher on http://www.ffstockings.com.
    Julia has a deviant photographer in Canada. He knows what men like to see school teachers wear and do to their friends and themselves. He told me I need to celebrate by age. I am!
    Yesterday, I got this phone call from a 35 year old male about Kitty Foxx. When he was 19 years old he was at a wild LA sex party with a bunch of porn stars. Kitty Foxx was one of the stars. She sucked his dick and tweaked his mind. I was on the phone outside of my yoga studio talking about what they did and what I did to a 19 year old. I was at this huge swing party at Vegas Red Rooster. I had a boyfriend that loved to watch me fuck other guys. He liked me to cheat on him. LOL. I never did. I always made him watch me fuck other men. He was into to cheating, I was into making him watch and clean me up! At the swing club a 19 year old was chasing me around the club. I went to this room with 2 other stud boys and locked out the boyfriend and the 19 year old. They had to wait. Inside the room my 2 stud boys and I were screwing up a storm talking real dirty with each other. I made the stud boys call me whore over and over while I was cumming on their dicks. Outside the locked door the boyfriend and the 19 year old listened with hardens. When I drained the two stud boys dry I went for more outside the door. I took the 19 year old out to the orgy room and sucked his dick with my juicy cock sucking blow job lips. He inserted his big dick inside and it was all over. He was too hot to hold back. I fucked his horny brain when I locked him out and he heard all my screaming whore words and moans. Fuck me MTFER, I'm coming, I'm such a filthy whore and I want you more. Give it too me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! This story is not made up but real and true. No wonder Kitty Foxx wanted me in porn with her. Zoe Zane Blow Job Porn Star Whore

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Click here read my 60 day challenge Bikram Yoga blog

    Here is the link to the blog

    Today, was a great day for me with all my fetish stud boys. I worry too much, a learned childhood, bad habit. I'm so blessed. My 3 boy cats love me over and over again. They are so sweet for me! Working on a new fetish video, two MILFS sucking each other's toes. Very sexy!

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Camworld my live cam went great

    I showed off my big boob, big clit and poured the jar filled with cum from the frat party last night. I got it on film this time baby cakes. What a mess, look for the videos of everything on Southern Charms, YOUTUBE and www.zoezane.com. I gotta run up to San Francisco today. I'll tell you all about it at the SF Armory sponsored by kink.com

    Zoe Zoe Porn Producer ..... whatever MILF blog

    I lov my GaGa

    I watched her play in New York outside. Smart. We need GaGa more that we know. Her hair was not perfect, she talked about her friends, sang her new song. She wore glasses with bubble sparkles. Those designers are having a ball making up shit. Yah baby!
    In yoga class last night one of the men told me that one day high school will be so advanced kids will be in college at 13. I believe it. Fuck the system.

    My stripper daughter called me up at 8PM about a site run by us.

    Gotta run to live cam show on camworld.com, pull out the jar of cum from the fridge from the frat party. Zoe Zane Mature Busty Porn Star Blog
    I did not make a lot of porn movies in LA. I didn't want to get sexually abused in mainstream porn that is not real. So, I'm doing my own porn. Fuck the porn system too.

    Friday, July 09, 2010

    Click here Miss Zoe Zane looking 4 good stud boys

    for video. You must sign model releases and show 2 forms of ID for age verification. Please send the video application by email from my site. I amping it up for High Definition video for www.zoezane.com
    I need guys that are in good shape like college boys. You know about the jar filled with cum from the frat house in Southbay. I will have another jar by tomorrow morning from tonight's party. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Click here SF Adult Convention July 8-10, 2010

    I will be up at the Cybernet Expo this year. I'm planning on attending the party sponsored by www.kink.com @ Army Infirmary Sat night 8-11 PM. It will be kinky, wild and very interesting for Miss Zoe aka Fetish Mommie.

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Look for my boobs on You Tube this month

    I over look many things and that's my big boobs. I nursed all of my 7 kids. My tits went from a B cup to a E cup. Today, they are somewhere in the range of 38D maybe 40D. They are big. I use them everyday on the my stud boys. In my Bikram yoga class not too many women have big boobs. So what. What's so awesome, a cougar like myself can reverse the aging process with Bikram. My intention: when I'm 75 years old I will look 35 years old. This month I'll post something sex with my big boobs in a bra and tank top on YOU TUBE

    Monday, July 05, 2010

    I had a great 4th of July

    It was warm, I loved the fireworks and fire crackers. The next door neighbor had a ton of fire crackers. Fire crackers have a new meaning for me, I get excited when I hear them go off.

    Slave D had a mother figure neighbor train him to be a boy on his feet when he was in college. Actually, she was the head nurse at the nursing home he worked at part time. She hired "Slave D" to run to the store, take out the garbage, clean up her yard. That summer she threw away stuff, got organized and Slave D helped her. She became his Mommie Mistress for a few years. She loved The The Stooges. One day Slave D was out raking the cut lawn... but slowly. To slow for his Mommie Mistress, he was in training, but didn't know it. She pulled him in the house telling him to stand up straight. She walked over to him and pulled his shorts down to the ground. He was so embarrassed and his little nuts, which they were... ha ha ha --- twanged with excitement. She laughed and told him he better get the grass up fast for her lunch party. He ran out side and hustled with an erection. She smiled and when into the house. Inside she was playing The Three Stooges and told Slave D he had something important to watch. He ran quickly into the TV room. He was standing whith pants down, watching, The Stooges set pants on fire. His Mommie Mistress was laughing. Slave D was not laughing. LOL. She saw that and told him to laugh with her from now on or else. He didn't laugh. She moved behind him, pinched his bottom and whacked his behind fast over and over. She laugh hard!!! I want you to laugh with me or you're fired. He laughed. The Stooges dumped fire ants in a guy's pants. The guy was jumping, itching and scooting on the ground. Mommie Mistess was laughing loud a lot. She told Slave D to make sure he was not slow or sullen at anything or he would feel the heat. She laughed. HA HA HA
    His Mommie Mistress smoked from time to time. I wonder IF Slave D knew what she might do. He had an erection with his pants off and liked it. The entire day he had to clean up, do up, make up, carry up, everything with his pants down.
    Mature Zoe Zane On-line Author for fire in the pants stories

    Saturday, July 03, 2010

    Big Labia Live Cam Show

    I put a lot of thought into this show. It was sparkle red, white and blue. I guess some of my regulars are out of town BC the "WH" viewers (woman haters) put in there 2cents. They ticked my off so I farted on them in the show. I ripped about 5 big ones. The last fart was a deep bang like a hard plop. Today was a big can of Zoe Farts. Stink on the "WH" bitch boys!
    Today, I start my 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. I will create a new blog just for the challenge so my yogis can read what I blog about. Mature Busty MILF Porn Star Zoe Zane Blog

    Sometimes my jaws hurt

    from sucking too many dicks. One time I thought I was close to lock jaw. At a swing party I went crazy to suck dick. I pulled out cum from 7 dicks. I was on this intense suck bing in Las Vegas. Next time it was a baker's dozen. I had 13 loads of cum on my face. Mature Busty MILF Porn Star Zoe Zane
    P.S. I guess that is why the later Porn Star Kitty Foxx hunted me down at Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club to be one of her Vegas porn stars. I made a lot of movies in Vegas with Kitty Foxx. If she was alive today we would be sucking and fucking up a big load of dick!
    When things get really bad just smile!

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    Whatever you do, do your best no matter what happens

    When I went after dick, I decided to DO my best at one thing. I would be notoriously know for my juicy cock sucking. I saw my girlfriends eek! over cum in their pretty hair dos. Men know if you like what you do. They just know. I decided to be the best cock sucker. I had back and neck injuries from childhood. It wasn't easy. I was seeing a chiropractor for my back flying back and forth from Las Vegas to Cal. 3 weeks in California and one week in Vegas. I was torn between Vegas and California. I love Las Vegas baby.
    When I cock sucked, I thought about this wild, dirty, little story about a Mom who was a topless dancer in a punk town. She liked to have her mouth gagged with dick. It made her horny since she was face fucked by a very close local. I will not say who did it. The phone sex caller, a male, told me the story. He watched the stripper Mom get it in the face with her girlfriends. I ran the story over and over in my mind when gobbling down dick. Then I decided to let them cover cum ALL over my face, get down and messy. My girlfriends never understood what I was doing. But I did. Men like to spew cum on your face. Sperm can sting real bad when in your eyes. I have had cum shot right up my nostril down to back of my throat coughing. Whatever. Diary of a nastee MILF busty Mature Porn Star Cock Sucker Zoe Zane

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