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    Monday, June 28, 2010

    There is no sex for dummies - I'm MEAN

    Call me call me call me.....I'm feed up with you trying to "CALL ME" Mr. Thick Skull. Oh, I love you and want you and will take care of you and I have money. And you will not have to work. Sounds like prison to me. HA! Just send a pic dude. Keeps telling me over and over on my tellie-phone just type my name in Google and this address and you will find me. Like I will remember THAT while I'm driving to my Dads house. la la la.... He keeps calling me. Now----- he classified as a phone stalker. Finally, I tell him, he's stalking me. He don't like THAT, I'm a nice guy, a college professor. LOL. Spermed headed phone freak has lost his mind to a picture on the Net? What the fuc. So lets play get rid of the phone stalker. He keeps calling and wants my abuse. I decide the only way to get rid of him is BE MEAN. He calls more, I pick up the phone and do not answer. He laughs and tells me I could really like you. After I tell him all he cares is about himself, a stalker and time waster I hang up. He leaves a VM telling me I am a very mean person. OH I AM! Thank you for telling me. It is a given IF you keep calling me and do not want to give the required support, and ONLY care about your cum filled nuts, I will be mean dude. Guarantee100% mean b1tch --- mature MILF zoe zane phone blog

    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    Damn the camera stopped and did not get the wild content

    Miss Zoe is doing to much all at the same time - the stud boy showed up and I'm the first cum whore on camz now cam world. Bummer, I did not get it recorded. Another day. I poured cum from a jar all over my head from the frat party last night. The girlfriend, a professor from another state, we drove over to a wild frat house party in Southbay. 2 MILFS doing their evil wicked stuff with a bunch of college boys. I make sure they show there ID. No one is under 18. I don't care what geek award you got for being an ace. Out the door geek ace, next year, baby cakes.

    new video for glam dom

    I'm working on a new intro vid for my beautiful glam girl in my book - i like to make up characters and be them - on a laptop typing - i do not like laps but I'm blessed with one - this week a con artist alarmed your miss zoe with threats - i have a plan that my stripper daughter and i will org UP on Sunday to catch a con - even down to my level of entertainment, is has gotten worse with too many men who have no jobs with lots of free time and want to harass women like miss zoe - i learned how to give hate energy bad to the one who sent it. IT WORKS!!!

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Lay off 200 police officers in Oakland

    "It's gonna be Thursday showdown"

    Urge police to 'give back'
    by Rashidah Grinage
    Tuesday Jun 22nd, 2010 7:54 PM

    The Oakland Police Officers Association is sending robo calls to urge that no police officers be laid off. They are the only union that has refused to make concessions by paying into their pension fund. They are among the highest paid workers in Oakland, making between $100,000 and $200,000 a year and don't even live in Oakland and contribute to our economy.

    Oakland taxpayers spend $.75 of every City tax dollar on police and fire. That’s three times (in percentages) what America spends on the US military budget ($.255 of every US tax dollar). In both cases, the result is a shortfall in tax dollars available for education, human services, and infrastructure.

    According to the Oakland Police Department's website, the lowest starting pay is $71,841. In New York City the lowest starting pay is $46,228 - and it has a 59.4% higher cost of living than Oakland.
    With Police and Fire Departments consuming almost the entire budget, major City maintenance has been deferred indefinitely. And sacrificing essential human services will only contribute to a rise in crime, driving the need for even greater expenditures for pubic safety.

    The question is: why won’t the Oakland Police Association (OPOA) do what other city employee unions have done: give back. While other unions have decided that contributing to their pension fund is better than watching their fellow union workers lose their jobs, OPOA has held back. Instead of sacrificing a bit to help the community, they have decided to ratchet up fear and hysteria, proclaiming that the loss of officers will reverse the gains in public safety that have been made. There is no evidence that supports this claim.

    Should the City Council sacrifice the arts, libraries, museums, services for seniors and infrastructure repairs just to prevent police layoffs? Make your opinion known at 5:30 Thursday, at Oakland’s City Hall Council Chambers.

    What the fuck cause a riot for Oakland??? What are the $$$ pigs doing to our minds? It affects all of us. I'm tired of how gov lies and makes us all feel unsafe or wrong. Oakland children are not safe with each other. Kids hurting kids. LOL. I'm going to go play with my cats and feel safe. Mature Zoe Zane zoblog

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    One of the chapters of my book

    "To Kill a Pimp!" She's had it, her life giving the damn bastard all her money and sex. One night she's called into his den and told to kneel for his job nob. Her jaws are already sore from her all those sucks. She can barely open her mouth, panic, does she have lock jaw? He likes to make her gag and she hates it. Make her throw up on his balls. He tells her to give him his time and she says, "No!!!" She thinks, just get off, get it over. He takes out this gun and puts it in his mouth. Do this bitch! How many times has he done this and now she does not care anymore. That big gun has broken her teeth. Standing up with big eyes and gun in her mouth, she puts her finger on his finger, I'm angry ready, shoot me you motherfucker. Just do it. I'm sick of you and I'm not the bank anymore. Pulling her finger on his his finger, a tug of war.....

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Live Cam, it's Saturday, what happen this week

    Ringing cell phone from one of my stud boys for live cam early this morning. We had a great time teasing each other. He is eye candy 100% for Miss Zoe. I got a few pics and some great video for blow job and facial. I blew cum bubbles in the show. Yippee!!!
    Every since Tuesday, I thought it was Friday. I have been off all week long. All week has been ONE BIG FRIDAY for me! I had a trip planned for Southern Charms Bash in Maryland but I decided not to go. Many reasons, my dieing Dad, my neighbor tried to poison all the feral cats, AND my cats this week, a new window was installed in my studio on Friday and the fire alarm will be set. It's been hectic securing my homeland. LOL. But all is safe, and tomorrow morning one of my fetish slave boys will take me out so I can flash in public. Where??? Right now, I do not know.
    Tip: The more I produce porn, YOU are the only one who looks out for you. Most people only care about themselves. So look out for you, you are the only one who can do THAT!

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Guns in Utah land of religion

    If you want to carry a concealed gun/weapon you must have a license. IF you have a gun on the dash of your car, on your kitchen table etc----out in the open no license for THAT. If a gun is hidden you can baptise someone into the church. No one wants to be baptised by someone who openly gun carries a gun. We can't have that can we. If this is silly it is.....AND the damn truth. Brought to you by Zoe Zane and her stripper daughter Cigara.

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Work work work hold the fort down - new girlfriend click this link Hillary

    Steady & sure, my foundation this year. I'm the corner stone of my life. On YOUTUBE my funny fans want more silly stupid sexy by Zo Zo. O K A Y!
    Today, I was a kinky nurse at the sperm bank for role play. He was given a skin mag to look at. He showed me what he liked. I was the centerfold but he did not know it was me. I said nothing. Camera lights more makeup and you are more glam. Later, I told him I was the girl in the mag. Too funny.
    Sometimes I get so feed up with phone callers I scream out the car like a blow torch. I have centered myself to be cool on the phone. I need to smash a bunch of cell phones like a crazy monster. Yah, baby it feels gud. Have talked about it, need to put in action. Look for it on YOUTUBE.
    I have new wild girlfriend on Southern Charms. She emailed me and we have been emailing each other for several days. HillarySC2 zoe zane

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Finally amateurcamz 4 performers is working right

    Saturday, my show was dropped. I'm not sure why? A lot of confusion with the changes for camz that is now camworld. Bugs need to be worked out. I rescheduled my cam show for Sunday morning 9 AM PST and it went well. I dressed up in my new diamond buckle boots (Slave XXX gave me a present - thank you slave who is a loser). I wore red and black fishnets nylons, leather mini skirt, black bras with red fishnet, short top, new black sunglasses and my blonde, wild pony tail. Tons of makeup and heavy black eyeliner, you know like a fem dom slut HA! Upskirt camera angle and my dirty mouth, etc. I'll post pics from video later.

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Go back to the basics they work

    As I wake up early in the morning, ideas to me on how to improve my www.zoezane.com www.stardomtheatre.com and Southern Charm's site. It's the creative mind and all is quiet, where I see and hear what needs to be done. I have looked to others which has not always been in my best interest. It's important, always present yourself in the best way possible (business coach). I got some advice from someone I thought knew more and I regret following their advice. They are long gone now. Someone who helped me a lot was Kitty Foxx and Alan her hubby with my porn sites. They were great people. Even though they have gone they are with me. I sure miss them both a lot. Those days of porn were outrageous. I know dem boys, what they like and want. Some porn will always turn me on. I will be posting it on the free pics page very soon. It came to me what all my admires and fetish slaves crave. I'm going back to the basics. They always work. How do I know? "The Penis and their Men" tell me day in and day out. I have hands on, direct marketing ideas expressed to me everyday on what men like. I will have a entire chapter dedicated to the penis and their men in my new book. LOL.

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    A secret fantasy of mine

    I love a rubber mask on my face when I'm blind folded. I do not like to be tied up. I will stay in one place. I like different textures on my skin like paint brushes, feather, ice etc. I like to go inside and make my other sense turn up high. I can do this with someone I trust 100%. Not everyone can do this with me. It must be a mutual trust. I have had this done to me at Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club upstairs in the couples area. That was the night Ron Jeremy made his way through the club. What you see Ron do in video that is how he is in real life. At that time I was intimated by Ron BUT not today. At the Vegas Porn Convention, I farted on Ron and laughed. He did not know I did it. I wonder if he likes WFOM???
    mature MILF zoe zane farts rubber masks

    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    Head banging cat in wardrobe room - Lady Gaga

    I'm on my lap checking stats and Chubs is jamming in the corner of the wardrobe room. What is THAT noise and what are you doing to yourself you silly cat. Chubs is very mellow cool most of the time. Was he dancing with a fairy angel? LOL. The Fat cat Buddy just lays there and knods his head. He's smooth and has a big furry butt for me to love 24/7. When he jumps up next to me he gives me a huge kitty 20 pound huge.

    As for my Mom 2 Mom message, I know there are Moms out there who want kids and it's not happening. You can torture yourself way too much. I have a daughter-in-law who does just THAT. Breathe my sweet girl, relax and things will come your way. You are a Mom. A Mom who wants to be a Mom and have kids, is a Mom. Kisses and hugs to you my lovely girl.
    I just watched Lady GaGa in her new video Alejandro. Dramatic and strong!

    I have had this hidden freaky side to myself for years. Now with the lead of GaGa, I can come out now. It comes from the womb and my childhood. It's gud I had a funny button in my brain or I would of not been here to write about it. I have struggle with a female parts for years. I was trained to hate me but the spark of love for myself is growing more each day. To all the woman out there who do not think, see, or feel that your are beautiful, I want you to know you can find that in yourself. Whatever they told you, I WAS NOT TRUE! Message from the Famous Fame Freaky Whore

    Tuesday, June 08, 2010

    Mom 2 Mom - Cat Rescue Team

    Last night went for walk and passed a Mexican Mom with her daughter. She smiled at me. I was pushing back a Safeway grocery cart I used when my car went in for repairs. I was cold last night, I was wearing a fetish housecoat with shoe prints in white reeboks. Mom who looks funny on her walk. LOL. I'm not into getting attention when I walk in my neighborhood. I'm part of a cat rescue team for stray cats. I put out water for the feral cats. The kittens are so cute. They look at me and then run away. Whatever happens, there is one thing for sure. Moms who have kids will be there for each other. It does not matter what age, the shape or size, the color, the language, the job, or how many kids. Moms who have kids know other Moms. A mom is a female who is pregnant. Mature Zoe Zane MILF Mom
    One more thang, my 91 year old Dad walked around the block with a walker. He fractured his femur bone over a month ago. The bone is healed. Even if Dad wants to die his body wants to heal itself. Suck it up Dad. He has more to mend with his children before he dies.

    Saturday, June 05, 2010

    Its offical --- "I'm A Free Bitch Baby"

    I was on time 4 live cam show 4 ONLY members --- today. Only one dumb thing I did. I hit the wrong button and was on the free side for private camz shows. NO NUDITY allowed OR you are dismissed, FIRED!!! I was caught up in my performance as the nurse in white uniform. I got this notice to call Paul on private camz shows. I'm not fired, what a ding-aling I am. I will redo the show but even better tomorrow morning 9AM Sunday June 6, 2010.

    Oh fuck me!

    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Get the BIG Monkey off your back

    I stewed over this and that over the weekend. BREATHE Zoe! I did, and focused on beautiful plants. Today, gave my 3 cats a sloppy kiss on each forehead and hug before I drove up North to conquer "Monkey Seven". When I finally did it ... Not that bad. I will have a lot of help with this Monkey, of 7 years. Overcoming fears build confidence in yourself.
    Oh, another note, my 91 year old Dad is getting better. I had a nice visit with him yesterday in spite of the loud, over bearing, dominating brother-in-law. No wonder my handicapped sister hates him. He's obnoxious and self-serving. IF he treated himself or my sister half as good as he treats my Dad, our planet would elevate out the light gate. I'll tell him that. He tried to teach me something, very condescending, down talk to ME, I'm older, I got him at his game and "SHUT" the fucker UP!
    Last, but the best, my Dad gave me a picture of myself when I was close to Junior High School age. I saw myself for the first time as beautiful. I have talked about my loveless parents and how my Mother called me brat all the time. Yesterday was the first time, I saw ME, my beautiful self. Wow! Mature MILF zoe zane zoblog

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