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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    My slave, the Chauffier, Instituion 37

    He's been my adoring, worshipping fetish slave for over 10 years. He drove me to a classy restaurant, bought me my favorite drink. I was wined and dined with style. We made plans to ruffle the feathers of two wanting Dom's. They want him. I will make those women fall in love with me. It was wonderful to sip my well-mixed martini drink "Green Apple with Red Cherry". I had a glorious time but was wasted the next day. I do not like to drink alone, at home, at a bar ----- only with great friends at a party. I went to my Bikram yoga class at 430 PM. mature milf zoe zane zoey zane zoe zayn1 zoblog

    Internet down NOW is back up

    I've been down since mid-morning Saturday. My studio is in a large apartment complex. With movers in and out, one port, for my Net connection was not working right. Will need replacement from over use of filters and movers. I'm on another pot, ha ha ha, correction, port..... and oh my God, my connection is so fast, the one I was paying for, and now I feel it. Yippee! My update for "What Stays in Vegas" will be up today with Big Dick Part #2 video for members.

    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    The Four of Me "Zoe Zane"

    I always wanted more of me doing my dirty work stirring up things on Earth. One was a college girl "Zoe Zoey" who wanted to be a porn star and was murdered at 19. We are all sadden by her violent death. Her killer will not be sentenced to death but life in prison. Second, is a girl in her thirties on a radio show WHO USED my name "Zoe Zane". eek! The radio talk show was for sex THAT fizzled. Bummer I love radio. Now for my THIRD personality, she looks like me when I was college girl, no boobs, in great shape and died black hair. LOL. Her site is http://www.zoezayn.com
    Today, we are doing cam shows at the same time on camZ. That will really make the cam viewers crazy. FOUR, then there is me, the one and ONLY Zoe Zane on the Net since 2000. She had 7 kids in the Mormon church and went freakum wild in Las Vegas.
    Now you can see why it took me a long time to create my stage name. zoe zane zoezane zoezoey zoezayn zoezayn1

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Cats are so funny

    I took theses pics this morning of my MONSTER CAT CREW when we all got up. They are showing US humans how to be when life it tuff. Don't give a dman man, chill baby!
    Last night, I watched DVD "Hitachi" with Richard Greer and his dog. I sobbed for 10 minutes over his loyal faithful dog THAT waited for nine years for him AFTER he died. What a story. My 3 boy cats watched me cry and put their paws on me. It's okay Mommie! LOL.

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Surrender humiliation degradation from Petra Saint

    She has left the scene in San Francisco. I heard of her but never meet this intense Fem Dom. Her Fem Dom location was around the corner from the police station. I had another provider friend who did the same thing. I know those men in uniform. It is laid back in SF but you must always watch your back! Today I am writing about the Fem Dom, a school teacher that quilts for a hobby. LOL.

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    My big blow pic

    Zoe Zane "Bubble Gum Bitch" in live cam show

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    Sunday alarm clock

    8AM a huge cat fight in the yard below my bedroom window. LOL. Miss Zoe will not sleep in. Bummer. Checked stats, working on fetish book with rap. Nothing comin' to my cranium but it will. All I have to do is check my VM 4 sax and there's material. My brillant daughter came up with a twist for my fetish book SINCE fetish is so happening with Lady GaGa.


    Electric baller
    Keeps a call-her
    Thinks, don't know
    She's dumb ass ho
    Wants my blow,
    Off he goes
    It was 2
    Ticked me off
    Now more haw who
    From bored he who
    Three, then Five
    My bitch is fried
    Now it's 9 a big la loo loo
    Ticked my trick
    Here's my bitch
    What the hell
    Now a mill on E ball NO do

    Copyrights Inzane Productions
    Zoe Zane
    May 23, 2010

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    IF you are homeless, not funny, and.....

    even the homeless could have portable computers, high speed internet, smart phones, $$$ 4 education, movies, watch TV, music downloads, pets, booze and coffee. There are some things we don't live without in 2010, must haves, even IF down to the wire. Can you push all of that in a grocery cart? LOL. What do you think?

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Get those monkeys OFF your back

    You know all the gnawing stuff that you PUT OFF over and over again. It wears on yeah. I made a long list and it's getting smaller. I had 9 monkeys on my back and now there are 4 monkeys. Today, I'm working on a monkey that's been gnawing me for 5 months. Wish me luck that it turns out alright by noon today. Get ride of your monkeys it sets you free.

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    I'm not dead - I wish

    the Internet would get my name right but it never does. The murder trail for Zoey Zane in going on. Copy and paste artical from XBIZ:

    I am the one and only Zoe Zane who is the spirit care taker of Zoey Zane who was murdered.

    Zoe Zane (ZOEY ZANE) Murder Suspect Faces Judge

    XBIZ Artical

    By Rhett Pardon
    Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009 Text size:
    EL DORADO, Kan. — A judge heard pretrial oral arguments Tuesday in connection with the murder of Internet solo girl Zoey Zane.
    The attorney for Israel Mireles, who has been charged with capital murder, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy, has filed a motion to dismiss the capital murder charge in exchange for a first-degree murder charge.

    The body of Zane was found little more than a week after she disappeared during Thanksgiving weekend 2007, 50 miles east of the town of El Dorado, Kan., where she was allegedly last seen leaving a bar with a man matching Mireles’ description, according to witness testimony.

    Zane’s birth name was Emily Sander.

    The bar’s bouncer testified in court that he saw Mireles and Zane leave together as did a community college classmate of Sander’s who identified Mireles in court as the man Sander left with.

    The suspect, who fled and was extradited from Mexico, had been living in a local motel, where the hotel owner discovered Mireles’ room had been in a shambles and had evidence of blood spatter.

    Mireles faces life in prison without parole — but not the death penalty — because his extradition terms forbid it.

    His trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 8.

    Behind the scenes with Zoe

    Yesterday was chill out day, but it was not chill out day. I made several attempts to email my mature porn star girlfriend "Beth Morggan" in the UK. All the mails bounced. LOL. I let the 3 boys outside, they're so mellow. The kitty stage is gone, it drives your crazy how they run off. The 3 cat boys actually do what I say. Well, yesterday, they did. They're growing up and so beautiful. I need to post the video of Chubs playing with water from the rain gutter. It's really funny to watch him splash in the water. My stripper daughter and I, we backed up our iPhones together. It's very time consuming.
    I went for a walk in the mall and window shopping. I get ideas for my porn sites all the time at the mall. THEN, off to visit my 91 year old father in rehab. He tail bone was hurting him so we turned him over on his right side. I snuck in a piece of See's chocolate candy for him. He loved it and ate it. Oh what the the fuck, he's 91. Today he goes home and will visit him later. All is well with Dad at home. He has a 24/7 caregiver and a private cook for all his meals. I'm my Dad friends. That's my job.

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    This is TOO funny ---- my cam show pics

    Today @ 9AM PST, my weekly live cam show on camZ, I went crazy. IDEA! I ran for a condom, I found a red one and a balloon pumper. I blew the condom UP way big, and then bigger, and then massively BIG! It was huge. I let it go and it plopped on the wall. HA HA HA ----- The Teacher gets crazy in her computer class with the bad boys!
    I've decided to be 100% crazy and not give a damn. I know I need to post the mainstream porno porn content but my sense of humor is my best asset with that evil Zane brain of mine. It's great to give yourself a BIG belly laugh. Great for healthy cells.

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Time Out Pic

    From left to right my turned off hot pink cell phone, Tazo orange tea in favorite cup, a raspberry, piece of See's candy and a big fat cigar. Mature Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Falling in love with your Pimp

    Not a gud idea but it happens all the time. I'm at my laptop creating my beautiful Pimp for the book. I'm in love with him. In my world, I've meet different people on a daily basis which gives me advantage. I know them and how they are. It's not made up, it's real. My Pimp will make the wealthiest man shake. The wives of these wealthy men will sneak $$$$$ to to know my "Pimp64". Women will strut like crazy when they see him walk into the coffee shop.

    Thursday, May 06, 2010

    CamZ/Las Vegas phone sex live - asked me to be a phone sex girl

    next week. Tons of calls will be heading my way. They picked 5 models. and I'm one of them. I was a phone sex girl before I made porn movies with Kitty Foxx. I might make an instructional video on how to do phone sex. I surfed over to "YOUTUBE" are there any video instructions for phone sex??? NONE! Then, I ran across Dateline and how to catch a predator. I was laughing my head off. Maybe they caught the guy that was stalking me? The guy was on national TV, so humiliating. I LOVE IT! Serves him right the dumb fucker!

    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Click here watch and listen about sex in America

    This chick has a point. Someone is thinking. Porn star and sex worker laws are different in California. Other state do not give a dman.

    Hundreds of hardcore porn with big dick

    I just found a lot of content, images and video of a huge dick. I have know this big dick for long time. Many new updates of Mr. Big Dick and me, Zoe Zane on http://www.zoezane.com this year.
    Makes me horny when I think of this big dick!@#$%^&....! yum Mature porn star Zoe Zane sex life blogist

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