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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    If your are nice and honest- NOT JACKING OFF

    your Zoe Girl, a psychic porn star will make sure you get to talk to her on her cell phone. I have new brain technologies. When I screen phone conversations I listen carefully and make sure your are the real thing. I love it when I blast a fake back.
    HA HA HA!!!

    Song Lyrics Lady GaGa
    [Lady Gaga]
    Hello, baby; you called
    I can't hear a thing
    I have got no service in the club you see, see
    Wa-wa-what did you say?
    Huh?; You're breaking up on me
    Sorry; I cannot hear you
    I'm kinda busy
    K-kinda busy
    K-kinda busy
    Sorry; I cannot hear you
    I'm kinda busy

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    My new job-online blogger writer

    I set up a "word press blog" this week. I'm still working on it.
    My Dad is finally in rehab for 30 days 4 his broken left hip. He was in better spirits last night even though he wants to leave his skin suit. I will watch everyone to make sure he's not abused or his estate riped off. What do I want? I want a relationship with Dad even if it's this way, in a nursing home on his back with a broken Dad. It is sad but I will make it happy. I'm gud at that. Even though Dad was abused as a child it has to stop. My life as a child was hell with yelling screaming parents. My mother hated my Dad. She pitted my retarded sister against my Dad. LOL. I still do not know why they were miserable with each other. I'm working on getting Dad to talk. That is like squeezing water out of a big slap of granite. eek! No one what there for him his whole life. He needs to trust someone. It will be me. My girlfriend, the "Mob Pagan Kashmir Princess" (former health care nurse who left the system BC of the patient abuse) she's advising me on how to care and watch over my Dad. I do not trust anyone in the family or the nursing facility. At the nursing home they will know I mean business. My sister-in-law got in my face thinking a family member might hurt Dad. It turned out great for Dad. I followed my instincts on that one. I told the sister-in-law to not get her panties in a big wade! HA HA HA Do you like my bitch nurse pic? I DO!!!
    Smart Ass Bitch Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane family life nursing home hospital

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Purpose: Reason why I am writing

    Click on word purpose. Honestly, I'm afraid to speak out. I have close friends nearby helping me. My lavender angels will give me the strength to say what must be said. I've been living in fear, but I'm here to be the voice for many. Zoe Zane Zoblog

    My FAT cell phone battery

    The back of my silver Razor was popping off. I drover over to the Verizon Store, I followed my instincts. Over charging your cell phone makes a FAT battery. LOL. The back of my phone would not click on. I got a bigger back and a larger/fatter battery. I'm charged and connected! Who would think your Razor is FAT? Not me. (((Cackling))) Talking to the store owner, he told me he was a trainer for Anthony Robins. I told him about Howard Stern and the "Nursing Home Knockout Award". He laughed out loud, great marketing by Howard. The store owner gave me 2 free phone covers that are HOT PINK! Smart guy. At the store we were brainstorming for "You Tube"e videos for the Nursing Home Knockout! Can you feel my brain working? It issssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    This is what I am all about

    Open wide take it BITCH!!!
    Zoe Zane

    Sneak up on Zoe Zane in her yoga class

    A guy in my live cam show wants to find Zoe at her Bikram Yoga class. This is so hilarious cause Bikram Yoga is the Nazi Camp for health. 6 Marines took one class and left, dragging their "tuff asses" out the door, cackle cackle!!! To the horny guy from San Francisco.... come on down, take a class with me, and see what kind of a man you are made of. In my cam show, I wore 3 pairs of pink panties. The pair closet to my crotchet was heavy with my scent. My most favorite thing, play with the minds of men and drive them crazy. One guy called me a crazy motherfucker. RIGHT ON! I have 2 reasons for doing my live cam show: I do the show for the chat cop "Admin East" and the other reason is this.... I will do some bikram yoga poses naked on the the live show, WHEN, I'm ready. (((I'm working on the update for foot fetish lovers "Cougar Movie Star" in her clear platforms and vinyl coat))). WHEW!
    Oh, another tidbit, I sang along with Lady GaGa her "Bad Romance" in live cam, the viewers loved it. Why wait for MTV, why wait for SNL New York----Zoe Girl, do it now, be "Cougar Movie Star". Hey, I'll write my script and SNL will steal it. Lady GaGa will sue me, I will love it. Bring it on. I love you Lady GaGa for helping through some hard shit in my life. Someone understood all that pain, the anger, my life.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    My big FAT cat Buddy

    I jumped on my scales naked and weighed Buddy, the runt of the litter. He's 20 lbs of "BFC". What a big fat pile of fur love. He has the biggest paw paws and lots of mellow love.

    Flashing on Thursday @ home

    Today 2 male Mormon missionaries knocked on my front door. IDEA! I flashed my boobs at them. They got red in the face, one turned away, another stood there. I saw a swelling in his crotch. Both left right away. They'll never come back to my house. I know dem boys! Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane Flasher

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    "Bed Talk" I want to burn

    Meant for love not for crime. Fun love please, cheaters go, P L E A S E!!! Heart broke owner, needs a donor. Prime my frames for flames flames flames. "Bed Talk"
    It is done. I set the bed on fire this morning. Last night a neighbor helped me move it onto his property. I watched it burn and laughed. Thank you my nextdoor neighbor.

    It is offical: I had a nest of squirrels in the attice. They are gone now. When the Cable Guy installed the cable he left a small screen open to the atttic.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    My Nazi Bikram Yoga Teachers - I'm so blessed

    You know how things come to you when you are all alone? I was in the girlie room at yoga and an aw-haw came to me. That is why the owner of Bikram was on my case. She is taking be to a higher excellence in Bikram Yoga. Last night, I had another Nazi Yoga Male instructor tell all of us - when your body is feeling your killing pain KILL it anyway. Your body knows how to heal itself. Do the poses and let it do its work!!! So if you have killing body pain "KILL it with yoga!" I have many, many wonderful friends in my yoga studio. GOT RESPECT! Some of my yogies know what I do for a living, most do NOT! Some know I have been on Howard Stern, some do NOT! I need a place that's sacred in my life. Bikram Yoga is THAT!
    Last night my girlfriend Effie, who is a beautiful black girl, asked me about my weight lose and Howard Stern. Some of the other yoga chicks were hanging around. I did a test drive, I spewed out about the Diner Chick and her microwave called "The Bomb". Their eyes got big and they liked it. I saw their reactions and minds thinking, they laughed out loud. HA HA HA!!! Rockin' cool.
    The wildlife inspector cancelled his roof inspection because of the rain. Tomorrow. Right now, the attic is quiet. Did the wild kingdom leave for gud?
    The news on my Handyman Sony Camera: a few years back I took it to a local repair shop. GUESS WHAT! The repair guy hijacked parts from my camera and uses those parts in other cameras. That can happen on eBay with cameras. They hijack certain parts off the camera and sell it at a lower price. RIPE U OFF. Now my camera is worse. I will go after him and turn him in for turning my great camcorder into a piece of junk. In California, their are laws for electronic ripe off artist like the one who turned my $3000 camera into $200.

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    I'm close to posting the image of the bed that wants to be burned

    What a process, to kick out the old, let the new come your way. One of my female neighbors is moving out. Is this a sign for your Zoe Girl? I'm looking for a new place to live this year.
    I just set up a film set in my kitchen for the sassy diner chick. I have 2 microwaves: one is for personal use and the other microwave I call "The Bomb". I'm evil excited, freakum funny and naughty hilarious, my diner chick. There will be the rated and unrated version. Rated version one will be on "YOUTUBE". Kinky nude version on my site or this blog? Hum? Look for the burning of my wedding dress vid on "YOU TUBE" this month. Mature MILF Fetish Fire zoblog

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Lots of goodies from Miss Zoe

    Miss Zoe tells how she uses switches on her male slaves. The starter switch! HA HA HA
    In my live cam I went crazy from cigs to cukes to cream pies. Oh my, they all start with the letter "C" How funny.

    No mercy from Mother Nature

    Many of you have seen the volcano in Iceland. WOW! Makes us all realize how connected we are to one another. That volcano is teaching us a huge lesson. All our bombs will never match HER power. Whatever Mother Nature is feeling I want her on my side. A few years back I accidentally slipped near the edge of the ocean in Santa Cruz. It was scary, knowing, I was going to be shark meat. Somehow I turned and walked away with a very bruised bum and torn up shin. I must have more to do in my skinsuit on Earth.
    This morning I heard many feet in the attice. Wildcare Solutions will determine what is living in the attic above my bedroom. I decided to think positive thoughts for this lovely body while they party above my bed. HA HA HA!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    The wild kingdom in my attic - raccoons?

    Baby raccoons
    stay close to their Mommies for at least a year. The placing of these wild animals will take sometime. There are many feet up there in my attic. This morning I heard something walking. Raccoons can walk like humans. I have seen it in my backyard.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Adopt an animal

    I think the 2 squirrels in the attic above my bed adopted me! LOL. Here is a funny pic of them playing poker last night. I wonder IF smoke would make them run?

    My new policy

    Whenever I do privates with special friends I promise that it will be incredible sex and spiritual. You will not know that it's spiritual BC of my high energy. I don't care what millions of minds THINK. I don't care what the system THINKS! I will not live my life in fear, shame or guilt about sex. Sex is spiritual. You can not separate the body. I'm done with the old ways. I'm not here to change the world. I am here to change myself. So be it! Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane policy

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Free porn bitch - EM - Zoe Zane - click hit this link

    I'm ready to "ad it up" for my book in a local newspaper. I know what's heading this way. After the ad it taken down, they'll still call from the newspaper.
    Since Saturday, I've been very busy with my stable boys. I have a new one. Tied him up and teased the fuck out of him!!! HA HA HA
    Last night I went to yoga class, worked out a lot of shoulder and neck tension. I have moments of scary from time to time being on my own. I worry, a learned behavior from folks.
    My Dad called me yesterday, have not heard from him lately. My sister's boy is graduating from University of Utah on May 7Th. WOW! That's great. Dad told me something about himself and my college graduation. He said, "No one was there for me. I had to do it on my own all the time." Dad didn't get how important it is to notice your kids who succeed. When I graduated, I thought he didn't care or love me. It set the stage for more of that to come. A angry old man told me the truth about himself. It explain why he was such an asshole growing up.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    When you take care of yourself

    men know. They'll do anything to be their best. I've been watching them get cleaned up so they can get close to me. This is gud. The smart men know when they are ripe and clean up right away.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Monday morning in San Jose - I need a answering machine

    What's my most favorite cookie at Starbucks?
    What breakfast cereal do I adore the most?
    What is my favorite "Cheesecake Factory" cheese cake?
    How many men have facial-ed me?
    How many high heels do I own?
    How old was I went I had my first orgasm?
    Where did I have that orgasm?
    What fantasy have I not lived out?
    What's my favorite color?
    What do I want to drive, what kind of car?
    Where do I want to live, what kind of house?

    During the next few weeks I'll BE focusing on my book.
    I will post an ad in a local magazine and see what happens.
    It will being written when Mercury is in retrograde from April 18-May 11, 2010.
    I must find an answering machine by the end of the week.
    Let the games begin.

    Who is the oldest prostitute in Amsterdam?
    The oldest prostitute is 85; 60-year-old prostitutes are rather common.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    My cam show has more viewers

    I was the naughty school teacher who set her full back panties on fire. One of my detention students stole my panties from my locker bag. Bad boy, I made him wear my panties in class on his head and pinned a bad boy note on his shirt. Then..... I set the panties on fire and watched him freak out. I will leave the rest to your imagination. Laughing out loud----cackling ---- ha ha ha! I know dem boys. P. S. I will post the vid clip of setting the panties on fire next week.

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    Last night Safeway store after yoga class

    I ran in for a few items, the cats need kitty treets etc. I'm waiting waiting waiting in line for the cute, female cashier to get this slow costumer out the door. My turn. Whew! She asked me, "How are you tonight?" A cute, male bagger was close and near. She told him "I don't bite." I quietly said, "He wants you to bite him!" HA HA HA The cute male bagger turned red in the face and wanted to leave. We were all laughing while he was embarrassed. Your Zoe Girl she knows dem boys!

    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    I think I'll bury my porn cameras that died

    Those cameras have served me well. When I do this, I'll have the my monster cat crew (three male cats) attend the burial service. Who shall I be when I bury my porn cameras? I'll brainstorm with my stripper daughter on this one. She has fabulous ideas.

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    My Vegas Girl tied to a spring bed

    It's kinky strange what men get excited about. Picture two women with big boobs, one tied to a spring bed and the other to a wall suspension. Both women have been captured. The camera is high looking down into the basement of a rich man's house. The audience, is a naked man jacking his dick. He's so turned on by the two captured women. Were the females drugged against their will? The babe tied to the wall is blind folded made to kneel low and LIC the 38DD chick on the spring bed. Kneeling low, the clever licker sets herself free and unties the babe on the bed. Both women wait behind the door for the guard. What do you think the two women will do to the male guard? Are you the guard? Are you the naked man watching the kinky basement scene? What do you think the two women will do next? I know what the two women DID, but I want you tell me what you think or want the women to do.

    Saturday, April 03, 2010

    Live cam show Sat morning as the platform bunny

    was crazy. The chat cop was telling the guys to settle down. When I do something different it opens up a can of worms? eeK! I guess some men just don't know what to do with a fetish platform bunny. All the weird comments didn't bother me at all. One nice guy said it perfect, Zoe Zane is a one girl burlesque show. He said it well, indeed. When I pulled my white satin bunny suit over my ass some smart ass fucker wanted to know where are the bunny pellets??? I ran to the fridge, opened up a can of dried prunes and threw them at the camera. HA HA HA

    Friday, April 02, 2010

    A friend showed me this hot older woman

    that is out of state. At least they are out there. It was a ray of sunshine to see a sixties year old woman HOT (woman of the night). Most of the older women lie about their age BC no one would believe that a women in her sixties is a bombshell. It's ascceptable to be 50 and love sex just as much as men do, OR MORE----but not 60. The edge is youth is pushing into the sixites. Mature Zoe Zane porn MILF zoblog

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