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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    Oh fuc the rules

    There are even rules on how to produce porn - OH fuc them too! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE
    Hi Lizz, up in Northern California. I miss you! Your Zoe Girl and her 3 monster cat crew. I have a short vid of the cats tearing up a furry yellow chicken. I do not know where to post it. Any ideas anyone out there.....YOUTUBE???

    "My Vegas Girl" a bit taller than me & Julie Stain link

    I like to tie her up and expose her huge boobs. Just thinking about it makes my pussy tingle. I use soft colored ropes, like the ones Penthouse Pet "Julie Stain" has used. My erotic fantasy, tie up "My Vegas Girl" and Julie together, too hot for words. "My Vegas Girl" has big pussy lips, when I pull the rope up through them she creams the rope. After I untie her, I take the creamed rope, save it for our next tie-up. A special royal blue rope is used for her creaming. It is cut up in different sections. Right now, I have 3 creamed rope mouth pieces. I will gag her with all three and she can suck her cream out. I finger bang as she sucks and cums again and again. My hand gets so freaking wet when she creams. The ropes are sweet, you want to fuck her. I have this tailored, private encounters with an out-of-town well to do male. He is ordered to stay on the couch and watch. He is not allowed to get move off the couch. He can take his clothes off and jack himself as he watches me tie up "My Vegas Girl". The game is watch and tease. He gets so hot for both of us, I talk him into to being tied up. He is blind folded and we tease the hell out of him. We get him off and each time is different. Zoe Zane Mature Erotic Fem Dom Real Stories 2010 Copyright Inzane Productions

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    My new girlfriend in Las Vegas

    We found each other in Vegas. I love big, titty dancers. I hunt for nastee, hot dancers that are not afraid to put out their sex on stage. My new girlfriend likes being submissive. The owner of the club knows she's a sub. She introduced me to the owner. I didn't tell him about my daughter who danced at his club when she was 18. I like to keep secrets from powerful people. There is a certain kind of danger, held close to my heart, about a powerful man's secrets. He does not know that I know. I will keep it that way until he trusts me and he tells me another secret. Men always tell me their sex life secrets BC it makes them feel manly. They like to brag about their dicks and their sex lives. I will be posting more about my new sub girlfriend and our wild life in Vegas.

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Fixing stuff and funny fem dom cam show

    The laptop got a new fan and cleaned up viruses in the registry. My daughter is going to computer school and she told me about zombies. They lie waiting to attach your machine on certain commands. When you think you are free of them, you are not. Malwarebytes is installed. I sweep computers on a daily basis. Hey, I know the hacker guys are smarter, faster than me. I always want them on my side. The religious ones will never be on my side. They gotta look when they hack porn sites. Hypocrites!
    In my live cam show I dominated a male slave of 10 years. I tied him to the chair and made him carry it around. Funny. Teased the crap out of him and laughed. I made him give me every drop of cum. Good slave!

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    30 sec vid clip

    for Howard and Mr. Skin on Howard Stern TV on demand show. I was voted the hottest nursing home knockout!!! Thanks so much everyone. The lines above a part of what I had to memorize for the vid clip. I did the vid clip topless. My boobs looked pretty damn gud. Being a silly, sexy girl is paying off. All those years doing it over and over. I was surprised how I remembered the lines. I will send it off to the senior producer tomorrow. I had to sign a model release again. The black ink for my printer was out. I drove to 3 different stores. LOL. I faxed off the release with ID this afternoon. What a lot of work for 30 seconds. WHEW! Mature porn star Miss Zoe Zane Howard Stern TV & Mr. Skin

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Getting gas at Rotten Robbies Station

    All the cashiers are great people at the RR Gas Station. We get along pretty gud. Getting gas with your Zoe Girl can be very entertaining indeed. Maybe that is where I will start my reality TV show---at the gas station with made up different silly, stupid stories. Any who, some tall guy with a hood, not under feed by no means, was asking people for money AT THE GAS STATION!!! LOL. He came up to me and I hit him with my purse. He ran off with his head down. I went into the cashier and told them what I did. We all got a gud laugh. HA HA HA The last time some guy approached me in the Safeway store for $$$$$, he scarred me. Next time a guy comes up asking for money in the grocery store, I will grab some kitty litter and hit him. Don't ask Zoe Zane for money on the street, at the store, or the gas station! (((((Cackling out loud))))) Mature porn star zoe zane protection agency zoblog

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    Catching up and Spring cleaning

    Traveling to Utah was hard on me. If I go back, I need a blind fold and a drug to numb me out. Utah is pain to my brain. Getting back to home life takes focus. I have had many small projects: a custom video, a short vid clip thanking all the Howard Stern TV fans, a pair of panties to be worn for a slave and sent to SF, cleaning out closets, organizing the studio/home, updates to members sites and loving all 3 cats..... whew! Starting Tuesday, I did 5 straight days of Bikram to catch up. I'm back on track doing Bikram yoga every other day for my summer challenge. I don't like the sun coming in the windows at the yoga studio. BUT, I think, I have passed some hurtle for endurance. I will be stepping up my nutrition program for life. Off to the store and a walk. I will rest from yoga tonight. The feeling, I have lost my wedding ring is leaving. CRAZY! That shows us all, that every experience is stored in our cells and spinal column. When it comes out, IF negative, replace it with a big FAT smile, positive thoughts and words. This is hard, BC we fall into the trap of the crap.
    Oh, this morning, I went to my free iPhone class. I can go back as many times aa I want, get my iPhone down, for the application that I will develope for in-joy!

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    If u don't think much of yourself and r freinds will tell you

    yell out loud to yourself u R HOT SHIT! It works. Last night in my yoga class the owner saw it. She saw I was HOT SHIT! The time change and trip to Utah has thrown off my sleeping patterns, but I will get on track. Over and over again she commented on how my 60 day challenge improved my poses. Wait till she sees my HOT SHIT jacket and hat for the awards ceremony this Saturday night in Saratoga/San Jose, California. There is so much abundance around all of us. I just found a new wrinkle eraser that is a mask and it works! This will be the year, great improvements for your Zoe girl. I'm taking action to make it happen. You think and act the same way over and over until you see how the same trap 4 crap runing your life like a broken record. I saw it in myself in pain state of Utah. I got out of the second class citizen "Matrix" when I was married in the Mormon temple to the X. Women in the Mormon Church are told they are second and third class all the time. They do not know how much they are put down down down, serving the men. Mature porn star Zoe Zane religion Bikram yoga zoblog

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Wednesday - He's so afraid - the X Mormon bishop

    After all these years and what happened with us, the X, he lives in fear. The X tried to put me in his stinking thinking, the old folks home with him. We talked about how old my Dad's sister looked, she is 88. I visited her while on this Utah trip. The X is freaking out about getting old. He watches war movies 24/7 and packs a gun. What a dumb ass loser. At least he doesn't look like a Utah red neck all ready to shoot. When he saw he couldn't put me in his old folk's home category, he corrected himself. What you focus on, you become. He eats all the chocolate off the outside of church welfare gum candies and puts them back into the bowl. eek! He is overweight and does not exercise at all. He doesn't clean up his house and loves to live out in the barn with his chickens. If I was married to this dumb ass loser, I would being living with a chicken loving, gun packing, war watching Mormon priesthood holder who hogs chocolate. His dream to be an apostle in the Mormon church did not happen, and you can see why. He hasn't a clue, boo who who, he's blue down blue! Serves him right for being so stupid mean to your Zoe girl. Mature MILF porn star religious and porn blog

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Home at last- Monday - from drenched in religion - UTAH

    The weather was snow, wind, ice, more wind.....I'm fucked! I wasn't able to get out to the salt flats to burn my wedding dress. Salt Lake City sucks with red necks and ALL the same looking cloned humans. I want to puke, I can feel the controlling energy of 3 million lives. Not All of them are Mormon, but they live under this tight religious control on how to think and be. I'm so thankful to be out of Utah this afternoon, and home. My daughter needed my wild, evil support! In Wendover, it is stupid STUPID! She and I did a custom tickling video. The night before we smoked cigars together in the casino. She shared with me "how to smoke a cigar". You will be able to see Miss Zoe Zane "Cigara Holdera" smokes a big, huge $35 cigar very soon. On Sunday afternoon, in the brisk Utah sunshine, we filmed 3 churches. I have this freakum idea for my YOUTUBE "burn my wedding dress video". Look for it in April 2010.
    One more exciting note: On the airplane, I checked my voice mails. and the producer of Howard TV left me a message telling your Zoe Girl she was awarded (voted) the hottest older woman on the Howard Stern Show. You will see it on demand Howard TV very soon. Thank you so much for this award HS! Mature Zoe Zane older woman MILF Hoawrd Stern TV tickle video smoking cigar nubs

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Click here - Packing for the trip to UTAH and Sexy Miss Lizz

    It is exhausting for me to get ready for a trip. My wild flashing, road queen "SEXY MISS LIZZ" http://www.sexymisslizz.com/hot_mature_mom.htm is very organised. I just throw it in my suitcase and run. I never know what I will do. I know there is NO GARBAGE in my suitcase!!! HA HA HA I've felt out of it for years, but I see clearly how I create and what I do. I paint my canvas with a sense of fury. I tear this and THAT to make a tribal queen. I'll throw together some off the wall combo for the trashy whore. I see things and make it work. I'm way far from traditional, I'm crazy 4 the creation. I have put myself down for years on how I operate but NO MORE! It's okay how Lizz operates, and it's okay, how I operate. We're a nice compliment for each other.

    Today I drove my car over to a vacant

    lot that was once used by Verizon. Now the city of Los Gatos watches over it. I'm sitting in my tiny car, my peaceful sun room enjoying the warmth. All my favorite trees are all around me. It's me and nature. I feel asleep. It was so cozy and nice, in the right place at the right time.
    I did my live cam show this morning in my dyed crimson slip with red silk stockings, garters and panties. The viewers were obsessing over my big clit in the show. I have had a big clit all my life and now it gets lots of attention.
    Last night, I went to my yoga class, on tho left side in the third row. Working through my business taxes took a lot out of me. The wards night for all the 60 day challengers will be Saturday March 20, 2010 in San Jose. I will receive a trophy that is tall for a third time challenger. I have a big surprise for the party. I will not say one word just show off my outfit for my award. It's going to be very cool. I can hardly wait.

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    I'm making a list for the Utah trip

    and marking off the ones I get done. I can handle SLC Utah now. I will be evil bad. My fetish slaves love the idea of me burning my wedding dress. One told me to be careful with the fire and the wind. I'll do just that. I posted a free gallery on Persian Kitty Adult Links and it will be up in next few days. I leave late Friday evening for Utah. Will be back on Monday by noon. Saturday, out on the salt flats with cameras and wedding dresses with other women.

    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    Friday off to Salt Lake City Utah

    I will post more about this edgy trip this week. Whatever the weather, IF the phone lines fail, if the gas lines pile up, I will burn my wedding dress out on the salt flats. Come rain or shine, earthquake, flood, snow storm, I will DO IT! Here is a pic of myself as the sexy secretary in my live cam show. Foot fetish fishnet school teacher. My brain is FRIED right now. Oh, one more thing, I finally got my taxes down and I'm very very very happy!

    My life as a mother in Zion in SLC, Utah

    I guess one of these days I will tell what happened when I raised my kids in Utah. It was about being the best example, a lot of social pressure with the X-hubby seminary teacher. Families of Seminary Teachers are expected to be the best examples in life, the community and the Church. I hated it. You're never gud enough and never right enough. It was major pressure to the perfect Mormon Mom (who in the hell is perfect and what is PERFECT anyway? Besides we are all perfect just the way we are. Now, I know, we are ALL a master of something. Everyone of us is a master at birth. No one is like you or like me). THAT pressure, to be perfect right, affected me and the kids. It did not matter what the X-hubby GOD did. He was above the law. He was GOD! He was out doing God's work and did not have to deal with raising the kids. It was about how gud he looked and what he wanted. I endured. For a long time I thought it was ALL my fault. He blammed all the fuck ups on me. That's what a gud Mormon wife does. The X-hubby GOD, was a woman hater, his Mother was a domination, controling BITCH that raised her perfect little darling to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Gettin' org and ride of all the old stuff

    I'm moving my bed to the other room since the cats at night party on their Mommie. Someone down below me moved in and I do not want to disturb them with the 3 cat's big paws at midnight. Got the electric drill out and tearing down the old bed from the long gone boyfriend. Getting ride of the old and let the new come in. Mature Zoe Zane abundance

    Saturday, March 06, 2010

    Hot Shit

    My stripper daughter and I in all our Bikram yoga classes, we call ourselves HOT SHIT. Bikram is difficult, you need the right attitude, results a healthy, sexy body. I see the results all the time. On Thursday night, my male teacher keep calling me HOT SHIT in class. It made me laugh and winded. WHEW! I was in the front row determined and ready. Together, my daughter and I have started an attitude movement in yoga. All the people in the room heard they were HOT SHIT! Some of the men in the room are HOT SHIT, but the teacher didn't know. No picking on them, darn. I need help, OH please, God. The guys and I had a big belly laugh after class. It makes students laugh when we talk about HOT SHIT!!! You are HOT SHIT reading this blog. Thank you..... and I have to run to my live camz show at 9 AM PST as the sadistic nurse. Mature MILF Zoe Zane zoblpg

    Friday, March 05, 2010

    Click here Zoe Zane on rocky radio station KRZR 103.7 Fresno

    Hey, that was a blast talking on the radio station to younger men naked in my bed this morning. WHEW! Wow, this rock station is happening. Lots of babes! I love hot women and younger men. Thanks so much for having me Orly who is thirty. I think I will be their love stalker HA HA HA on their web site. I can send dirty little sex stories to the guys at the station. They will like that a lot. I love radio!!! Mature Zoe Zane MILF Naked Cougar San Jose zoblog

    Thursday, March 04, 2010

    I'll be so happy when I get this paper work done for TAX TIME!

    I'm so far from being a bookkeeper even though I aced algebra. I'm a promoter and love being creative. Especially, when it comes to shaking up the system and laughing at it. Can you feel it?????...... I'm crunching the numbers. I was very busy yesterday with all my fetish freaks. Get naked Zoe, I need you and miss you so bad Miss Zoe, and tie me up and tease me PLEASE. I got down on the floor and played with my huge clit. It got him so hot he was gone in 4 seconds. LOL.
    Last night I climbed stairs through a bunch of apartments for exercise. Tonight I hit the hell room of Bikram in the front row, DO IT, all the poses. YES!!!
    Tomorrow morning, a rock radio station in Fresno, California will interview me live, will be aired at traffic hours 8-8:30 AM PST. The main audience is guys from 18-35. Oh, this is going to be so much fun to tweak the brains of guys this age. I bet there are a bunch of bad boys listening. I have a big weakness for them. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Evil Nastee Cougar Miss Zoe Zane Radio Station in California

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010


    Last night was the 60Th day of Bikram yoga. I was in the front and did all the poses. I'm HOT SHIT! Your attitude does work. I have no idea what I will do today with my yoga class. I have tax papers to finish and website updates. Will see my kinky friends today. It's raining hard in San Jose this morning. I love the rain and the fog and the ocean. I love wild storms and lightning too. It is very comforting to hear the rain pitter patter on the roof while my squirrel God scratches in the attic. Here we go again, the cats are bouncing all over the room. Kitty bangers??? HA HA HA The landlord lies all the time about taking care of his building. I do have low rent but sometimes the cheap slum landlord takes his time to get things done.

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010

    Search on Google for Zoe Zane and you get

    me, Zoe Zane. Then you get Zoey Zane, the 19 year old amateur model who was murdered. I feel like I am walking with the dead on the Net. I do not want to be rude with a life that was so short. She must of liked my name to use it for her stage name. Am I flattered? I have mixed feelings about our names. Am I the gatekeeper for murdered sex workers??? Now, that's a gud thing. When I go to Starbucks I make sure they spell my name right and not with a "Y". It makes me thinks about what happened to her and I do not want that. But there she is link after link after link? Is Zoey Zane telling Zoe Zane something? Maybe so!!! I let the cats out this afternoon. They were easy to get back in the house. Thank you kitties from your Mommie Zoe. Zoe Zane mature porn MILF blog zoblog Zoe Zane Zoey
    Zane murder

    I DID IT last night

    It was day 59 for my Bikram yoga 60 day challenge. The owner was in my class. Those doing the 60 day raised their hands. She made sure I did. Tonight is the final day. I will finish 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. Last night I pushed myself and did every pose twice. I DID ALL THE POSES! I'm so pleased with myself. I was sweating like a pig, a strong Bangel Tigress, your Zoe Girl. This challenge has taken me to a different level. Some how I know this, I will be asked to join the advanced class and not be a teacher. It will take some time, but it will happend. I plan to attend Bikram 4 times a week all this year. I will be on track for myself!

    Monday, March 01, 2010

    Sites down BC another server crashed

    for Dreamweaver. In all the years using Dreamweaver their site has never crashed. When their server when up, it lost, renamed files on my server for zoezane.com site on the free side. Crazy huh. I want to thank my hosting company for the back up they do on a daily basis. Thank you Hostdime.com 4 being their for me. I do have all my sites backed up on eternal hard drives. But, doing THAT is a lot of extra work which I don't need, nor like to do. I'm a promotor/artist not a teck person. When my sites go down, I feel like I lost my children to outer space. I'm thankful my babys are back up. It's a miracle my sites are up and working well. I have a new project for myself 4 rest of my life. I will be my own best friend. Zoe Zane mature porn producer writer

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