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    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Taxes done now for print out to tax man

    I look at taxes like a donation for fixing highways, paying fireman etc. I like paved roads. When I lived in SLC, Utah before the Olympics, all the roads sucked BC the state was over taxed. I guess the roads were last on the list. Utah is hicks-ville are far as I'm concerned. Mormons are over taxed and tithed. Nothing wrong with tithing. When I tithe it's to my teacher not a big machine. The Mormons went to Utah to hide BC they were polygamists. The main population is one marriage today. I was married to one man, NO polygamy, for your Zoe girl. I'll clear up the falsehood about the main population of the Mormon church in polygamy. But, today, the men are the ones THAT count. Women and children are underneath them. Most women in the church have no backbone but slave themselves out to everyone. Why are there so many psych hospitals on the Wasatch front in SLC? Why are many on Prozac and Meth users to stay shinny? I have inside sources telling me from hospital admittance. Where is the dignity for women? That is SO wrong. That need to changed. How can a penis for a brain be better. HA HA HA!

    Sunday finishing up tax papers

    I will visit my high energy friend today over in Willow Glen. This morning cat Buddy, the big boy of 17 lbs., went right up to my TV, placed his paw on the volumn botton, made it go up, and then scatched his paws on the screen. Now the cats can control the TV??? Too funny.

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Live cam show "Lets Talk About Free Bitch Sex Baby"

    I dressed up in a tight black girdle/black red topped thigh high stocks with way too tight pink see through bra. Wore my winged pink glasses and panties, asked the men on my live cam show where could we have free bitch sex baby. The one I loved the most and turned me on was a crowded crowd. Oh, that is so fucking HOT, my free bitch sex brain is horny. I jacked off thinking about screwing some bad boy in a crowd and no one knows we were fucking. I have been close to this sex fantasy at Exotic Erotic Ball but it did not happen. People around me were too shy. Bummer! It scarred them and they ran off. HA HA HA! I need to take some free bitch pics of what I what I was wearing. Some of the cam viewers think I am weird, silly and stupid BC they might be women haters. Bring it on. I know what these guys are all about. Little boys who hate women and need to get back BC they were hurt. Mature Zoe Zane girdle bondage fetish mommie live cam show www.zoezane.com

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Giantess Zoilla Skrinks Male Slave in Las Vegas Story

    Giantess Zoilla is lethal, she has an evil dark side called "Indigo". She can shrink herself down mini small and slide into tiny parts of men and women making them her victims. She makes them do dangerous things beyond their control. Giantess Zoilla is colossal, huge and powerful towards egotistical men and women on earth. Bring it on, there's a new Giantess on Earth with special hypnotic, mind altering powers.

    Flash and run in Las Vegas

    Sometimes.....flash pics aren't clear BC it's flash and run. LOL. Here I am on top of one of Las Vegas casino parking lots, late at night flashing with spotters. I didn't get caught! Where, downtown, old Las Vegas, on Fremont Street at 3 PM . I had 3 people watching to see when it was safe to expose myself. Flashing is risky dangerous, and I get a natural high/thrill flashing sexual parts of my body. Mature Zoe Zane las vegas flasher

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Zoe we have made porn together! What a line

    Zoe, was that you in the back room having sex with a bunch of black men? It was for Eddie Daroo "Aged to Perfection" Porn Series down in LA. It was wild what we did together. I ask him a few more Qs. Did you make porn with Kitty Foxx? Oh, who is she. I don't remember Kitty Foxx. Hum??? This guy is shaking my nipple clamp. HA HA HA..... Come to find out he never made porn with me, BUT he's a kinster. I farted right from my butt on his face several times, pushed my smelly arm pits up his nostrils, fucked him with my big, black nigger dick (I have permission from all my black boyfriends to say the word nigger BC they love me!) and pinched his stretched out whore nipples. I'm his humiliating Porno Mistress, the dirty man slut. He tells me he's the camera man for European porn, the real kinky stuff American can't see. It sells. This guys likes to tell kinky stories.

    At home: My Dad is okay. My stripper daughter knows important health care people. The plan is, not to move my 91 year old dad. The family can take rotating night shifts and get a health care aid. Dad seems happy today when he talked to me on the phone. I might take my male cat Peanut, he's the adventurous rascal over to visit my Dad. Peanut keeps me up at night. I think Peanut can handle it. IF, he gets more freaky, I will rotate the cats. My Dad needs fuzzies from kitties. He asks me about the 3 cats all the time. He loves to hear my stories about the squirrel in my attic and the 3 cat hunters. My practicing yoga "HOT SHIT" girlfriend told me the squirrel is a God. Did I miss something, those fast thumps are code, words from God? I lost their meanings in translation.....Laughing out loud.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    If you want me free - ranting

    I'll be free and use my fake gold heart, now, to scramble your sperm filled brain. I will meet you down in front of the FBI building looking like a cheap hooker and m-bear-ass the crap out of you. We can have free sex out in the alley with me down by the trash bin. HA HA HA

    I want a free sex bitch

    A free bitch is not free. You pay more $$$ to get free. When you want free you are open for massive humiliation by a free bitch. If a free bitch wants to play your free sex game look out buddy. You, the male, will get ripped off for sure BC you are not honest to begin with. Men who think they can get free bitch sex do not get free sex. A free bitch makes you think that you will get free. One more time, a free bitch is not free. Honesty, if some guy wants free sex or a free bitch he is asking for it. Men who think they can get free anything with sex don't like women, they hate women, and have no respect. On the Net, those message boards, the dating service, live cam show websites are breeding grounds for woman haters. Low self-esteemed men, women haters, hide behind their computers waiting to lash out at women thinking women have made them feel like nothing. Women haters make themselves feel like nothing. They want to get back and trash women out. I want you free bitch but what he really thinks - I hate you bitch.
    NOW --- I get it, the stalkers, harassing phone callers in this recession has climbed higher and higher. It has nothing to do with me. Women haters can trash women out on open source, Cyber Space and the cell pone.
    Example: I get this call from a younger guy who want free sex. He calls many women up who post on a huge list AND all women hang up on him. That makes him hate women more. He calls me, and I listen. I tell him to send me a pic of himself. I'm curious, want to see want "I want sex for free" looks like. He sends me a pic with another female in the picture. Is he cheating on her? I think again, he could help me out with my porn content for my sites. He will not provide the 2 forms of ID required and signing a model release. BUMMER!!! I tell him not to call me anymore. He gets violent of the phone yelling SLUT, WHORE, BITCH TRAMP at me. He does not want to see me on the list anymore. He wants me to get off the list. I ask him if he is a serial killer? I really did ask him. He went insane on the phone yelling, screaming, threatening me. LOL. I ask him if he hates women? I hang up. I blocked his number from my phone.
    P. S. Women haters who remain hating women will look like crap when they get old. I know, the X-Mormon husband looks like carp, a dead fish?.... oops crap---ha ha ha--- today. Old, fat, worships guns and doesn't clean up after himself. He has created his own living hell.
    Mature Zoe Zane Zoblog women haters CL list cell phones message boards dating services want ads

    Click here - Read my sex worker blog

    Find out what I go through as an independant. I'm taking a chance and posting the real stuff.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    What my site is all about

    In my life I play with people who are wild and kinky. My site will be for them and what I do with them. You will see this more and more. Zoe Zane's
    "Fetish Land" where I have been for a long time but now public.
    My Sissy slave "Pink Toes". He was commanded to go to a public nail salon before I dominated him. The ladies at the nail salon laughed at him BC his Mistress told him to have his toes pained HOT PINK!
    Mature Zoe Zane Zoblog Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond - Fetish Fem Dom Public Humiliation

    I need a stiff drink and my wild friends

    Bikram Yoga 60 day challenge is a CHALLENGE! I have 8 more days to go. Being on ALL the time, it's hard. I need a break, but I'll finish. I'm holding down the fort. I almost have my tax papers organized for the tax man. WHEW! The first of the year is about business. Boring boring boring, but I see funny things all along the way.
    My aging Dad will not go home alone. A family member will stay with Dad. My sister-in-law got ruffled at my recommendation, a family member who will care for Dad. If something bad happens to Dad it will be my fault. FUC THAT! She bitched right in my face yesterday, she thinks my brother-in-law is useless. I told her IF she does not like what you see, then speak up. I'm not the executor of Dad's estate, you are with my brother, a former Mormon bishop. They thnk they are better than me BC I left the church. It's really about THE money. My younger brother/his wife and sister are all Mormon. It sucks working with these people. All self-righteous bullshit, the real truth, they want my Dads $$$$$ money.

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    DAY50 --- I'm finally here

    Before yoga class last night, I counted the days I've completed. Right now my spine is opening up, you get delirious. Really! Sometimes, I don't know which way is up or what day it is. I took a nap yesterday, it helped a lot. With the cats up at night and the hell of Bikram, I finally crashed. I'm so excited, I'm on DAY 50, only ten more days to go. In class the teacher used me as an example for the poses??? Oh no, scarry. I'm not as fine tuned as some of the teachers or the owner but I'm heading that way. What a nice compliment from Patrick. TY

    On top of this my ninety year old Dad is back in the hospital. He's so frail and wants to die. I can understand how he feels. He has lived a long time and wants to go. At least we became friends before he leaves his skin suit. I did not have a Dad growing up. Dad is beyond meat and potatoes, he doesn't like TV, only the weather channel, doesn't have a hobby, and talks about the end of the world 24/7 --- the last days, the end of days, the end of the world, the coming of Christ. It gets OLD! He is lonely bored. He does have friends but wants to die. My family and I will wait and see what happens with my depression raised Father.
    I'm not letting the cats out today. It's too much for me to herd them in. They're bugging me to let them out. I'm ignoring them. HA HA HA ----- Like I can ignore over 40 lbs of male cat right in front of my computer screen. LOL.

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Freaky cam show, but not that freaky

    I know a lot of real freaks in my private life. Today I wore gas masks in my live cam show and got naked wearing the mask. Latex, boots and gas masks. It sounds real reptile when I orgasm in the gas mask.
    At home this morning I let the 3 little darlings outside. I make sure they are safe I ran into a pineapple palm tree and one of the pointy steams hit my jaw. OUCH! This is really stange. During my last 60 day challenge I slammed real hard on my right hip. I gotta take it easy here. Today is day 50, come on Zoe be COOL. Okay. Do you do self talk? I do it all the time. Last night before class I was in some emotional crap and got a hug from one of my yoga mommies. As a child no one hugged me BC they were not very loveable themselves. I've had a lot of boo boos and need hugs! Mature Zoe Zane zoblog fetish gas masks latex rubber boots

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Smart Ass Bitch

    Life with the 3 male cats is mending wounds from Mr. Toxic. It's the wild kingdom with the 3 kitty boys and one squirrel. A fat squirrel made his home in the attic, entrance the roof, above my bedroom. Called the landlord, I can't get sleep with the squirrel scratching. Last few days no squirrel. Oh goody, Mr. Fatty is gone? I hope so. He drives me and the cats crazy. This is one bad squirrel, I wish was run over by a car! Grrr.
    Day 48 Bikram yoga, many of the challengers are tired like myself. I will finish. Last night, Chris the manager, paid me a compliment on how I operate with Bikram. Yoga 2 to 3 times a week all year long, and during the 60 day challenge I've done one class a day. That is how you get results. A day at a time over and over again. Thank you Chris for acknowledging my efforts in my life. It's how you do it day in and day out that makes SOLID.
    Zoe Zane zoblog mature MILF bikram yoga

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    My underground interesting friends

    Today I talked with my girlfriend who was raised by the mob (will be in my book). Adopted by a Jewish mob boss, she ran away after Dad got tired of her. We were talking about this and that, how some people think she's a "A" BITCH. She has helped me see the real truth. Those who think she is angry see that in her. Hum, are they angry themselves to see what she is? What you see in others is in yourself. In my line of work you need street smarts with THIS recession. Sending love to my Kashmir Mob Princess who sees the real you not the candied up you! Bat bat my big pretty eyes at you BUT not give a damn about you. She's my Internet bodyguard.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Bikram Yoga is arduous and difficult

    If you practice Bikram you're not normal. The room is at least 105 degrees with 40% humidity for your lungs. The same 27 poses over and over like a ballet class. I would rather have pain today than disability tomorrow. Some of my friends have already died at 60. You will gain strength and flexibility plus a body that heals itself. It's about the process and being patient. Line upon line, step by step, and you will be productive in your old age. I will be dancing at ninety. None of the nursing home or hospital crap for me. If you are not able to walk, in a wheel chair, using a cane or crutches, bedridden, that is living half dead depressed. It is a terrible place to be when old. I'm talking out life insurance for myself, toes and heels together, with Bikram yoga. Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane zoblog bikram yoga health

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Click & listen Chesney Hawkes- I am The One and Only - You Tube

    Zoe Zane was banned from "YOU TUBE" for a fart video. I guess I showed too my butt. Oh FUC me! After Feb 14, 2010 I was allowed to enter my "YouTube" account. I gotta be gud BC this portal will take my crazy freakum-ness to a different level. In March, I am flying into Salt Lake City to burn my first wedding dress along with other women on the salt flats. We will film it for sure. Here I come, Miss Indigo with her machete knife to cut down the C system 4 making women second class citizens. Grrrrrrrrr swift and sharp! Zoe Zane zoblog
    One of my members on my YouTube account is Chesney. He's so cute and talented singer. You never know who is watching you from afar.

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Bust out 4 Valentines

    Oh my God, all my fetish slaves brought me presents for Valentine's Day. One will take me to a very expensive place for dinner. I tied one up and rode his face, another one I smoothered with my girdle and my mystic lover came over. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE! I'm still going to Bikram today but later. I'm on day 44. My 3 cats, outside time privileges today. HA! I'm using the water spray bottle on them to get them back inside. I drenched Chubs, he was up next to the heater today. I took warm towels out of the dryer, 2 cats are sleeping in the cozy towels. It looked so inviting. I want a blankie too!
    Pic of what my darling girdle slave gave me. Thank you so much Paul from SF. Hugs and kisses from Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane - mature fetish zoe zane zoblog

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Girdle Photo Shoot Friday Morning San Jose

    with Julie the school teacher http://www.ffstockings.com from Canada. Gotta go I'm going to be late IF it type anymore Bye bye baby. zoe zane mature porn fetish blog zoblog

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    40 days in the wilderness/Bikram Yoga Challenge

    Today is my 40Th day. I was in the front row with my Indigo determination - wicked Miss Zoe Zane right there in the mirror. I can look at myself and feel gud about myself. FINALLY! My female friend was right there with me! WE DID IT TOGETHER. She is a software engineer from India.

    Feeling wicked today

    I just went out with my camera and jacked off in the bathroom. One of my slaves dared me so I did it. Zoe Zane

    I want to be a sloppy drunk and go to a party

    When I look back I wish I was smarter in love to myself. Instead of hammering myself do gud to me. But when your mind is stuck on a abusive file and you do not see that is it, THAT is what you get. Be careful what you tell the Universe from your brain. You do get it. Keep it inside your brain. When you utter it out of your mouth the Universe gives it to you!
    When I went to Bikram class last night I was tired. One of my female friends told me to get on the front row anyway. If you are tired SO WHAT, she told me I am looking great and she hears the teachers telling me how gud I am doing in certain poses. I went to the front row. I am taking myself to a whole new level. Getting through the warm up poses is the biggest challenge for me. Front row sets the tone for the whole room. No falling down, stay focused, NO sloppy EVEN though I want to be a sloppy yoga girl. HA HA HA

    Monday, February 08, 2010

    I already took granny out of her slot

    and I will continue to do that. At 35 years old I was almost in a wheel chair from running injuries. Not today, I am crunching my yoga class Day 37. The monster teach I stay away from her. I can see why I do not like her. She is picking of newer students. You do not go around walking in the class like a ballet teacher correcting the students in their poses. Now I know I do not like her. I was a mole in the back in my indigo abyss observing her last night. bikram yoga mature zoe zane MILF porn star writer

    Saturday, February 06, 2010

    36Th day of bikram yoga

    A boy about age 10 was next to me in class tonight. He comes with his Asian mother that is all over the place. Is she a single Mom? Her boy never makes it through the class. It was not that bad with all his fidgeting all over the place. The Mom needs to come to yoga by herself BC she never finishes the class. Her son is perturbed at her. I did it tonight in spite of All this drama. Her son seems very sweet but Mom he might not be sweet if you keep bringing him to class in all this heat.

    Friday, February 05, 2010

    Dirty Valentine Update

    I finally got her done. Curvy TAC Amateur Bar Tender Miss Gillian gets back at me for calling her a big, fat horny BITCH! If you are a horny pantie boy you will like the Boss teasing you under the desk with my pretty purple lacy panties.

    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    Getting yourself back

    As a child you have that joy part inside of you. You know how to do it right. You just do it. Along the way words are repeated over and over pushing inside telling you are no gud until you forget. Slowly you miss this part and that part until you are so afraid to do anything at all. That is what Bikram yoga is doing for me. I am getting my power back. I am getting my strong self back. Today is day 34 and I went to the front row right in front of the mirror. I am on stage, a top cat dancer for myself. It was a bit scary to be so close to myself BUT I DID IT.
    Zoe Zane mature porn star zoblog bikram yoga

    Zoe you are crunching Bikram yoga

    Last night be4 class Chris the manager of the yoga studio told me just that. It is getting around how great I'm doing and I didn't know. Now I know. Example is more powerful than words. Last night in class I relaxed through the class No. 33.
    I had to pay all the bills, get out 3 updates to sites and work. Doing 60 straight days of Bikram yoga is very time/energy consuming. It is so mental doing this yoga. I need a rest today. I am working on my dirty Valentine update for www.zoezane.com When I was in Vegas I did it with Tac Amateur "Gillian" a BBW. She's the bar tender in this set at the Free Bitch Swing Club "Vegas Red Rooster" No wonder swingers hate whore. Swinging women fuck free.

    Wednesday, February 03, 2010

    Click here - I am zoning on pants and panties today

    Look what a human can do at age 63! I love it.

    Click on header to link OR copy and paste to your browser. Black man, Larry, at age 63 takes over American Idol with his song "Pants on the Ground". This is awsome!

    Pantys For Men

    I have waited a very long time to get linked up to this forum and site. But it is done and now I can tell all my pantie boys how much I love them. You can come over to my studio and wear your panties and lingerie with Miss Zoe Zane. I have a private Cross Dressing School just for your kink! My latest adventures with my own panties. I like to go to a nice bar and make at least one man wear my panties in public. Some of my girlfriends dare me and I take them up on the dare. They are shocked what I get men to do for me. Mature MILF Zoe Zane Zoblog panties for men

    Tuesday, February 02, 2010

    Day 32 Bikram Yoga - I was paid

    a an unexpected, nice compliment on my poses. One of my fellow classmates that has practiced as long as I have, said my poses are so pretty. It has taken 7 years to get to this moment. I am so injoy right now!

    Feeling behind, maybe today, I'll feel caught up

    Finally got to the bank yesterday, made the teller laugh. My favorite teller retired. I miss Connie, she made money and the bank happy 4 me. Day 31 for yoga: went in feeling wasted but then in the class I was STRONG. How is that? I can't figure out this body.
    Yesterday, got a call from daughter about dance gig at strip club Spearmint Rhinos. It is very different now. First, a sheriff's card and the police approve you. You can not dance with any warrants OR have a long criminal list. Must have a business license as a sub contractor. It takes a day to get it all set up for your SL.
    I got a call from the famous SFRB girl "Kelly DD". She called me. LOL. In the past I tried to hook up with her but it never happened. She was running freakum.

    Monday, February 01, 2010

    Thank you Charlie for the birthday present

    He's so nice to me and sends me what I like. Charlie we have to do some video and pics soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH hugs and kisses to Charlie from LA.
    I'm getting over being sick. Went to yoga last night. Day 30! I'm hanging on right now. BUT, in class I did pretty gud. Teacher Holly and I are gud friends. She paid me compliments of some of my poses. WOW----half was through the 60 day challenge. When I get to the 50's it will be awesome..... heading for the finish line.
    In my live cam show I am going fetish fetish fetish. CamZ and Clips4sale have merged. Nice move. I will be posting more vids on clips4sale this year. Farted on a cake, farted on lite cream puffs and missed. Bummer. Sploshed myself with cream cream cream! WHAT A MESS!

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