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    Friday, December 31, 2010

    Last night got this call from a infamous MILF

    She lives close to me after all these years. We had a nice chat about our lives. She and I are on the same page about our lives. Funny how things turn out. Now, I see clearly why she did what she did. Tonight, we have plans to tear up the town.
    I want to thank everyone who assisted me this year. Thank you thank you thank you..... so much. I'm still standing. I'm not sure IF your Zoe Girl will go to Bikram on the 1st of January. I did last year. Many of the twig yoga girls show up in the morning. It can be too much, I might not go. I need to get a pair of horse blinders or some big ass sun glasses for yoga class. Even though, I've completed four 60 day challenges there is more to work on. Oh fuck my brain, I'm HOT SHIT! Who cares if some tri-exercised to death chick laughed at me for saying the words "HOT SHIT". It takes one to know one? I'm twice her age and she has more growing up to do. My plan for live cam show is Sunday 2.2.2011 time 9AM PST as as the "Sparkle Kitty Bitch" What the hell is that Zoe? Maybe a combo ghetto and kitty motif. HA HA HA

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Mercury in Retrograde - Dec 30 is last day

    How interesting for Mercury to do it'z thang at the end of the year. I did pretty gud will all the delays etc. I'm working on costumes for Vegas. Splash Sparkle and No Spam!!! HA HA HA I like bacon not ham and slam your spam! I love bling anything. Maybe I need to bling out my teeth? HUM! HA HA HA I had braces when I was a teenager and hated them. Funny how things turn into to a big, trendy fashion. I wore my silver wires for 4 years. eeK! Bling on teeth is not very pretty but to some people it is the shizzle! Granny with bling! Funny, laughing out loud with a big fat grin.
    Went to yoga last night. Before class, I was fried. During class I was calm, in a trance, and made it to the end. Did camel pose 2 times. Also I can handle the 4:30PM class (hotter class) after my last 60 day challenge. My body surprises me all the time. I'm ingesting new nutrients for stamina. Will let you know how they are helping me after 30 days. After Vegas, I will do another 60 day challenge. Many of us will do a challenge even thought the studio is not sponsoring one. The studio is ready for an upgrade --- new carpet and paint, then expanding down into empty buildings. It has taken 8 years for this expansion. Build it and they will come.

    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Make a long list for Vegas trip

    I have a ton of things to finish before my AVN Porn Convention/Vegas trip. I'm still studying for my driver's test. eeK! Tonight is Monday, and I'm taking the night off for yoga. I was tired yesterday before class. When I get too tired my mind plays games with me. I need to wear blinders when I go to yoga class. There are a bunch younger babes with kick ass bodies. Hardly anyone my age who practices Bikram has a kick ass body. I'm such a perfectionist. Stop it! Be kind to yourself Zoe. It takes love and patience to keep going. Focus on what makes you happy and don't compare yourself to women who haven't had kids. LOL. It's a bad habit and a no no!

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Dec 24Th - Dec 26Th - Boot Video "YOUTUBE"

    On Dec 24Th, I finally connected with my son. He had to work late and left his phone in the back of his car. On Dec 25Th, I went to Bikram yoga at 8AM PST. It was so amazing to sweat with 25 other Bikram freaks. I posted a video on my site, THEN ran over for dinner at Mormon Bishop brother's house. It went pretty gud. He and I see how America was nuked in 2008. We both are on the same page. His wife works with many financial people in her job. I'm going over to Borders to buy this book on American capitalism. Education is always good. I'm all about freedom for the top of my head to my pinkie. My ER doctor son told me about the book. After I had dinner, I drove down to my son's house for Christmas. He was fried from working in sales all year long. We might go see Tron today??? This morning in my live cam show on "Cam World" ----- I opened up presents from fans. I looked very sexy in my bikini top, mesh "69" dress with sheer thigh highs and jean knee high boots. So all and all, I made it through the holidays in flying colors. Whew!
    Cat Rescue: Early this morning, I found the male feral cat on the fence, his name is "Boy Boy". My girlfriend who is a cat rescue lady was worried about him. I called her up and made her Xmas. Now she knows "Boy Boy" is safe from the evil neighbors that hate cats. IF..... I ever see them on my property, I will call the LE for trespassing. I want to scare the shit into them, let them know I mean business. I know they have never starved or they would not be so mean to feral cats. Have you ever starved? I have! It's awful to starve in your skin suit. Zoe Zane

    Friday, December 24, 2010

    If you are alone on Christmas Eve.....

    I understand how you feel. Tonight, I had plans with family and can not get them on the phone. In 2010 for the holidays, I made sure NOT to be alone. This is weird that my family is not answering their iPhone. I have no other way to contact them. I do feel rejected, but I will not get funked out. In early Spring, I found some enlightened gurus at yoga. I have not seen them for some time. I had a reading which told me to be my own best friend. Tonight is a teat for Miss Zoe. I went to yoga class at 4:30 PM PST so I could be with my family. This one son can be flaky. He invited me down to his house for goodies on Xmas Eve. Still no answer from him. I will take some wash down to the wash room. The cats are calm now. When I came home they were all over me for attention. I'll find something interesting to watch on Cable. Ah, what the hell, I'm the best damn company there is for me on Xmas Eve. Early today, I placed two big red bows on Dad's house for Xmas. The house looks like Sacks Fifth Avenue. My bitch Dad would of never allowed such greatness. But, I am his daughter so in your face Dad! HA HA HA All the living right now love your house. I'll get the camera out tomorrow and post a pic of the big red bows on the iron gates. Maybe my son and his girlfriend have a medical problem with her aging Mom? Who knows? I wish them a Merry Xmas. Most of all, I wish myself a merry happy glorious Xmas. To all of you who spent Xmas alone I wish you happiness and good health. Your friend at her key board and her big, fat smile. Miss Zoe

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Chapter in the book - Housewife Whore Hater

    A housewife finds out her husband is seeing hookers. He lies about it. The housewife stalks the whore and plans to kill her.

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    New blog page for www.zoezane.com

    I had my own blog/diary a few years back. I'll build a blog page as before. Not hard at all. Although, I'll need to link up my new blog link to other blog sites.

    Today, I pigged out on Wall Street II movie with Michael Douglas. I watched it over and over again. I wanted to see how traders operate. I think I got it. Most important about trading: trade strong companies and keep the risk minimal. Make a plan when to get in and get out. Do not trade on emotions or speculations.
    I liked the words, " Don't run when you lose. Don't whine when you're down. Money never sleeps. If you ignore her, she is jealous. You need to watch her all the time or else she is gone just like that."

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    I love fetish! Do you have a tongue fetish? Click here

    Last night I had a fetish friend show me the wildest, LONG tongues on the planet. I watched 2 girl video clips on a Mac. It was interesting how each girl loved the other girl's tongue. Angel Fire has a bad ass tongue! She's the new hot tongue fetish girl. I surfered clips4sale.com and found this link for tongue fetish - just copy and paste into your browser.

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Charged up the High Definition video camera

    over night. They don't make camcorders like they used to. It's a lightweight Sony
    16 GB High Definition 1080. I still love my DCR-VX2000. I did it. Now for more lesbian porn this year. More women are surfing my site. I'm gonna turn the women on to what they like. Men love 2 girl porn so they can get turned on too. wooHooooo

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Christmas Tradition: Cum on my Face

    I've been wild and busy with cum on my face. Usually I go over to See's Candy with cum on my face. Not this year! HA HA HA
    After I did the photo shoot with my girlfriend Andrea Storm on Thursday, I ran over to Starbucks with the photographer's cum on my face. It looks like dried milk. Then I got this crazy idea to wear the cum on my face to my yoga class. I did just THAT! A lot of men in class were talking to me before class. Men know when you're a cum slut even in yoga. HA HA HA

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    My neighbor owes me

    Yesterday, I did the weirdest thang, I was interviewed my US Army Intelligence Department in my kitchen. LOL. The officer was asking me questions about the integrity of my male neighbor down below me. It was real. I'm gud at reading people. She wore a brown pantsuit and white shirt. Nice pleasant female in her thirties that is not getting laid very much. She asked me IF he had secret encounters with the enemy. LOL. My male neighbor wants to work for Army Intelligence. He will be investigated by the US Army for 6 months. All of you know what I do and my porn sites. I'm assuming the US ARMY of Investigation knows about me. I'm not under the gun, he is.
    This is how he will repay me the good interview I gave him: my furnace is old and hard to open up. I will ask him him to figure out how to open it up so I can put a clean air filter in the damn thang. My life as a female porn producer is way off the curtin rod, too freaky deekie for me, sometimes. After the interview, I called my stripper daughter. She was a bit shocked I even opted to do the interview. Her words, "Oh Mom, that was a very interesting experience indeed! If they want you to answer more questions just tell them you do not not want to get involved anymore." Right on girl.
    Next subject: how to make a porn movie. Lighting is so important. Natural lighting is best if you have the right window with the right light. At home I have the right lighting in my living room. The window is big on the Northeast side. Tom Mayes who loves older women did a photo shoot of me at home for the web site www.allover30.com. He told me my living room had great light with the shades open in the afternoon. Another trick that the webmaster www.ffstockings.com uses is 2florescent lights on a strip. The webmaster of this site worked in Hollywood movies. He knows his stuff. He uses floresent lighing in hotel rooms when on the road.

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    How to make a porn movie - do you have a fantasy to be a male porn star?

    Let's make a porn movie, do it fast, get a camera, get a few people together, sounds easy right. If you want to make porn yeah gotta have patience. I've been producing amateur porn for over 10 years. In 2010, the best camera to buy for porn is High Definition. All the ways to watch porn are moving together. Many of the TV stations still use "mini DV tape". High Definition is sharp and clear. I'm still holding onto my Sony mini DV tape camcorder. I do have a High Definition camera that I will bump up by the end of the year. Oh yeah, gotta have some money to pay your models, IF you're going big and want original rights. Female porn stars are paid the most BC we like to watch the women. Sorry guys, that's how it is. Most men in porn do it for the show and they get laid. All porn stars are extroverts and exhibitionist. Introverts don't make good porn stars. Their dicks don't get hard in front of the camera or other people. If you have a male porn star fantasy and introverted, keep it that way. You might be able to fuck a female one on one but getting the close up shots will be difficult if your mind and dick feel the pressure to perform. That means a limp dick and hurts your self-esteem. That's why all the male porn stars are porn stars. Their dicks can perform in front of the camera and other people. I will be posting how to make a porn movie for the next months to come. Stay tuned. Zoe Zane Mature MILF Porn Star

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    My yoga friends and my feet

    I'm so blessed to have the strength to do Bikram yoga. In the past, I would give credit to the old boyfriend or another person for my recovery to walk again. Leaving the Mormon, and first husband was totally scary. It meant leaving my family. I was frozen in my body. Today, I know I was the one who did all the work. I can only change myself, I'm the only one who is responsible for me, and I'm the only one who can do the work. It's up to me to walk and dance again. Getting yourself out of the victim mode takes time and patience. Your ego protects you and keeps you in fear. Doing Bikram yoga is a challenge for everyone who has the balls to practice. No one can escape the process. But those who do Bikram will stand and be strong. No free hand outs at Bikram. No free health care at Bikram. Yeah gotta pay and yeah gotta do the sweaty work.
    Last week the foot fetish photographer Glen took pics of me. Here is stand and deliver pic on my car with my naked pretty feet. Thank you so much Glen.

    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    The secret mask party - my mind is my theater

    was well attended. I wore a full silver face mask, white lyric body suit, pearly star studded jacket and black spiked knee high boots. The lighting was beautiful for romance. The DJ played his music at the end of the room. When "Poker Face" aired by Lady GaGa, I was charged. Ms. Andrea Storm had a lovely feather mask with her dark red sparkled dress. Many of the guests wanted their identity concealed. It blocked the energy. Bummer. Beautiful people tapped down the energy. LOL. I needed a few more wild friends to blast our energy beyond the concealed energy. I think this party was for intimate couples who came togher. Not a big show party like Folsom Street Fair. I did my wild thang and escape out the doors. In the lobby, I ran into a party of 4 Asian couples. They saw my anime silver mask and went crazy. WOW!. I got more energy from the Asians in a few minutes than the whole time at the secret party of masks. I went, I experienced the secret mask party. Hum? Shall I write in my book what would happen at my secret party with my erotic party sex mind? Yes! I will do this with all my fictitious characters.

    Thursday, December 09, 2010

    Tear up the house for a photo shoot - Click here to foot site

    I went threw box after box, suitcase after suitcase, to find what I needed for this foot fetish shoot. I've never disclosed what I go through for porn, behind the scenes. Going through all of my wardrobe is time consuming and exhausting. I need a wardrobe assistant. That's my fantasy and who knows I might get it someday. HA HA HA ---- huffing puffing sweating away in my studio. I get anxious before a shoot. I've never worked with Glen. He found me after talking with another foot fetish webmaster Tracy. I guess I gotta go for the feet since they are totally GORGEOUS. I've been really distracted with other subjects for porn content. Since I was a young girl, I knew I had beautiful feet. I've loved my feet forever. Here is a big pile of clothes, I gathered together, for the photo shoot this afternoon in San Jose. It will be at a hotel room off the El Camino. Glen is on vacation and flew up to take pics of my feet. He and I love Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe. I'm taking my Monroe wig with me. Let's see if Glen likes it?

    Wednesday, December 08, 2010

    House, Foot Photo Shoot, Driving Test, Tongue Fetish

    Dad's house is in the final stages and then back up on the market. In Cupertino School District, California houses are selling. YES, they are selling. Good news!
    My Scrooge brother and I are mending the past. After I understood he was mentored by my hardcore Dad, I can tame the beast in both of us. We are becoming friends.

    Thursday a foot fetish photographer and I will meet at a private location for glam foot fetish pics. I tore up boxes of outfits and have not found the polk-a-dot skirt he asked for. I think he just likes the look.......... Sooooo, if I get something similar it will work.

    Driving test study program: I did not know that when you get in a car accident at 30 miles an hour, NOT wearing your seat belt, it's like falling off a 3 story building. eek! The car stops but you keep going. Children not in seat belt/car accidents are killed more this way than any other way. LOL. Strap you kids up everyone.

    Last night, I headed North to see a tongue fetish slave. I'm in another house with a huge home theatre. Awesome. I was the school teacher and he was my student in college. We were joking around about my boss the Principal. I told him, "I took the Principle" We laughed. Yea baby. I wasted my college boy, waved bye bye and licked my lips and blew a kiss. The teacher wore black silk stockings and open toes high heels with black garters. Teacher's like me always help their students get GOOD grades. HA!

    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    Vegas with Sexy Miss Lizz - click this link to Lizz

    Las Vegas Trip with Sexy Miss Lizz is set for January, 7-10 2011 in a time share with a stud boy driver from LA. All I need is my connection to get into AVN with Lizz. We can tear down the AVN Convention or we can crash the AVN Awards Show with R big tits. HA HA HA We are fake porn stars-----Housewife and Naughty Librarian Porn at it's BEST. WILD MILF PORN in Las Vegas from California. I used the pic from Lizz's blog. Thank you Lizz. I'm studying for my driver's license test that is due before my birthday Jan 27.
    Last night after Bikram yoga class, I went over to my bitch executor brother's house for a Christmas present. They spelled my name wrong and I had to wait for him to sign. He passed the test and broke the code. He's not the Scrooge Executor right now. He will send my baby sister a Christmas check and her fat bitch husband will not get any of it. G O O D! If the "FBH" ever turns to heal himself, I will be nice, but most likely he will continue to spiral down his mean, destructive path to death. Now my baby sister will get some Christmas $$$$ in the mail very soon.

    Sunday, December 05, 2010

    I lov my life in porn "bubble gum frosting sprinkled boobs - click here how to care for poinsettias

    Yesterday, I zoomed over to my Mormon bishop, brother's house, gave his wife a pretty poinsettia plant. I wanted to thank her for the put up with the my bitch brother who is pulling a power trip over Dad's estate. He's the Scrooge executor and a damn gud one. Fuck us all! His oldest daughter was singing in the front room a song for a Christmas church program. OMG----- I'm outta here. She's loud, spoiled and obnoxious. That is another reason WHY your Miss Zoe is no longer in the Mormon Church.
    Today, in live cam "Cam World" I spread bubble gum frosting and sprinkles all over my boobs. Get your dick up and your sugar up with Miss Zoe Zane. Right now, I'm capturing the video of the show. Will post cam pics ASAP on my site and on here. You are so special reading this post. Making porn at my age is the best for me and you! Zoe Zane live cam show "Cam World". There is frosting on my mouse still. LOL.

    Friday, December 03, 2010

    My favorite and best food for you at Xmas time

    Best: Cocoa

    Chocoholics, rejoice! This sweet treat (in moderation, of course) is connected with health benefits. Clinical studies show that eating small amounts of chocolate (one piece a day―about 30 calories' worth) lowered systolic blood pressure by 2.9 mm/Hg. That in turn may lower your risk of stroke or coronary heart disease.

    Choose dark chocolate containing at least 70 percent cocoa solids. Those contain higher levels of the antioxidant flavonoids responsible for its heath benefits. Several long-term studies have found that this type of dark chocolate may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol). Find our top choices of baking chocolate from our blind taste test.

    Go ahead and scream at me my Brother

    When your Scrooge Dad dies, it gets intense with other family members, who do not know how to talk. It was all about the scream in my childhood. My Mother used my baby sister to tag team my Dad when Mom felt helpless. My brother, a Leo, is a bull horn when he get frustrated over the estate. My brother is my Dad in living flesh but worse. I see, I see, oh fuck me! Poor guy. His wife can tame him. THANK GOD for her, whew. His wife and I are centered. For years, I didn't know I lived in anxiety. 911 was a piece of familiar cake for me. When the planet set out the alarm, I felt how I lived a life of anxiety over this and that. After practicing Bikram for 7 years, I can handle the screams from my dysfunctional family. Bikram yoga has made me scream proof. WOW! There was a dispute over the estate, now it's clear. Since my sister and I saw the value on silver, now the family is all in our face over the rise of it. Okay. Some did not care about the silver but now they do. Whatever comes to me, I will be thankful for it. It almost turned into a screaming battle, but didn't. My brother started to cry in front of me. There is so much hurt and pain from our parents. My brother is Scrooge. eeK!
    My garden at Dad's house: It's coming along and I will go buy some plants. Who cares if my brother signs the checks for the estate. I'm creating a beautiful garden for the new owners. The ground is hard since that side of the house was for Dad's tools, food storage and outside dark room. My muscles are sore this morning, but it feels good. I went to yoga last night, so I can handle the stress of my dysfunction family in Cali. No matter want has happened in the past, today I can change how I see things. I will keep going in my love space for fun and joy. My talent, to be funny, to laugh, dance and sing. Happy Holiday from your Miss Zoe

    Wednesday, December 01, 2010

    Stay focused

    My drivers license is up for renewal. Yesterday, I got a new drivers handbook. Then I went on line and read the practice tests. I might be able to pay for this renewal and no test. I'm calling the DMV to find out since I moved. In the past, I've freaked out taking the test since driving is important for me. When I had my kids in Utah, I was pregnant with number 5 and didn't have a car. On the 4Th of July, my oldest son with his brother were shooting off roman candles. One of them hit my oldest son's chest and punctured his lung. A neighbor took him to the hospital. It was a difficult summer, not having a car, nor a husband. I don't like to be stranded or without a car.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Senate passed bill S510 - click here and read

    What next? I know, only more control.

    My girlfriend's black list

    Yesterday we were chatting about the men in our lives. Some men never get to come back, this is why. When in the throes of sex this guy ripped off his condom and wanted to fuck my girlfriend with his naked dick. LOL. He was in the force myself I want to rape your cunt sex. She put him on her black list, his # in her phone. Some of the "rejects" think your have forgotten about them. They will call again even after you said NO! They jeopardised the safety of our sex community with unprotected sex. The rip of the condemn guy tried to get back into her pants. What a dumb Mow-Fo. Did he get back in? NO!

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    I love Christmas

    Will drag and place my favorite tree at front window. I'll take pics when done. Off to see a fetish freak this morning. Frost on the roof near my patio balcony. After visiting my ER doctor son in his fabulous house, I'm not the same girl. His home theater is the bomb! Working on a big "sparkle splash show" for New Years! Hot boots and boobs on a stripper pole by G-Ma, thatz me.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    I love Xmas light

    I will be on the move to produce HD video for my librarian character. She has many possibilities. Right now, it's very cold in my computer room. I have a round floor heater and it feels toasty. The cats are all snugged up to get warm. This morning I will add something funny to my cam show at the end. I can't help myself when it comes to funny sex. What will the cam viewers think? It doesn't matter, they're a bunch of sax freaks. I wonder who will get what I will do? I gotta get bundled up and take my wash over to the Laundromat. The washing machine is broke again. My fantasy: my scrooge landlord keeps the wash room running all the time. How can a new washing machine have so many problems. The landlord is Asian. Is that why? His wife is cheap.

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    I'm back home 1:43 PM PST

    What a trip to Mormon ville, SLC, Utah. The weather was 17 degrees with black ice on the runway. DANGEROUS! Watch your step girl and go slow. It was backward when I left, now it's happening. What do all these people do that are living in the rich homes??? There are liquor stores all over the place. My son's wife invited me to live with them. LOL. I'm very pleased, BUT they do not know what they are taking on. I watched movies from my Son's home theater. All I can say is a "BIG WOW!!!" Last night, I watched "Transformers". That is what we need for the world's problems. HA HA HA ----- The movie "Clash of the Titans' is the most incredible movie I have every watched. Ralph Fiennes was very good at being a bad God.
    My family is getting closer, the kids and I. I'm so happy we are all connecting. We are all talking and have a voice. I'm over at the studio typing everyone a big "HELLO". I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I went to Bikram on Thursday at the Sugar House Studio. I've heard stories about the female owner that is over 60 years old. She is into yoga and that's it. That studio needs a face lift. eeK!
    My plane trip was crowded. Some macho guy was taking up all the space. But..... I had younger men all around me on the plane. Hum? I am glad to be home and now over to see my 3 monster cats at home.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    My Turkey Day Vacation

    Wed: I fly into SLC in the afternoon. My stripper daughter and baby daughter will pick me up. Then we will drive down to South SLC to my doctor son's new home.

    Thurs: I will stuff myself with mash potatoes/real butter, pie and cheese cake, maybe some turkey. My son installed one of the home theaters. He and I will camp out in it. HA HA HA! Hug all the grand kids and run around acting silly with them. We all love each other a lot.

    Fri: Take a yoga class and go to a movie with girls. It is iffy on Friday what I will do. I was instructed to dress warm for the extreme weather. I know about cold weather and snow and ice and freezing your ass OFF. 17 years in SLC with 7 kids was hard for me as a poor preacher's wife. What a stupid game to play. It was difficult entertaining the kids with 5 months of winter. Good I had a basement for the kids to jump on old mattresses for exercise. Whew!

    Sat: Fly back home to San Jose

    TODAY, is Wednesday, and I'm spending time with the 3 monster cats. I will be gone tonight. My my son will see the cats the next few days. On top of this my girlfriend who shares the feeding of the outside feral cats, called, told me her car broke down. Oh NO! I'll ask my son to put out some food out the the wild cats. There are 2 new kittens that need food.

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Click here to my Halloween freak's video

    I'm gathering a small group of Halloween film producers into my circle of "scare all de kids down to the floor" gore. We all love the horror of Halloween. Yesterday, I drove over to check out my new babies, the twin coffins. I've attached a pic of one of my twins. I will bring them into my house and let the 3 monster cats sleep in them..... HA HA HA! !! The guy who built the twin coffins told me, his adult friends were "trick0treating" together in his neighborhood. Right on! He wants to throw a Halloween party next year at his house. I'm there for sure. His son dressed like a ghoul inside a coffin and scared the crap out of the neighborhood kids. Too funny.
    The fun of Halloween is coming back in California. None of the razor in the apple stuff.

    No teacher for yoga

    last night. Where is she? Manager of the studio can play Bikram's CD for the class. Okay, great. I get my first class with the Almighty Bikram. One of my veteran 60 day challenge girlfriends, a lawyer, asked IF your Zoe Girl could be a show teacher with her. She didn't want to speak at all. I said, "NO problem!" I can get up in front of everyone. I'm still working on strength and can not do all the poses twice. You can do each pose once and get the benefit. IN the Bikram series there are 26 poses. In the middle of the series, I need to do each pose twice. I can only do some of the poses once. I'm pushing through old injuries from childhood and 1st marriage. So here I am, in the process of Bikram, moving in the direction of teacher hood. That will be a life changing experience when I do this. Once again, becoming a teacher takes 9 weeks with 2 classes per day. The dialogue must be memorized. If I do become a teacher I might be 69 years old when I do it. I'll be a tuff bitch by then. In LA one of the master female teacher's is 85 years old. So there you have it. Productive and active in later years in your skin suit. Wallah! I love it.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Thanksgiving and Kitty Foxx Porn

    When I think of Kitty Foxx, I get warm fuzzies inside. I miss her, but she's very close in spirit. Kitty would say..... sex is just sex. We make too much over sex in America. I agree. I only wish I had more of her porn. When I did movies with her she was very protective of her stardom. She was a mature porn star that did not get the recognition she deserved. Kitty and her hubby Alan, paved the way for all of the mature MILF/GILF Cougar porn on the net today. I posted a small pix of Kitty and myself messing around. All our Vegas boyfriends showed up at her House for Sex. She and I did a lot of gang bangs together. Those pixs are posted inside my membership. When she was alive I could not call her house, a house of sex, but I can now. All the cops/LE in Vegas knew Kitty was making porn. It was cool, she didn't make a big deal about shooting porn in Vegas. Thanksgiving is time for family. I'm so thankful I knew Kitty Foxx and Alan, they are part of my porn family. They are the ones who got me started in porn in Vegas. When Kitty found me I was screwing my brains out in gang bangs at the swing club "Vegas Red Rooster". At a big orgy, I got the hungry eye from vintage male porn star, Sashi who looked like Burt Reynolds. He was a major looker and after me. I was too shy then to go after him. Pic of Kitty and myself where I'm humping like a bunny rabbit! HA HA HA

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Maybe rain this weekend in San Jose

    My family is working hard to get Dad's house back up on the market. But, you know construction and time frames. I was over on the west side of the house again. Did some major clean up with tools I could find. It will be beautiful, when it's done. I've wanted to create a side house garden for years. I turn the ground, moved unwanted rocks and debris from the construction work. It feels gud to be outside working in the sun. I moved a lot of cement squares and brick, using what was left in the yard. It's fun. I planted one flower this afternoon. Watered it with love and happiness with a big, grin-grin smile. I feel safe at Dad's house today. It's the first time for a very long time. My parents were arguing freaks full time...... THATZ 24/7. Oh well, so they had to die for me to feel safe. Bummer. That's what happened when you live with a dysfunctional family in California.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Monroe and Page

    are my sexy Moms in Zoe's "Net World". Marylin Monroe and Bettie Page, I have many photos of them in my house. I've placed a huge photo of Monroe in my front room. Very soon, I will practice the exact pose of Monroe for a photo set. I love her glam and beautiful smile. Monroe was jacked around so much by Hollywood, it killed her. We want you, we hate you, Monroe. She did not know what to do with all her fame. Monroe was too sweet and lovely, the pure essence of love. She'd walk down a street as a normal person, and then turn on Monroe. She has lived on even after her death, eternally yours by Miss Monroe. Bettie Page was infectious and stole our hearts with her edge pushing fetish and fun. I love Bettie. Ive taken photos of myself in her famous poses. I had some down time at the beginning of my porn life and found Betty on the Net. I studied and read everything I could get my hands on. I still have not found the right wig for Bettie. It will show up when the time is right. Attached, one pic I did of myself as Bettie Page.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Tuff Girl

    Sunday, I was over on the side of Dad's house moving cement blocks. I found some leveling tools to move the ground. It was heavy labor for a babe like me. I was sweating like a pig, then I got a call. I thought I would not make it to yoga. I had no idea what or how my body would feel after doing a "Man's Job". That side of the house will have a small garden, a fairy walk. It needs a lot of work. WHEW!
    I made it to yoga class. I did it. I'm surprised at my strength. I drove in with Lady GaGa playing "Bad Romance" in my car. Some yoga babe noticed the music. I got out and told her "I'M A TUFF BITCH!" She like it. I went into the studio and everyone's energy was up and high. One of the male teachers was in my way. I must sign in, dude. I told him to get out of my way. A female teacher loved what I said to him. Then, a new female teacher wants to know how to be bold like Zoe. It was awesome.....all in my power. After class, I talked to my stripper daughter. She was watching Cable TV about real Wolverines. These animals run in pairs up to the tops of mountains. They stand up to bears, no fear. WOW. I'm a Wolverine, your Zoe Girl.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    She's still at it with my name

    http://zoezayn.com/ I checked this morning IF the wannabe take my stage name babe, is still at it. She is. I remember my conversations with mature porn star "Kitty Foxx" and the women who would impersonate her and her name. Yeah, my name is catchy. I guess I better make "ME" more catchy, way brazen bold and out-ter space there. Then they will just follow. I would love to take the ones who have used my name on the Howard Stern Show. He would find that hilarious. I want them to look similar to me but with different a persona like "Miss Boarder Line Wacko" and "Miss Nympho Horny". She would out do any sex worker with her super squirting cunt, and her un-dieing sex drive(like triplets in one body). I would get more done with more Zoe Zane. Oh, heaven help us all. I could get them to call up my girlfriends with different problems and my friends would know that I have gone bonkers! he he he How to get ride of friends you do not like.
    Oh, one other tip: dust your computers. I just did it and my puter is running better. I need to go get one of those air cleaners for geek rooms. My guru geek, admin man is teaching me. I just saved myself some money. I thought my puter was fried but all it needed was a big dusting. Happy happy me.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Update zoezane.com done

    I just finished at 7:00PM PST. I want to watch Harry Potter tonight on cable. Just a note to the Berkeley man. I received your present. Maybe we can start oagain. I get a lot of words with no action from wannabes.
    Today, I worked along side with my preachy brother at Dad's house. By Dec 1st the house will be back on the market. My brother calls Dad's house "the house from Hell". Dad was cheap and rigged up crazy stuff to make the house work. YJe house is getting a facelift and internal upgraded. My Mormon bishop brother was lecturing me on how they work with men who are porn addicts. I'm the adversary in my white GAP long sleeved t-shirt(laughing inside my mind). Oh brother, I listen with a nice smile. My mind runs circles around him. I think he's trying to convert me back to the Mormon church. Not to worry, I'm done. I'm making it better for all of us and the good that is coming from my Dad. I will not EVER disclose what I do or my book. That would be a modern day wtich hunt for your Zoe Girl and skin their brains. HA! I just want to make peace with the past. I'm not here to make them change. That's like changing crusty old Dad's mind. My brother's wife and I are becoming good friends. She needs to hear from me that she is "The Man". She needs all the assistance I can give. Together we will weather my Patriarch Bitch Brother. LOL.

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Click here for intruder "Hide r kids hide r wife"

    The "You Tube" bed intruder picture is attached on this bold brazen blasting blog.
    This is the best, of the all, the damn truth. Some sneaky rapist crawled into a bedroom window and tried to rape a woman when she was asleep with a kid. This sounds like the OB (old boyfriend). He would sneak over at night and crawl into my bedroom at night in Utah. The world is getting ready my book and G-Ma rap art. My son told me about this the YOU TUBE video. Hide your kids, hide your wife - my narcissistic, old boyfriend was a manipulating predator, the sneak freak. I'm waiting for the Mr. Sneak to show up again. Oh, he will, and I'll have a surprise for him. Tonight, my son told me this story: Mom, when we lived in Vegas, the OB and his work partner took me to a construction job to earn some extra money and then snow boarding. While on the job both adult men tied me up with duck tape. There was no escape, over 4 hours. They laughed at me as I cried on the cement floor. Am I shocked, yeah! I cried. My son was so scared after the tie up he was not at home. He slept outside in a Vegas field on a cement flood gutter. I lived a huge, big fat lie with the OB. He tried to get my teen age son drunk. Why? You figure it out. My son never got drunk with the OB. The truth is coming out. My finger is ready.........

    Killing Zoe in yoga class.....

    with the help of the short, cocky male, yoga teacher. He reminds me of my Dad. He talks loud and is not funny. I tolerate him. Small, short men need to prove themselves. I figure it's gud he's in yoga getting ride of his bully insecurities. To the teachers I do not like: LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!!! This is not a perfect, candied up blog today.
    I'm in the finally stage of taxes. By the weekend, I will be done with this project. In 2011, I must renew my driver's license. I don't like taking tests. Telling myself, I passed my test with flying colors.
    Dad's house is moving along. It's a different house. I love it. Upgraded kitchen, contemporary theme with new colors. If Dad is rolling over in his grave, so be it. He didn't care about beauty. I made sure this one flooring contractor didn't do my Dad's house. WHEW! I know my Mom is happy. Bless her heart for putting up with Dad's crap. Dad was a control freak and didn't want Mom to work. I remember her talking to me for support. She wanted her own money. She worked for a small paper. At the end of her life she created a little bite of freedom for herself. Dad did not like it. He was miserable anyway so go do your own thang Mom. My Mom was a beautiful woman. All that stress aged her quickly. She died at a early age. For my Mom in heaven, I hope you can see your singing talent. I miss my Mom today. She made me laugh. Hey Mom, I found this funny pix on "Ask.com". I think it's funny, a Mom holding a big, ass gun. HA HA HA
    Why all the kill about yoga??? It finally hit my lovely brain that I'm killing the old Zoe. The new Zoe is powerful. My new mantras: rich is good, love is good, health is good.

    Monday, November 08, 2010

    My witch yoga teacher!

    Why she has it out for me is beyond my cranium. There are others who are doing just as good as myself. Last night, I was in my spot for stability and she still had to correct. Before class she told me it's not ever good to be invisible. She's so serious and when she tries to be light or funny it feel fake. Keep trying "Witch Teacher" to be funny, it will turn real one of these days??? Maybe.
    I had 2 dreams early this morning. Fall OFF the big cement block bitch: my kids were telling me how the OBS wife was telling my kids they sleep on satin sheets. She made my kids feel low. I found her and told her to stay away. She got all huffy stepping backwards and feel off the big cement, block step, falling down below and hit a car. I ran to tell the OB she fell. Now what does that mean?
    Second dream: I was married to Mel Gibson. I'm not sure about this arrangement. Mel is a handful in real life. I was with a stressed out male movie star, whatever. He and I something in common, we had lots of kids. eeK!

    Sunday, November 07, 2010

    Peanut the cat is my writing buddy

    today. He wants outside, right in my face. Did yoga last night, still out of balance with hips. It's getting better and will change soon. I wanted to get the class over at the beginning of class.....eeK! A lot of celebrities are heading for Bikram. It gets results, this yoga practice. Rained last night, we are back to regular time. I noticed my computer time does not match my clock time. I despised the time change. I wish the government would leave Mother Nature alone. But for now my favorite time of year is here. I love the rain, the fog and the cold weather. I'm under the gun doing tax papers. With updates and work, I feel swamped. It will be over soon. Good thing, I'm early for tax time. Oh, like I'm happy. HA HA HA This is such a boring blog today. My fantasy is to be a couch potato with lots of butter and sour cream. Yum, that's sounds good enough to eat for dinner tonight with some Key Lime Pie. I love fattening food, it's sooooo comforting. I gotta sage my brain, banish all the memories of the OB. At least I got laid a lot and went to parties. I thought I was over all of it. I feel so hurt, deceived, used, shammed, twisted inside out. My mind runs over to the OB file and goes over anything and everything. I must grab this file and focus on THAT! Do I want to be happy or still in the pain? I still hurt over the his con game and what he did to the special people in my life. Maybe I will never get over it. So I will tell myself, "LIKE I REALLY CARE!" I'm standing
    on my own finding out I can do it. I love me for getting this far. A big fat hug for myself.

    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    Are you a virgin?

    I'll be with family in another state for Thanksgiving. My stripper duaghter and I will be hunting for virgin males. It's her fantasy to fuck one, she's 35 years old. I've popped a few virgins in my life already. Daughter like Mother----a big smile! I think older women fucking younger males (over 18) is great. It gives guys a better start in their sex lives. She and I will be at a big party asking this question, "Are you a virgin or do you know of any?" Mother/daughter tag team bust a guy's cherry. HA HA HA
    When I was on the radio talk show for KSJO in San Jose, I interviewed guys who said they were virgins. The guys who showed up were not virgins. It was obvious! But one guy was late and had a hard time finding the station. He's a virgin for sure! I made him into a man in a van on Halloween night in Los Gatos. Too wild huh.

    Oh one more thought about the sale of Dad's house: I had this dream about the staging furniture placed in his house by the realator. THAT furniture is out dated and for the old folks home...... dude. In my dream I offered him money for the old fart staging furniture. He took the money. I had the furniture moved to the middle of the street and set it on fire! Laughing.

    Thursday, November 04, 2010

    A message to the sneak

    I bet you are breaking the rules ---- LIKE AWAYS. In your mind there are no boundaries BC you are JESUS. Your Jesus attitude has gotten even bigger since your fall. Are you going to church or helping the homeless again? I bet your are, making all around you THINK are a much better man. Oh, it was not your fault, but my fault. I'm the wicked step-mom. You sneaking freak, have you run over to the a public library and read this blog? If not, so what, but if you have...... here I am, in your face. I see all of you and what you are. You can not redeem yourself with me. Your 3 year degrees, the Narcissistic Con with a minor in stealing, is what I see and know. Your mind will try to win me back. You think you know me, but the game has changed. Why don't you come over again and see how it has changed. Make sure you bring your insane wife with you. I promise, I will not address her at all. Excuse me darling' but I am not married to your big mouth and this is not your business. Walk out to THAT new car and wait while I have a conversation with the "sneaking no boundary fuck" who is your husband. I know everything sneak freak. How about what your did in Vegas, the truth is out. They finally told me everything. All of them told me what you did!!! Even if you feel the danger you will try to win me over.

    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Sexy Miss Lizz says - My tits are my power

    She'z right!. In Vegas she showed me the way for tit power. Lizz is one of my best friends on the Net. She'z the shizzle. Now for my tit story: I used this push up bra to extend my boobs way out of my costume. It worked. The bouncer at the Los Gatos bar keep starring at my chest the whole time. It'z gud men don't get tickets for starring. HA HA HA ---- Bend over bend over make all their eyes jump over ----- I made sure I bent over a few times and flinged my hair back so my boobs would giggle. A few drunks bowed to their Queen. Too funny. Cute and curtsy, bend and stretch, I blew them a kiss. I wasn't loud or obnoxious, just proud narrisstic me. I was the Queen of Wonderland. So funny. I had many comments on my big boobs. I smiled and batted my long thick eyelashes. Your Zoe Girl was the Queen and the bar knew it. I was given free drinks at the bar, many guys offered to buy me a drink. wooHooooo! I had a great time flirting and teasing and making everyone crazy for sex on Halloween night. Laughing out loud, cackling ,,,,!@#$%^&*????1118%^&^&**((*****......with my wet panties.

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Halloween party

    I'm off to Los Gatos to the town bar with my big boobs and garters. My favorite bouncer loves my big boobs. I wonder what I can get away with at the bar? I will let you all know what I did at the town bar! Have fun tonight, be safe and scare the crap put of someone. HA HA HA! My costume, the Queen of Wonderland in 2010 has a tasar. eeK! Instead of off with their head, let's watch my prey have a spaze attack.

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    My head shrink and the freaks in my live

    It was a smart move on my part to hook up again with my grounding therapist. Yes, I have a head shrink. I must set the boundaries for my life with 2 freaks. In my dysfunctional California family, my Mom and Dad didn't know how to set boundaries.
    Tomorrow, I will dress as the "Queen of Wonderland" .... off with their heads! HA HA HA I will take pics of my decorated abode and the Queen, send it off in email to my family who is dressing up for Halloween in a different state. I feel so blessed that my 7 kids love me.

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