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    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Zoe is ready for her cam show this morning

    Part of my Halloween cam show will be aired on "you tube". I AM READY! Boo you sugar biscuit! Mature Zoe Zane MILF Porn Blog Zoblog Site update will be today. Oh, this is awesome, San Jose has fog this morning. I went walking last night and many of the houses are decorated for Halloween. I love it when adults play like kids. Yippee!

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    Thoughts from a foot fetish male slave

    I do not understand women who doll their feet up. When I tell them I love their feet they freak OUT. Why do women buy those sexy shoes and paint their toes THEN think I'm a weirdo! It's beyond my male mind what women think. Women do not understand the mind of a foot fetish lover. Mature Zoe Zane MILF Porn Blog zoblog

    Most durable phone on the market

    The Razor!!! The least durable is the iPhone. Drop a iPhone and it is fucked. Tell me what you know. Mature MILF Zoe Zane zoblog

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Halloween Live Cam Show Sat 31st 9AM PST

    Are you frustrated with this ucked Up economy? Are you sick of All those people who are not what they say they are? Are you fed up with phony people who tell you we are best friends but never involve you in their projects? Did you do your best and your life went a different way? How many callers made appointments and NEVER showed up? Wicked Dirty Granny aka Miss Zoe Zane will demonstrate how to celebrate Halloween the wild way in the outdoors???

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Exotic Erotic Ball 2009

    was huge this year. I confronted the blasting in the name of God fanatics "Stop the whores of the Exotic Erotic Ball". They are always there till a certain time. The cops are around to keep it at bay. I have walked past the God Screamers quietly in the past. Last night, I hit them back with my pink fishnet pantyhose and ass. I need to run after them and molest them NEXT YEAR! The ticket guys let me in to the VIP bc I hit them up with my ass. Too cool. Got in and looked for far out people. Then Martini and his sexy friend Midori found me. Oh, I love Martini. He is the best. What a great guy and the most happening. Down the hall to the gigantic huge penis man. When he bent over out of his penis hole spewed that party spray ALL over me. I was beating him with my kitty tail. Grrr..... spit claw. Totally surprise! I ran into to Shivana the TV porn star with her friend Cookie. I will see "S" Las Vegas AVN 2010 after party after midnight. Then I hooked up the the E-Channel Man in his sparkle shirt with his sexy wild models in Gothic wings and black. Martini was there leading them all my way. I love Martin and his wifey. I emailed Martini, he took off work to hang put with his Zoe Girl at EEB. http://klubmartini.com/
    Another great sexy friend is Julie
    What stocking bitch http://www.ffstockings.com/julia/opener/opener.php

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    I snort sperm-Hey guys guess what happened

    Last night a penis blasted up into my right nostril. Your Zoe Girl is a sperm snorter. HA HA HA

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Will you dress up for Halloween?

    Las Vegas on Halloween, it's the most wildest town I have seen for adult dress up. Cash prizes are given for outrageous costumes. I saw a his and hers combo as flashers, flesh colored body suits with a whole lotta dick and a big hairy pussy. HA HA HA

    Does this work, this work OUT?

    It might work and way funny to watch

    Did you know

    there are a lot of rules for LA porn producers? If you film an adult video in the wrong place, get caught, all your film equipment can be taken away. The mayor of LA has been down on porn for a few years. LOL. Here we go, the self-righteous making tight rules again. Porn people gotta be smart and sneaky.

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Let's talk about religion

    In my live Cam Show this morning, a xMormon jumped on at the end of the show. I told him I graduated from BYU with honors as a teacher. Shock me! He thought those teaching credentials would help my porn. He's damn right. I'm getting out all my sexy suits to show off what a xMormon Cougar Granny can do with younger men. I was going through all my past porn vid clips and found one dancing drunk at a Xmas Party. I will post that ONE for Xmas. Where did I get drunk? At Sexy Miss Lizz' house in San Leandro, California. I like it, BC I am so obnoxious!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Sending Zoe Zane a Hug Cerfticiate

    Gram, you are so sweet to send me a hug in my email. I love this pic of the 2 mini doggies hugging each other. That's what happens to your Zoe Girl when her 3 male cats hug her in the morning all over her big FAT face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about furry lovs! tags: Mature MILF Porn Zoe Zane Blog Zoblog

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Diva Dom Mistress

    She dwells high on a mountain in the forest. A long, single road, only one, leads up to her dwelling. The exit road leads out down the mountain another way. Invitation ONLY, by HER heiness "Diva Dom Mistress".

    Before she evolved to MistressHood she helped a man. THAT man bestowed all of his millions to her BC of kindness. He was under tremendous persecution, the whole world was down on him. One day, the top webmaster of the the rich, famous man drives to her space to deliver a sealed envelope. She opens a letter reading this request, to become her powerful self in a world where women are infidels. There are other requirements but the first one is the most important of ALL. The webmaster presents 2 photos of the rich, famous man who left this world. One is of his real self and the other in disguise. She knows the rich, famous man from the second picture. When she met him he was barely walking the streets late at night. She remembers that night when he was fell down in the gutter.

    After 7 long years she rises to her full female power to her inheritance as a millionaire. She trains other women to be in their power.

    Hundreds of men long to be accepted into her realm. You can always tell when a male worship a female. It's in his eyes.

    Her dwelling place is protected by high tech surveillance, hidden cameras, & PI Gear. Many have tried to penetrate her fortress but ALL have failed. Intruders are sent to her Diva Dungeon Jails. Those men are trained and torments by her 12 ladies. At the gates of her realm are her zGa Soliders. Her Soilders, they have NO mercy for intruders.

    There are 12 ladies in waiting to be Lady Diva Doms. They're in training to be glorious beauties of power. Their influence will be wide spread through many governments. There are certain requirements to be a chosen Lady Diva Dom. She must have heart even if she is the cruelest of sadists.

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Zoe Zane Update Folsom Street Fair 2009

    I'm almost back to normal after my breach of security. It is a tight ship for my porn sites. I will be giving you a teaser about the Dom in my book. Her well protected realm high in the mountains. She has her Z-Ga soldiers at front gates for intruders. On my live cam show today, I had my Blue Alien Bitch Boy on the show. I spanked him for being grabby. Here I am at Folsom Strret Fair. I love SF.

    Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    Yes I was a teacher - letter from student72

    Dear Miss (Mrs?) Zane,

    WOW! You are BEAUTIFUL! Were you once a teacher? Have You ever witnessed a college male being paddled by the Principal? Have You ever paddled/spanked a female or male while You were barefoot or wearing sandals? Have You ever put on socks to keep your students drooling over Your SEXY BARE FEET? OMG! I'm horny just thinking about being in Your class! I would act up on purpose just to be escorted by You to the Principal's office where I was paddle right in front of You as You teased by rotating Your ankles and dangling Your pumps off Your SEXY TOES! Or, maybe You'd be wearing sandals or better...BAREFOOT! I'd be squealing like a little sissy and You'd just snicker at my tears! I have a MAJOR CF/nm fetish(Clothed Female/naked male fetish). Would You consider doing a photo set with You being casually clothed, except barefoot at first, holding a slipper, hairbrush or doubled up belt and then put on white ankle or no-show socks so I can't see Your BARE FEET during the spanking/whipping? Do You ever paint Your fingernails a color and leave Your toenails natural(my favorite),clear or french? That is such a tease! "OH, Ma'am I'll be good, Please don't(do) have me paddled! That's embarrassing!"Please write back when You can, Ma'am, and I will get back with You ASAP! Thank You, Ma'am!

    Your adoring, Student72

    Yesterday was quiet so I went looking for Halloween

    decorations for my yard. I found hanging upside down vampires, a mummy and spider table clothes, etc. Last night I walked through a costume store looking for a green nurse outfit. NONE. The Hannibal Cannibal life like human figure scarred the crap out of me. It seems SO REAL. Freaked me out!!! Zoe Zane Mature MILF Utah Mom Blog

    Monday, October 05, 2009

    Losing 11 lbs

    and my new eating habits. I found a way to keep it off for the rest of my life. I have been a vegetarian for years. A lot of changes since old boyfriend left. I would of never eaten this way with him around. He was very active all his life with his job and could eating anything like a lawnmower. No kidding. During the weight loss I got sick right before Folsom Street Fair. I went anyway. That's what a Mom does when shes had 7 kids. I am not a pussy! LOL. ha ha ha

    Then my back did a number on me this last week. It is coming out of its funk today. When you do Bikram yoga it is either your knees or your back. My yoga teacher Saturday night came up to me and told me "Thank You" for coming to class. Ya baby, I slammed out real bad in class. She could see I was in this place of funk. She was so nice to me. My yoga teacher is from the Ukraine with a heavy accent. She has done over 7 Bikram yoga challenges. She knew I was in a funk Saturday night. I like to go to class on Saturday night. Nice way to end the week. I can go home and chill out with the 3 boss boys (the three male cats of one year) .

    Saturday, October 03, 2009

    Folsom Pics next week - this week sexy me and my

    vid clip throwing cream pies at myself. I had so much fun licking all the cream off anythang. Mature MILF Fetish Mommie Cream Pies Zoe Zane

    Thursday, October 01, 2009

    So thrilled about the pics from Folsom

    The images turned out great. I'm so happy. The quality is awesome. You will see some strange things that I do not do on the streets of SF. Whoever helped me THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am sending all of those people kisses and big hugs from my 38D boobs. Yipeee!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ONE MORE TIME

    Thursday. October 2009 - My most favorite month

    and time of year. I love Halloween. I like scary, the freaks and witches. When I was first married in Flagstaff, Arizona, I went as a witch. I was pregnant. I was a pregnant witch with a fake bubble gum nose, warts and all. Cackling!!!! I just ... HUM? ... might ... go ALL out for this holiday. What is a another classy word for porch/balcony? My Dad called it a veranda http://www.ornate-designs.co.uk/ I have an upstairs balcony.

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