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    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Courageous Zoe Zane

    I'm courageous for me! The most powerful compliment is the one you give yourself. Others are cool but to yourself is "mostest powerful".

    I made it to Folsom all by myself in my car with my fetish tote page. Those who said were going up with me HAD this and that. They are still my friends. "I am my best friend". I drove around found a driving lot, could of parked on the street. I did not want to create more drama with a parking ticket so I paid for parking.

    I figured out how to get photos for my site. If someone wanted my picture, I let them and asked them to take a picture with my camera. It is great to make it happen in the creative flow of fetish everywhere.

    On the way back a fan walked me back to the area where I parked my car. Oh no, it was not there, my car. A doorman gave me the directions and I found my car. Whew! As I was leaving, the man who took the parking fee asked me, if I was a prodom and spanked all those people??? Oh yes. I am! Big fat smile smiling at him. He was so shocked to meet a real live prodom "dominatrix" in San Francisco. I was wearing this fluffy skirt with skulls all over the material. Now to see if the pics turned out. I get nervous when others take pics of me and do not know my camera. It has worked out in the past. Mature MILF Zoe Zane zoblog

    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Ranchy Granny

    That's me in my PVC and tight ass with dirty feet update.

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    New blog directory for mature women


    Hilarious-watch baby dance to Beyonce


    Nineteen College Male

    I was a very bad Granny yesterday. You know what I mean. I have done this before in Las Vegas with a 19 year old at swing club Vegas Red Rooster. You all know I have 6 grand kids. At my age which is on the edge of 17----HA HA HA experience is very very very SAXY!!! Mature Zoe Zane zoblog

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Yoga class last night

    My teacher said this to the entire class, "If you are happy with your life do not take yoga". Zoe Zane zoblog (what could that statement mean to you?)

    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Smart Ass Bitch R We

    New update on www. zoezane.com is with Ashley Dobbs. She is so hot. I lov huge boobs with a great personality. She has been a topless dancer now a live cam video artist and model on the net. I had do much fun with her in Arizona doing our wild thang in a hotel room. http://www.southern-charms.com/ashleydobbs/main.htm

    Last night at my Senior High School re-union I did not recognize anyone. But who came up to me and hugged me? One of the girl on the cheer leading squad. All I could say over and over again was...oh my God!!! She was the spoiled, rich girl on the squad. I never was close to her for this reason. In grade school, I stole 25 cents and her wallet. The principle came to my house, I hide underneath the bed. I never took anything again. I was so frightened. Actually $$$ became pain and fear for your Zoe Girl. I never had much of it. All those years, I thought she hated me. BUT, her hug healed us both. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shocked at her kindness. Thank you Miss Rich Girl for being too kind towards me at the re-union. She forgave me. That experience with her wallet affected my whole life until last night. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    I feel like I am getting my life back

    ***Today the catz are chilling out at 8:45 AM. I let them out early this morning so not to bug me while I blog to the world. It is annoying when you have 3 big fat male cats fending for your attention right in front of the computer screen. I push them down so I can see what I am doing. Laughing. Flatten the fur fur kitty??? HA HA HA

    *** Tonight is my senior class re-union, my nails and hair are perfect and now for the dress up. I am going in like a movie star. WHY NOT! Why I was the homecoming queen is beyond my brain at 17.

    ***Tomorrow in my live cam show I will take my male neighbor dressed in his 10 speed biker gear. I love to ride bikes. Oh this is going to be fun on camz. Zoe and the biker guy.

    ***Something to be extremely HAPPY about: The last time I was in Bikram yoga class I was able to squat right down to the floor without any pain in both of my knees. I have had a running injury for 25 years. The yoga is healing my knees and it takes a long time for knees to heal.

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Have you felt abandoned? I have.

    What Madonna said about Micheal Jackson at MTV Movie Awards 2009

    Here is what she said:

    As a child, I was abandoned by my father and mother. I lived in a house of pain. Now that my father is 90 years old, living alone, I will not abandon him. We are becoming friends after all these years. I will see him through until he dies. I could hate him, but why. That only hurts my heart more. We will be friends till he leaves his skin suit. The other day, I paid my Dad a compliment, he could not say thank you or feel gud about what he did. What a soldier and no one was there for him. God bless his soul.

    Zoe Zane zoblog

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    My Dad

    you all know, is 90 years old. Yesterday, he passed his written test for driving. In 30 days he will take a driving test and check his eyes. We have been talking a lot on the phone. I tell Dad, he can do it and he did. Even at ninety he is going strong. Pretty damn gud, after what happened to him last year by the hands of a Kaiser doctor. He almost died and gettin' better everyday. It is so nice to have a Dad after all these years. Zoe Zane zoblog

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    Pretty cool my Zoe Zane VOD. All the porn for MILFS, Moms and Grannies. This project took a lot of time to build. Enjoy yourself. Zoe Zane Zoblog

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Fan from SC creates wild graphic pic for me

    LOL. This is wild, this pic, I got in the email today.

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    Update 2 facials at the beach

    I managed to get over to the beach early Monday, September 7, 2009 for Labor Day. I was hungry for wild fun on the beach and cum

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    Sunday September 27, 2009 Folsom Street Fair

    I will be taking some of male slaves up to the street fair in San Francisco. What out SF!

    Friday is here - I LOVE this day - another story

    Yesterday, your Zoe Girl meet with a hot blonde at Starbucks. She is my new Barbi friend, tall with big boobs and long blonde hair. We hit it off just like that. I need a new friend (BC my last one was freakin' jealous. WHATEVER, she fucked our friendship). My new girlfriend is Miss Natasha. We were getting acquainted sipping water with our big cleveage and boobs. Then the sheriff walked by for his coffee. I dress down in public for this reason.......a bunch of men were hanging around on the side lines watching us. One came up for something and I told him to get lost. Sh sh --- boy with my hand in the air. The sheriff, our boobs and all those men. LOL.

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Foul language

    I got this call today and the guy at the end HAD to ask me a Q. I said go ahead waiting for him to talk dirty. On my phone there is NO foul language unless you pay for phone sex. He did it. He asked me if I ass fuck. I told him to meet me downtown at the FBI building. HA HA HA

    I was told this story yesterday

    A husband was looking for his wife. He thought his wife was cheating on him. The husband accidentally enter the wrong apartment thinking that it was his living space. He came in on this guy and beat the crap out of him BC he thought he was fucking his wife. LOL.

    Wednesday, September 09, 2009

    Male caller is very spoiled and his dick is a weapon

    A male caller from Craig's List bragged about his huge dick on the phone. You can't do that buddy. This cocky fucker said his girlfriend was out of town ( I can see why, she needs a rest from this dick). He's one of those low balling fucks BC he THINKS his 9 inch dick is the wonder. I listened. I said NO! His macho attitude is a turn OFF. Nacho macho -HA HA HA His dick is a dick weapon! Forget it buddy. It is not all about you dick MTF. He called me once and I said no. I waited. I was right. He called back and asked if I changed my mind. Did I? NO. I did not ask his size shoe. I know how big R dick is by your weight, shoe size. length of nose. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, September 08, 2009

    Today, a gud looking guy said this to your Zoe Girl

    Zoe Zane, you're a celebrity to all the guys with your work. Oh that was so kind of him to say that too me. He's an artist and LOVES Bettie Page like me.
    Get out in the world: Today one of my wild girlfriends will be on a radio show. She'll interview me for MILF/GILF and my love 4 fetish anythang. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoe Zane zoblog
    Just a little hint about my new eating program---I eat something every few hours to speed up the metabolism.

    Monday, September 07, 2009

    Finally the weeks update is done on Monday

    With tenting for termites and family fun I got to it this morning. It is up and you can see how I make a strip club sizzle with sexy action in my spiked heels and pantyhose. I dominated this younger guy which is not that hard to do with my spiked heel. Yippee! WICKED IS SO MUCH FUN

    Sunday, September 06, 2009

    Many great things happened today

    with my Dad, my baby daughter, my son, his wife, her mother and stripper daughter. We are ALL happy, injoy and mending strained relationship for many years. My Dad called me and told me he loved me. In so many words Dad said, "When you love with the heart, it brings light to the day". I cried when he said these words. All the cats are home and safe. I'm back in my Miss Cougar Movie Star's living space. Zoe Zane zoblog

    On my front door, I have a decoration that says "D R E A M" in fancy cursor.

    Upate will be a bit late BC of the tenting of my house

    Please be patient, I will have it up by Monday my porn update. See what I do to a stud at the Vegas strip club/bar Olympic Gardens with my silver spiked heels and wild hair. Grrrrrrrr

    After killing all the termites

    and what a hassle to move out and then move back in. I am cleaning like a Trojan. It makes me nervous about the tenting for termites. I drank water from a closed water bottle and I am fine. I just moves the cats back in and I am still nervous BC they lick themselves. Later I will tell you what happen with my Dad and my daughters. I off to do the girl thang with my girls right now down in Los Gatos. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Live cam show yesterday went pretty gud with the new combo with the private cam platform. Video is very clear. LOL. Gotta be sharp with video show. I sucked a dildo showing them how wet and sloppy I can be when sucking OFF.

    I am going to be tired soon. A big let down from getting kicked out of my living space.

    Friday, September 04, 2009

    The book

    Yesterday, my stripper daughter and I did the most far out brain storming session. She and I are writing the book as a team. There will be others involved for research of doctors, nurses and Starbucks. I will not mention Starbucks in the book. Many of my characters will come from Starbucks hired help that I know and my underground world with fictional characters.
    My most favorite tea is passion.

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Positive aff-o for me

    Dear Zoe,
    "Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it."
    Diane Sawyer TV Personality

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