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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Talked with my stripper daughter last night on the cell phone

    Her old black boyfriend called her up late at night and said he saw me on Howard Stern. Best high lights on HS in 2008, and my show was praised for the most disturbing. My cake farting/fetish sploshing show was #1. What a hoot or is that toot toot toot. The old boyfriend was laughing and had to tell her to watch the show. She turned on the HS Show and laughed her face off. Howard will have me back for sure. HA HA HA!!!!! How about a busty girl cat fight throwing cream pies-----with a celebrity. Hum, whom shall I pick? How about Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore or Josh Hartnett. Oops, he is not a girl! Pam would look gud with whipping cream on anything. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your help

    with my computers. Howard is my new high teck man for 2009. I have know him for along time. He's the one that saved me $$$$$ with all of my computers. For your Zoe Girl, since the beginning of 2009, it has felt like swimming up stream for me. Like a long 3 months of Mercury in Retrograde. This last month, today (April 28, 2009) I feel like I am getting on top of things. Zoe's Computer-ville: I finally found someone that is way smarter than me. Stable Smart and Sensible. T H A N K Y O U-----Howard!

    Saturday, April 25, 2009


    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    My live Cam Show was awesome this morning. I talked to guys on my free live sex phone from the age of 19-36 (one, in my home town). I want them to get me drunk and fuck me in the ass out in the parking lot. YIPEEEEEEEEEE! I had a great time with over 200 cam views on a Saturday morning. Your Zoe Girl is back and HOT! I was so horny, I got off with this stud that was 19 who works at Toys R US. Your Zoe Girl is a Nigger Granny Whore with a 19 year old black stud by the Barbie Dolls on the floor after midnight.

    My name

    If I wanted a "Y" in Zoe I would of put it there. I do not get it that people put a "Y" on the end of Zoe, like this, Zoey. To me it is would be Zoe - Y. That is not right in my mind. I called my hosting company and the dumb ass teck spelled my name on my account as Zoey Zane. Me: Buddy, that poor girl was murdered! The teck: Oh, that is how we spell it where I come from. Me: Well, I would say Zoe -Y. I am Zo- E Zane! Dah Dah Dauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

    I'm so horny

    Now, I know my life is coming together. When I went to yoga last night all I could think of was sex. NASTEE SEX! Now to get someone to do it with me. I'm taking e-mail interviews for NASTEE sex. Send me what you think is NASTEE to mailto:opforfree@yahoo.com
    (Yesterday, Friday, I saw my dirty mouthed slave boy, got eaten out 2 times, and meet with Mr. Taboo be4 I went to yoga). Winner gets a free membership to my site for one month. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Oh this is so sweet sticky cute

    Someone sent me some pink roses today that match my pink hair and hot pink trashy doggie "Troll". I LOVE IT Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Thank you Lizz, your Zoe Girl needs a gud laugh

    Sexy Miss Lizz told slave Troll to send me this pic. Troll is my doggie slave boy. Hey, this is happening, BC my pink hair on the front of my site matches my pink poodle HA HA HA HA HA ---yipeee! 2 funny --- Miss Zoe Zane with her pink doggie slave "Troll"

    This morning, overcast cloudy Tuesday

    What a whirl wind, the last 30 days of my life. Some final touches to move stuff out of old porn studio. I will finish that today and return the keys. It is overcast right now and cool. I'm not found of the heat. Miss Zoe is a spoiled brat. The heat, it never bothered me when I grew up in California. I guess having those 7 kids did something to me. Last night in Bikrm Yoga the class was a furious furnace. This heat change made the class a living hell. After class, I pulled myself outside @8 PM threw down my sweaty towel down on the ground and rested. Oh Mommie, Mommie , Mommie help me. I laid there for 10 minutes and someone hit my foot. Oh please, stay out of my space you silly human. Drove home, and made sure the cats and I were cool. I had a gud nights rest, THANK GOD!

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    Our world our computers

    I want to throw a computer out the window or smash it! I think I will go wireless on a lap and smash my computer for my camz show 4 all the frustrations lately. A lot of people buy a computer, oh this is easy. If I did this all over again, I would take a basis maintenance computer class.

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    I am so blessed

    I have a long time male friend that is helping me with ALL my computer stuff. We are making a hot porn series of us in the kitchen with his big dick. His name is Special Sex Agent #8. Things are moving along nice today. California is headed for some hot weather. Oh no! You know me, I like 70 degrees. I will go to yoga class today. I missed last night. I was making a porn movie in old studio. zoe zane zoblog

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Update to zoezane.com

    I lov to wrestle with MILFS. Your Zoe Girl is in Las Vegas with two SC girls, a dark eyed pink chick from XBIZ --- @ strip club "OJ's" Olympic Gardens. Oh, I'm posting the video where the maid walks in on me when I am masturbating in AZ. It was not planned. I was naked, jerking my puss and she caught me! LOL. Vid clip is 5 mins in my membership on zoezane.com

    eeK! I really got caught jacking OFF!

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    This is very sad she is gone

    Interracial porn pioneer Marilyn Chambers dead at 56. I knew her from LA. She was an amazing adult entertainer that made her way into Hollywood. It was very hard to become a movie star at the time. We shall miss you Marilyn. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    I am chilling out today

    watching "The DaVince Code" on cable. I use the TV as a sleeping pill. I relax and let go. I fall asleep. The cats hide under my headboard in my bedroom. They are pretty big now. That is a lot of FAT CAT snoozing away. I can see why they want to hide. I like to hide and shut off the world. That is how I recoup from everything. Yoga helps, and chatting OM. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    I need a much needed break from this move

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    Yesterday Zoe Girl had a fun dinner with Dad and family, my religious brother etc. Sitting across from me was Geek Wade, by 10 years old, he messed up this Mother's computer 20 times. He would fuck up the format and crash them. No Net for Wade. He had to work, make some $$$ for half the price of his OWN computer. Today, Wade stops hackers into Apple IBM Google. After all of my own personal website hack crap, I love Geek Wade. I know where to find him, I finally found the best of the best geeks in Googleland. Last week the Internet was shut down for a 48 hours after a few upset geeks cut the lines to the entire USA (not much was said). There is talk of a 1/2 $$$ million reward for those angry geeks. It was done in different places at a specific time. It as well planned and executed. If we ALL think that Iran/Gaza Strip it HOT big stuff (the war & nuclear bombs), this shut down of USA Internet is nothing to laugh about. It affected Silicon Valley the most. You might of not of felt the affects BC lines were re-routed.
    Got up early for foot fetish shoot with Tracy. I flashed my boobs right in front of San Jose State University entrance. Too edgy, pulling this off, but did it, everyone was out doing the Easter thang. You will see the pic in the next few weeks.
    My appointment with the cable guy, he was late, FINALLY my puter is up & running in my porn studio. I wanted to kick his ass. The cable people are flakes and lie!
    Did a Starbucks run and then din din with Dad. I like my Dad's senior mind. No bull shit with me and my Dad.
    There is a reason for everthang. A numerologist did a reading on Zoe Girl. She's had a very hard life. Well, I will just make fun of it. That is what comedians do with their tragedy.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Live cam @ 9;45 AM PST Saturday April 11, 2009

    About 15 mins into my cam show, I hear upstairs a big humming sound. I think, that's a big vibrator like a vacuum cleaner??? HA HA HA --- Then I hear this twisting down a pipe, like a roto rooter. This is strange indeed??? At 9:45 AM there is a knock on my door. Oh fuck. Right in the middle of my live cam show, the maintenance guy needs to check my drain. The people upstairs have clogged the kitchen pipes with crap. I made the guy wait, threw on a housecoat and wiped OFF my red lipstick, tossed blankets over the cameras and a big pile of high heels. Hurry Zoe Girl---this is fucking crazy. I let him inside, he checks my sink and it is clear. He is out the door. I left the cam viewers waiting listening to the whole escapade. WHEW! What a sex crazed girl does for her porn.

    What the fuck, now my cPanel

    A breach in security for my web site. I am not a big player on the Net. It makes no sense to me. Some bored GEEK teen age kid hacked my password to the cPanel. What a hassle. Then my Comcast was down yesterday until I put it back up. I am not a geek or never intended to be one. I'm a fun time girl that is a promoter. There must be a gud reason for all of this teckie stuff in my life. Some things I thought I would never do are a snap for me now. W H E W bam slam Zoe Girl---My cam show will be up and running as planned. I make it a practice to be a girl of my word. Just a quick note about my book---one chapter will be about the Mad Whore and her cell phone. Too funny. With the recession and low balling idiots she sends them to.....?????
    Another idea: My stripper daughter and I came up with this: The mad whore is sick of her job gets hired by cable TV as The Cable Girl. She gets her revenge by reversing porn to religious people and no porn for porn addicts. HA HA HA --- Can you see the porn addict hitting the button over and over, tearing his hair out, calling Cable. I have no porn give it too me! HA HA HA
    Oh, one more funny story: last night my Stripper daughter told me that my religious bible reading "X Hubby" plays the Spanish channel down way low and watches the women in sexy clothing. That is so funny. Maybe he is not gay. He watches his porn on the Spanish channel. He doesn't know that she knows he watches hot babes in Spanish for his porn. HA HA HA HA
    Now the Cable Girl, that's, your Zoe Girl would switch porn to his TV and he would not be able to turn it off. HA HA HA laughing revenge is way sick funny! My uptight religious brother would get moaning and groaning cable porn on his cell phone while in church. Try to turning off that wild juicy porn dearest Brother. All his porn addict church friends would never let him live it down for be a lieing hypocrite. I'M BAD ZOE GIRL! The Mad Whore/Cable Girl, she can do anything with a wire and her screw driver. Ah, now I know why I have had all these teckie problems. WOO HOOOO!

    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Another big wave to get over

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane

    Just when I think things are letting up now this. The place where I live has dry wood termites. It is not my house, thank God. It will cost the landlord abt $6000 to tent his building. Today was the first day I felt like I was getting on top of things. The landlord does not know I have the 3 catz. He does not like people to move. I cleaned up my place for peace and hide the catz. Those 3 catz are the best. No problems with bad habits. We all love each other. I have worked it out with my neighbors down below with them romping at night. The catz are getting older and not so wild now. I do lie it when they are kittens. I like the wild and the little cute fuzzies they being to your life. Off to yoga tonight. I am tired again, but will do my yoga class.

    Saturday, April 04, 2009

    New update on Saturday

    It came straight from my new porn studio this week's update. I'm celebrating a new way for Zoe. Things are shaping up and I will be ready to air my live cam show next Sat morning at 9 AM PST.
    zoe zane zoblog

    My muscles are sore from moving my porn studio

    Yesterday, this big guy offered to move some passed on storage kitchen cabinets in my studio. What a very nice thing to do. He saved my day!!! It went well until he went over to the Goodwill and they said NO! OH FUCK! He calls me up freaking bc he did not want the wood in his truck-now what to do with these cabinets??? We talked this and THAT. He wanted me to go over to the dump with him??? That is a weird come on. Guys will do anything to get into R pants. HA HA HA --- He figured out my given name with his psychic abilities---hum?......which I didn't like, thinking he is special. Kinda pushy, too fast for my skin. I told him my name is Zoe, not---------------------------------------! I do not like to be called by my given name. Only my Dad and immediate religious freak family calls me that. My kids call me Mom. He finally used his big brain, called a friend and made them HAPPY. He was there to help me. He likes to do that. But when shit hit the fan he was all Mommy Mommy I cannot do this and that. I told him to go to this address and dump the wood! He figured it out that Zoe needs help, not more complication, and I'm not his girl. He found a home for the wood. Oh, he did not call to tell me he gave the cabinets away. When I called him up to see if he dropped the wood off at the drop off address, he told me he gave the wood away. It was great that he got the wood out of the old studio WHICH did help me a lot. I am very grateful for his assistance. Thank you farm boy that is 6 feet 7 inches tall, and I am not your girl. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Do you feel lik it is coming all down on you?

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    Members page had error on page both in IE and Firefox. My host company updated a new Apache that is not compatible with Strong Box software that stops porn hackers stealing my content. WHEW! The teck told me I need a programmer to fix the problem. It was their problem not mine. It is fixed now. I finally wen to get my hair nails and feet done yesterday. There are big cabinets to move and a acquaintance will help me today at noon. I am tired. The catz are all healthy and big big big. My car is in great running condition and I have a roof over my head. Putting out all these fires is getting to me. Southern Charms update pic with Diamond Girl in Florida

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    New juicy connects for my porn updates this week

    I submitted a new update for Southern Charms with Diamond Girl. It was HOT in Florida when we took these MILF pics. God, was I sweating like a pig. Pussy was dripping wet when Diamond Girl kissed me. Nice pics, I'd say. I lik them!
    The early cable guy with his trainee came over today to set up the juice to my Cyber world. eeK! I had to get the computer, monitor etc over to the cross dressing school. He was 1 hour and 2 days early. WHEW! I need a bubble bath.
    Last night I went to Bikram yoga class at the grueling 430 PM class. The summer sun hits the back windows to the studio. I miss the gang who did the 60 day challenge. NOW it is just me and my sweat until the next 60 day challenge this summer. I am considering doing it again. I never thought I would become this dedicated to myself. It is pretty awesome when you inspire yourself.
    Hey, this new connection for my cable/Internet is really FAST. WooHooooo!
    Zoe Zane zoblog

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