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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    The porn studio move and my latest site review

    that was re-reviewed for http://www.zoezane.com/ site. He said it was a a bit harsh the 1st review. That was nice. I still have some emergency bugs to fix on the site.
    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane

    Now for unpacking my studio. I feel very unsettled right now. Need some clothes racks for the new "cross dressing school". My story, if the service people come in, "Oh, I have a big vintage on-line eBay store." I know a lot of engineers that like to wear lingerie. America needs a discreet cross dressing school for naughty boys. I will have one very soon.
    Moving my porn studio was a undercover job. It was difficult bc I did not want nosey movers asking, "Oh, what is this all about?" I need to estimate the worth of all it's content $$$$$. I might be surprised at what Zoe Girl has created. That is why my daughter and I moved it together. I could not ask my religious, asshole brother to help me. His job in the Mormon church is to rehab people who are addicted to porn.
    Yesterday, my daughter carried the farting potty chair and stripper pole across the parking lot. LOL. Then one of the small dressers flew off the dolly out to the street with nylons, garters, panties, girdles flying every which way. eeK! Some guy runs out of his apartment studio, it sounded like someone was really hurt, "Oh do you need some help?" My daughter said, "We are okay, thanks!" I ran with a big plastic bag. Zoe Girl, pick UP your undies up in 60 seconds. HA HA HA

    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Moving a undercover porn studio with not much help

    I'm going thur my emails and read this SOSO review for my adult site http://www.zoezane.com/ F U C K M E !

    Oh well, whatever. I'm the one and ONLY who is loading and making sure it gets done. I am extremely amateur. That means that some pics are not crystal clear. I am hiding all of my wrinkles! HA HA HA --- I can clearly see that some MILF amateur sites are high definition (professional). I have so much to do right now in my life. I'm not going to let this average 7.3 review by some honest porn review webmaster get me down. Yes, the navigation in the membership is up for improvement. Taking care of myself, making a living and writing my book is my main focus for 2009. The reviewer for my porn site is not even into Howard Stern. What a retard. He played it down about Howard and me. Little does he know what cougar and strength it took to get to and be on Howard Stern. I can always improve on the quality of my adult content. Hey, it is just a porn review.
    My stripper daughter and I got most of the studio moved Sat. I was lucky to get a U-Haul truck since the end of the month is REALLY busy. She and I moved the entire studio in 10 hours. If I didn't get the truck back on time a $250 late fee. I was on time. Today is Sunday, my daughter hassled my stressed out oldest son to move the final stuff with us. He showed up with his cute girlfriend. I had the best time with everyone. My daughter and I are tired tired tired with soar muscles and a few bruises. WHEW! WE DID IT. Were damn gud baby! She is worse than me bc she did most of the hard dolly to truck stuff. BUT-----I qualified for the new studio, much better location with a patio for porn! YA BABY! Now to unpacked and org.
    My Dad was so supportive. He helped me get the moving truck to the location and donated a few $$$ for the moving expenses. I feel very blessed. I AM REALLY TIRED! My daughter was moaning in the car after we finished the first day. I was laughing so hard. She is really a funny girl.
    Saturday night I received my trophy for doing 60 straight days of Bikram yoga. I have a lot of great new friends and family members that are doing Bikram. I am sacked out in front of the TV with my 3 fat catz and will be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing very soon.

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    It just came to me

    that your Miss Zoe Zane looks at porn more than most men. HUM??? I like that.
    P. S. I'm off to get a moving truck and boxes for the move. I better get going. I am dragging my ass!
    zoe zane zoblog


    I misplaced the vid pics from my first porn film during this transition. I will find them. It sucks, so I posted your Zoe Girl in wet pink panties sucking a BIG COCK. Update is today. My daughter is coming in tonight to get me moved into the new studio. A lot of work is ahead of us. It is so exciting. I'm the guardian of a ancient Spanish anchor from a pirate ship over 500 years old. 4 men could barely lift the sucker.

    Last night I was over at my Dad's house cleaning up his computer. It was so cute showing my 89 yr old Dad how to org his computer. He does not know I am a geeky MILF porn star. I am a snake charmer----HA HA HA--- my Dad and his Zoe Girl had a lovely time together. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    A new porn studio with another female

    http://zoezane.livejournal.com/ The real story about my new porn studio March 2009.

    The contract for my new porn studio was approved today. It is really exciting BC my stripper daughter is the other partner. We did it! Two women in power! Like my best friend told me in a Las Vegas casino, "My tits are my power!" Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com/ My company now has 4 boobs in power! HA HA HA---My daughter does Flash Web Design and a power coach. She practices Bikram yoga just like me. Bikram is all about taking care of YOU! With our personal life challenges that R stressful and frustrating----we go to hot, sweaty, bikram yoga. We refuse to stay in our BITCH (our negative crap). We are working on a application for the iPhone. We have domain name for the web and mobile.
    Yesterday, my 89 yr old Dad made me the courier for the new amendment to his trust. He asked me to make copies. I completed the task early this morning, the important documents are in a fire proof box. Gud job, Zoe Girl! Is it too funny, my Dad, a religious fanatic trusts a MILF porn star. (smilesssssssss cheerful laughing big)
    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    Now to get through this move, packing---whew---take a nap. Get up again and do more packing!

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    My life is in a big transition again

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    For sure I will be moving my porn studio in the next month. I hate moving. I like to keep things stable digging my hoofs in strong and go for it. If I get bored, I get out of town for a few days. I have many friends that are looking after me and I want to thank all of them.THANK YOU!!! My stripper daughter is very involved with my life right now. We are working on a application for the iPhone that will help us all. It is in the creation stage. My update this week will be pics of one of my very first homemade porn movies. It is very interesting to see yourself on film when younger. Interesting indeed.

    Yesterday, one of my fetish slaves of 10 years spoke these kind words to me on the phone, "Diva I care a lot about you. You are the love of my life. I will be there for you. Tonight you can go home and rest." Diva Zoe can go home and rest in peace tonight? I have never had anyone ever say that to me in my whole life. I'm deeply touched that some slave would express such wonderful words.

    When I lived with the first husband and the second boyfriend 18 years neither of them expressed such kind words to me. Not ever! As a child I never heard kind words. Words are very powerful.

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    I wish I could tell all of you how it is

    in my Cyber porn world. Not have to change the names with the faces. Tell the damn truth! But, if I told the real truth I would get sued. I'll say this, female models are jealous and make insecure accusations for the $$$$$. LOL.
    Yesterday, I got this phone call from a underground Mistress friend. She's doing doubles with another woman. THAT other woman has quickly grabbed the slaves donation and short changed my Mistress friend $$$. The insecure bitch has put it out that she's a licensed hypnotherapist. SHE'S NOT. She pretends to hypnotizes men into a being woman, a sissy female. Nothing wrong with this fantasy. Some male slaves want to be forced into female submission. For this "H" fantasy the male sub gets 45 mins starring at a swinging pendulum in front of his face and 15 minutes of makeup. He begins to see this is a rip OFF. The greedy bitch tells him that he is not cooperating and she only does makeup. NOW, he is fuming. Later he finds my Mistress friend telling her how he was used and $$$ abused. I say, don't work with that stealing bitch anymore. You will get the rep for being a thief! It getz around.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Family Love & Trust VS $$$MONEY$$$

    My Dad is still alive with his living trust. In the state of California, if a family member is disabled at age 55, the state can take ALL of my Dad's assets to pay for her state mental health care. Dad called this take over Communism. Right on. He appointed my younger brother, a former Mormon bishop and his wife, as executors, to look over his affairs. Before Dad's health turned inside OUT (estimated October 2009) he signed a document put together by my brother and his wife insuring that the state would not take his whole life savings and house bc my crazy sister is a ward of the state. The crazy sister is lucky she is not out on the street as a homeless freak. My Dad took in the C sister and her 7 yr old son when he was 70 years old. LOL. He cared for both of them until this year. It was a living hell for my father. He told me DEMONS were in his house many times during all those years.

    When it comes to money trust no one with an estate. Do not trust their words. When my mother died, I watched the entire family tear her bedroom apart for her belongs. TERRIBLE. Put everything in writing so it is clear. Well.....my brother and his wife, the religious freaks made sure that Dad's estate was divided up between the 3 sane children as follows: 50% for my brother, 25% for Zoe Girl, that's me, and 25 % for my baby sister. My crazy sister is not in the will bc the state would take all of her money. We all know what the state does with any $$$. Give the least care to the ill and bank the money.
    My crazy sister has a son that my Dad raised. If one of the sane children dies, the inheritance goes to the living child or divided evenly amongst the living children. So if I die, all my kids get a equal divided portion of my inheritance $$$.
    Apparently my executor brother and wife did not think my crazy sister's son deserved an inheritance with 50% going to my brother. He had a verbal agreement with Dad. Both of them were upset that Dad did not trust them. Dad has a right to say where his money is going.
    My Dad changed the document to this, 25% divided amongst 4 living sane children.
    Dad was on the phone with my brother's wife and she said, "Dad, Tom would not know how to spend the money right!" Implying or an excuse, that my brother never intended to give my crazy sister's son any money OR some $$$ bc he is not responsible with money.
    My prideful brother is an asshole. My Dad has wanted me to come live with him. I told Dad that if lived with him and he died, my executor asshole brother would kick me out and not give a damn. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Monday morning for Miss Zoe

    At 5 AM this morning a cop was knocking on my door bc my car door was OPEN, the alarm was screaming for 45 mins??? Hugh? Early that night my next door neighbor was having so much fun with his friends, I could not sleep. I went into the living room to my couch. At 5 AM this cop told me I left my car door OPEN??? I don't think so. My car is safe, Zoe is safe and catz are safe. At 7 AM this morning, I turned on my home computer and it was in the safe mode? What is this! I read and followed the instruction . Got on line. My middle name is peace calm & stable. What the fuck!
    zoe zane zoblog

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Photoshop reinstalled-I am so HAPPY

    Back way back I was getting close to crashin' my C drive. Movered stuff around almost lost Photoshop and did a system recovery. Not all of Photshop was recovered. FUCK ME! I have been editing in a half assed Photoshop for sometime. TODAY---dah dah AW!!!--- I found a copy of the software and I am back. HAPPY DAY for Miss Zoe. LA LA LA LA LA kisses smooches all over myself!

    I am not a smoker, but I am known to blow smoke

    Or smoke if I know it makes you mad. So what! If I like you I will not smoke. If I think you are some freak of nature or a religious fanatic I will smoke. HA HA HA Most of all I look OUT after myself and make sure I am not hurt BC you are a self-righteous pig. Boy am I on one today. I am writing this BC it just feels right.
    OH, I am so happy today. I found my copy of Photoshop. I FOUND IT! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness. Things are beginning to settle down. My live has been in a uproar for the last 2 weeks. Gud changes for the better! WHEW.....

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Do you ever feel like you are not in control of R life?

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    Like you are being directed in a different direction? That is how I have felt the last week and a half. One of my computers has crashed 2 times. YA! I am thinking about going MAC or have a higher level of security for my adult business. Many viruses etc are found on adult sites. Suckie suckie! If you are a huge adult site surfer get the best virus protection like Symantec - Norton Anti Virus (they keep up on the new bugs on a daily bases). It's really bad OUT there in Cyberland are huge breeding grounds bombarding Trojans viruses spy ware ad ware---ETC. Some of the adult portals are like a Atomic Bomb for v/T/s that will crash your PC. I hate Windows it is the worst browser on the planet, use FireFox it is tighter and safer. I am sure you know this. Windows is like a garden. a virus seed is planted and it spreads its roots all through your garden, your PC.

    Mac is a strong building. One of my best geek friends that did video with me uses MAC. Ya, they cost up front but your pocket box will be spared in the long run. I have friends that do not even now how much they're stressed freaking out, replace hard drives BC they use free anything to protect your PC.
    I almost did not finish my 60 day Bikram challenge. It was like hanging on a tread BC of my outside life. Last night one of my practicing yoga girlfriends told me to stop trying to control the situation and go with the flow, be flexible. It felt right what she said. I am being flexible and not freaking out like all is lost. Someone will say "yes" to what I must get done in the next few weeks. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    I finished the 60 day Bikram challenge Sunday

    night. It was a pretty gud class for me. Although a lot of emotional stuff is coming out at the end of this challenge. Painful stuff stored on the spine and in the cells. If you did not know how to deal with THAT shit IT WILL COME OUT eventually. I did not except it at all. I am getting through it. One computer got a Trojan Horse and I took it into the Geek Squad to clean it up. I will not listen to my friends who use free anything when it goes for anti-software. I am so blessed that my hard drive and content is safe and secure. Zoe Zane zoblog Pic of my male cat Fuzzy of 15 years. He was the best!

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    OH MY GOD - the lastest workings

    Last night a bunch of big time lawyers had dinner with my stripper daughter and her girlfriend lawyer to be. They were talking about some laws passed in Utah. My daughter's "lawyer to be girlfriend" wants to do a documentary on me. Not sure how this will work for her, and her Presidency, but that is what she wants to do with my stripper daughter. HA HA HA !!! My stripper daughter is going to school to be a flash programmer. WOW!
    One of the big mouthed lawyers had a brothel client and is very interested in what I do. This is so OFF the wall wild. My daughter will be down soon to shoot this "doc" of my life. A studio move is going to happen very soon. Moving all the sex worker's stuff in between business? LOL. If you could see my life and how crazy it gets---it gets freaky crazy. 4 years ago I moved 2 times in one year to 2 different studios. It was totally inzane. Now you know why I practice Bikram yoga. http://www.stardomtheatre.com Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Check out this blog by my wild friend Sexy Miss Lizz

    WE ROCK GIRLFRIEND! Pics are from the trip to Phoenix AZ bar meet last weekend. We made a Giantess movie together and Lizz made me so skinny, she shrunk me. I love it! HA HA HA---Zoe Zane zoblog
    It is the Giantess Lizz Fat Plan <<>> --- GLFP

    sexy miss lizz, zoe zane, giantess, MILFS have big boobs, mature housewives

    Wednesday was way buzzzy for me!

    Today is day #57 for yoga class. I was so busy yesterday I thought I would not make it to yoga. I have been working on getting this NASTEE ad ware Trojan out of my office computer. I will go to my yahoo group and see if someone in the group can help me find the right clean up program.

    In class I paced myself. With the time change, the sun is blasting more on the windows in class. I do not like this time change. Last year it was brutal for me. It is easier this year.

    I did a extra cam show with Will Jarvis 1980's male porn star. He was the UPS man or I called him "The UHS Man"--- up her skirt man for the show. Too funny! That would make a funny site if it not already taken. LOL.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Full moom last night was so bootiful

    I have done #55 days of Bikram yoga. It is so amazing, I'm doing 60 straight days of Bikram for myself and my spine. I have made many friends that are doing the same thing. A few are doing 100 days straight of Bikram yoga. U ROCK! I was tired last night but I did at least one of all of the poses. Class last night at 8:15 PM PST near Saratoga, California.

    I have a lot to do today. Find a tax person for taxes. eeK! Tonight on my cam show Will Jarvis will be the UPS man. Yummy! zoe zane zoblog

    Monday, March 09, 2009

    Time change is setting me back more

    I do not like the time change and 30 days early. OH FUC ME!!!After the road trip to Phoenix, I feel behind. LOL. I found out my tax man killed someone with his car and after he did it he did not know he did it. LOL. That is disconnected. All those years and all those numbers. I need to get a few more months logged to file paper and find some H&R Block person to help me. But the time change is making one more delay fuck fuck fuck me!!! zoe zane zoblog Last night, #54 Bikram yoga class which is very grueling. Only 6 more days left. I will be finished on the 15th of March. I was sore before I went to Phoenix and last night I felt soreness coming on again. OH WELL whatever America. zoe zane zoblog It is better to go through this pain than being bedridden or in a wheel chair at ninety. Flowers for me for doing Bikram Yoga for 54 days. I have done yoga on and off all my life.

    The Phoenix Bar Meet Trip

    was well worth it although the bar was changed from the last time I went. It was different as always. Lizz and I went down to the hot tubs on Fri nit and these 2 conserv golfers jumped in announcing THAT fresh meat has arrived. I'm very gud at picking up on men and their sex. So I asked them what was their fetish watching them chocked and sputter, not saying in front of each each other. One loved boobs which is not fetish and the other might of been pants??? We keep talking until they spoke about their ultra conservative friend they called in college "SEX ORGAN MORGAN". They said they would come to the bar meet and bring HIM! OH WOW! ----as a joke.

    At the bar Sat nit: Lizz and I were doing our wild thang at the bar and they did show up. I was dancing ALL NASTEE around him (sexy oergan morgan) and LOL he had a drip stain on his jeans. Ya right, conservative and straight laced. Guess he had to be so offish all these years BC he is SO easy. It was great fun teasing him and WE all had a BIG laugh. (tags sexy miss lizz zoe zane dreamnet.com ashley dobbs julia the naughty school teacher lone star dawn marie)

    Pics posted this week or as soon as possible BC many of my friends took pics with their cameras.

    I did some short vid clips. zoe zane zoblog

    Sunday, March 08, 2009

    Great friends

    I deserve nice friends and they are in this order: Sexy Miss Lizz, Ashley Dobbs, John from SC, Creamy on Camz chat, the little man who loves Giantess, the Naughty School Teacher Julia with her smart ass biOtch whore hubby Graham from Canada (ha ha ha) and my new Gallery Man who is my now my panty boy from Phoenix. Fun in Phoenix was very very VERY successful. Oh, the check in hotel guy, a younger man, was very hot and liked me. He was fresh stud meat baby cakes!
    I got this guy to wear my panties on the outside of his jeans at the bar! I DID IT!


    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Phoenix Friday, Saturday, home on Sunday before noon

    http://twitter.com/zoezane - Read short one liner daily blogs of my life "Zoe Zane
    Here I am pondering about my wild trip this weekend to Arizona with my pantyhose silk stockings and boots. I can hardly wait to see what I will do to some guy at the bar meet. Last time I dominated this smart ass biker guy right to the bar floor with my cig. HA HA HA
    Lizz and I will be shooting with the naughty school teacher Julie on sat morning. Oh this is going to be so much fun! WOO Yipee aaa-haw ---phoenix bar meet

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    My weekly update is OUT THERE with a red enema bag

    I own this fetish male slave & have seen him for 10 years. It is about laughter and humiliation to break down his male sex drive. HA HA HA ----- put my little boy in place by his Mommie. When I advertised in DDI (Domination Directory International) the publisher made a mistake which turned into my brand signature "Humiliation with Laughter". Soon I will post a funny far out vid clip that will make ALL of you laugh. It has to do with setting pants on fire. HA HA HA
    Last night in Bikram I made it through the class. On day #50 it is down hill but I am tired. It is worth it!
    Early Friday morning I leave for Phoenix for the Bar Meet with Dreamnet girls with Lizz and Ashley. It will be wild for sure in AZ. Woo Hoooo!

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    The Bikram yoga journey

    Sunday, this pervert guy from India/Pakistan, whatever, was behind me with my short shorts. He sat on his mat, no towel, doing his own bend and stretch yoga routine. Sitting in bend knees with closed eyes, he better, and was married. Hey, my yoga class is a sacred place for me. Besides, I don't want DAT fucker looking up my shorts. Maybe some other guy that turns me, but not Mr. Do Your Own Yoga Thang. When he wiggled his jaws, this and that way, it made me laugh. He sat/laid down Thur the 90 mins and did none of the poses. Guess he wanted to see if he could sit through the HOTNESS of Bikram. What a dumb ass! When I am on day #48 at 62 years old pushing Thur this challenge, I can call THAT "sit on my blue mat man" a dumb ass!

    I went into class with a headache and soared through the class. It shows me, I can feel like hell be4 class and have a great class. WOW!

    Speaking up for myself: all the classes right now are jammed pack. I practice on the outside end up against the wall. I was early to make sure I got the space I wanted. HUM? Bidding wars for space 3 @ 4:30 PM Bikram class anyone? I wait outside till it's time to begin class. Many times the mats have to be adjusted to make room for EVERYONE! Chris, the manager moved my mat. I told him that I can't practice slammed up against the wall. I did not get my mat moved but I DID SPEAK UP! One of the teacher Mike made the comment the yoga is working and it must be the end of days for the 60 day challenge. Students are getting a voice and standing up for themselves. YA BABY!

    My stripper daughter is now practicing Bikram. She made this profound statement. When I sweat is is my body crying out all the bad stuff. I liked that! Zoe Zane zoblog

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    Saturday's cam show on my free speaker phone sex line

    Doing the live phone sax thang is taking OFF in my cam show. Last week in the cam show the counter for the number of viewers was MESSED UP! It went minis??? hum? cam viewers-WTF. LOL. It ruffed my feathers, I thought..... oh HELL----keep going. Yesterday, I forgot the camera cord charger. Started the show, no juice in the camera battery. FUCK ME! It told the chat cop I would be back in 10 mins. Drove back home for charger, got to studio, put the charger in, and went live. Close to 300 viewers were waiting with the blue screen. Now DATS support baby. Some black stud told me a hot phone sex fantasy of me doing a bunch of black men in a pool hall. OH WOW! Made me hot to play pool and bend over bend over. I love camZ cam viewers. Next weekend bar meet in Phoenix. When I went to sleep last night I got excited abt AZ. Getting ready to turn Phoenix inside OUT!!! Yesterday was Day #47 for Bikram yoga. I was tired BC the night before I did not get much sleep. I am resting today. Photo shoot was canceled with Adonna4fun BC of rain. I cleaned up my house---it looks real GUD baby. I LOV IT! Clean4me. The catz are happy MEOW pUrrrr snugly wiggle with Mommie Zoe.

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