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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008


    Make a wish upon a star and you will get it. Make sure you know what you want.

    I love New Years Eve and stay safe and smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big and laugh big and sing big. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Sexy Miss Lizz has a slave named Troll and he sent me this NY e-card . (((Smoochies on your worshipping face Troll)))

    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Sat Live Cam Show

    I have a lot of hot boyfriends calling me dirty whore names on my speaker phone in my live cam show. IT GOT ME SO HOT!!! I talked to one 22 year old that works in a pipe manufacturing plant. I told him I would tie him up to the pipes get his dick hard and make him call me whore. He wanted me to take him and dominate him. If he did not say WHORE the way I liked it, I would slap his face. Make the boy slave bitch speak whore just the way I like it. Then get his dick hard and fuck him real gud using his stiff fucker! Ya baby. Have a safe New Years everyone and party one IN-Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new update is dirty laundry at a pre-new years party I went to last night in Northern California.

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Day 25 December with Zoe

    I was on my puter at 6:30 AM and my daughter called me at 7 AM wishing me a wonderful Xmas. It was like she was right there with me. The 3 catz were jumping all over the place. Yipeee! Then the ER doctor Son called me with his 3 kids. The baby is 2 and calls me G-Ma ----short for grandma. I like G-Ma a lot!!! My oldest son and darling girlfriend called to make arrangements to go to the movies later that day. My Dad voice mailed me telling me he was going over to my asshole brother's house (he's a former Mormon bishop) for ritual present opening. Later on Dad called back telling me--- it was a long morning at my A Hole brother's house. Dad is enduring my A Hole Bro who is the executor of his estate. My asshole brother needs to love himself so he will treat my Dad better. He needs counceling for sure! This is too funny ??? ---My A Hole brother has a job in the LDS church to councel men, like AAA --- help men stop watching porn. LOL. He does not know what I do. God watch over me--- PLEASE!!! Later on, Dad and I went back over to my brother's house for Xmas dinner and more family members showed up to see my Dad, maybe, for the last time. Dad and I had a great time at Joan's diner. HA HA HA (my A Hole Bro wife's name) Dad ate a lot, like a piggy. G R E A T --- It was a gud day for Dad and me. Dad and Zoe, we talked more, before my sister's FAT alcoholic husband and 2 kids showed up ---give Dad some respect, after all these years. Most of all, Dad and I are getting love for ourselves and each other.

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    December 24-Xmas Eve with Zoe

    I was on today with the secret underworld I play in. But all the fish were taunting me, So I went shopping for last minute gifts.
    My 3 male cats are so wonderful. Early this morning I had a frightening nightmare where this decayed female creature from the tomb with a terrible force tried to drill into my head. She was a dentist. It was terrifying. I turned to my right to kill her by ripping open her huge jaw of sharp teeth but failed. She made another attempt to force her high powered drill into my jugular vein. My demon of fear almost paralyzed me to my destruction. I have not dreamt like this for many years. WHY on such a joyous holiday for Zoe??? I woke up feared to the M A X ---BUT my three kittens came to my rescue with their powerful love- purr---and joy. I am so B LE S S E D.

    My father has gotten better and is OFF hospice. I will make sure his is not alone tonight or tomorrow. Nothing is worse than to be all alone when your are 89 years old. Our culture has turned their backs on the aging --- out to the dumps, AND missing OUT on their wisdom. I am getting a lot of W I S D O M from my father before he leaves his skin suit.

    Wishing all you a wonderful Xmas and check out my site, I dolled her up with some hardcore pics and snow flakes. The snow flakes on my site are the only kind I like. I despise snow, I lived in it for 17 years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Smooches, huggies and kisses form Miss Zoe zoblog

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    Home Alone with a hard on for Zoe Zane

    I got this call from a 9 incher today, we've had hot sex together on my live cam show. He had this hot dream about my trimmed hairy diner. Poor baby, he called me UP with a hard on this afternoon. I call it --- HOME ALONE WITH YOUR TREE AND your HARD ON!!! --- HA HA HA Maybe we will do live cam together. I like his 9 incher! Ya baby. Zoe Zane zoblog

    CamZ Show

    5 minutes with "Silly Stupid Sexy" - Martha Stuff It Improv Skit.
    I misplaced my stuffed bird, so I used a bunny and stuffed it at the end of the show. The cam viewers did not get it. Oh well, on another comedy show they would get it. It was too "cooky" for some the viewers. They thought I was on Meth---does that tell you about them??? hum ---I FREAKED them out to the max --- but who cares. I am taking porn to a new level. I've got a vision for the planet's sex + laughter. Many of the cam viewers are from other sites. Where did their sense of humor go? When I first got on camZ --- I freaked them out but NOW they like it. Now to the next level ---improv freaky sexy funny porn by "Cougar Movie Star" Miss Zoe Zane. I am shaking up the status quo.

    My new update this week is even more cooky with Sexy Miss Lizz and myself for Xmas. I am the wacky Xmas dolly and Lizz is FAT bad Santa.

    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    On line virtual sex is now reality

    In the mail I got this ad for virtual sex --- a live demo at AVN Porn Convention Jan 2009. I went on line and read about this machine that is connected to the computer where guys can get off over and over again with a simulated female. I only wish they had it for women. Only thing about on-line virtual sex it is not real and there is no touch. But there is a on-line connection with another person on the other end---hopefully level headed and not a wacko. Energy is energy so go by your gut feelings about the other person. I want to check out the demo in Vegas. This would be great for really busy people.

    Catching up with Zoe:
    1. My cats are getting huge HUGE huger and so beautiful. I plan to take some funny Xmas pics, they must be asleep to put on the Xmas gear.

    2. There is a new male yoga teacher, he's a total stud. Although, he might me gay. Most regular guys do not look that gud. I need to ask the owner of the studio, if he is gay.

    3. Last night I went to a neighbor's house party. Decorated a tree, sang karaoke and mingled with guys. I like smart intelligent, skinny fuckers with brains. I meet one from SF that is a engineer with Apple. Very geekie but hip and from England. I love the accent it turns me on. He told me there is a guy at Apple they call the skirt guy. This guy wears a regular shirt but with a skirt and pantyhose to work. I love they way these Cyber companies operate with creativity ETC. On Halloween he wears a suit. HA HA HA --- Some other guy was rubbbing up against me making a pass. I'm computing and watching how men come on to me. It might sound strange coming from me with all that I had done-----but I am looking for a new love baby and testing out the romantic waters. Universe, he must be open minded with all that I do and accept me just as I am today and not try to change me. Love me the way I am. Money smart and looking to the future to make his money work for him. Skinny with a big dick and loves techno music. I love dance clubs. Drinks a little and experimental. (Maybe, Zoe Zane can marriage a guy who is a famous male gay porn star???) He love my cats and sees my vision with my funny silly stupid sex comedian acts.

    4. On my live cam shows on CamZ I will be adding short comic skits that are "Silly Stupid Sexy" at the very end of the show. This week I will be Martha Stuff It in the kitchen.

    5. My Dad is still not able to drive, on hospice, but he is turning for the better with his health. We are working on getting him back to his usually daily routines. It is very hard for him to be home bound with the paid health care giver. BUT---- Dad and I are making it work after all these years. It makes him very happy. It makes me filled with Joy!!! It makes me cry some days. So lets see how it goes with Dad. It told him he can do anything he wants to do. He can drive again he wants to drive.

    6. My new update is with Sexy Miss Lizz she's da bomb. Lizz gets me---- and now we can fly wild on the Net together. Merry Xmas Lizz and her family.

    Smooches to everyone on this planet. Remember you make your life they way you want it to be. You create your life. If you do not like it the way it is, then see it a different way, and do it. Take a chance, be fearless and see what happens. Smile, be a center for greatness.

    Saturday, December 06, 2008

    Live cam show and speaker phone

    was a huge success. All the cam viewers can hear the guy talking to me on the speaker phone. It was awesome and the two black guys from Philly SledNVeeder---I LOVE YOU black motherfuckers. Let's make some wild porn together in Las Vegas out in the parking lots at the swing club Vegas Red Rooster on Sat night Jan 10 2009. Email me---ASAP!

    Friday, December 05, 2008

    Merry Xmas everyone

    New update of me fucking a nine inch dick--------------

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