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    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    My live cam show has a NEW speaker phone

    and live cam viewers can talk dirty with me or to me or at me ----AND all the cam viewers will hear. ROCK ON! This will be interesting. Today I made an attempt to set it up but had teckie difficulties. I fixed it after the show and now it is all set up for next show Saturday morning at 9 AM PST California. I am excited..... Hey baby, I have my own radio broadcast show and camZ is my technical staff. I get to be wild and crazy, and sponsored by CamZ. I am so smart! Today I got this call from black guys in Philly (S & V) that rocked my world. I love it when men get me all wet over lots of men and gang banging in a black van.
    Live cam with free live phone sex on my speaker phone with wicked older woman Miss Zoe Zane ---- and your dirty kinky mind

    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Special request in my live cam show

    In my live cam show I will talk dirty phone sex with cam viewers on my speaker phone. LOL. Now you will hear all the nastee and maybe rude shit on the phone LIVE!!! HA HA HA

    A special request by a fan:
    Hello Ms. Zoe Zane. I would first like to thank you for Your great & humorous cam shows! You are my favorite and I vote 10 every time! I have seen a couple of Your shows with You in black PVC thigh high boots which makes me so very horny & a couple of shows where You have viewers call You & talk about Big Black Cock! That is soooo NAUGHTY & SUCH A TURN ON! Could You possibly do a show with a Nasty Step-Mother theme? You in thigh high black PVC with black fishnet underneath playing our step-mom? It probably goes w/o saying teasing about BBC & encouraging phone calls? I think it would be a big hit & I know I would call You.

    Thanks for reading Sexy Zoe------J

    My update this week: I'm in the bathroom and are you watching me ----- ((((you bad boy!!!)))

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    My Vegas Trip last weekend

    Friday, I got this exciting email from Sexy Miss Lizz to meet her up in SF for a photos shoot for Xmas. We video taped ourselves out in the hotel hallway all drunk in Xmas Crazy outfits as dirty Dolly Girl, that's me and Fat Santa, Miss Lizz.

    On Saturday morning I headed over to the SJ airport for Vegas leaving at 630 AM. I did the photo shoot at the Venetian instead of the desert.... and off to a early Thanksgiving dinner with all my kids and grand kids in Kingman AZ. The X Mormon Bishop husband was there, the gay chicken. I decided to make it okay with him instead of avoiding him. He will be in my life with my kids until he dies. LOL. I decided to go out to the hills to shoot guns with all the men. Real guns real bullets!!! YES, Miss Zoe Zane had gun lessons from the X husband. It was scary but I got the hang of it. I went out with the boys on the shooting range in Kingman AZ. Zoe you are BAD. My oldest son thinks I rock.

    On the way home on the airplane I had two studs sitting next to me. They showed me their vid phone sex pixs on the plane (hardcore sex) LOL. It was a charge to have these guys tell me how they tag team hot chicks. I call them my Vagina Team. I have names for them, The Cabana Boy and The Coach. They were impressed with me when I gave them my Howard Stern Bizcards. They wanted to hang with Zoe although the airport until I had to catch my bus to the parking lot. Both guys gave me a big hugs good bye. Miss Zoe Zane has good looking men for porn! Oh ya baby. There is more to the story but that is later baby in my book.

    Friday, November 21, 2008

    Last night in my cam show Sexy Miss Lizz covered my back

    Thank you Lizz for covering my back with the rude cam viewers. I let cam viewers call me on the the phone for FREE live sexy dirty phone sex. The calls are free and I am going to get a speaker phone so the cam viewers can hear what the callers are saying to me. I got this call and a bunch of sex freaks called me screaming LOUD rudeness. LOL. Lizz called me up and told me to fart in the video on them for being so rude. I ripped several big airy gassy farts and was laughing. The cam viewers thought it was too funny and they were all laughing at what I did to the RUDE SEX FREAKS. Sexy Miss Liz, you rock girlfriend. She and I will be in up in San Francisco tonight to do pics for Xmas and New Years. Glam Doms Rules!!! Zoe Zane zoblog

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Update and cam show is early this week

    I will be flying off to Las Vegas for a photo gig as a vampire. I love Vegas. Here I came Las Vegas with my big boobs and fangs. HA HA HA Lov and bites---Zoe Zane zoblog
    11/21/2008---Update is flashing in New York towards Time Square--ya baby!

    Las Vegas Gang Bang at swing club Red Rooster

    Dirty talk will always be vogue (be in) and never go away. Dirty words are used by smart women who know how to capture the horny brain cells of men. I have some favorite dirty words: whore, big cock, and gang bang. At the swing club Vegas Red Rooster http://www.vegasredrooster.com/ I have gang banged a lot of guys out in the orgy room, by the swimming pool and the back bedrooms. I'm a slut to get fucked by lotz of dicks. My third gang bang with 27 men was incredible, with cum dripping down my legs. I was ALL swallow and filled with sperm dripping down my legs . I used a towel to mob up the giz. Leaving the Red Rooster I got nailed again by a stiff hard on over the trunk of a car. He said I was swollen and oozing with cum on his dick. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Now I know where I got my sense of humor

    I was over at my Dad's house this morning and he was very cheerful. I think he likes his care giver 'Emilia". She makes him laugh. I like her too. Dad and I were chatting about my former bishop brother and when he comes over to visit Dad. My Dad saw my light aqua fingernail polish and made a comment. We were all laughing and somehow Dad thought he might have one of his finger nails painted. LOL!!! We laughed, and I suggestrf, lets do one finger nail, HOT RED! Then my Dad said something about freaking out my brother. Dad wants to make my arrogant brother think he is losing it. HA HA HA We were having fun and laughing IN-JOY!. Dad stopped his newspaper subscription, San Jose Mercury News. Hum.... Dad, maybe I can find a paper out in a drive way on his street? Hey, it is my Dad's street, his is the oldest on the street! (((giggling))) I can steal a paper for my Dad. We all laughed out loud. I walked down the street and ran into one of his neighbors. She's an alkie that drink vodka out of a coffee cup. Any who, I asked her if she had a extra newspaper. She said she did and would take it down to him everyday. Now, Dad can read the newspaper. He read the paper and did not care much for the CEO that just stepped down from Yahoo. Rock on Dad!
    Over the weekend, I had this experience with a wild fetish freak. He gave me a fetish clear smoking mask that is very hot. You will see me wear this mask in upcoming pics. After all was done he washed out his glass. I was very impressed with THAT move. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    My house pets and corn

    My three boy cats are gettin' bigger day by day. These wacky Siamese kittens love corn. Corn fed catz??? HA HA HA They are wild and crazy at home, and I built a kitty gym for them designed by my power coach in Canada. Shall I call them the ethanol cats? (((laughing out loud))) Ya baby, the one and only ethanol cats in the world.

    Cock sucking update and bingo

    I finally got my weekly update posted. Last night I went out with one of my wild girlfriends and played bingo over in Santa Clara near the Elks Log. I got confused with THIS and that, and it is finally up. I need a hot bubble bath right now. I drank last night for the first time in months playing bingo. The money is donated to the Aqua Maids that do synchronized champion swimming. I did a lot of the water ballet in college in a Olympic size12 foot swimming pool. It is so great to do water ballet in a big huge pool like a sexy mermaid. I am so spoiled to have experienced swimming like that when I was 20 years old.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Bikram yoga class last night

    I pussy farted 3 times in my hot, sweaty yoga class. It is embarrassing BC I think my close class mates think I am farting. HA HA HA The yoga poses open me up and I pussy fart. eeK!!! Zoe Zane zoblog
    At least the pussy farts smell gud! HA HA HA

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Zoe with her Dad

    He blew me 2 kisses and told me I was a great kid. Dad told me he was alone all his life. Oh no! What a soldier, all those years holding down the fort. It made me cry when I left the house. I could not stop crying. I sobbed. I thought it was over the crying, the good bye stuff, but I cried a lot. My Dad never told me I was a great kid. There was so much shit going on between my Mother and my Dad like fighting 24/7. Zoe Zane zoblog I will be posting about the passing of my Dad until he leaves his skin suit. This is a big deal for me.

    Saturday, November 08, 2008

    New porn update and my Dad

    (1) My sense of humor leads the way in my porn. The new update is with International Cyber Pimp "Vegas Bad Boy". He has it for me. We have this sex struggle to see who wins out. I WIN!!! HA HA HA It is all fun with it comes to my happy bush, that's me, Miss Zoe Zane. I thought, I would never say happy bush but my bush is a happy bush! he he he he he ----@#$%^&*(.....&*()rgamic_...

    (2) My Dad is back home with hospice. At 89 with failing health, he wants to go. We are making him comfortable and letting him do what he wants to do before he leaves his skin suit. Some of my family is helping out along with me. My crazy sister has a legal guardian, whatever that means. My Dad does not have to take care of her anymore. He has done so much for many of us in the family. Dad is a rock from the depression years. Yesterday, I got a room ready for a health care giver that will be with him 24/7 since my family can not care for him 24/7. We all have to work. I tore out all the stuff in the back bedroom and threw it in my crazy sister's bedroom until we get that all org and boxed for her. Whew. Demolition is easy, building it, takes a very long time. I had a fire in my house and watched the demolition take it out so FAST. eek!

    Watching my Dad walk a bit was so cute yesterday. He hates hospitals.

    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    They arrested the Zoey Zane killer who murdered Emily Sander

    here is the link

    Emily Sander used my porn name spelling it this way, Zoey Zane
    zoe zane zoblog

    My Dad and me

    My Dad is back in the hospital again. He has low sodium levels. If the the sodium levels are forced to fast it could fry the brain and he dies. It does not look gud. He can not get up and walk around. He has not had a drink of water or eaten for 4 days. He is not allowed to drink water in fear he might coke. He was in pain last night, in bed too long. If he does not improve by the weekend, the family is supporting his position to let him go. Right now all the wires, tubes etc. are keeping him alive. He is 89 years old and a rock. He was true and steady all his life, although his marriage to my mother was not a happy one. They fought all the time. I'm making peace with him right now. There is not much time left and I'm catching up. I do not want to look back after he is gone and wish I made it right with him. (My life with my father, there are many deep hidden secrets that no one in the family wants to address). In the hospital, Dad acts like a little child. It is so cute. He did not get much nurturing as a child from his battle ax Mother. I can only take the hospital for a few hours and then I go home. I raised a deformed child, as a new mother. I watched her die. It will be time for my Dad to leave his skin suit. It looks like it might be very soon. From the time I was born until this last year, my relationship with Dad has been a stressful one. I want to make sure he and I are okay with each other. He scared away all my boyfriends until he found the right one for me in college. That marriage was loveless. He does feel bad, he thought my first marriage was made in heaven. That first marriage was a living hell for me. I will be running back and forth to the hospital this week.

    A fun note: the 3 boy kittens are doing great. We are all settling in and WE are all happy together. They are at home with me and not at my studio. My home is my sanctuary, where ONLY select people are invited. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Saturday, November 01, 2008

    A nice surprise on Halloween for Zoe

    Yesterday evening about 6 PM PST I drove over to the mall to buy some See's candy. The See's candy ladies were handing out free carmel hard candy suckers to all the kids. I jumped in and helped for the fun of it. I had so much fun doing my charity work for See's giving all the tiny people on the planet "trick R treat smell my feet". HA HA HA I finally went into get some of my favorite candies. SURPRISE Zoe......the manager gave me a free 1/2 lb. of candy for helping his See's candy ladies. I had so much fun handing out the candy. He saw that and gave me a present. Too sweet.

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