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    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    10 min vid clip of kinky wild nurse and her potty

    chair. I will be the freaky kinky Nurse for Halloween. New vid clip for memebers of me sitting on a potty chair in my torn pantyhose, my big dick and dirty talk. Update for Halloween preview pics. I LOVE HALLOWEEN sex freak!!!

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Zoe Zane --- Sex Exposed on the Net

    Do I have any secrets about my sex life? I do. And, I am not telling everythang baby cakes. I have tired to tell some but they do not get it. So when the right male comes a long HE will get it. A girl has to keep up the tease factor for that special someone. When it comes to sex and men, it is pretty simple. I do love men for that. They are walking and thinking and wanting sex 24/7.

    I am out there and many know what I do with sex. La-zay attitude: I think sex it is just sex---so what. Too much is made out of those sex molecules. Too much fear too much shame and too much guilt. Gettin" ride of your sex stuff is like peeling a big fat, tear dripping onion. You get through one layer and another one comes up in your face. It slams you down, you feel stupid, silly, cry, FIGHT, whatever and life goes on. Then you want sax again the same way. It comes up again, the fear the shame the guilt. Just look at it for that and then remember those ideas about sex were someone Else's ideas and they were wrong. YA! Wrong! When you have jumped into sex like I have it is just sex and no big deal. Sex makes you feel so good and yummy, when it is with the right person. My new face lift for fetish and domination: Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond is a spoiled rotten cash cow that uses her slaves, my "pay piggies'. HA HA HA! With the economy and all the fed cash cows, WHY NOT be a cash cow too. Make sure you put your piggy pennies in your piggy bank, sex freak --- admit it slave boy, your my slave, for great fetish fun at Miss Zoe's Fun Dungeon. I like to put you in the corner and face the wall. Beg piggie boy....ha ha ha ha ha --- More free stuff is coming sex pig for my fetish site so get naked and goo sex freak.

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    I like this thought and Halloween night party

    Treat each project, plant, pet or job like your baby. Foster its independence or its ability to grow big and strong.

    I am on the move to org a fun costume party with close friends and neighbors, Friday night October 31, 2008 as the busty kinky "Halloween" nurse in her white uniform. Let's all romp down to this hot spot, a Los Gatos Bar. Everyone dresses up, and the town is light up glorious like Rodeo Drive baby.

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Zoe Zane cake farts in Hollywood???

    Hello, My name is KB, and I'm a writer and producer for Fox. A voice over actor is a huge fan of cakefarts.com. His birthday is coming up, and I was wondering if you lived in or around Los Angeles, if you would be interested in coming in to our writer's room to fart on his birthday cake.
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    http://www.talksexwithsue.com/ I think this is a pretty good site for sex tip and advice and she's an older woman

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    You know that my father is getting ready to die

    and he cared for my crazy sister for 20 years at home. He can not take care of her now BC he needs to take care for himself. He will need care by my family which he is getting . My crazy sister was ease-dropping on his phone. My Dad found out and she was not taking her meds. When she does not take her meds she gets out of control. He called 911 and she was taken away for a 72 observation. The case worker did not know how bad she was. My sister-in-law called the case worker to see if my crazy Sis was coming back home. The case worker could not find my crazy sister. LOL. Oh fuck, lost crazy in San Jose in some psych ward!!! eeK. It is long overdue for my sister to come back home, well over 60 hours. The case worker called my sister-in-law back up and wanted to know is she could come home. What! NO. My Dad can barely take care of himself right now. Goes to show the case worker is on overload. She asked my sister-in-law if my crazy Sis needs to go to a locked up or not locked up facility? How does my sister-in-law know. Are the insane watching over the inzane??? G U E S S sooooooooooo.

    This is too funny the case worker is way out of it about my crazy sister who is Schizophrenic

    To myself a message

    Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

    "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you."

    CAKE FARTS are taking off again ha ha ha


    Her name is Christy Hemme and she farts on a cake.

    Zoe Zane on Allover30.com web site

    Allover30.com and Zoe Zane Current mood: blessed

    I was hired as a model for allover30.com and it was a lot of work. I forgot how many videos and 10 photo sets like nurse, housewife in the kitchen, classy evening dress, outside----------------etc. hugs zoe zane

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Witches and vampires--I LOVE THEM!

    New update was Sunday and here is a naught pic of me as the wild witch in your backyard looking for some nookie from YOU!

    I love witches. I used pink bubble gum to make a ugly witch nose and smeared make up all over my face in my black dress and pointy hat. I was very ugly. During my first year of marriage to my X-Mormon seminary teacher (preacher man) in Flagstaff, AZ, I was a pregnant witch. I love witches and Halloween. Halloween is my most favorite holiday. I went with one of his students trick o treating.
    I love vampires. Do you ever want to take someone out? I do and being a vampire is the best way to do it. A vampire has to feed and suck the blood from humans. I am so EVIL who cares. When your pissed just take them out. HA HA HA Vampires are powerful and dangerous. Zoe Zane zoblog http://www.zoezane.com/ My animated vampire pic created by a fan on this page http://www.zoezane.com/Pages/Anal.html

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Zoe and her father in California

    My Dad is 89 years old and his health has turned ill. He has a DL and can drive, BUT his skin suit is wearing out. Growing up, I was terrified of my angry father, but today I am watching a rock fade away. He did what he had to do to make his life work. Since his health has gone down he can not drive now. He has cared for my drug binging, alcoholic, younger sister that is a FREAK in every way --- she has Schizophrenia a chronic mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences. My younger, Mormon brother is the executor of his estate, and there is a lot of drama with my dad/insane sister. Yesterday, I went over there with my son, and Dad needs special home care. Arrangements are being made. I vacuumed and scrubbed his piss stained toilet. I've been a mom of 7 kids and cleaning is no big deal to me uck! --- Dad needs CLEAN!!! When I left, I went out to my car and sobbed/cried. He is not the angry man I used to know as a child. We are mending our relationship BC I want to have something COO with my Dad before he dies. We both deserve it. Zoe Zane zoblog P. S. A comment from my ER doctor son in Kingman, AZ, "Mom you took care of us when we were little kids. We all can take care of your Dad (Grandpa) when he is old. It is only right." I agree.

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Wicked wild Zoe in live cam 10/18/08

    I lite a blue candle and did a fire dance in front of 300 viewers at 9 AM PST. I slipped the end of the lite candle into my snatch and it made me horny. Zoe you better be careful cause your playing with fire! I have candle wax dripped on the cam floor and need to scrap it OFF. LOL. I have always loved the theatre and what performers can do to entertain the audience.
    At home the 3 new boy kittens are keeping me busy. They are so much fun.
    Update this week is for Halloween in my pantyhose and new vid clip of me sucking my big black dildo with huge PVC witch hat on. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Update is early this week

    I took over SF with Andrea Storm. We were on the front page of the SF Chronicle as the Dirty Martini Girls last year. I found more SF Folsom pics of myself running around like a sexy beast teasing, hair pulling and posing. I posted a new vid clip of clothes pins on my big 38D boobs. OUCH! This pic is really funny---- this naked farmer freak tried to put his dick in my mouth. I teased him and ran off laughing. HA HA HA Zoe you are so bad. I AM!

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Who is to blame

    The election is coming up and both parties are looking to use the housing market to down each other. I do not make it know what I think about this election. You tell me first and then if I think my opinion is safe with you I will speak out. Politics are like the stock market, emotional! I would rather have your friendship than declare who I would vote for.
    My boyfriend of 18 years ran off with one of my models at the beginning of the year. I have been working on getting over it and loving myself. I am still a bit hurt but time heals all wounds. It was a long relationship and we were planning on getting married. But things change and it better that he is gone for gud. My male cat Fuzzy died of old age on July 21st. I'm not into bar hopping to find a boyfriend. If I did that, I have not learned my lesson. I had many offers but none of them felt right. SO---- I am throwing away our life of 18 years---- OUT to the garage can, AND ----- I have not spoken to either of them, even though I was tempted. I see it this way---most people on their own accord hang themselves. I do not have to do anything. To change to love is not easy being raised by negative depression parents. But I am doing it. Why not. It feels better to be kind to oneself. Ya baby. I took time off to clear my head and heart. My book is moving along. Bye bye boyfriend of 18, and THEN---it opened UP----- my appearance on the Howard Stern Show. The boyfriend of 18 years would of made fun of me going on Howard Stern. He downed all the crazy stuff I did all the time. It was about what he wanted not what I wanted.

    GOOD NEWS: This Friday, October 10th, my stripper daughter with my baby daughter will jump in her car with my 3 boy kittens, I call "TLC". My stripper daughter is well planned and organised to insure the kittens are safe and sound. I have phone talked and listened to the 3 kittens with her for a few weeks. The kittens were rescued by a very sweet girl in Las Vegas. She found the mother and 2 staving kittens in her garbage can. She found homes for the 2 kittens and kept the mama cat. The mama cat mated with a handsome orange Tabby called Peanut. She had 6 healthy Siamese kittens. I planned to take 2 males but one of the male kittens told me to take him too. One kitten will be called Taryn (can be a boy's name) named after my power coach's daughter in Canada. I will call him 'T" for short. I have not named the other 2 kittens as of today. When they live with me, I will know what to name them. Right now 'TLC" is having fun eating, running, purring in Vegas. I can hardly wait. It has been hard living alone with myself. But though all of this change, I started to be very cool with Zoe. Furry lovz, Zoe Zane zoblog
    You can say I really do appreciate all my new friends and kids. The X Mormon husband is such a wimp. Time tells how we All are. How could I let such a wimp control me. Zoe, is so strong today. Lastest news from Dean's Planet and the Howard Stern Show:
    Link of interview by Doc on Dean's Plant

    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    New vid clip from New York-cake farts

    I fart on a cake and give it to a male porn star without him knowing I farted on the cake. HA HA HA


    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    My hairdresser knows me by my real name

    I told her I was going on the Howard Stern Show. Today, I got a new hairdo (hairstyle) that is me. I have been copying someone else for sometime and it does not work, SO, I went back to the way my hair looks FAB. I have a new hair cut. My hairdresser's hubby listened to my zaniness on Howard Stern, and had the best laugh. He told her that a lot of people called in telling Howard to have me back on the show. WOW! That makes me so happy knowing I made a lot of people laugh and enjoy life. Now, I gotta figure out what do do next time on the show----that will come when I am in the moment. I am hitting the keyboard for my funny sex book.

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