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    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    I got wasted in my live cam show today

    I did not plan on this one, it took me by surprise, at the end of the cam show. I was wasted right to the floor. While I was getting OFF in orgasm I was thinking of someone I did wild and nastee things with. He will always love me no matter what happens. That is just what it is. He will make many attempts to make it with others but he will always love me. I got to his freaky brain. When you mind fuck someone they are always addicted to you until they die. How do I know? I just know, so I will go and do what I was meant to do while he still loves me. The other woman he is with right now will never know how to do it to him. NOT EVER. She does not get and will never get it. If I cried over it, I will not do that anymore, bc I have him right where I want him. I have his brain and his heart. Oh---- I smoked a huge nastee cigar in my cam show and it wasted me right to the floor. Who cares baby cakes , it is all about the show and the fetish and the fun. zoe zane zoblog Smoking Actress Smokerella

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Book I am reading right now: This got to me today

    A man who had finished his life went before G. And G reviewed his life and showed him the many lessons he had learned. When He had finished, G said, " My child is there anything you wish to ask?" And the man said, "While You were showing me my life, I noticed that when the times were pleasant there were two sets of footprints, and I knew You walked beside me. But when when times were difficult there were only one set of footprints, Why Father, did You desert me during the difficult times?" And G said, "You misinterpret, my son. It is true that when the times were pleasant I walked beside you and pointed out the way. But when the times were difficult, I carried you." Hugh Prather Santa Fe, New Mexico June 23, 1979 Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
    sobbing zoe ----- zoe zane zoblog
    this is a very interesting blog

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Latest news from New York

    A yahoo group web master called me wanting to know if Moon and I would attend our birthdays at a party in NY http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm
    Arrangements are final with Robert the NY webmaster, Moon and myself for Sunday September 14th from 6-9PM. Robert hosts parties for many Internet models and porn stars. Too cool-----We will have a NYC Private "Double Birthday" Party in Manhattan. Oh my my my----- the party members will bring us birthday presents. Oh this is so rockin' and Moon and I will be able to film take pics and have the time of our lives the day before the Howard Stern Show. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYCGangBangParty/ From Robert to Zoe Zane:
    Hi, everyone. Come visit the "NYC Zoe Zane Fans" Yahoo Group located at: This Yahoo Group website is dedicated to the beautiful and sexy "Adult Actress" Zoe Zane. It is located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYCZoeZaneFans/- Robert the webmaster promoter
    TY TY TY TY so much Robert huggies zoe zane zoblog smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    New kittens for Zoe Zane end of September

    Here is the furry love pics of the mommy cat and her 6 kittens
    zoe zane zoblog

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Last night I named one of my sex slaves Dolly

    We had a sweet intimate time together painting lipstick on our lips. This slave ALWAYS picks the most wonderful lipstick colors. Yesterday I was tired, but I got a gud nights sleep. This morning I was dreaming about the old boyfriend. The verdict was coming down about him in the dream and I got woke up by a fart. eek!!! Too funny. (I don't know what the judgement would of been by his partners who loaned him money in the dream). Oh uck----does it mean his judgement was my fart in his face? he he he

    Last night my Dad called me on the phone and wanted to know if I was over at his house in the middle of the night bc he hear my birth name out loud. He got up and walked around to see if I was there. Very strange indeed----- My male cat Fuzzy is buried over there in his cat cemetery. My Dad is 89, still drives and last month spread tar all over his roof, the house, I grew up in. We are mending our relationship from my childhood. He is a very different man now. He's incredible. He picked a few flowers from his garden and gave them to me through my handicapped sister last week. After all these years I know my Dad loves me. zoe zane zoblog
    I love this Fuzzy, kitty pic on the laptop. This is how Fuzzy looked when he was a kitten. We should all be so relaxed about life.

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Today in live cam I made an attempt

    to light my farts on fire. In my cam show I wore jeans which I never do. I put a lighter up to my crotch and farted. I wanted to set my farts on fire. I saw a babe on You Tube do it. Really funny stuff. New weekly update of Adonna and myself with 2 guys in hotel room. New vid clip of myself as Femme Fatale in her leather boots. http://www.adonna4fun.com/

    I went to yoga last night. I do not talk about it very much bc bikram yoga is really hard. I need to get over there again today (Sunday afternoon). My handicapped sister visited me during the week and I miss placed her car keys. I walked back and forth many times and finally found the keys on the diner floor. My shins are over worked and I will rest them by doing yoga.

    After I do the Howard Stern Show I will tell you all the stuff that happened to me on the way to HS in New York.

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    When I think about what to wear I always go

    back to Betty Page and 1950's fetish wear (Marylin Monroe and Jayne Mansfield -Publicity whores don’t get any better than Jayne. She was tops at it. She would hold a press conference for a fart.). I will always love vintage with the garters and silk stockings. There is something about the seamed stockings and the those tiny hats with feathers---the real glam dom. Then I jumped over to the the furry stuff---da techno out there to dance myself away until I drop. I am so lucky to let myself be so glamours so lovely so fun. Most of all I must always be gud to myself even when the ones I loved we not. You can not lead a horse to water and make them drink your lovely water. Enough of the hidden words and hurts. I think in my Saturday cam show I will wear jeans and fart in them. I will place a lighter up to my crotch and set my farts on fire. HA HA HA
    Friday morning I read the bio on Jayne Mansfield. She played the violin. I played the violin up till the 8 grade, dropped it bc of a criticizing music teacher. I was getting pretty gud at it. I know I could pick it back up and play it with some practice.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Fetish Tuesday

    Today I had 2 fetish slaves visit me. Both helped me get ready for the Howard Stern Show. The first freak and I brainstormed ideas for video and the cake farting girl. He laughed our heads off. HA HA HA ----silly stupid sexy stuff, and freak #2 is a big fan of Howard. He watches the show almost every day. I used my tool on him and I will add this tidbit about him and his fan-ship for Howard on the show. Zoe Girl you have some strange connections in all the right places???

    My personal guide in New York: My New York Housewife Porn Producer will go with me on the show. We are so excited and nervous all in one big throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA Her name is Moon AynjL on SC her site http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm with her body guard Mr. Black. Both of them are New Yorkers and on it! Moon AynjL is a survivor of breast cancer and one stuff babe. I love her so much.

    Now for the inside stuff: clips4sale has been making contact with Howard Stern for sometime and 'clips4sale' knows we are going on the HS show. TOO OUT THERE----huh. We will be signing at their 'clips4sale.com ' booth at the Exxxotica NY adult convention September 13-14, 2008. I can handle this one.

    Now I have another housewife that is a cake farting girl. woohooooo

    Oh, I love this---- 2 girls cake farting! cackle cackle cackle

    We will fart on a cake for Ron Jeremy at the adult convention in NY.

    P. S. Do not tell Ron, that we farted on a cake and gave it too him in person.

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    Call me whore

    I like the word whore, old whore bitch----- whatever-------------it makes me wet and horny. Today in my live cam show I had guys under 25 calling me for phone sex TOO TURN ME ON during the show. Some young guy called me WHORE! He wanted to screw my brains out on the bathroom floor at the bar. I like it when he called me whore.
    Everything is coming together for the Howard Stern Show in September. Today I threw cream pies in my face and laughed. For the longest time I have been this crazy silly stupid woman and embarrassed the hell out of all my Internet friends and boyfriend of 18 years. It was okay for everyone else to have their passive aggressive anger at stuff ----but not Zoe. It was okay for them to do do drugs and get stoned but for Zoe to be silly ---no way. What the uck! On the cam show this morning the viewers were ALL into what I am doing now--- after I told them---- I was going on the Howard Stern Show for all the crazy fetish stuff that I do. They wanted some of my LAUGHING GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pics of the show are posted
    I have my shock fetish t-shirt artist on LG at the moment. You will be able to get LG shirts by Monday. Make sure you do a big belly laugh today! zoe zane zoblog

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    Incrediable story about a banker and mother duck

    Click link and read. It is soooooo great what happend with a mother duck and 9 babes in downtown.

    Saturday, August 02, 2008

    Saturday Live Cam Show

    Saturday August 2, 2008 Live Cam Show: Zoe Zane is Nurse Maximal who serves her wacky kink with laughing gas! Shock Fetish Sex Comedian has lost her equilibrium on the lab table with cake farts!!! LOL. Zoe, your ass is smudged big with dark chocolate cake frosting. Are you telling us something? Show time 9 AM PST

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    To my big boobed mentor Sexy Miss Lizz

    I love her and this is what she posted about what I am all about.....CUMMING AND LAUGHING AT THE SAME TIME
    read her blog


    keep farting girlfriend
    they need us for are craziness and laughter

    Pic above is a great pic of my mentor Sexy Miss Lizz ...pretty and big huh

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