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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    You can always recreate your life and yourself

    Nothing is set in stone on who you are. YOU make it how it is. You CAN dream and make it happen with your powerful mind. Yesterday, my friend called me on the phone and told me how a huge piece of the Antarctic broke off. She heard it on the news, and millions of other minds read how the ice cap is melting. Now all those minds are thinking in the NEG. How about all of us think the ice is coming back bigger and bigger. Did you get how powerful we ALL are?
    zoe zane zoblog

    Monday, September 15, 2008---Howard Stern


    It is happening, I will be on the Howard Stern Show --- Monday September 15th 2008 at 8:30 AM EST. I will fart on a birthday cake and get SPLOSHED (cream pies thrown on my face and naked tits)
    CRAZY HUH ----- HA HA HA

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Howard Stern Show in September 2008

    I will be a featured guest on the Stern Show in September 2008. Here I cum New Your City with my sploshing and birthday cake farts. LOL. Don't act your age baby cakes. Now for the dress the gloves and spiked high heels!

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Island of Ibiza sets the trends for the world

    I crave this high wonderful energy coming from Island of Ibiza -Privilege with Tiesto

    If you can find a black and white t-shirt for
    hit me up with the link baby loves.

    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    How about this idea-force people to laugh with

    laughing gas. HA HA HA HA HA ---- The Laughing Gas Sitehttp://www.laughinggaszone.net/main.html ----- Make sure you have BIG BELLY LAUGH TODAY. Do something that you love and makes you happy!!! I love this site! How about this.......the wicked nurse gives you laughing gas---- and gets you OFF while you are laughing. zoe zane zoblog
    Another site for laughing gas improv. I am there! http://www.laughinggasimprov.com/

    Don't hold back - be big - BE MAXIMAL

    I love Tiesto on You Tube

    Make today a great day you have the power to do THAT
    if you are down turn on your favorite music and do a jig-----dance-----smile if it hurts and IF you woke up in shit---LET IT GO -----BE HAPPY-that is what we were meant to be
    zoe zane zoblog

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Your pet you love and it loves you so much

    Discussion: Tell me about your pet that loves you soooo much.....

    Yesterday, I saw a gud friend and he showed me his female doggie "Paris" a very cute chiwowa-chihuahua. She loves him and lick his face when he comes home at night.
    What kind of pet do you have and how does your pet love you?
    Hey Andrea, I love Flame Boy, your male, big fluffy kitty cat. Flame Boy is da bomb, very friendly pussy cat when I come over to his house.
    zoe zane zoblog
    P. S. Last night I left my front door open to my space and some animal came in and ate my Wholefoods snack food "politically incorrect mix". HA HA HA

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Zoe Zane blind folded herself for 2 hours

    this morning to see the world different. You can not see the color of any ones skin but you can hear the energy from their voices. There have been many difficult events in my life the last 4 years----- THAT could of pushed me down to the ground, BUT today, I saw this..... it does not matter what they did. I can re-invent my life to whatever I want it to be. When shit hits the fan SMILE!!! zoe zane zoblog
    I am still practicing Bikram yoga and my fifth year is coming up.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Today I have pussy on my mind a lot

    I have been catching up on my rest since Fuzzy left his skin suit last week. I am thinking about 2 male kittens, blue lynx point Siamese. I might have to go to Las Vegas to find them. Every morning I FOCUS on positive stuff about Fuzzy and the new new ones that are coming to me. Fuzzy was off the wall for love. He had this way of making the worst upset human fall in love with him. Fuzzy was a heart turner to the great side of life. Furry loves to all on this planet this morning. My most favorite thangz are: the male actor, Josh Hartnett, dill pickles all by themselves, See's chocolate anything, Passion Tea, Gardenias, burning incense, "Pilar and Lucy 1 the exact friction of stars" perfume, throwing cream pies at big boobed snobby women ---ha ha ha , Tia Food and the new steel spiked knee high jean boots sent by a wonderful man from Las Vegas. I received his boot present in the mail yesterday. TY TY TY --- Thanx so much Horace. P.S. Sitting on a slave's birthday cakes and farting HA! I found this pic at the top, this is what my tuxedo male cat Boots did in Las Vegas---jump and fly baby.

    Monday, July 21, 2008

    Read about my hot horny dream on my site

    The dick was huge and I was bouncing off my bed with ........

    REALLY and it was a REAL dream. Read about it in my membership. Women over 50 can fuck a lot and be reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly horny just like men!
    I will be posting what real men want me to do to them for my members. You know the bizarre freaky stuff. It is very mind blowing what some men want from a dominatrix. eek!!!
    zoe zane zoblog

    Sunday, July 20, 2008

    When you are silly stupid sexy you can be just

    THAT......silly stupid sexy. It works for me.
    Pics of my show, bunny girl and her camel toe serving Jack Daniels with my furry pink garter belt from the hip. How about fun for sax and letting go of your work. Wild bunny girl Miss Zoe serves her boobs her pussy her face on your face!!! Camel toes are so sexy loverboy. Improv rules!

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Cam show this morning will be improv- wild bunny girl

    It just comes to me about my live cam show and then I do it. I was the wild Bunny Girl.
    I finally got some slept last night.
    Now that Fuzzy's skin suit is gone, I can not see him, it is a big adjustment for me. If you are a animal lover you know how they get to your heart. My Dad and I have not had a very gud relationship for eons. But the passing of Fuzzy has caused a healing with me and my father, the Armageddon Expert..... ha ha ha. Growing up in my house was not great. My parents were angry all the time so I ran off to nature and in all Her wonderment. I stayed busy in the outdoor and played with all the boys. Tomboy Zoe! I made my childhood great for myself and did not take on the crap of home. Yesterday evening, my Dad called me, after we buried Fuzzy.....he was thinking of me. His cat has touched his heart just like Fuzzy touched mine. My Dad showed he loved me..... AND---I have not felt his love for many many years. I can not remember when I felt his loved. But I felt it yesterday and sobbed. Yaaaa, sobbed. Fuzzy's passing is mending my relationship with my Dad. He said the animals that love us are celestial. I sobbed! My Dad has a heart after all these years.
    One other thought, after we buried Fuzzy my Dad told me about the war and how the Russians had NO RESPECT for human life. I could see the horror of war in his eyes. He was beginning to talk. It is gud to talk about stuff. It is healing.
    I ran over to my vet yesterday and told him about Fuzzy. This vet is helping me a lot. He was taken back about how fast Fuzzy left his skin suit---oh my, he is gone that fast, and told me Fuzzy was a very old man. It was his time to go. He asked me how I was. He told me to keep talking about Fuzzy and what happened. It is healing to keep talking about it.
    I ran down to Los Gatos to the cat store and found some stuffed cats that looked similar to Fuzzy. I have placed them in different places in my space. Last night I was luminous just before the sun went down. It felt gud. I did not have to worry about Fuzzy. NOW, he is all around me. I dreamt, I saw him strong and healthy. I don't dream much. It was comforting to see him big and strong in his prime. I will remember Him that WAY! Furry is love and furry rules.
    This is a long blog about my best friend forever, my male cat Fuzzy. Zoe Zane zoblog

    P.S. When I had a yahoo group of over 10,000 members and one of my cats named Boots died. I took it hard and posted many times about Boots. Some guy in the group made the comment about me going on and on about Boots. When does she stop talking about her dead cat. Who gives a fuck. I deleted him.
    This morning I placed both my hands over my heart and took slow breaths in and out. I told myself ----- I am happy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am power and your are soooo Cute Zoe!!!
    Fuzzy on my laptop
    Boots in the fridge...TOO FUNNY

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    My Main Man, FUZZY, passed away last night

    Fuzzy will always be my main man forever. He made so many people happy. He helped me, showed me how to be happy and brought me great joy all the time.
    My email to my power coach:
    Every night I tapped my bed sheets, called out his name and Fuzzy would come in and purr away. His purr was so comforting. He had the best purr box!!!
    Last night I tapped my bed just thinking abt him coming in to say good night. He was pretty much gone last night but when he heard me tap the bed he made an attempt to come to my bed. I heard him plop on the living room rug. SO, I gentle picked him up, placed him on my bed close to me. I did not get much sleep. He passed at 3:40 AM

    I am going to take him over to my Dad's house and bury him. I will have to climb the fence and place him in the ground. Maybe my Dad is up right now? I wrapped Fuzzy in a blue tantra silk scarf. My son Rex came over last night and said good bye to him. Fuzzy made many people happy with he glorious energy. A few years ago, Rex was ill, had a operation and Fuzzy helped him a lot. Rex and I cried..... and hugged last night.

    Fuzzy, my main man, a hero FOREVER!

    Now to find some comfort that he is still with me. I MISS him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRYING----- I have cried too much this week and not much sleep. I have a great vet that I talked to yesterday and he felt it was his time to go. I will see him this morning, the vet. Fuzzy was a lynx point Siamese, male cat, that lived 15 fantastic years with me. He was born in Las Vegas in the early spring.

    PLEASE tell me, Cindy Ulmer, my power coach about Fuzzy. How he is All around and forever near me. PLEASE .......................

    Please my angel power coach
    zoe zane zoblog --- Picture of Fuzzy is attached "I'm Cool"

    8:05 AM PST California

    I went over to my Dad's house at 5 AM PST and it was locked up tight. I could of climbed the fence and made a bunch of noise but thought NOWAY. I called my sister and she told me to call my Dad and wake him up. He has a Siamese male cat, Caesar, he saw me intruding his territory and rascaled off. My Dad and I did a proper burial for Fuzzy. My Dad does things right, I learned how to bury and protect your animal in his cat cemetery( 5-7 cats are buried in his back yard).

    I can feel Fuzzy all around me. He has gone into the big All of Things, he is very near to me. I can feel it.

    This might be a long blog. Who cares.

    I bet some of you out there had an animal that you loved so much you are a better person. That animal loved you unconditionally back and you loved yourself more and loved others back!

    Furry thangs rule!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    New perks for my membership - get close to Zoe


    1. My private life mature MILF-GILF fantasies/dreams or sexual experiences that are real.

    2. New message board for members - ONLY in the membership - more interacting with my members. Tell me what you love the most on the board, your fantasies and fetishes. Get close to Zoe!

    3. Share with me your You Tube, Facebook, My Space, Yahoo Group on the board. I want to know what you are into baby cakes.

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Weekly Update July 13, 2008

    Toy in my ass, foot fetish on my neighbor's dick, and I suck and fuck 2 guys! Enjoy yourself looking at my nastee pics. I will post my wild dream I had last night JUST for members. It is OFF the wall. A clue: over 50 and wild for sax!!!

    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Dangerous to set r farts on fire LOL

    Too funny:http://www.hour.ca/columns/messybedroom.aspx?iIDArticle=4010Dear Josey:Thought I'd share this story about cake-farting that I found on the Internet, along with some photos. Is this for real?Am I Being Farted Around?Dear Being Farted:Uh, thanks, you guys are so good to me. I'll spare you the rather off-putting details of the story that accompanied the photos, but it basically involved Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson and their bare-assed competition to "fart" the candles out on a cake.Since the e-mail address at cakefart.com bounced back, and the site itself consists of just one image of a naked woman crouched over a cake with a fart soundtrack (warning: it'll put you off your supper!), I'm guessing this is likely an imaginary fetish. (Give it time, though. I'm sure there'll be a blossoming community of cake-farters and their fans coming soon to an Internet site near you.) Then again, farting is not a new fetish. According to The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices by Brenda Love, "flatuphilia," "eproctolagniac" and "eproctophilia" are all terms used to describe arousal from flatulence. According to Love's description of the practice, "serious flatuphiles request that their partner release the intestinal gas directly into their awaiting face or mouth."And long before cake-fart fans started imagining Jenna and Pam fanning the flames, England's "Mr. Methane" (Paul Oldfield to his mother) made blowing out candles part of his stage act. Fartman, as he is more commonly known, earns about $70,000 (U.S.) a year for his "controlled anal voicing."And before him, Le Petomane, a 19th-century Frenchman named Joseph Pujol, tooted his way to the stage of the Moulin Rouge and was reportedly one of the highest paid entertainers in France. A word of caution from Ms. Love about all this fart-astic fantasy: Holding a lighter to the buttocks as they release gas (we referred to them as "blue angels" when I was a kid) is very dangerous and can create an explosive effect if the flame enters the anus, thus seriously damaging the rectum.You've been warned.

    Friday, July 11, 2008

    I am writing a article for a major web site

    about mature. I was BOLD enough to admit I was over 45 about seven years ago on the Net as a private entertainer. BOLD to be mature---Now you see mature all over the Net on entertainer sites. I was doing films with Kitty Foxx and got it about the younger man and the older woman. Kitty made it clear to my mind what was going--- then I posted mature. My article will be submitted to http://www.eros-guide.com/ in San Francisco. Last November 2007. Eros had a SF party and I spoke with the editor in chief for their e-zine department. I now have a manger helping with my shock fetish on the Net. The other day Howard Stern called me about sploshing and farting on cakes. eek! You will read about my adventures with Howard in NY in the coming months.

    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    4th of July in Northern CA was Fabulous

    Fourth of July was so wonderful -----I listened to the San Francisco
    symphony with Loren Bacall, she did a reading with the music for all our American heroes. It was very inspiring.... and the fire works where FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went with one of my fetish slaves and he drove me up in his fancy car. Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

    Kathy Griffin---Zoe you gotta be fearless

    Jul 03, 2008, Tim Appelo
    It's been eight years since Kathy Griffin fell off the B-list when her gig as Brooke Shields' Rhoda equivalent on Suddenly Susan concluded. Since then, she's skated the dangerous edge of celebrity by poking fun at her own flickering fame and shockingly mocking the A-list players. Admit it, Kathy's right: Angelina Jolie's lips do resemble an inflamed anus.
    Yet Kathy has become a paradox. She sends up her semi-celebrity on Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. But she won the last Emmy for Best Noncompetition Reality Program, and when she was on a competition reality show, she won $233,000. What kind of a loser owns a phat pad in the Hollywood Hills?

    Notoriously, she lost her E! Network red-carpet commentator gig after she jested that Dakota Fanning was just out of rehab. Now Kathy deploys shock more cannily. She used her Emmy acceptance speech to diss Jesus (and stars who credit Jesus for their awards), knowing it would incite a Christian riot good for massive free PR.
    Famed for being a tiny terror, taller than Herve Villechaize and shorter than Michael J. Fox, she's become a titan by taking big risks. People watch her to see what comes out of her uncensored mouth, like "Have you noticed that Renee Zellweger is Asian now?"
    She's still funny in her show's fourth season, now that ratings are rising and her standup act sells out halls way bigger than the Hoo-Hah Hut. But she's less mean, and a bit less funny. In New York on New Year's Eve with CNN, she vowed to kiss costar Anderson Cooper's privates when the ball dropped. She didn't repeat her old quip: "I love that Anderson Cooper covered Katrina in Prada. He's like, 'I'm up to my knees in human feces, in Prada.'"
    It was amusing when her assistants Tiffany and Jessica did a shot each time Kathy called Anderson "Andy." Jessica did an adorable drunk scene, "hurling in the new year" and murmuring, "Five shots, too many. Four OK. Five not good." Kathy's mom adorably murmured maternally, "Oh, that's OK, that's no crime." Kathy adorably reproved her: "Mother!" Then she accused her mom of hurling on many holidays, probably with box wine.
    I adore Team Griffin (Kathy's girly assistants and tour manager Tom Vize, with mother Maggie Griffin as mascot). It was fun to visit Tom's and Tiffany's hometowns. Mother Maggie is almost as good a foil as David Letterman's mom. But Letterman has the power to growl, and Kathy has less comic power the more showbiz power she accumulates. She was pretty funny as a sore loser to Planet Earth at the entertainingly cheesy Producers Guild Awards, which some winners don't even bother to attend. But after ripping her rival show, she flashed a dazzling, cosmetically correct smile to show she was kidding.
    Similarly, when she gave Today's Al Roker a rather chaste lap dance and contemplated Al in a three-way with Matt Lauer and Halle Berry, Kathy cutely scrunched her nose to show she didn't mean it. Kathy's platonic courtship of Apple billionaire Steve Wozniak on her reality show lacks any realism whatsoever. Their lack of passion reminded me of the Suri Cruise doll on Conan O'Brien's show: you pull the string and she says, "If you think my delivery was silent, you should've been there for the conception!"
    I'm still a Kathy fan. But she's up against an unbeatable challenge: to be a fearless female comic. As SNL pioneer Anne Beatts noted, whenever a woman is funny, people think she's bitchy and tune out. A former Roseanne writer told me she once almost got fired for a joke about a gay housesitter who left a video-store receipt at Roseanne's house; her kid finds it and says, "Wait a minute, it's not called Schindler's Fist!" Enraged by the script, Roseanne allegedly accused the male writers, but didn't think to accuse the female of writing it. "They didn't give me up," says the writer.
    Can Kathy stay acerbic and survive her hard-earned success? Stay tuned.

    Friday, July 04, 2008

    Sploshing and farting

    It seems the fetish freaks love to find me and try new stuff. Yesterday, I farted on this new fetish slave in my play space. Poof-ing aka farting is out there and can be experienced by the women who poof on men who love it in their BFF. BIG FAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha

    You will see more of me sploshing this year. When I was a kid I loved making mud pies and eating them. That is so disgusting but kids do weird things growing up. I played in quick sand under the railroad tracks and got spanked when I went down there. I DO NOT LIKE TO GET SPANKED unless you know how to get to me in a very special way.

    OH...........I have had some of my close friends critic me on my wild stuff telling me that I better not do THAT or THIS. A few months ago I almost dropped my blog bc how they were saying negative shit about me right to my face. Now they are doing it bc it is making them more money. Zoe Girl ya gotta have some tuff skin to DO what ya gotta do girlfriend. My self talk..............LOL

    I have a new manager from Niagara Falls and we had a fun cell talk yesterday about the European market and their acceptance of off the wall fetishes.

    Last night: I went walking with head set for exercise. It was so beautiful out there. A lot of people where out enjoy the clean fresh air in San Jose CA.

    zoe zane zoblog

    One of Sexy Miss Lizz' slaves sent me this sweet happy 4th of July card. TY Troll

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Last night I was messing around with

    See's chocolate and this is what I came up with. I miss my wild crazy stripper daughter and she told me to make a sculpture with chocolate.
    Create the love-----candy spelling wonderfulness, my typing paper card on my kitchen floor. Dark chocolate brittle -scotchmellows - carmel paddies all in a row---yum yum yum. Now you know one of my addictions. Fuzzy, my cat, was watching while I made this. He is not into candy, Sooooo all the more for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA
    From your lolipop girl Miss Zoe

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