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    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Load up my camera in my car today

    to take some pics of the sun that turns red in the sky during the day. It is weird all the fires and the smoke and the sun. Is it gettin' close to the end of days........that is what my religious freak of a Dad might say...............

    here is a pic of Santa Cruz, CA by the boardwalk

    zoe zane zoblog

    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    F OFF phone freak

    You know you gotta be kind to many people on the Net when they call ya.......but I am sick of the ones that call me just to wank off and tell me they are not wanking their dicks! SO, if you call me and I have had it-------------------- I might tell you to
    FUCK OFF and not give a damn. It gets me that they lie and try to make you give them free phone sex on the phone.
    SO F OFF buddy! If you read about me being rude on the phone. I AM RUD and your are stupid enough to call me and get my rudeness in your ear. If I think you are a liar or a cheap MTFER trying to get me to give your free phone sex---you get---my rude---dude.

    zoe zane zoblog

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    I love this silly song

    Lil Wayne Lolipop Video

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .....la la la la la la .....make sure you have a big belly laugh today

    California is on fire in the hills.............

    I have taken my cat in and closed the windows

    My neighbor looks like a terrorist and I was playing this song, he started slamming his doors.
    I do not care, I am having fun. FUCK YOU.... in your sour puss face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN your BFF ha ha ha

    Saturday, June 21, 2008


    Do you know what BFF means?

    Copy and paste this link into your browser and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron Jeremy is in the video. 2 funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

    Naked in the bathtub update and off to Las Vegas

    I will leave for Vegas this afternoon at about 4 PM and come back home Sunday night at 10 PM. It is a short trip to see all 7 kids and their grand kids with the ex Mormon Bishop, I call, the Gay Chicken....LOL.
    June 21, 2008

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    One of the postions I do in yoga

    but with out the PVC.......LOL

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    My live cam show and dirty talk with me

    Today, I talked real dirty to a lot of young guys on the phone in my live cam show. One told me he was 19 years old. LOL. I'm 60 and he is 19. OH I LOVE IT.................. it made me really horny talking to all of the guys. Some girl said she wanted to talk but never made it. Girlfriend get aggressive, PLEASE!!! Please call me if you want to talk dirty girlfriend.
    Some dirty fucker was my cum slave....TY Mr. G. At the end of the show I farted on a cake. LAUGHING....ha ha ha

    Weekend update, sexy dresses/boob flashin' vids and 3 FIRES

    Near San Jose, California we have had 3 major fires in the last month. This morning, I had ash on my car and last night the sky was weird cloudy. I was out exercising and a bunch of people were out taking pics of the sky. GET YOUR GAS MASK OUT ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have gas masks.
    My update this weekend, I am in two different sexy dresses from LAS VEGAS. Sexy Miss Lizz and I flashing our boobs off the strip. I watched the vid clips and Lizz is so relaxed about flashing her big boobs...... and me, I had a perverts trench coat on and flashed my tits!
    Pic of fireman down below and link to fire slide show. I love fireman and these guys just wear a cloth over their faces??? OH NO!

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Fuzzy my cat

    has been sick but is getting better. I'm starting a new project, a small garden. I will show the pics soon of my tiny garden so I can make some nice connections with my neighbors. zoe zane zoblog

    P.S. Fuzzy is looking for a new place to hibernate this morning, like my small walk in closet. Last week he crawled into the small bathroom vanity cupboard and worked off his sick crap. I have a great vet who is working with both of us. He is just up the road. When your animal gets sick it can be pretty hard on ya. Our animals are taking care of us and telling us what we need to do. Only thing I have not figured out what Fuzzy is trying to tell me. HUM??? Zoe do you need a vacation??? On June 21-22, 2008, I will be in Las Vegas with all my kids and grand kids. One of the grand kids is getting blessed. My ex will be there, the former Mormon bishop, that is a gay chicken. Shall I bring him a pink pair of panties to wear??? HA HA HA

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    eek! LOCKED OUT today

    Today, one of my fetish friends came over to the studio to make a video for my site. He locked the door when he left. Before our shoot, I found someone's check on the hall floor, and decided to return it to the guy down the hall. But, I did not know my fetish friend locked the door, so when I went back to my studio, the DOOR WAS LOCKED. Oh fuck me!!! I ran outside to see if the gardner had a key to my door but he didn't. He told me that maybe the painters could let me in. I had on a skimpy dress and no shoes. PANIC!!! I keep a very low profile around my studio 24/7. I ran up and down my building smelling for fresh paint until I came to this door and knocked like a fool. Finally a very cute guy answered his door. OOPS......no painter......then I ran out to my car to see if I could get some respectable clothes on, walk to my house for the backup key. Early that day, I had one of my model girlfriends call me to see if I could give her a ride home since her ride was late. I went to help her but her ride showed up. She did not close my car door tight ..... lucky me the car was not LOCKED and has a big screaming alarm. I pulled out some clothes inside my car, walked to my house, found the extra key and walked back. I gotta get a different system when I get locked out. I am on my own right know, with no back up friend who has a extra key.

    HELP me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zoe zane zoblog

    Chapter Title ....UP me OUT

    Read about how funny porn stars and amateur Internet models Up each other in Cyber Land. My reputation proceeds me, and when I walk on a set for pic/video content shoot, my intention is TOTALLY letz be friends. I love people and crave the fun with them. I am not thinking about how to OUT them but just have a blast. Soooooooooo what happens behind the scenes, female porn stars/models make sure to UP me or my cool housewife friends. Read the hilarious drama and spaze of freaking catty women ......OUT you bitch, I am better than U. zoblog zoe zane

    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    June 8, 2008 photo update

    Vegas Girl "Miss Cheesecake"

    I buy some of my sexy dresses in Las Vegas. This one came from "Strings by Judy" near Tropicana and Arville. My swinging life brought me many wild encounters of the nastee kind. I engaged myself in this huge orgy with over 500 swingers on a Sunday afternoon. I saw everything possible from babes doing a daisy chain to guys who were wasted bc they ucked too many chicks. Cum dripping down legs, cum on faces, and gang bangs.

    My male partner loved to be in control making me do nastee sex. When I finally got over the shame and guilt about fucking lots of guys, he lost his control. I liked fucking a lot of men. He did not know what to do with it and went crazy. Hey dude, when you open Pandora's Box better cowboy up.......................... cause "she likes it". zoe zane zoblog

    Another chapter title

    Do I have to get butt fucked to watch TV in our bedroom?

    For many years a not so pretty housewife took her husband's loud abuse. She got feed up, took up a side job as a phone sex housewife, learned to give it back. When she spit out the "chapter title" words, her husband did not know what to say back. He thought she was abusing him. Poor baby.....HA HA HA. Goes to show you who is the strong one and who is weak.

    The hubby was speechless to hear his ugly wife utter profanity. She threw off his computer in his damn brain. YES!

    How about this title for my book, "There is NO title to this book," by ME!


    Friday, June 06, 2008

    Chapter title in my book

    I did not pay to advertise THAT you demand that I speak Spanish amigo!!!

    I'm a phone sex girl and make fun of all the horny enchilada freaks.

    zoblog zoe zane

    P.S. Here is the phone number 408-666-fuckU for the nearest community college.... WHATEVER.... room 69---HA HA HA. Get educated you horny freak for some wet blonde kitty....meow! You want it, go to school dude. If I went to your country, I would learn your language. Just bc you want to dip your stick this is not a fast trick. Your horny Chicky Chick ZoZo

    Guaranteed Product Label: Buy the way, this applies to those who do not speak English, and for those who do speak English, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are............. e d u c a t e d. Thank You so much dude.

    Tuesday, June 03, 2008

    Crazy Zoe in SF

    I was going through some of my past photos and here is a freaky pic of me next to a huge gay poster on Folsom Street in SF.

    HA HA HA


    Sunday, June 01, 2008

    Zoe has been playing around this weekend

    I'm late getting my update posted................but it is up today. Thursday, I was drinking champagne in Las Vegas, and yesterday all the frisky phony boys were playing with me in San Jose, California. Do you remember the Forum Swing Club in So. San Jose???.........I just meet the owner and he is responsible for my dirty laundry pics. TY..........."S" so much for you horny dick brain storming ----------TY TY TY kisses baby cakes. I will post 2 ""WOW" 5 min vid clips of me teasing you with my boobs, and rubbing baby oil on my 38D chest. Zoe knows what to do with your dirty laundry photo set and 2 new vid clips for members 06-01-08. Today, in San Jose it's beautiful and America you are ALL soooooooooo cute!!! It does not matter what the HELL is going on bc................ I know we are ALL very beautiful! Run to your bathroom mirror and tell yourself you are sooooooooooo cute with a big fat smile baby cakes

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