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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    One day Las Vegas trip

    I have a new girlfriend THAT's a MILF ..........and really really WILD. We flew off to Las Vegas for a one day fling on Thursday. I have been holding the fort down, laying low this year. My one day vacation was long over due and much needed. I had a blast in Vegas baby. I love Thai food, it's really HOT, had champagne to celebrate my new friends that will look out after me for the rest of my life. My new MILF busty friend is the shizz-zal..............

    I had the privilege of spending time with the former owner of the Forum in Northern, California.
    Did any of you go to the Forum?

    If all goes well, I will have my cum slave on my cam show tomorrow morning at 9 AM PST. Whoohooooo.

    Oh, this summer Sexy Miss Lizz and I will get together for some summer sun fun. You know how Lizz and I get our freak on!!! Ya baby.

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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    I'm doing research on female sex comedians

    on Google today, and ran across some interesting stuff. I saw a female from India as a comedian.....THAT IS GREAT!!! Also. I did a search for "sex comedians" looking to see what is up. I was surprised at my search. I will keep on trucking with my book. One chapter will be about the housewife phone sax girl that has been abused by many of the cheap jack off callers and how she turns it back and abuses THEM. Miss Housewife is feed up with the male callers, finds another phone sax girl who was adopted by the mob to help her OUT. Some of the abusive tactics have been tried and tested in real life and they do work. HA HA HA chuckling and laughing.....again and again. It is too funny what men will do to get sax.

    My Memorial day activities: I finally finished the main set up for my one of a kind "Top Score" private theater room in Silicon Valley (it is very very dark). IF, you are invited, only by special invitation, it is the schiz-zzle! I have a very special friend that gives me free DVDs to watch and review. He does not have enough time to watch all the movies he reviews, so I help him out. Cool.

    I went to bikram yoga last night and got through it. Women were practicing next to me and one of them is a technical writer. Cool.

    I just did a redo on what I love on the index page. I adore The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

    I am creating new words for my sex dictionary.

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    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    Hot gang bang pic from update this week May 25, 2008

    Over 9 men and 2 MILFS fucking their brains out in a hotel room!!!

    This is a very hot pic..............

    Our planet-hurricanes tornados and fire

    Yesterday my hosting company was out in Orlando Florida due to the weather. A hurricane hit Orlando or something like that, but all my sites are back up this money.........oops this morning. HA HA HA Just up the road in the Santa Cruz Mountains the smell of heavy wet smoke was so bad I had to close all the windows to my space. It was terrible. My cat Fuzzy hide in a different place yesterday and threw up this morning. He knows that the forest trees and the animals up in Santa Cruz are in trouble. It is very cold here in San Jose today like rain.

    My show will air at planned. Thank you host dime for getting all systems up back again. (((HUGS))) Miss Zoe

    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    What is your fetish???

    I'm a fetish artist and have many repeating fetish friends that see me often expressing their kinky selves. They have some place to express IT. If you are looking for a fart queen, here I am, If you love enemas, here I am. If you need a sexy teasing dominating bitch to turn you into her nipple whore, here I am. If you are obsessed with the latrine, here I am. The list is endless, and I fulfill all your fetish fantasies. If you need a capitalistic blond to hoard all you money at the ATM, here I am, money slave. I have flashed my boobs down at the ATM and the money slave was helpless,. He took money from his ATM (bank) adorning his capitalistic blond Mistress, that is me, Miss Zoe Zane, lotz of green cash into my purse. If you love tons of makeup on my gorgeous face, I am the one, you little biOtch.

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    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    I have been called too crazy wild...OFF THE WALL - way out there

    I have been accused of being too wild, too crazy, too insane by close friends and associates. I can not stop being myself. It does hurt when I think they use it against me, but I will have to shut off what they have said. Are they jealous? I am just like you, getting through this world trying to figure out what the hell is this TODAY, or what was THAT yesterday. I work and pay bills just like you. The web presence is not what it is all cracked up to be, it is the show. And people who do not know me are thinking, Zoe Zane is too wild or too crazy or too kinky. (By the way I do love showing OFF for the Net which is a very powerful audience). If you are thinking that I'm TOO CRAZY WILD, I just want you too know that I am a very cool girl that loves. I'm open-minded and not judgemental. I have the biggest heart. In my cam shows, I do stupid stuff and it is for the show. Actually I get bored and keep it FRESH for myself by doing crazy stuff to make myself happy. I have this vision for my cam show and the Net. Actually, I have toned down my cam shows bc many people can not handle all my insane energy. HA HA HA. They think I am on drugs or something. All my life I have had this big energy for greatness not knowing what to do with it, but I am getting bread crumbs, telling me what to do. Many of the men on my cam show like it when I call them..... my little bitch. I use a low key voice and it is so sweeet connecting with them on the phone. I had the cam viewers call me on the phone in the last few shows. Sooooo..... too all of you who are afraid to connect with me, please just remember my big warm pink heart, my smile, my (((HUGS))) and zest for fun in life.
    AND, if any of you think I am going around like a wild woman in San Jose with my boobs hanging out all the time you are wrong. It is quite the opposite. Most of the time, I make sure, THAT I AM VERY discreet and reserved in public. Actually, my business coach has help me improve my dress appearance, since I was running around like a bag lady. One of my so called friends made sure to tell me how bad I looked.

    My bag lady look: it comes from having a father who was raised during the depression and he told me that I was not gud enough to have clothes from the store. I live in San Jose, not Key West or Las Vegas, so I tone down my dress. As the bag lady, Zoe Zane is Miss Reserve hiding her sexuality bc when I wear sexy clothes, I GET way TOO MUCH attention. SO, I am going for the GAP motif as Robin Williams would say. The GAP motif with 38Ds

    Sexy red lingerie is great in private, ya baby cakes. You and me!

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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Bikram Yoga class

    I keep pussy farting in class all the time. I guess it is showing me how easy it is to pussy fart in my live cam show on Saturday. Qweeth qweeth qweeting away Miss Zoe. Bikram will always be hard no matter what level you are on. It is my kick ass training for life and I damn gud just for making it through the class. Did I say that once before. Probably.

    he he he ...............Pussy farts rules

    Monday, May 12, 2008

    Some-ting nice

    Doing something nice for YOU...always has great results!!!!!!!!!!!

    What did I do on Mother's Day

    When I was living the traditional lifestyle, Mother's Day was not my favorite day. But this morning, I noticed I did not freak out over Mother's Day, gud job Zoe. For years it was a day to be passed over, taken off the map, blown up and forgotten bs of all the bull shit I went through in the Mormon church. Yesterday, I did my unconventional stuff, I made a porn video Kay Parker Style. LOL. Some fan freak called me up on the phone and said this to me, "Happy Mother's Day from your son Josh and I do not have as a son by that name either!!! He was doing his fantasy thang about MILF ----- LOL. I have not disclosed what I hear on the phone, but WGAF (who gives a fuck) at my age. Bring it on world and ya better be careful what you say to Zoe on the phone for it might get published baby cakes. Happy Inzane Mother's Day from Miss Zoe and her crew. Miss Zoe you are so naughty, I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Come on girls

    Do you want to be a Cougar Movie Star? If your thinking NOT, then YOU ARE!!! Any women on the Net that is 45 and over (Demi Moore), is a Cougar Movie Star. If Cher, Tina Turner and Madonna can do it, so can YOU AND I.

    Stop all that NEG thinking, whatever you were told about mature, it is CRAP! It was a lie and they were WRONG.

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    Saturday Cam Show May 10, 2008

    For my mother's day present, I had my bitch slave boy on my live cam show. He knows how to hold back his cum, he gave me 4 cum facials for my glorious skin facials. Youth, from a hardon, I LOVE IT! He's a wild frisky pony boy, I used seran wrap from the kitchen to tie him up to the stripper pole. Grabbing MTF!!! Can't blame the fuck, can I. HA HA HA I beat him with a dirty skin mag and red devil fork while he was malling me with his hands. I gave the mag to him him so he would give me a lot of cum for my facials. It worked. He came 4 times!

    Miss Zoe Zane, your Cougar Movie Star Mistress, her big 38D boobs, hot ass in thigh leather boots.

    I'm looking for bitch boy slave boys for my cam shows. If you are in No. California apply for one of my positions to my email opforfree@yahoo.com

    Friday, May 09, 2008

    New "WOW" vid clips April San Jose Gang Bang 2008

    05.08.08 vid clips are in my membership

    Zoe Zane and Adonna San Jose GB #1 and #2 April 2008

    5 min and 7 min vid clips of the amateur homemade porn video

    Also tomorrow morning I will have a one of my good looking slaves with me in my live cam show. I will tease the fuck out of him and make him crazy to jump my bones. I am so baddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad to his bone? HA HA HA

    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Being the boss and it's my choice

    After high school, I worked my way through college saving every nickel and dime for school. I did not have much to wear, all my clothes were sown by myself or my Mother. I worked as a park and recreation directory. It was an outside job creating ways to entertain kids for summer fun. I liked it and my last year in college, I was an art directory. But working from 8-5 was not for me when I went to work in San Jose at the cannery for Doll. I found out I was not that kind of person to slave away from 8-5. One of the women knew I would not last. She was right, I worked for 3 days and quit. Whew!

    All my life I was excepted to conform to the corporate life, but couldn't do it. I discovered, I was a natural at being my own boss creating dried flower arrangements in my basement (when I was a Mom of 7 kids). In Las Vegas, I did phone sex for a living from home, and LOVED it. My gud friend, mature, porn star Kitty Foxx was after me to be in porn and get my adult web site up in Cyber Space. They helped me create part of my stage name. It took a few years for me to stand and deliver mate - ha ha ha (to the pressure of updates on a weekly basis). I put it off for 2 years until I jump year 2000. I self taught myself to edit and promote my sites. LOL. At times it got freaky trying to figure out the code for html or editing video, but I did it. I have had a lot of people help me along the way. Many great friends have taken photos and video. Thank you so much for your help. I would not have it any other way. Now for the big project, my book, what a challenge to complete it. Sometimes I feel like a freaky soap opera with all the stuff that happens behind the scenes in my life.

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    My favorite parfum right now

    Cougar Movie Star, Miss Zoe Zane loves this 1oz. Eau de Parfum

    It is called .....
    Pilar and Lucy
    the exact friction of stars.
    You can call the main company in LA and make an order for Miss Zoe Zane. I love this parfum so much!
    (323) 960-4327 Los Angeles, CA If you would like to become a ...
    Pilar and Lucy I "the exact friction of stars" Perfume "the exact friction of stars" is a warm, sexy vanilla based scent. Like eating chocolate in bed after ...www.pilarandlucy.com/purchase.html - 18k -

    Live cam this morning, vacuum my rug

    I was laughing so hard humping my vacuum cleaner. When I get the video up I will post the vid pics. Too funny ............... hahaha

    It will be on You Tube in the next few weeks.

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