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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Sissy boy school training and his grades

    Going to school for sissy training:

    Yesterday, I saw one of my adoring slaves. After coming down the SC way, I will give him a B- for licking the Kitty. He has the most puckering face lips for a pantie boy I have ever seen. I will give him an A for those lips. Another A+ for his worshipping lick lick suck sucking on my pretty tootsies. Dearest pantyhose slave, that loves to worship my beautiful size 10 feet with 2 " gripping toes in seamed nylons.....thank you for ALL our drinks. Next time we will go out for dinner with you collared.

    Your "Fetish Mommie" Miss Zoe Zane your Movie Star Mistress

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Instead of slapping the bitch I will do this

    Here are the live cam pics of my HOT Pantie Hat I wore over to Starbucks in Los Gatos last week.
    I know this cheating, lieing drunk HO that hates people who smoke. When I see her again I will borrow a cig and blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SMOKE right in her face over and over again! Rant and Rave Smoke THAT bitch!!!
    BAD Belligerent ZOE
    Dear Zoe:
    Struggling is in vain today, so try to make sure that you just go along with the changes that are sure to come. You will almost certainly change your mind about them in the very near future.
    Okay, TY for this special message.
    Some know, some don't know, that Cyber is not in my life anymore. He is gone for gud. It has been hard for me. He ran off with one of our drunk models. Really, they got drunk together all the time and got married in Vegas. The HO is bi-polar, great looking, and an alcoholic that like s to take it in the ass all the time. I can not compete with THAT. I finally said it. There is more to the story that will be in my book. God, I feel like a soap opera in living flesh. I have a lot of great friends helping me through this transition. Most of all I have Fuzzy, the man, my male cat!

    This is what I need a huge boot and shoe closet

    I might be able to pull this off in my puter room on one wall. LOL.

    Miss Zoe Zane is a sexy heel and boot freak!

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    To Zoe from her power coach Cindy

    I really like this drawing and what it has to say. All of us know shitty people. right? How about this, be a friend that blesses. It is SO wondrous, your gift, to bless another human. Be a blessing to someone in your life.

    Artist and visionary, Cindy Ulmer far left

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Back to cam

    I will have 2 cam shows this week. One will be Tuesday night, 8 PM PST with 1980's male porn star, Will Jarvis who LOVES older women. His first film was with Vanessa del Rio. If all goes as planned, Andrea Storm will attend and take pics/video. She wants to get out of her box. http://www.andreastorm.com/ Saturday cam show will be at 9AM PST as usual.

    I'm going to school right now learning about stocks from William O Neil http://www.investors.com/ I will paper trade for the next year and will restudy Bill's 24 rules from books and his site. You can never study enough. His system is proven and it works. I was very close to someone who used his rules. It works, you MUST be disciplined, and follow the rules. Facts rule, not what friends, family or the news tells ya. I'm working on my overcoming this BIG FEAR of the market and stocks.
    Yesterday in live cam, I tied a pair of HOT pink panties on my head like a rapper. Too funny, and wore it over to Starbucks in Los Gatos. People were looking a lot!!!
    Zoe, are you starting a new trend for the streets? Grrr...

    Might be! Ya never know, what will take off. HA HA HA
    Only girls can do this if they are horny hot, give their HOT hat panties away, to some stud.

    SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, baby cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zoblog Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    I just watched "Lions for Lambs" on DVD

    and I see this, all of us on the planet, we do not have any respect for human life (including ME!!!). The war in Iran is eating us ALL UP. A Robert Redford film, two exceptional honor students go to Iran to fight for freedom, and are killed. How did we get to this place? Did we hide our heads in the sand and leave it to God ..... whatever or whoever

    Monday, April 14, 2008

    Do not wait for someone to do it to YA, do it to yourself

    HEY!!!!!! "HAPPY NEW MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Instead of "waiting" for some ONE else to give YOU a hug.....give your SELF a great BIG ONE!!!!!!!! Squeeze your own eyeballs right out....and make sure you put them back or people will begin to ask questions!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!

    I just did....feels soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Appreciate YOU each moment!!!!!!

    From my power coach "Cindy", to me................Zoe Zane

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Saturday cam show is cancelled

    I will be in San Francisco with a group like minded people, http://www.investors.com/ going to school for stocks. It is a refresher class for Miss Zoe. This time I am not hanging on someones coat tails. Next week, Will Jarvis will do a show with me on Tuesday night 8 PM PST

    See you Tuesday night for some hot and horny live fucking on my nastee cam show!

    zoblog Zoe Zane

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Sexy Miss Lizz' slave and Zoe

    I want to thank Lizz' slave for posting to some of my comments. He is is such a gud slave Miss Lizz. I would get the biggest kick watching Miss Lizz make him quiver as she pulls down her big bra!

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you go girl, Miss Lizz, Zoe Zane is enjoying "slut Paul's" face and you undressing in front of him!

    WOW........shake it girl, wiggle that ass HAHAHA

    TY slut Paul for r comments.....smooches on r face from Miss Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    2 computers, different locations, gud idea

    Right now one is down since Comast is working on something in their system. I had a geek friend from Cisco come in we added a external hard drive which was much needed since the C drive was at 17 % hd space. You need to about 30% to have a healthy computer. Boy, I never thought I would become a porn geek. NEVER! I' m a dancer and artist by nature, and I love to perform in front of cameras. When you live online you feel like your life cord has been cut. eek!

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    What I do when shit hits the fan

    We all get slammed or blasted by some other human being, so this is what I do to get out of it,
    if I fell into their shit pot.............................

    I am Miss Astromena's Godmother ......................HAHAHA

    I put on a long purple wig, glued 2 Sony Photo chips on my face like transformers with old chewing gum and sunglasses.

    I become a POWER RANGER whose mission is to bring GREATNESS to the Universe!

    dahhhhhhhh ...........................dah dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA! &@#***************!

    My stripper daughter sent me this, my do list:

    IT WORKS.....................................

    Power Ranger

    Your 10 tasks are to...

    1) set up date for time share in Vegas

    2) get lap top WiFi set up

    3) kiss your big toe once a day

    4) put you hair in piggy tails on Friday nights

    5) scream your dreams out the car window on your way to work

    6) imagine and BELIEVE that you are a trillion dollar bill!

    7) lick fuzzy r male cat 2x when you go to sleep at night

    8) fart out loud or on the phone ever Sunday but don't act like you heard it with r purple wig ON! hahaha

    9) wear a cheese stick as a mustache and 1/2 Oreo cookie on each cheek

    10) sing happy birthday to your self every day except on your real birthday because everyone will sing it to you!

    Get to it, and stick to it!!!

    Val's iPhone.


    ZOE ZANE zoblog

    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Tell me some hot dirty nastee sex in my live cam show

    and I will give the phone call winner a free membership. I decide who wins and it has to turn me on! So get wicked wild with me on the phone MTFER! Since my main camera man of 18 years spilt to Siberia, I NEED SOME gud hot nastee phone sex to my slutty brain. What I like is this: do not hold back when you talk to me on the phone. I like to hear about GB with black guys and big dicks fking the crap out of me. Can you see it, 15 blk guys, one nastee slut, hoe blonde in a black van parked in a alley ucking the crap out of her??? Guys in black and grey with hoods and sunglasses, ya baby. I'm into the hood and sunglass motif right NOW! hahahaha

    Future so bright ya gotta wear shades for sax!

    San Jose is back on the map for wild S a ! X

    Last summer, I put it out to do a GB with Miss Andrea Storm and the men in Northern California. I had a lot of family stuff churning in my life. Andrea did not feel well on the day of the shoot and I felt burnt out. So the GB was cancelled and I went to the hotel for a mini vacation. Not many guys called/RSVP for the party. Time out: It was much needed and long over due for a Zoe vacation. I told myself if I do a wild sex party someone else needs to org/puts it together and I will show up. In January, that is what happened bc my great friend "Chip" set up a GB in Vegas. Adonna was there and we had a great time. I will post those Vegas GB sex pics this week. It is time for some gud hot sex for member's update.

    I takes a lot to set up these party. WHEW!

    Adonna told me she would be heading my way on March 29, 2008 and could I set up a party for a GB. We both needed some gud hot ucking sex and content for our sites. SO I DID! I did it 30 days bef4 the shoot, I had over 75 responses and 11 showed up. 9 men made it into the room who were on time, one watched all the guys come in bc he was shy and another was turned down bs he was one hour late. It was a great party and you will see more of the guys in pics and vid in the next months.

    I am proud to say that wild sex is back in Silicon Valley. All parties will be at different hotels in the future. It was really a big mess after the party. There were pink condoms all over the floor. ekk! "pickup a condom.com" by slut Zoe hahahaha LOL

    Many of the guys hid their faces and wore sunglasses. It was way cool all the sunglasses. Some guy wore his gray hooded sweat shirt, sunglasses, way cool, and we had some nastee dirty sex talk. IT TURNED ME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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