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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    My bloggism

    I qweethed in yoga class Monday night and it was embarrassing since I thought the class thought I farted. Too funny when I think of it. I wish I could of done that for my live cam show on Sat. HA HA HA the qweething live cam MILF blasts pussy fumes ya-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Cam show this morning

    I dressed in black PVC with spiked 8 inch platform boots, very brazen, close to 400 cam viewers. There's no dumping allowed in my cam show, and I will delete ANY negative rude passive aggressive MTF-er from the show. I do not like it when they think they can jump in and say shit about anything you do. Why why why do humans on the Net think they can say shit about a cam show. I guess I need a hard ass nails skin for these shows. They are not even a part of my site. It is hard to take, so F OFF. If they do not like the show then leave please. zoblog zoe zane P. S. I'm off the wall and have a goal in mind when I do my shows. I'm not your normal nice, sweet pleasing cam girl. I have a filthy mouth and lets get it on baby cakes. Older is way bolder to the millionth degree.

    I love these platform boots when I dance. I can push them forward like I'm dancing on the tips of my toes while on the stripper pole. HOT!

    I have a sister that looks retarded

    Retarded anything is a touchy subject for all of us. I have a sister that has a mild case of cerebral palsy, She was born with it. Her immediate family (the husband and 2 kids) thinks she is stupid BUT SHE IS VERY SMART. I'm a gud judge of smart. Smart being she can see the crazy shit of her job as a security guard and do her her job well, pay her bills and she has a great sense of humor. She has the ability to get strangers to tell her anything. But their is one problem. She's married a loud mouth screaming, strangling fucked up husband who dumps his negative attitude on her all the time. She is sick of him and he wants to have sex with her??? I do not think so. He bullies her all the time. What a dumb fuck to even ask. He now weighs close to 400 hundred pounds, just lost his job and her house is on the edge of big time stress stress stress. A smart skank whore would charge him $400 just for the session to get the fat fuck OFF! And puke afterwards, I would do THAT. No woman in her right mind wants him. Life, right now, is walking the tight rope. He has strangled her in the past and now it has started up again. Two nights ago I told her she when she lets him do that to her she is getting off on it. It made her so mad she has not called me. That fat slob abusive husband need to go to jail and sent to anger management. This morning as I woke up I was thinking about her life and it came to me that she thinks no one cares about her so she lets it gone on. She is getting something out of it. I wanted to make her so angry mad she will DO something about his abuse. One of my other underground friends told me if she does not do something someone will get killed. I have not spoke to my sister for over 24 hours. I will call her today in the afternoon. Disturbing story, but it needs to be told. Many of us have been abused wayyyyyyyyyyy too long and it needs to stop.
    Tell it like it is Zoe Girl. zoblog Zoe Zane

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    My new furnace filter and fried monitor

    The furnace is up again with the help of the furnace man, his gloves, knowledge on getting the door back on right, so the furnace would run. Then my monitor dies. I went to an upgrade and all the letters were fuzzy and pics too wide. I had to download the latest drivers for the graphics card on my puter. I think I got it to where it looks normal. The full lunar eclipse has done a number on me. I will be glad when it is over. I wanted to see it happen but I was busy making a video when the moon turned errr-ie. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwww ---spit... grrr and pounce on you!

    This is a very beautiful pic of the lunar eclipse.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Here comes Zoe with her big boobs and studio key

    Last night I parked in a different place near my studio. I was on my cell talking and walked into the building. I walked right up to the studio door pushed in my key and walked in. LOL. Some guys was sitting at his computer wiping his nose. This is not my studio................. eKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoe Girl is in the wrong building and crashed some stranger's pad. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! I told him I was sorry 3 times. BURB with my boobs............ He told me the door was unlocked soooooooooooooo I went my way. He probably was glad some big titted babe crashed his domain . He seemed very calm about it. REALLY! Oh fuck, I need to make sure I pick the right building with the right door. Tooooooooooooo crazy huh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, February 16, 2008


    For years I had terrible dreams of being killed or monsters coming after me so I made them stop. It was very disturbing all those scary dreams. Lately some of those dreams have come back. ekk.......now way! forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, this week I have been having dreams of shuffling all kinds of people here and there who are having sex with me. That is a challenge and when I wake up I am still thinking how I can have them all and how I can do it. LOL. I have a penis for a brain??? zoblog Zoe Zane

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    The Mansion of Universal Sparkels "House of Sexy Miss Lizz"

    I made it up to Lizz' house. WHEW! It is way up there in Escalon, California where there are miles of almond orchards. John, her hubby picked me up in San Leandro at night. He was a bit under the weather with a cold. We talked about his sex life with Lizz. I love to talk with men about their sex. I have this common ground with them. I know men, their brains and how they operate. I was once extremely afraid of men, my angry, God fearing Dad raised me on the razors edge. Not anymore! I know men. Men have a job, eat and want sex. Men want sex 24/7. God bless men and their dicks. I'm a nympho for sure and want their sex! I know men are a little more complex but men are straight shooters when it comes to their sex.

    The photo/video shoot went well. Actually it was a blast and we had a fun fantastic time. Lizz' and I got on it early, we shoot around her kids who were in school. Lizz is very professional, a great hostess and calls me Bitch. That is one of my names. Bitch and Cunt. LOL. Who attended??? XXXDixxxieSC2, Maria from Dreamnet with her hubby, Lizz and myself. "Porn in Mantica" The girls got ready before I did. It takes a lot to put me together. We did this Leopard Kitty shoot and I made my eyes up very dark. Peaked out the door and Lizz was TOTALLY amazed. I like to see her face expressions when I get off the wall, creative. I'm know for my unpredictable ways and she takes it well. Thank you Lizz for letting me be myself cause my Dad did not.
    zoblog zoe zane


    Monday, February 04, 2008

    A small road trip to Sexy Miss Lizz' house

    I will be heading up Tuesday night with Lizz' hubby John. It will be great to see the family. I love Lizz' kids. We laugh a lot and get silly. We are shooting with some of the other SC girls at Lizz' house. I need a small vacation. Doing all the paper work for taxes. it sucks, but ya gotta do it.

    Wednesday we will do the shoot when the kids are in school.

    Saturday, February 02, 2008

    What you focus on, you get more of THAT

    I started something different in my life last year. I left my Christmas tree up all year long. I love the lights and the ornaments. Now I have a tree in every room. I love Christmas and it makes me feel cozy wonderful. I guess I have a weird fetish, decorated Christmas trees. I say this, "Whatever rocks your boat and doesn't hurting anyone, DO IT.

    Why the spell check and image loader doesn't work..............??? frustrate me, so go to this blog for pics. LOL.


    Friday, February 01, 2008

    Getting organized

    Yesterday, I was going through closets organizing anything and everything. I thought it was Friday. Today is Friday. I was so much into to what I was doing I got lost in the Friday Zone. My Friday was 48 hours long. LOL. I'm making connections with a new MILF. She's as tall as I am, blond too. Wednesday night we hung out at the laundry mat and will go out for drinks this Saturday night. She likes to do what I like to do...................... Fuck men!

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