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    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Wonderful gift to make people free joyful

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    Happy Unbirthday Planet Earth from Stevie Wonder and me

    Get up and dance and cha cha to his song

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    forget about all the shit in your world it IS NOT REAL

    if you think I am crazy I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all the crap that is going on is an illusion

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Happy Birthday Zoe 01.27.2008

    Tonight, I will be dancing the night away at the Night Club Avalon in Santa Clara, California. New fetish vid clip next week where I get a cream pie thrown in my face for my birthday at home. Too funny. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee! HA HA HA

    Pic of update this week for by 61st birthmark!!! @#$%^&*(,,!***
    First 2 cards are from my daughter who is a stripper in Las Vegas. I miss her zaniness!!!

    Friday, January 25, 2008

    Me and the COP

    I was driving to my Bikram yoga class and crossed in front of a cop car. I knew he had something to tell me, I rolled down my car window. He said, "I know you do not want to be late for yoga, but take it easy coming into class. Slow down." I told the cop, "Yes sir, I will do THAT!" I was very polite and did not want to tick him off. In return he said, "I don't liked to be called sir, it makes me feel OLD! I don't like to write traffic tickets." WHEW. I was on the edge of my car seat, squirming. After he left I called him a MTFer, flipped the bird at him 100 times with both hands. Whacked out me! A real dumb ass cop, on the edge of mania? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mr. Cop Freak, totally. I went into class uptight and counted my blessings that he gave ME his best smart ass COP warning. Some cops are SOOOOO stressed out they need to quite and be nuns. zoblog Zoe Zane

    Monday, January 21, 2008

    My Dad and me

    Today my Dad is 88 years old and getz around reallllllly gud. Still drives his car. He told me how great I was as a child and teenager. It took him 88 years to tell me and for me to HEAR it. Oh God! Thank you Dad.

    Sunday, January 20, 2008

    Update this week for the site January 20, 2008

    I love this update of Sexy Miss Lizz and myself as two Smart Ass BiOtich Doms doing out porno thang in Palm Springs. No matter what happens we are friends forever. I love her style and the way she does HER porn. You go girl. OUR TITS ARE OUR POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lizz is very professional and soooooooooooooo much fun!

    We are two smarts ass bitch business women. I know you like our business baby.

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    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Writing is a challenge

    All this editing stuff getz to me. I keep finding mistakes. No wonder authors are so respected. I'm repect 100%. When I do something I do it 100% big time. Nothing is half assed with me.
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    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    I meet another Zoe in Las Vegas last weekend

    Zoe is a very popular name these days. I did this porn shoot in Las Vegas at a guy's house. His female blonde lab was named Zoe. The happy wiggling dog hung out in his bathroom while I did the shoot with XXX granny Adonna http://www.adonna4fun.com/. It was a hot 3-some!

    In my bikram yoga class there is another Zoe. It made me nervous when I was told anything (good or bad) while in class. Now, I don't know who the teacher is talking too. LOL. Especially in the bow pulling pose, it throws me off. This yoga makes you face your shit. The big reason I did not dance with a major modern dance company after college...........I was scared of allllllllllllllll the criticism. I had enough criticizing growing up, my self-esteem could not handle it. I was 23, and what do you know at THAT age. Now, in yoga there is no running away from myself. I'm getting through it. So call me Zo, who cares.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Zoe are you anti-Seka??? Not today

    I'm not anti-Seka and why?

    I was, but not now. She broke my porn heart bubble last week. Crying, boo hoo..... January 15, 2008. One of my close Las Vegas "Stephen" (hi baby cakes) amateur porn producers helped me see how I really felt about Seka at the GOTI Party, Sunday night. My message to Seka: Here is the real scoop on Seka and my porn. All of us know how flooded the Net is with F R E E porn. How you can get anything free and do not have to pay 4 porn. But hundreds are still doing it even though blasters are stealing porn. I figure they love doing it and some are making a descent living about $4000.00 a month. You can get by on that amount and still live, right? Right. Seka today and her infamous porn star site 2008 in Cyber Space, is threatened by amateurs. She has to compete with Deauxma http://www.southern-charms3.com/deauxma/main.htm and with all the gillions of porn sites. In the 1980's she was a porn rebel and it was not legal. I kneel before you with honor. You lead me to what I am today. Thank you, Seka, thank you. She lead the way for amateur porn today. Say it Zoe...............Seka girl, get a clue, it is T U F F out there and NOT the same (1980). You gotta do something fresh and unique, be on top of the game and keep it going just like Paris Hilton, heaven forbid (I do like Paris, she's our modern day Marie Antoinette AND she will learn things the hard way, poor baby). I like her opulence and squandering style, the spoiled brat. HA HA HA! Celebrities and amateur Internet porn producers/porn stars gotta keep up on their game or they're forgotten. It is interesting that Jane from Arkansas can become a star in Cyber pace just like Jenna Jameson. Yes she can if she does it right. Look at Sammy4U, Wife's World, or Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com/ with her huge FAKE tits. They are doing it and doing it their way, not the LA porno way. Thank God for that! So Seka, don't cry, you will get blasted raped like all the rest of us. Deal with it..... please NO threats, how silly, letz have a cat fight. You might not like it, bitch and moan, cry and scream, but that's the game right now. If you have a rich sugar daddy who will pay all the lawyer fees that's great, but most of us don't. Maybe if you had an operation and removed some of your pussy you would get $100,000,00 dollars from the bids on e-Bay. I bet you could girl. Seka, you're a very successful 1980's porn star and a legend, a princess in her own time. A porn celebrity and many still love your work. But get a clue, this is 2008 and blasters and hackers are stealing all of our porn. You and I are in the same boat out in this Cyber ocean. I DO UNDERSTAND how your ARE SO UPSET with people stealing our porn. How about you and I go on the Jerry Springer show and have a hair pulling fight over porn stealing, and how your porn has to compete with amateur real housewives. Letz take it out Jerry. Come on Seka think about it. It might get you more publicity that you could even image fighting on the Jerry Springer show with other porn stars and all those silly amateur nobody amateur housewives. Oh brother, am I stirring up the pot. How about Deauxema (hard name to spell, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck) and Seka having it out on the Springer show, Zoe Zane is the referrer. HA HA HA Sexy Miss Lizz with her big fake gigantic tits as the water babe. LOL.

    Back home from wild Las Vegas 2008 AVN

    Tuesday morning, 6:45 am PST San Jose, California: I'm sitting at my puter with purrin' Fuzzy, wearing a geeky, porn star hat and my son's iron worker shirt. He has a porn mommy. Right now he's working on the world's biggest, dangerous job, he's a Foreman for the new bridge over Hoover Dam in Nevada (hanging off the sides of those huge cliffs and some have died on the job). Dealing with my kids and porn is a challenge: some of them "kinda" accept it and others CAN'T! Having a mother who producers porn has a lot of deep, complicated social emotions. Whatever that means, my best description at the moment. Maybe they feel like rolling down the river and out to lunch sometimes. But I do love all of them. My porn does create a certain distance from them. How do I do it? I put on different hats and let them be themselves. If I can help I will. Most of all it is my attitude and presence that counts. Happy mom happy kids and it works. Who wants to be around a negative crabby, granny mom??? I don't.

    My trip to Vegas was successful. I produced 3 videos and a few thousand pics with the help of many. I owe it to Adonna's husband who is my new commander and chief of porn. He's a red neck, served in Vietnam and doesn't take any bull shit from anyone. I need that support. THANK YOU Ken and Adonna http://www.adonna4fun.com/ Also Las Vegas Candi who still is updating on her sites http://www.lasvegascandi.com/ She runs a house cleaning business in Las Vegas. Oh......... and the pimp daddy http://www.vegasbadboy.com/ I did a chocolate blow job video, sucked that stick off real gud baby.
    Pics later, I need to unwind from Vegas, chilling Zoe Girl
    zoblog zoe zane

    Saturday, January 12, 2008

    I took a pic of Fuzzy this morning

    Your animals love to have their pictures taken. Fuzzy, hez coo.
    In my live cam show this morning I was the Top Hat Showgirl with her dildos, spitting and slobbering cream all over the toys.
    Call me in Vegas, I off today to Las Vegas. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    zoe zane zoblog

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    I can't trademark my name. All the words are

    taken. LOL. So steal my name and give me more of everything. The babe who aired a sex talk radio station now has a "myspace" with my name. If she takes it radio again both of us will be on the station together. I will fly in and crash her show. ONLY fair, right? She took my name after I had it. You will know which Zoe Zane is Zoe Zane (2000-2008). I KNOW you will. I thought of this, hold these words up to a mirror and read please "H C T I B S S A T R A M S" for my trademark, get it? Fuzzy and I are sitting by the puter this morning. He has his morning rituals. He has his own chair and I give him strokes. Mostly he wants FOOD.
    Saturday, I fly off to Las Vegas for parties and tons of pics/videos for the site. Saturday night, I will be out sexing my self at the famous swing club "Vegas Red Rooster" for bukakke (free 4 all on my face). All day Sunday picture, pictures, pictures/video with Alanna, the Nympho and hubby Seth, flashing off the strip. Adonna and Las Vegas Candi, and many of the babes on Southern Charms.

    ***Sunday night, G. O. T. I. Party at Olympic Garden Strip Club off the strip at 9PM PST. I will take some bar bitch boys down to the floor for my show. Come over and say hi. and I will finger cupple you dick in those pants. Oh yes, please Miss Zoe Zane do that to me!

    Monday I will take a run through AVN with my Porn with Pazazz body suit and spiked boots.
    I have this Seka yahoo group, told Seka about it. All she saw was how the group stole her content and threatened to sue me. I turned the group into Rude Porn Star Bitch Group. I have been blasted by 3 million hit in one day by hacker porn sites and shut down (over my bandwidth limit). I have been Cyber raped by millions. I'm out off town in LA at business school, and NO site. eKK.!!! Stealing porn gets expensive for webmasters. Seka, I know all about copyright infringement. Soooo I'm going to run around with a lawyer who is getting rich off of me and suing everyone for taking porn off my site. What a sorry life. No way. So Seka if you get really mad at me how about a cat fight at AVN??? That would get us lotz of publicity for our sites.
    zoblog Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    My front porch ripped away from California storm

    Here are the pics after I cleaned up all the copper pipes and sunscreen tarp. It was such a mess. I could not get out my front door. My male cat, Fuzzy looked out the door and ran back inside. LOL. Hey, Miss Zoe please clean up the mess so I can go wee wee on the grass down below. So I did.
    January 2008 The winds were 100 miles an hour in Los Gatos. Whew!

    The real meaning of GFE


    ha ha ha

    rantblog zoblog zoe zane

    instead how about

    W F E (whore friend experience)

    why ask a whore to be like a girlfriend

    you ask r girlfriend to be like a whore ???
    this is fucked up!!!


    hey, I hear it and tell it like it is, baby cakes

    Friday, January 04, 2008

    Friday, San Jose Hurricane, torn my sunscreen porch

    down to the ground. LOL. Winds were 100 miles an hour. I am safe. I watched my sunscreen awning get ripped by the high winds and rain. I ran out side to tie it down, but you know Mother Nature, she has NO mercy. Never FUCK with her baby cakes, never. I will be posting a pic of the front of my house in 48 hours.

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    My freaky porn

    If you do not know, I have a close friend that has a freaky lab where I shoot content. Since I was radio announced missing, then murdered, but always alive, LOL, yes I am still here (Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane story) all this freaky content is so perfect now. I have always been pushing the edge after I left the Mormon church with my life. You might see me do my cam in a way off, wild place, in his lab. My new camera man is ready to do some wild off the wall stuff. So keep checking back and let the mystery begin baby cakes. Smooches, Zoe
    Pic, front page SF Chronicle News Paper Folsom Street Fair 2007

    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 Last night was rockin' FAB-ulous

    for this capitalist blonde. 2007 ended great for me, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I got what I wanted last night at a upscale bar with a new bar bitch boy who bought me Lemon Drop Martinis and dinner. Right on! Come to find out he's a writer, and our encounter turned into a saxy interview. Just before midnight I was screaming fuck me harder just the way I like it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Today, I am getting my taxes ready for the accountant. I'm on it.

    Yesterday afternoon, I flashed my favorite camera man "Cyber Man" in the parking lot. That lite up his lights. He is off to take care of his ill father.

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