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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008


    Make a wish upon a star and you will get it. Make sure you know what you want.

    I love New Years Eve and stay safe and smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big and laugh big and sing big. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Sexy Miss Lizz has a slave named Troll and he sent me this NY e-card . (((Smoochies on your worshipping face Troll)))

    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Sat Live Cam Show

    I have a lot of hot boyfriends calling me dirty whore names on my speaker phone in my live cam show. IT GOT ME SO HOT!!! I talked to one 22 year old that works in a pipe manufacturing plant. I told him I would tie him up to the pipes get his dick hard and make him call me whore. He wanted me to take him and dominate him. If he did not say WHORE the way I liked it, I would slap his face. Make the boy slave bitch speak whore just the way I like it. Then get his dick hard and fuck him real gud using his stiff fucker! Ya baby. Have a safe New Years everyone and party one IN-Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new update is dirty laundry at a pre-new years party I went to last night in Northern California.

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Day 25 December with Zoe

    I was on my puter at 6:30 AM and my daughter called me at 7 AM wishing me a wonderful Xmas. It was like she was right there with me. The 3 catz were jumping all over the place. Yipeee! Then the ER doctor Son called me with his 3 kids. The baby is 2 and calls me G-Ma ----short for grandma. I like G-Ma a lot!!! My oldest son and darling girlfriend called to make arrangements to go to the movies later that day. My Dad voice mailed me telling me he was going over to my asshole brother's house (he's a former Mormon bishop) for ritual present opening. Later on Dad called back telling me--- it was a long morning at my A Hole brother's house. Dad is enduring my A Hole Bro who is the executor of his estate. My asshole brother needs to love himself so he will treat my Dad better. He needs counceling for sure! This is too funny ??? ---My A Hole brother has a job in the LDS church to councel men, like AAA --- help men stop watching porn. LOL. He does not know what I do. God watch over me--- PLEASE!!! Later on, Dad and I went back over to my brother's house for Xmas dinner and more family members showed up to see my Dad, maybe, for the last time. Dad and I had a great time at Joan's diner. HA HA HA (my A Hole Bro wife's name) Dad ate a lot, like a piggy. G R E A T --- It was a gud day for Dad and me. Dad and Zoe, we talked more, before my sister's FAT alcoholic husband and 2 kids showed up ---give Dad some respect, after all these years. Most of all, Dad and I are getting love for ourselves and each other.

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    December 24-Xmas Eve with Zoe

    I was on today with the secret underworld I play in. But all the fish were taunting me, So I went shopping for last minute gifts.
    My 3 male cats are so wonderful. Early this morning I had a frightening nightmare where this decayed female creature from the tomb with a terrible force tried to drill into my head. She was a dentist. It was terrifying. I turned to my right to kill her by ripping open her huge jaw of sharp teeth but failed. She made another attempt to force her high powered drill into my jugular vein. My demon of fear almost paralyzed me to my destruction. I have not dreamt like this for many years. WHY on such a joyous holiday for Zoe??? I woke up feared to the M A X ---BUT my three kittens came to my rescue with their powerful love- purr---and joy. I am so B LE S S E D.

    My father has gotten better and is OFF hospice. I will make sure his is not alone tonight or tomorrow. Nothing is worse than to be all alone when your are 89 years old. Our culture has turned their backs on the aging --- out to the dumps, AND missing OUT on their wisdom. I am getting a lot of W I S D O M from my father before he leaves his skin suit.

    Wishing all you a wonderful Xmas and check out my site, I dolled her up with some hardcore pics and snow flakes. The snow flakes on my site are the only kind I like. I despise snow, I lived in it for 17 years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Smooches, huggies and kisses form Miss Zoe zoblog

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    Home Alone with a hard on for Zoe Zane

    I got this call from a 9 incher today, we've had hot sex together on my live cam show. He had this hot dream about my trimmed hairy diner. Poor baby, he called me UP with a hard on this afternoon. I call it --- HOME ALONE WITH YOUR TREE AND your HARD ON!!! --- HA HA HA Maybe we will do live cam together. I like his 9 incher! Ya baby. Zoe Zane zoblog

    CamZ Show

    5 minutes with "Silly Stupid Sexy" - Martha Stuff It Improv Skit.
    I misplaced my stuffed bird, so I used a bunny and stuffed it at the end of the show. The cam viewers did not get it. Oh well, on another comedy show they would get it. It was too "cooky" for some the viewers. They thought I was on Meth---does that tell you about them??? hum ---I FREAKED them out to the max --- but who cares. I am taking porn to a new level. I've got a vision for the planet's sex + laughter. Many of the cam viewers are from other sites. Where did their sense of humor go? When I first got on camZ --- I freaked them out but NOW they like it. Now to the next level ---improv freaky sexy funny porn by "Cougar Movie Star" Miss Zoe Zane. I am shaking up the status quo.

    My new update this week is even more cooky with Sexy Miss Lizz and myself for Xmas. I am the wacky Xmas dolly and Lizz is FAT bad Santa.

    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    On line virtual sex is now reality

    In the mail I got this ad for virtual sex --- a live demo at AVN Porn Convention Jan 2009. I went on line and read about this machine that is connected to the computer where guys can get off over and over again with a simulated female. I only wish they had it for women. Only thing about on-line virtual sex it is not real and there is no touch. But there is a on-line connection with another person on the other end---hopefully level headed and not a wacko. Energy is energy so go by your gut feelings about the other person. I want to check out the demo in Vegas. This would be great for really busy people.

    Catching up with Zoe:
    1. My cats are getting huge HUGE huger and so beautiful. I plan to take some funny Xmas pics, they must be asleep to put on the Xmas gear.

    2. There is a new male yoga teacher, he's a total stud. Although, he might me gay. Most regular guys do not look that gud. I need to ask the owner of the studio, if he is gay.

    3. Last night I went to a neighbor's house party. Decorated a tree, sang karaoke and mingled with guys. I like smart intelligent, skinny fuckers with brains. I meet one from SF that is a engineer with Apple. Very geekie but hip and from England. I love the accent it turns me on. He told me there is a guy at Apple they call the skirt guy. This guy wears a regular shirt but with a skirt and pantyhose to work. I love they way these Cyber companies operate with creativity ETC. On Halloween he wears a suit. HA HA HA --- Some other guy was rubbbing up against me making a pass. I'm computing and watching how men come on to me. It might sound strange coming from me with all that I had done-----but I am looking for a new love baby and testing out the romantic waters. Universe, he must be open minded with all that I do and accept me just as I am today and not try to change me. Love me the way I am. Money smart and looking to the future to make his money work for him. Skinny with a big dick and loves techno music. I love dance clubs. Drinks a little and experimental. (Maybe, Zoe Zane can marriage a guy who is a famous male gay porn star???) He love my cats and sees my vision with my funny silly stupid sex comedian acts.

    4. On my live cam shows on CamZ I will be adding short comic skits that are "Silly Stupid Sexy" at the very end of the show. This week I will be Martha Stuff It in the kitchen.

    5. My Dad is still not able to drive, on hospice, but he is turning for the better with his health. We are working on getting him back to his usually daily routines. It is very hard for him to be home bound with the paid health care giver. BUT---- Dad and I are making it work after all these years. It makes him very happy. It makes me filled with Joy!!! It makes me cry some days. So lets see how it goes with Dad. It told him he can do anything he wants to do. He can drive again he wants to drive.

    6. My new update is with Sexy Miss Lizz she's da bomb. Lizz gets me---- and now we can fly wild on the Net together. Merry Xmas Lizz and her family.

    Smooches to everyone on this planet. Remember you make your life they way you want it to be. You create your life. If you do not like it the way it is, then see it a different way, and do it. Take a chance, be fearless and see what happens. Smile, be a center for greatness.

    Saturday, December 06, 2008

    Live cam show and speaker phone

    was a huge success. All the cam viewers can hear the guy talking to me on the speaker phone. It was awesome and the two black guys from Philly SledNVeeder---I LOVE YOU black motherfuckers. Let's make some wild porn together in Las Vegas out in the parking lots at the swing club Vegas Red Rooster on Sat night Jan 10 2009. Email me---ASAP!

    Friday, December 05, 2008

    Merry Xmas everyone

    New update of me fucking a nine inch dick--------------

    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    My live cam show has a NEW speaker phone

    and live cam viewers can talk dirty with me or to me or at me ----AND all the cam viewers will hear. ROCK ON! This will be interesting. Today I made an attempt to set it up but had teckie difficulties. I fixed it after the show and now it is all set up for next show Saturday morning at 9 AM PST California. I am excited..... Hey baby, I have my own radio broadcast show and camZ is my technical staff. I get to be wild and crazy, and sponsored by CamZ. I am so smart! Today I got this call from black guys in Philly (S & V) that rocked my world. I love it when men get me all wet over lots of men and gang banging in a black van.
    Live cam with free live phone sex on my speaker phone with wicked older woman Miss Zoe Zane ---- and your dirty kinky mind

    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Special request in my live cam show

    In my live cam show I will talk dirty phone sex with cam viewers on my speaker phone. LOL. Now you will hear all the nastee and maybe rude shit on the phone LIVE!!! HA HA HA

    A special request by a fan:
    Hello Ms. Zoe Zane. I would first like to thank you for Your great & humorous cam shows! You are my favorite and I vote 10 every time! I have seen a couple of Your shows with You in black PVC thigh high boots which makes me so very horny & a couple of shows where You have viewers call You & talk about Big Black Cock! That is soooo NAUGHTY & SUCH A TURN ON! Could You possibly do a show with a Nasty Step-Mother theme? You in thigh high black PVC with black fishnet underneath playing our step-mom? It probably goes w/o saying teasing about BBC & encouraging phone calls? I think it would be a big hit & I know I would call You.

    Thanks for reading Sexy Zoe------J

    My update this week: I'm in the bathroom and are you watching me ----- ((((you bad boy!!!)))

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    My Vegas Trip last weekend

    Friday, I got this exciting email from Sexy Miss Lizz to meet her up in SF for a photos shoot for Xmas. We video taped ourselves out in the hotel hallway all drunk in Xmas Crazy outfits as dirty Dolly Girl, that's me and Fat Santa, Miss Lizz.

    On Saturday morning I headed over to the SJ airport for Vegas leaving at 630 AM. I did the photo shoot at the Venetian instead of the desert.... and off to a early Thanksgiving dinner with all my kids and grand kids in Kingman AZ. The X Mormon Bishop husband was there, the gay chicken. I decided to make it okay with him instead of avoiding him. He will be in my life with my kids until he dies. LOL. I decided to go out to the hills to shoot guns with all the men. Real guns real bullets!!! YES, Miss Zoe Zane had gun lessons from the X husband. It was scary but I got the hang of it. I went out with the boys on the shooting range in Kingman AZ. Zoe you are BAD. My oldest son thinks I rock.

    On the way home on the airplane I had two studs sitting next to me. They showed me their vid phone sex pixs on the plane (hardcore sex) LOL. It was a charge to have these guys tell me how they tag team hot chicks. I call them my Vagina Team. I have names for them, The Cabana Boy and The Coach. They were impressed with me when I gave them my Howard Stern Bizcards. They wanted to hang with Zoe although the airport until I had to catch my bus to the parking lot. Both guys gave me a big hugs good bye. Miss Zoe Zane has good looking men for porn! Oh ya baby. There is more to the story but that is later baby in my book.

    Friday, November 21, 2008

    Last night in my cam show Sexy Miss Lizz covered my back

    Thank you Lizz for covering my back with the rude cam viewers. I let cam viewers call me on the the phone for FREE live sexy dirty phone sex. The calls are free and I am going to get a speaker phone so the cam viewers can hear what the callers are saying to me. I got this call and a bunch of sex freaks called me screaming LOUD rudeness. LOL. Lizz called me up and told me to fart in the video on them for being so rude. I ripped several big airy gassy farts and was laughing. The cam viewers thought it was too funny and they were all laughing at what I did to the RUDE SEX FREAKS. Sexy Miss Liz, you rock girlfriend. She and I will be in up in San Francisco tonight to do pics for Xmas and New Years. Glam Doms Rules!!! Zoe Zane zoblog

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Update and cam show is early this week

    I will be flying off to Las Vegas for a photo gig as a vampire. I love Vegas. Here I came Las Vegas with my big boobs and fangs. HA HA HA Lov and bites---Zoe Zane zoblog
    11/21/2008---Update is flashing in New York towards Time Square--ya baby!

    Las Vegas Gang Bang at swing club Red Rooster

    Dirty talk will always be vogue (be in) and never go away. Dirty words are used by smart women who know how to capture the horny brain cells of men. I have some favorite dirty words: whore, big cock, and gang bang. At the swing club Vegas Red Rooster http://www.vegasredrooster.com/ I have gang banged a lot of guys out in the orgy room, by the swimming pool and the back bedrooms. I'm a slut to get fucked by lotz of dicks. My third gang bang with 27 men was incredible, with cum dripping down my legs. I was ALL swallow and filled with sperm dripping down my legs . I used a towel to mob up the giz. Leaving the Red Rooster I got nailed again by a stiff hard on over the trunk of a car. He said I was swollen and oozing with cum on his dick. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Now I know where I got my sense of humor

    I was over at my Dad's house this morning and he was very cheerful. I think he likes his care giver 'Emilia". She makes him laugh. I like her too. Dad and I were chatting about my former bishop brother and when he comes over to visit Dad. My Dad saw my light aqua fingernail polish and made a comment. We were all laughing and somehow Dad thought he might have one of his finger nails painted. LOL!!! We laughed, and I suggestrf, lets do one finger nail, HOT RED! Then my Dad said something about freaking out my brother. Dad wants to make my arrogant brother think he is losing it. HA HA HA We were having fun and laughing IN-JOY!. Dad stopped his newspaper subscription, San Jose Mercury News. Hum.... Dad, maybe I can find a paper out in a drive way on his street? Hey, it is my Dad's street, his is the oldest on the street! (((giggling))) I can steal a paper for my Dad. We all laughed out loud. I walked down the street and ran into one of his neighbors. She's an alkie that drink vodka out of a coffee cup. Any who, I asked her if she had a extra newspaper. She said she did and would take it down to him everyday. Now, Dad can read the newspaper. He read the paper and did not care much for the CEO that just stepped down from Yahoo. Rock on Dad!
    Over the weekend, I had this experience with a wild fetish freak. He gave me a fetish clear smoking mask that is very hot. You will see me wear this mask in upcoming pics. After all was done he washed out his glass. I was very impressed with THAT move. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    My house pets and corn

    My three boy cats are gettin' bigger day by day. These wacky Siamese kittens love corn. Corn fed catz??? HA HA HA They are wild and crazy at home, and I built a kitty gym for them designed by my power coach in Canada. Shall I call them the ethanol cats? (((laughing out loud))) Ya baby, the one and only ethanol cats in the world.

    Cock sucking update and bingo

    I finally got my weekly update posted. Last night I went out with one of my wild girlfriends and played bingo over in Santa Clara near the Elks Log. I got confused with THIS and that, and it is finally up. I need a hot bubble bath right now. I drank last night for the first time in months playing bingo. The money is donated to the Aqua Maids that do synchronized champion swimming. I did a lot of the water ballet in college in a Olympic size12 foot swimming pool. It is so great to do water ballet in a big huge pool like a sexy mermaid. I am so spoiled to have experienced swimming like that when I was 20 years old.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Bikram yoga class last night

    I pussy farted 3 times in my hot, sweaty yoga class. It is embarrassing BC I think my close class mates think I am farting. HA HA HA The yoga poses open me up and I pussy fart. eeK!!! Zoe Zane zoblog
    At least the pussy farts smell gud! HA HA HA

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Zoe with her Dad

    He blew me 2 kisses and told me I was a great kid. Dad told me he was alone all his life. Oh no! What a soldier, all those years holding down the fort. It made me cry when I left the house. I could not stop crying. I sobbed. I thought it was over the crying, the good bye stuff, but I cried a lot. My Dad never told me I was a great kid. There was so much shit going on between my Mother and my Dad like fighting 24/7. Zoe Zane zoblog I will be posting about the passing of my Dad until he leaves his skin suit. This is a big deal for me.

    Saturday, November 08, 2008

    New porn update and my Dad

    (1) My sense of humor leads the way in my porn. The new update is with International Cyber Pimp "Vegas Bad Boy". He has it for me. We have this sex struggle to see who wins out. I WIN!!! HA HA HA It is all fun with it comes to my happy bush, that's me, Miss Zoe Zane. I thought, I would never say happy bush but my bush is a happy bush! he he he he he ----@#$%^&*(.....&*()rgamic_...

    (2) My Dad is back home with hospice. At 89 with failing health, he wants to go. We are making him comfortable and letting him do what he wants to do before he leaves his skin suit. Some of my family is helping out along with me. My crazy sister has a legal guardian, whatever that means. My Dad does not have to take care of her anymore. He has done so much for many of us in the family. Dad is a rock from the depression years. Yesterday, I got a room ready for a health care giver that will be with him 24/7 since my family can not care for him 24/7. We all have to work. I tore out all the stuff in the back bedroom and threw it in my crazy sister's bedroom until we get that all org and boxed for her. Whew. Demolition is easy, building it, takes a very long time. I had a fire in my house and watched the demolition take it out so FAST. eek!

    Watching my Dad walk a bit was so cute yesterday. He hates hospitals.

    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    They arrested the Zoey Zane killer who murdered Emily Sander

    here is the link

    Emily Sander used my porn name spelling it this way, Zoey Zane
    zoe zane zoblog

    My Dad and me

    My Dad is back in the hospital again. He has low sodium levels. If the the sodium levels are forced to fast it could fry the brain and he dies. It does not look gud. He can not get up and walk around. He has not had a drink of water or eaten for 4 days. He is not allowed to drink water in fear he might coke. He was in pain last night, in bed too long. If he does not improve by the weekend, the family is supporting his position to let him go. Right now all the wires, tubes etc. are keeping him alive. He is 89 years old and a rock. He was true and steady all his life, although his marriage to my mother was not a happy one. They fought all the time. I'm making peace with him right now. There is not much time left and I'm catching up. I do not want to look back after he is gone and wish I made it right with him. (My life with my father, there are many deep hidden secrets that no one in the family wants to address). In the hospital, Dad acts like a little child. It is so cute. He did not get much nurturing as a child from his battle ax Mother. I can only take the hospital for a few hours and then I go home. I raised a deformed child, as a new mother. I watched her die. It will be time for my Dad to leave his skin suit. It looks like it might be very soon. From the time I was born until this last year, my relationship with Dad has been a stressful one. I want to make sure he and I are okay with each other. He scared away all my boyfriends until he found the right one for me in college. That marriage was loveless. He does feel bad, he thought my first marriage was made in heaven. That first marriage was a living hell for me. I will be running back and forth to the hospital this week.

    A fun note: the 3 boy kittens are doing great. We are all settling in and WE are all happy together. They are at home with me and not at my studio. My home is my sanctuary, where ONLY select people are invited. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Saturday, November 01, 2008

    A nice surprise on Halloween for Zoe

    Yesterday evening about 6 PM PST I drove over to the mall to buy some See's candy. The See's candy ladies were handing out free carmel hard candy suckers to all the kids. I jumped in and helped for the fun of it. I had so much fun doing my charity work for See's giving all the tiny people on the planet "trick R treat smell my feet". HA HA HA I finally went into get some of my favorite candies. SURPRISE Zoe......the manager gave me a free 1/2 lb. of candy for helping his See's candy ladies. I had so much fun handing out the candy. He saw that and gave me a present. Too sweet.

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    10 min vid clip of kinky wild nurse and her potty

    chair. I will be the freaky kinky Nurse for Halloween. New vid clip for memebers of me sitting on a potty chair in my torn pantyhose, my big dick and dirty talk. Update for Halloween preview pics. I LOVE HALLOWEEN sex freak!!!

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Zoe Zane --- Sex Exposed on the Net

    Do I have any secrets about my sex life? I do. And, I am not telling everythang baby cakes. I have tired to tell some but they do not get it. So when the right male comes a long HE will get it. A girl has to keep up the tease factor for that special someone. When it comes to sex and men, it is pretty simple. I do love men for that. They are walking and thinking and wanting sex 24/7.

    I am out there and many know what I do with sex. La-zay attitude: I think sex it is just sex---so what. Too much is made out of those sex molecules. Too much fear too much shame and too much guilt. Gettin" ride of your sex stuff is like peeling a big fat, tear dripping onion. You get through one layer and another one comes up in your face. It slams you down, you feel stupid, silly, cry, FIGHT, whatever and life goes on. Then you want sax again the same way. It comes up again, the fear the shame the guilt. Just look at it for that and then remember those ideas about sex were someone Else's ideas and they were wrong. YA! Wrong! When you have jumped into sex like I have it is just sex and no big deal. Sex makes you feel so good and yummy, when it is with the right person. My new face lift for fetish and domination: Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond is a spoiled rotten cash cow that uses her slaves, my "pay piggies'. HA HA HA! With the economy and all the fed cash cows, WHY NOT be a cash cow too. Make sure you put your piggy pennies in your piggy bank, sex freak --- admit it slave boy, your my slave, for great fetish fun at Miss Zoe's Fun Dungeon. I like to put you in the corner and face the wall. Beg piggie boy....ha ha ha ha ha --- More free stuff is coming sex pig for my fetish site so get naked and goo sex freak.

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    I like this thought and Halloween night party

    Treat each project, plant, pet or job like your baby. Foster its independence or its ability to grow big and strong.

    I am on the move to org a fun costume party with close friends and neighbors, Friday night October 31, 2008 as the busty kinky "Halloween" nurse in her white uniform. Let's all romp down to this hot spot, a Los Gatos Bar. Everyone dresses up, and the town is light up glorious like Rodeo Drive baby.

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Zoe Zane cake farts in Hollywood???

    Hello, My name is KB, and I'm a writer and producer for Fox. A voice over actor is a huge fan of cakefarts.com. His birthday is coming up, and I was wondering if you lived in or around Los Angeles, if you would be interested in coming in to our writer's room to fart on his birthday cake.
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    http://www.talksexwithsue.com/ I think this is a pretty good site for sex tip and advice and she's an older woman

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    You know that my father is getting ready to die

    and he cared for my crazy sister for 20 years at home. He can not take care of her now BC he needs to take care for himself. He will need care by my family which he is getting . My crazy sister was ease-dropping on his phone. My Dad found out and she was not taking her meds. When she does not take her meds she gets out of control. He called 911 and she was taken away for a 72 observation. The case worker did not know how bad she was. My sister-in-law called the case worker to see if my crazy Sis was coming back home. The case worker could not find my crazy sister. LOL. Oh fuck, lost crazy in San Jose in some psych ward!!! eeK. It is long overdue for my sister to come back home, well over 60 hours. The case worker called my sister-in-law back up and wanted to know is she could come home. What! NO. My Dad can barely take care of himself right now. Goes to show the case worker is on overload. She asked my sister-in-law if my crazy Sis needs to go to a locked up or not locked up facility? How does my sister-in-law know. Are the insane watching over the inzane??? G U E S S sooooooooooo.

    This is too funny the case worker is way out of it about my crazy sister who is Schizophrenic

    To myself a message

    Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

    "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you."

    CAKE FARTS are taking off again ha ha ha


    Her name is Christy Hemme and she farts on a cake.

    Zoe Zane on Allover30.com web site

    Allover30.com and Zoe Zane Current mood: blessed

    I was hired as a model for allover30.com and it was a lot of work. I forgot how many videos and 10 photo sets like nurse, housewife in the kitchen, classy evening dress, outside----------------etc. hugs zoe zane

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Witches and vampires--I LOVE THEM!

    New update was Sunday and here is a naught pic of me as the wild witch in your backyard looking for some nookie from YOU!

    I love witches. I used pink bubble gum to make a ugly witch nose and smeared make up all over my face in my black dress and pointy hat. I was very ugly. During my first year of marriage to my X-Mormon seminary teacher (preacher man) in Flagstaff, AZ, I was a pregnant witch. I love witches and Halloween. Halloween is my most favorite holiday. I went with one of his students trick o treating.
    I love vampires. Do you ever want to take someone out? I do and being a vampire is the best way to do it. A vampire has to feed and suck the blood from humans. I am so EVIL who cares. When your pissed just take them out. HA HA HA Vampires are powerful and dangerous. Zoe Zane zoblog http://www.zoezane.com/ My animated vampire pic created by a fan on this page http://www.zoezane.com/Pages/Anal.html

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Zoe and her father in California

    My Dad is 89 years old and his health has turned ill. He has a DL and can drive, BUT his skin suit is wearing out. Growing up, I was terrified of my angry father, but today I am watching a rock fade away. He did what he had to do to make his life work. Since his health has gone down he can not drive now. He has cared for my drug binging, alcoholic, younger sister that is a FREAK in every way --- she has Schizophrenia a chronic mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences. My younger, Mormon brother is the executor of his estate, and there is a lot of drama with my dad/insane sister. Yesterday, I went over there with my son, and Dad needs special home care. Arrangements are being made. I vacuumed and scrubbed his piss stained toilet. I've been a mom of 7 kids and cleaning is no big deal to me uck! --- Dad needs CLEAN!!! When I left, I went out to my car and sobbed/cried. He is not the angry man I used to know as a child. We are mending our relationship BC I want to have something COO with my Dad before he dies. We both deserve it. Zoe Zane zoblog P. S. A comment from my ER doctor son in Kingman, AZ, "Mom you took care of us when we were little kids. We all can take care of your Dad (Grandpa) when he is old. It is only right." I agree.

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Wicked wild Zoe in live cam 10/18/08

    I lite a blue candle and did a fire dance in front of 300 viewers at 9 AM PST. I slipped the end of the lite candle into my snatch and it made me horny. Zoe you better be careful cause your playing with fire! I have candle wax dripped on the cam floor and need to scrap it OFF. LOL. I have always loved the theatre and what performers can do to entertain the audience.
    At home the 3 new boy kittens are keeping me busy. They are so much fun.
    Update this week is for Halloween in my pantyhose and new vid clip of me sucking my big black dildo with huge PVC witch hat on. Zoe Zane zoblog

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Update is early this week

    I took over SF with Andrea Storm. We were on the front page of the SF Chronicle as the Dirty Martini Girls last year. I found more SF Folsom pics of myself running around like a sexy beast teasing, hair pulling and posing. I posted a new vid clip of clothes pins on my big 38D boobs. OUCH! This pic is really funny---- this naked farmer freak tried to put his dick in my mouth. I teased him and ran off laughing. HA HA HA Zoe you are so bad. I AM!

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Who is to blame

    The election is coming up and both parties are looking to use the housing market to down each other. I do not make it know what I think about this election. You tell me first and then if I think my opinion is safe with you I will speak out. Politics are like the stock market, emotional! I would rather have your friendship than declare who I would vote for.
    My boyfriend of 18 years ran off with one of my models at the beginning of the year. I have been working on getting over it and loving myself. I am still a bit hurt but time heals all wounds. It was a long relationship and we were planning on getting married. But things change and it better that he is gone for gud. My male cat Fuzzy died of old age on July 21st. I'm not into bar hopping to find a boyfriend. If I did that, I have not learned my lesson. I had many offers but none of them felt right. SO---- I am throwing away our life of 18 years---- OUT to the garage can, AND ----- I have not spoken to either of them, even though I was tempted. I see it this way---most people on their own accord hang themselves. I do not have to do anything. To change to love is not easy being raised by negative depression parents. But I am doing it. Why not. It feels better to be kind to oneself. Ya baby. I took time off to clear my head and heart. My book is moving along. Bye bye boyfriend of 18, and THEN---it opened UP----- my appearance on the Howard Stern Show. The boyfriend of 18 years would of made fun of me going on Howard Stern. He downed all the crazy stuff I did all the time. It was about what he wanted not what I wanted.

    GOOD NEWS: This Friday, October 10th, my stripper daughter with my baby daughter will jump in her car with my 3 boy kittens, I call "TLC". My stripper daughter is well planned and organised to insure the kittens are safe and sound. I have phone talked and listened to the 3 kittens with her for a few weeks. The kittens were rescued by a very sweet girl in Las Vegas. She found the mother and 2 staving kittens in her garbage can. She found homes for the 2 kittens and kept the mama cat. The mama cat mated with a handsome orange Tabby called Peanut. She had 6 healthy Siamese kittens. I planned to take 2 males but one of the male kittens told me to take him too. One kitten will be called Taryn (can be a boy's name) named after my power coach's daughter in Canada. I will call him 'T" for short. I have not named the other 2 kittens as of today. When they live with me, I will know what to name them. Right now 'TLC" is having fun eating, running, purring in Vegas. I can hardly wait. It has been hard living alone with myself. But though all of this change, I started to be very cool with Zoe. Furry lovz, Zoe Zane zoblog
    You can say I really do appreciate all my new friends and kids. The X Mormon husband is such a wimp. Time tells how we All are. How could I let such a wimp control me. Zoe, is so strong today. Lastest news from Dean's Planet and the Howard Stern Show:
    Link of interview by Doc on Dean's Plant

    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    New vid clip from New York-cake farts

    I fart on a cake and give it to a male porn star without him knowing I farted on the cake. HA HA HA


    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    My hairdresser knows me by my real name

    I told her I was going on the Howard Stern Show. Today, I got a new hairdo (hairstyle) that is me. I have been copying someone else for sometime and it does not work, SO, I went back to the way my hair looks FAB. I have a new hair cut. My hairdresser's hubby listened to my zaniness on Howard Stern, and had the best laugh. He told her that a lot of people called in telling Howard to have me back on the show. WOW! That makes me so happy knowing I made a lot of people laugh and enjoy life. Now, I gotta figure out what do do next time on the show----that will come when I am in the moment. I am hitting the keyboard for my funny sex book.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Gay for one day at Folsom Street Fair 2008

    Sunday Andrea Storm and myself walked the entire Folsom Street to the Holy Cow Bar. eeK! Next year we will get a cab or fly in on wings. On the way back we got stuck in all the gayness of SF. Wall to wall bodies making their way to hell knows where. Both of us had really sore feet even though we wore tennis shoes. We had hundreds of pics taken of us in our Furry Love Fetish Fo Fur Bunny outfits. Women were all over us. No shit. It shocked us both since we are over 45. Younger women wanted to hang out, dance, take pics, talk to us. All the hot babes were after us. Furry lovz----that did it. Everyone loves furry bunnies and they loved US!!! We had a blast sending out furry this and lovie THAT!

    Walking through the mass of gay bodies, Andra said to me, "We are gay for one day!" Ha Ha Ha Furry Lovz Zoe Zane zoblog

    I give all the credit to Andrea Storm 4 R furry bunny outfits. U ROCK Andrea

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    The 3 new kittens I will get Oct 10 2008

    The three boy kittens are all doing great at my daughter's house. My stripper daughter with my youngest daughter will drive from Las Vegas with the kittens on the weekend of October 10, 2008. The kittens look like 3 red Siamese with tabby mix. Their daddy was a orange Tabby. These kittens had the best parents, a lovie dovie mommy and a daddy called Peanut who was playful nice. I can hardly wait to get them. Furry loves---zoe zane zoblog

    Zoe Zane on Howard Stern Show

    Ageless porn star, Zoe Zane stopped by because she wanted to “sit on a birthday cake and fart on it.” When she let a test fart out, Will Murray, who had been holding the microphone for her started to complain about the smell. Zoe said she worked as a dominatrix . Zoe said she got into porn about 10 years ago and some of her kids know what she does, but none of her grand kids do. She said the current fetish she gets a lot of requests for is “cake farts.” Zoe explained she was married for 17 years to a Mormon bishop and had 7 kids with him, but left because she needed more sex than he could give. Following her life story, Zoe squatted over a strawberry birthday cake and was able to squeeze off 6 messy farts. Howard noted that the icing actually went up her ass and then got “blown out” when she farted. After telling a story about a client who held a wine enema for two hours, Zoe proclaimed she was not voting for Sarah Palin. (I did not say THAT!)
    Howard TV’s Richie Wilson asked Zoe if she wanted to sit on the Sybian while they hit her with whipped cream pies. Zoe immediately said, “Oooh! Sploshing! Sure!” While the guys got Zoe ready for her Sybian ride, she let out another fart, which even she remarked smelled really bad. After some difficulty getting situated, the Sybian started and the pies began to fly...and quickly knocked Zoe’s wig off. Everyone was laughing so hard they had to end the Sybian ride.
    Howard thought the sight of Zoe without her wig, covered in icing and whipped cream was one of the funniest things he’d seen in a long time. After someone mentioned Robin’s habit of taking coffee enemas, Zoe quickly seized on the idea, saying it would be great for her dominatrix business: she takes a coffee enema and then blasts it on her client. As Zoe got up to leave, Howard laughed as a clump of whipped cream dripped down her leg and Zoe let out one final blast that Will gagged was the worst one yet.
    The Zoe Zone-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    It was great fart footage----------------------yes indeed. It may of been more than 6 farts. IT WAS A LOT OF FARTING. Stern has some of the most original farting for cake farts on the whole planet. I DID IT---I made it happen! woohooooo Better than XM Radio (Opie & Anthony) they did it before I went on Stern, BUT, all in ALL, my appearance on the HS Show was a very very huge success. Howard Robin Will and the whole crew will remember Zoe Zane and her funniness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is very powerful, I made them all laugh and I HAD a great time doing it. THAT makes me really IN-joy of every-thang! I am going through a lot of emails and getting rested UP. A lot of people made this happen for me. Thank you Mr B, my driver and bodyguard raised in Brooklyn NY and my darling, wonderful Moon AynjL http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm and her furry loves in Long Island. Moon on TAC http://tacamateurs2.com/milfmoonaynjl/home.shtml Moon AynjL is a true New Yorker, a very tuff MILF. She has survived breast cancer, does psychic readings and cat rescue in Long Island. She is currently building her new web site for psychic porn http://moonangel.net/. I love my darling Moon---thank you thank you thank you so much for assisting me and guiding me through New York to the Stern Show. I could of done Stern all alone, but I needed Moon's guidance and support. My experience at the Howard Stern Show would of been way different IF I went alone. Moon AynjL, my NY Porn producer sidekick, psychic reader helped me make the Howard Stern Show bee WAY BIG------ and OUTRAGEOUS. TY Moon AynjL and Mr. B for the hours you spent helping me get to the Howard Stern. Moon AynjL and I drove out of NY after the Stern Show by ourselves with her Magellan Roadmate 6000T Sat Nav System. We did it and it was very intense going through time square out to Long Island. I makes me a New Yorker now? I think SO! I survived the hugeness of New York. I love New York. Zoe Zane Zoblog

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Watch this video on the housing market

    Hi everyone: Someone forwarded me this video and I thought to be very compelling. Please forward it to people, for they need to know the truth.
    zoe zane zoblog


    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Zoe Zane inspired Will on Howard Stern Show 4 cake farts

    read my cake farts I posted on miss cake farts blog

    Moon AynjL's live journal blog Howard Stern Show in NY

    When my girlfriend from Cali Zoe Zane from http://www.zoezane.com/ called and said she was going to be on the Howard Stern show Monday Sept 15Th, I had no problem escorting her there, since I'm a strong islander and know Manhattan a bit...better with my gps...lol...anyway, in my experience on the web thur all these years I have found that people in general are so full of shit and I believed that Zoe really did get this info, I was questioning the person who gave it to her. They had emailed me as well to join her there. That very same weekend there was an exxxotica adult convention in Edison NJ. The punks in Secaucus, Meadowlands to be exact, didn't want to deal with us. Liquor license problems? Who knows...so they thought they were pulling the plug when Edison came up and became reality. I have always wanted to attend one of these, but because there are no amateurs around me that I could go with, I've sort of been at a stand still. I almost brought my mom to one in Vegas...but never made it there. I finally got my new biz cards to bring. I had them created with 2 sided to show off my new personal website that's under construction http://www.moonangel.net/ besides my Southern Charms site http://www.moonaynjl.com/ PLUS, I am now going to take my knowledge and gift of reading these special guardian spirit cards to all my fans and members and newbies that come along. I even created a site for that too!! http://www.mysticmooneyez.bravehost.com/ was done all by myself!!! So if u are interested there are a number of ways u can contact me. I will even take the whole thing on the road so I can be available almost all the time!! Anyway back to the whole Zoe Zane crazy weekend.... when we got to exxxotica Zoe and I had to change into something hot and sexy. I will post pictures of that soon...We stayed together and met so many sweet people and told everyone about Zoe and how she planned to fart on a cake for Howard. We spent all weekend there driving back and forth from strong island to NJ---about 2 hours each way, at least...I go thur so much for my fans!!!! It was exhausting but exciting!! On Sunday we were running very late but did finally get back there (next year I'm getting a room nice and close) anyway Zoe and I dressed up in a sexy ballerina outfit and a cupie doll---with her pink wig we got so much attention. It was like I was her shock feet sidekick and I was fine with that...she was planning to drag me onto Howard's show as her "east coast porn producer and personal psychic card reader"---which is true, but I really just wanted to say hello and get his autograph. After hearing Howard since NBC days and watching him on channel 9 in NY, I know Howard and I have no idea what he might say about me being a breast cancer survivor and an amateur porn star.....adding that to cake farts. It just wasn't going to work for me. I liked the idea of getting Zoe there and the whole entire energy and experience would be incredible. So after the Sunday exxxotica closed up we went back to Manhattan and got the penthouse suite in Radio City Apts. She told me that we were having a special party that night to celebrate her NY arrival. Zoe had never been to NY. I wanted her to see it all. I did get her to ground zero. She got to see the statue of liberty, I even got lost driving around Manhattan to leave to go home and ended up at the foot of the empire state building plus she saw the Atlantic ocean from eastern long island. W H E W---- that was a hell of a trip. Back to her party, it consisted of some of her and my fans and we all got to know each other, and play around a bit... I didn't expect a gang bang!! I have videos and pictures of me with one of the guys that was so sweet. I couldn't help but grab him and suck on him. The next day was the day of the Stern show, we couldn't sleep all night and had to be there by 7:30AM. I wore my red thigh high boots along with my short sexy red PVC dress. Zoe was a french maid.. We got to the building and the security was so tight. But it was OK. They expected us, inspected us!!!! eek! LOL,----- we went thru so many guards and finally made it to the Sirius radio station's floor where Howard was everywhere...so everyone on that floor could hear his show. I didn't know at that point if I was going to go into the studio with Zoe but it was ok. I was there, I felt all the energy and the excitement. I got to see Robin quivers a few times walking around(she is sooooooo freakin hot and beautiful!!! and lookin great!!!) I saw the rest of his crew as well...from where I was in Howard's greenroom, I could see Howard for a split second. but again that was ok with me. Zoe was brought into the studio where she just went totally zaney and did her thing. go to http://www.howardstern.com/ and look into their archives for Sept 15Th. That's where u can find her antics. Howard loved her so much he said he had not seen anything as funny as her in a long long time and that he loves this girl and wants her back. Hell, I WILL bring her back. Eventually, maybe they will let me say hello to him. That's all I really want anyway for Howard to say hello to me in person on his studio. She was so good when she left his studio, she was covered with whipped cream and god knows what else. At that point I accompanied her to the ladies room. The cameras following and I helped clean her up the two of us talking to the cameras. I believe that part should appear on Howard's ppv TV. I had to sign releases so that's what I figured it was for...so that's all for now. I will try to get back here again sooner. There's a lot going on in my personal life. I'll go into next time when I have more info. so for now...HOWARD!!! THANK U SO MUCH FOR SIGNING MY BOOK!!! I love u man!!! U respected my friend and appreciated her for being her!!! She is one fucking funny porn queen and should be recognized for that... I want to see that dream come true and I think it just might...I would be honored to be her freak fetish sidekick anytime...xoxoxoxo moonaynjl
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    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Sunday Folsom Street Fair SF

    Sunday September 28, 2008 Get you freakin' self up to Folsom Street Fair San Francisco and meet me at The Holy Cow bar 1535 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94103

    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Look at this trailor


    I am getting some flack from one of my major advertises. They dropped me bc I was on the Howard Stern Show. If you can not find me anymore you know who dumped Zoe Zane. There are many more sites I can adv on. I am looking into to it. Other sites that I post on, do not give a fuckin' ratz ass, in fact they emailed me telling me how great a job the maid did on the Stern Show. The "dump you site" think they are the best but they are not. I have been checking similar sites with way more traffic. I have adv with the "dump you site" for over 10 years. It hurt deeply! I was the one that had the ballz to admit she was mature and then it was posted on DYS. Many other sites followed. On the "dump you site" the mature ladies section it not really mature ladies bc more than half of the advertisers are under 40. Mature is over 40 and nothing below THAT. Mature sex workers have earned it by staying in shape not letting their fanny's sag down like old hags. A old hag is a woman who accepted the fact that she is over the hill. Old hags conform to the idea that when you are over40 or more you are useless. I see men acting like old hags too. They conform give up and let themselves go. But when one door closes another one opens UP. The "dump you site" was great in the beginning until they got too big. They forgot about their customers. For a very long time it has been frustrating to adv with DYS - "dump you site". I see more and more Tyranny's adv on this site. Last October 2007, one of my sex worker friends and I went to a party thanking all their customers catered by the "dump you site". 90% of the dressed in black suits employees were phony and shallow. I am very gud at reading people. It is part of my job. They did not care what I thought. They did not provide better service or make improvements. SO---- you think you have a great business with terrible customer service? Keep lying to yourself DYS. It is not about how great your site looks bc guys do not care about the hoy-tee toy-tee LOOK of a site. I never thought I would say this but CL and RB rock. Actually CL is cleaning up it's act bc of all the spammers and stupid under age posters and surfing pedophiles. zoe zane zoblog

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Moon AynjL comments on Southern Charms messageboard

    How cool is this? Zoe flew to NY and stayed with me. I was her personal guide to NYC and Long Island. We both went nuts waiting for her to go Monday morning and couldn't sleep the nite before. She wanted me to b in the studio with her, but I was really scared, besides this was her party! They kept me right next to the studio where I could see and hear it all. When she came out of there, they videoed her for the final interview and at that point she motioned me to come with her, go and clean her up. LMAO!---- which I did. She dressed in a French maid outfit and I in red PVC dress and thigh boots as her little side kick, played right along with her. I tried to fix her hair. LOL --- which was a total wreck. She was amazing, she was a freakin' comedienne star.....of porn. Kinda like a Phyllis Diller Rosanne Barr combo, but more unique and original. It was ZOE ZANE! They had me sign all sorts of releases with her so I am thinkin' that the video in the bathroom along with her will be aired on Howard's ppv. This was really her party, I'm honored that I got to b a major part of getting her there. Howard signed my Miss America Book, I saw Robin who smiled at me. God she looks fantastic! And the crew who I've been listening to and watching since the early 80's ---- how cool is that? Zoe is getting some flack from the show. Obviously that would b part of the consequences. BUT, Howard absolutely LOVED her! There's so much more I'd like to say but here are some links u can check out to read more on it. http://www.howardstern.com/ u have to look for the shows archives and put the date back to Sept 15th. Check out her blog. She gave me tons of props which I think was so cool. http://zoezanecom.blogspot.com/ She really thought I was going on the show with her. I was a little disappointed but OK with not actually appearing in the studio. Altho---- I love Howard and I might have just stood there in total shock with drool coming out of my mouth cuz I have been such a huge fan of his show for so many years. I did not want to take away ANY of her show. That was a worry and I'm really glad it happend with us together. I got his book autographed and that soooooooooo ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Check out this pic from the show. Moon AynjL's story September 17, 2008

    Pic from Howard Stern Show

    Farting Porn Star---oh my God, no way!

    The Howard Stern Show

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Cake Farts For All----my adventures to the Howard Stern Show

    It was great fart footage----------------------yes indeed. It may of been more than 6 farts. IT WAS A LOT OF FARTING. Stern has some of the most original farting for cake farts on the whole planet. I DID IT---I made it happen! woohooooo Better than XM Radio (Opie & Anthony) they did it before I went on Stern, BUT, all in ALL, my appearance on the HS Show was a very very huge success. Howard Robin Will and the whole crew will remember Zoe Zane and her funniness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is very powerful, I made them all laugh and I HAD a great time doing it. THAT makes me really IN-joy of every-thang!

    I am going through a lot of emails and getting rested UP. A lot of people made this happen for me. Thank you Mr B, my driver and bodyguard raised in Brooklyn NY and my darling, wonderful Moon AynjL http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm and her furry loves in Long Island. Moon on TAC http://tacamateurs2.com/milfmoonaynjl/home.shtml
    Moon AynjL is a true New Yorker, a very tuff MILF. She has survived breast cancer, does psychic readings and cat rescue in Long Island. She is currently building her new web site for psychic porn http://moonangel.net/. I love my darling Moon---thank you thank you thank you so much for assisting me and guiding me through New York to the Stern Show. I could of done Stern all alone, but I needed Moon's guidance and support. My experience at the Howard Stern Show would of been way different IF I went alone. Moon AynjL, my NY Porn producer sidekick, psychic reader helped me make the Howard Stern Show bee WAY BIG------ and OUTRAGEOUS. TY Moon AynjL and Mr. B for the hours you spent helping me get to the Howard Stern.
    Moon AynjL and I drove out of NY after the Stern Show by ourselves with her Magellan Roadmate 6000T Sat Nav System. We did it and it was very intense going through time square out to Long Island. I makes me a New Yorker now? I think SO! I survived the hugeness of New York. I love New York.
    Zoe Zane Zoblog

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    It is offical that Moon AynjL will be on the

    Howard Stern Show on Monday, September 15, 2008 @ 8:30 AM ET in New York. Her dream to be on the show is coming true.

    She has been a fan of Howard's since the 1980's and will bring his book for him to sign. I'm Damn Gud---I got Moon on the show HS Show. wooHoooooooooooooooooooo http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm

    Sending all my hugs to those who lost family and friends on 911

    My friend in New York, Moon AynjL lost a friend, and there are many more. Thinking all of the ones who survived and the fireman who worked for days on end. To all the New Yorkers who survived this terrible day. I LOVE NEW YORKERS!!! Furry loves to everyone in New York and America. My new cake fart journal about my trip to Howard Stern Show

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