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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    NOW, two women have used my name on the Net

    The first babe is 38 (Zoe Zane) on a sex talk radio show with her hip hop boyfriend Zin & now another girl about 18 (Zoey Zane) who is sadly missing. (I'm thinking about do something permanent with my name and a product). The missing girl has a family, they must be freaking out wanting their daughter back. I had 7 single births by one father and lost my first child when she was 2 years old. It was a hard way to start motherhood. I'm writing a book, it will be out in 2008. I have 4 chapters completed and there is more work to be done. I'm will finish my book.

    Born in Northern California, raised in the Mormon church, I graduated from Brigham Young University and married a seminary teacher. I lived in "Zion"for 17 years in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't like snow. Being cooped up in a house with 7 kids, living on a shoe string budget (what budget!!!) through hardcore winter months was enduring beyond enduring. I'm a go-getter and full of life. His salary, as a seminary teacher (started at $5, 565 in 1969, not much, we had to pay off his school loan) so I made everything out of nothing. I sewed, cook from scratch, grew a garden, bottled all our food, and had a my food storage for 1 year (it's humorous to me that one of my favorite movie stars, Julie Roberts, her fantasy, she wants to live in the country and grow a garden). And, on top of this, I was EXPECTED to be an example for the community. Pressure??? Y-aaaaaH.

    My passion for art, dance and sex was to be tucked away while I served in Zion as one of God's children. It was torture to put those talents aside for the good of the kingdom. I'm was a walking theater filled with entertainment and pazazz. Picture this, a sexy dressed to the nine female, a professional dancer housewife with stylish hats in Salt Lake City? NO way, but that's what I did and felt like a freak! It was terrible living with myself. My clothes were all hand-me-downs. The urge to be creative and be conservative didn't mix. That alone was a inner battle. I was expected to lead the "perfect" PERFECT life (humanly impossible) a living, walking bible for religion, and still be in my creative skin? It was mission impossible 24/7 and pushed me out to where I am today, an amateur porn producer on the Net. For me too live tradition anything was ridiculous. It felt like, eek!

    On top of this my seminary (preacher) husband was a sheep in wolves clothing, a misogynist (a man who hate women) who wanted me and did not want me. He's behavior drove me CRAZY to almost insanity for 6188 days (364days x 17years=6188). He's emotions were very controlled and proper. I was his church going trophy wife, to make him look gud, and I DID for 1 year! Our sex life SUCKED. He had a serious-something sex problem. He was shut down and I was full throttle. I was a virgin when I married, a raging sex pistol. I creatively seduced him to have sex 3 times a week, if I was lucky. Any red blooded American male would of adored me. After 4 times a week, he complained, turned himself to God, AND where was I? Rejected, frustrated and wanting. Did I feel unloved? I DID! My self-esteem, inch by inch, was carved away by his male patriarchal judgements.

    Get a taste. I will be posting short inserts of my book, so check back often.

    Here are the links of the two females who have used my name on the Net.

    Zoe Zane radio talk show link sex talk off my space
    http://www.sexztalk.com/ the link is not working

    Missing Zoey Zane article

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Zoe and her hip leather boots

    I posted this update in my hip leather boots just for Daniel, a new member to my site. If you become a member of my site, I want to know what makes you hard. Let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

    I bought these boots in LA when Kitty Foxx and I did a gang bang together. Boots are 2 sexy, I'm showing them off with my very, long dancer legs. Enjoy yourself.

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Saturday in live cam show I poured on the Dirty Martini Girl

    and they loved it. Over 350 viewers watching me cum in my silver wig, dress and heels, with cum on my face. I used a big black dildo and slobbered all over it. Nasty me, you dirty cock sucker!!!

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    Thanksgiving, I flew into Las Vegas

    picked up by family, and out to Kingman, Arizona, one day with all the grand kids. I watched "Transformers", an awesome movie. Drove back last night to Las Vegas, got up early this morning to catch a 8:15 flight back to San Jose. The flight back home was choppy with winds. eek! Zoe chanted OM, was breathing slowly as the plane landed. It is nice to be home. Today I saw 2 very dear fetish friends.

    Saturday morning my live cam show will be at 9am as usually. What will I do? Right now, I do not know, I am hungry and need to eat.

    Sunday, I will post the crazy wild pics I did with my freaky fetish friends today. Happy Turkey Day to ya ALL! We got drunk and ate leftovers.

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    xMaS................I love it


    I love all the lights and the fun parties. Today in live cam I wore my fur coat & white ankle fur boots. I was inspired by my new girlfriend Alanna to decorate myself up with xMaS tree lights. I got off on the floor with the light all over my body. I'll post the pic before Wed. It is after midnight and I need to go bed. Over 400 cam viewers today with a bunch of frisky pony boys. I want to gang bang all of them in Las Vegas with Alanna the nympho. http://www.imanympho.com/

    You can watch the "youtube" video of the xMaS light cam show off this link.

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    November 17, 2007 Saturday

    I will do my cam show on Sunday afternoon. The cable guy came over this morning for my new dirty phone seX line.
    The update with week is from Arizona. My new hobby, exploite drunk young guys in bars.
    Faith69 from http://www.dreamnet.com/ throws some wild parties in Phoenix, Arizona. She's so hot in her platform leather boots and tasseled skirt from London. The first pic, I'm down low on the bar floor with my camera taking up skirt pics of all the bar babes, seXy Aimee Lynn a tall leggy blonde in her black slip and spiked heels, Alanna the nympho, we did some MAD kissing and sucking. We were really into IT! Down and dirty on the bar floor with Alanna, ya baby girl. I did the humpy-humpy with her hubby and other guys. The cutie, Paige was strutting her stuff shoving drink down Dawn Marie, a mature MILF housewife. Marie was drunk and brazen talking filthy to everyone! Oh, YA! BJ got molested by Aimee Lynn and myself, we sucked on BJ's hot titties. I seduced guys for free drinks. I exploited their wallets! Best of all, I TOOK this male, a frisky pony biker, he's my new bar bitch boy. We were all laughing at him when I made his smart ass kneel to the bar floor. Submit BITCH, and watch MISS ZOE have a gud ride!!!

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Tuesday night in Los Gatos California

    I was out taking a walk by the crescent moon, the air was magnificent. As I walked I just keep telling Mother Earth, "Thank you for making this night so beautiful!" I called two of my friends to tell them but they were all wrapped up in their stuff. Too bad they missed a gorgeous night in San Jose, California. Orgasmic 100%

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Beware of your drunk Saturday nights with Zoe

    Money slave comments: I love it when Empress Zoe Zane makes me pay 4 all her drinks and the games we play together cause I'm shy and a loser when it comes to women. Strong women make me tremble right down to the last hair on my horny nut. I'm already wasted before she shows up at the bar. Empress Zoe Zane sniffs me out and knows I will give up a big blog of President greens for her favorite drinks. I'm a half ass-ed pass out zombie boy and very pathetic, call me creep, PLEASE!!! She laughs out LOUD with all her babyish busty girlfriend at me. "What a drunken sex slave and can't get it up lover. What a drunken fool I am! What a silly, creepy freak, AND, she has a blast taking me in front of her Net crowd laughing, running off with another stud to fuck!!!" I am a target for rip OFF and need it from my Empress Zoe Zane.

    She is my Capitalistic Empress Zoe Zane my Domination Busty Blonde Mistress.

    Look for these pic next week, see what Empress Zoe Zane did to a drunk smart ass biker in the bar in front of ALL his friends. Everyone was laughing at him. Pics are from my Arizona trip Faith69 Birthday Bash Party. http://www.faith69.com/faithbash.html

    Front page to web site

    taken at Exotic Erotic Ball, Saturday night, October 27, 2007 by someone in the crowd. I gave my camera to a voyeur and he took the pic. What really happen before, during, after the ball. I over cam a big fear in my life. Read the rest at http://zoezane.livejournal.com/

    Still my favorite site at the moment. I love the music and this chick from LA

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    I love the beach!

    I was raised on the beach. My mother took us to the beach all the time. I love the beach, last weekend was my last chance for some hot action on the nude Red, White & Blue beach. Here is a pic of cum on my face from a secret fan out on the beach.
    Oh, I forgot, you can find me in another skin magazine for 50+
    On the front cover it says: Meet Zoe Zane "I've been a Mormon and I've been a porn star - porn is better!" Too cool, Hugh!
    Photos by Tom Mayes taken in Oakland, California

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Thank you so much for your help

    A very hot babe on the Net, Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com/ has been a wonderful friend to me the past few years. She is a very sexy housewife that has been my mentor through a lot of stuff. You will see her on my site in a few weeks in her glorious Folsom Street Fair out fit that sparkled in the sun. It took Lizz several days to make her costume and it was a smashing hit at the fair. Very inspiring, some of you men admire and love Miss Lizz for she is your Muse. She has a very positive attitude and great tits. I love a great pair of tits in anything. TY TY TY Miss Lizz for everything you have done for me. Huggies, from Zoe Zane

    Hey, Lizz read my message to you! You are the hottest babe on the Net 2007

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Zoe is a big movie buff

    I watched the movie "Yellow" about a professional ballet dancer and her father who was injured on stage as a dancer. He loved dancing, confined to a wheel chair, sinks into deep depressed and kills himself. Upset and grieving over the lose of her father, Yellow leaves for New York to dance, she's a stripper until she gets a lead part in a ballet company. Yellow is off the wall in her exceptional costumes and her dancing at the strip club is outrageous. The best I've every seen in a movie. THE BEST!!! Better than "Showgirl"

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Bikram yoga last night

    My pussy farted 4 times in the hot class. The poses make my pussy open and when I sit down my pussy farts. They were really slurping pussy farts! It was a bite embarrassing . LOL.

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Zoe Zane in another skin magazine November 2007

    One of my jack off friends emailed me yesterday informing me that he bought a skin magazine called "COUGERS", he wasted himself looking at my XXXrated porn mag pics. Hey this is pretty cool since I did not have to show up for the photo shoot and it is free advertising for me..... THAT I'M A BIG SLUT! hahaha Anyway I am off to find the magazine.

    When I was in Florida with all the Southern Charms, a video store owner brought me a skin magazine, front cover, I WAS 68 years old. woe! Too funny.

    U go granny Zoe!

    Friday, November 02, 2007

    Friday morning November 2, 2007

    I was wild last night after 9 PM. The nurse had to help a neighbor with a boo boo. I came home and watched "Antitrust" with Tim Robbins and the cute guy once married to Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe. He's a computer geek in Silicon Valley's hottest computer company. I am still unwinding from October. I really went BIG this year.

    I have calmed down about the rival but there is still an edge in the background gnawing at me. If she does, it just might lead the way, making it better. My thoughts on the whole ordeal: there is plenty for all of us??? There is! Soooooooooooooo I will just work smarter from now on.
    I will not let her on to what I am doing and then tell her after it is done.
    God, when people know they might makes some money there's no loyalty. Miss Cut Throat has spilled her gutz in front of me and now I must move like lightning. One thing I know about her she jumps from one thing to another, not consistent. Terrible speller.

    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Rant and Rave

    I was surfing again. I like this site http://punkporn.com/

    Shock ME!!!

    Rant and Rave: I was the one who told you you could do it. I encouraged you to do it. NOW, you dumb broad, you think that you will get it out and make it happen. Maybe so....................... but you do not bit the hand that feeds you. Goodbye baby, and I am tired of you using me to make yourself feel good. Am I, upset??? YES! A very important project, I'm working on, has a rival that told me she is beating me to the punch. People do not understand that we need each other not go against each other. UCK!

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