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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Beat the bitch update August 31, 2007

    I posted it early, and I will broadcast my cam show on time tomorrow morning at 9 AM PST. Find out what the church lady does in front of a few hundred viewers. Right on Miss Zoe!

    Now for the juicy stuff. Their is this trashy housekeeper that likes to out do me. Wellllllllllllllll, not Miss Zoe your smart ass bi-Otch. I make her my friend, she tells me all her sex secrets and I give it back to her after she TRIED to out do me in a female cat fight gig. What a stupid whore!

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    September 30, 2007 Folsom Street Fair

    Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com/ and I are throwing a big street party. If any housewives in Northern California want to play come on down. Just hit us up on our e-mails. Lizz and I will go up the night before and stay in a room to beat the traffic. This event is sooooooooooooo freaky. I did a sexy street dance with a sissy out on the street. Leather, doms with slaves, subbies with tops, the Sisters of Perpetual of Indulgence http://thesisters.org/meet.html , fetish freaks of all kinds, gays and lesbians. When I was in the Mormon church I thought San Francisco was the devil's den and all were going to Hell. Well, I guess I am going to hell. I love Folsom, I own it and come get freaky with us at my huge street party. I want to thank all the back scene organizers for Folsom. TY TY TY so much.

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Jerry Springer Show called me today

    Springer has called be4, my business coach told me, get on the show, American needs to see you. It is funny, the theme, two male stalkers fight over me. I called two wannabe house boys and they refused. CHICKEN, cluck cluck. TY Jerry for getting rid of the stalkers. Whew! Is that why I dress like a bag lady in public??? LOL. How about this idea, my Mistress girlfriend and I go on the show because our male slaves we trained feel in love with the other mistress. On the show we find out the male slaves, the sissy stalkers, are unfaithful and we beat the crap out of them or set their pink panties on fire. HA HA HA! Too funny, like the 3 stooges!

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    BD/SM club in Northern California

    http://www.edges.biz/ I've been invited by a club member. I'll check it out and let you know all about it. Your sexy wild leather beast Miss Zoe Zane will strut her leather bitOchie boots on the club floor.

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Sunday morning this younger man and I had the most

    incredible time together. He knows how to get my sexy brain all juicy. I was slurping wet pussy juices all over his dick. I love to see the expression on his face. He told me wild, swing party fantasies with me fucking lots of men. At the swing club, Vegas Red Rooster, that is where Kitty Foxx found me screwing lots of younger men. I was working at home as a phone sex girl where men told me everything from A-Z. I ran into porn stars like Ron Jeremy upstairs at the swing club . Ron really likes to get a lot of hot babes wild for sex. The personality of Ron in real life is just like in his movies. He was horny for me. I knew who he was and I was shy. REALLY! But last year at the AVN porn convention Sexy Miss Lizz and I dared each other to fart on him and we did it! Too funny. Ron was so busy signing autographs looking at us he did not even know what we did. HA! Today I would fuck Ron in a heart beat. So what, fuck the big huge salami man. His dick still works. You go Ron.

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    SF Folsom Street Fair September 30, 2007

    We're having a street party! Wo-Hoo

    Martini and his wife, David Derek, my kick ass photographer

    Boot Lover, the webmaster of http://www.bootiful.com/

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    He likes to watch

    me do other men. He likes me to tell him special fantasies and give him a gud mind uck! Sex is in the brain and our eyes love to see the sex. I will always like to see anyone get laid. While my friend drove me to a photo shoot they told me that one night their room mate brought home this sexy male to fuck. My friend was drunk on the same bed they had sex. My friend acted like they were asleep and got so horny listening to them fuck. Kinky huh. Nice to have such a wild room mate. Hum??? What a way to go to get some hot wild sex vibs, get drunk, listen and masturbate yourself while they fuck each other wildly. I lik THAT!

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Today I got this very interesting phone call from a male

    I have a close female friend, she told me, when they are ready, they will show up. I'm writing a book about the adult industry, all the freaky stuff. This male phone caller, a writer from LA. is doing research on a very interesting subject in Oakland, California. I have many interesting friends and experiences, my sex/adult research will be way out there. It was OFF THE WALL talking to him, a screenwriter from LA, I'm so excited. We really connected. I talked to him about how ALL my life, people have been afraid of my energy. Jack Black or Carlos Mencia would dig who I am. I adore Jack Black and Carlos. I get along better with men, I have a dick for a brain. LOL. Some of my girlfriends can handle who I am. Hey baby, I'm one smart ass bi-Otch from San Francisco! I'm coming to terms with my pazazz, welcome to The Zoe Zone.....Porn with Pazazz!

    There is a very special person in my life that will always have a home as far as I am concerned no matter what happens on this freakin' planet.

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Saturday live cam show with sex slave

    He had to hide his face, my leather mask was to small, so we threw on a gorilla and then a clown mask. The clown mask was the coolest to wear. I tied him up to my sex table, smoked Nat Shermans on his hard on and sucked out his cum to the very last drop. Oh one more thang, I smothered his face with my black sheer pantyhose grinding myself until I GOT OFF! He liked that a lot! He did not last long on the table, he was milked out in about 25 minutes. I am looking 4 new sex slaves for the show so apply iF interested at this link

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Naughty naughty Zoe

    Read what I will do to a frisky sex slave, my new update, and a free pic of Kitty Foxx and I at Las Vegas car wash.

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Giantess uses female for her orgasm

    Coming soon Giantess farts of earthings and kills them with her gas!

    Monday for Zoe 08.06.2007

    I was out and about, down the street, one of the wild teen age cats got hit and died. I cried. I do not like to see any animal die. I have had to work on managing my emotions for years. I picked him up, he was still warm, called my cat rescue friend, she told me to put him in newspaper and a box, so the wild animals would not dig him up. His name was Silver. So I drove over to my 88 year Dads' house to give him a proper burial. My out of her mind sister told me to take Silver to the human society. FUCK THAT! My baby sister was visiting me this weekend, I called her and told her what the "FkUP" older sister said (a major drug user that fried her brain in the sixties) and we both agreed she was fucked. SHE IS FUCKED, really! Dad was not home, so I got a shovel and buried Silver. He did not have a name, I called him Silver and said goodbye.

    Then my Dad came home, and my baby sister drove up and we had a chat about the doom of the world. My father is old school and a fatalist. LOL. Do I have much to do with him, not much. He sees but does not see.

    I performed private cam shows with naughty boys all afternoon.

    Off to yoga class and it was a nice. It has been HOT because of the summer heat, the teachers have been great at regulating the room. Whew!

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Sunday, the weekly update 08.05.2007

    is about a male who followed me around like a puppy dog at Red Jack Saloon in San Franciso. I got him to take off his belt and I sat on him like furniture. Oh Miss Zoe you're a bad Mommie. I am, so watch it buddy! A great set of boobs and my smile got him to do anything. Wicked kinky me!

    Last night I had a fetish male slave (he is so pathetic) take me out for drinks and key lime pie. He knows he's pathetic, I tell him and laugh. He is the creator of Smokerella. He was rubbing his leg on me like a dog.

    Bark bark you silly man.

    My live cam show on Saturday morning, I was dressed up in my leather boots and was very sexy the whole time. Not much funny silly stuff. Just very sexy me! BUT a lot of the cam viewers were rude and making dumb ass remarks. A lot of banning going on. It was really bad yesterday. BUT I keep on being sexy. Sexy wins!

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007


    I am almost finished with my Giantess Sci-Fi video. Video taping myself as 100 ft tall is very interesting. It would be wonderful to be that huge and do whatever I wanted to tiny humans on Earth. How about placing my finger right in the middle of a huge war and stop it! YA!

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