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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Happy Fourth of July baby

    I just posted a free vid clip of me having a orgasm in front of 100's of cam viewers today.



    Friday, June 29, 2007

    Star Wars Game and Doc Zo

    Come to the ZLab, to get high, you SW freak! I do it to chill out from everything. I created this temple with burning lamps. I'm a wicked physician that injects good stuff in patients from my office. I like all the freaky creatures that come into the office every morning. My son got me into it about 3 years ago. Lately I have been really busy edited vid clips and late to my infections. I scurry to the needle station, shoot up new patients and back to editing clips for my sites. This week it seems that many needed my services. Tuesday, I had over 53 shots to all my freaks. I feel like a little devil doing all the freaking stuff to my SW patients. I love all the wild creatures who come over for a fix.

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    San Francisco Bar Meet "Red Javk Saloon"

    Friday night, June 22, 2007, Sexy Miss Lizz and I drove up to the bar meet together. Both of our hubby's had to work late. Lizz jumped in and told me she had put on her manly self-confidence to drive into San Francisco. I had a strap On in my costume bag, pulled it out and put it on the dash board. Men are so great getting you there. We both depend on our guys to get us anywhere but we did it. Ya baby, We're damn gud! We got there early and found the perfect parking spot just around the corner from the bar. Talk about easy!
    I have some new girlfriends I met at the bar. Lizz and I are talking about all getting together in the future for more fun and wild sexy pics with each other. Faith 69 http://www.faith69.com/faithhome.html, Nude Marie http://www.nudemaria.com/mariahome.html from Dreamnet.com, Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com/ and Zoe Zane with a lot of fans and cameras.

    Next week's update, this young guy was hot for my pussy, see how I turn him into my slave right in front of everyone at the bar. It was hilarious, what I made him do, just because of my pussy.
    Today, I will do my live cam show right along with Beth Morggan http://www.bethmorggan/ from England that has done porn movies with me. Cam show time 1PM PST-4PM EST

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Cam show this morning was wet and orgasmic for me

    I drug my camera to my bathroom, cam viewers saw my vacuum, got all loving that (must like that I'm at home or something), and I messed around by the toilet. I peed in the toilet, smoke on it and in it, and washed my hair with lots of soap in the shower with my black lace slip. The wet clothing fetish lovers loved that. It got soap and cig ash in my eye, I'm okay. Wiped it out real fast. I messed around with whipping cream thinking it was a huge bukakke with a hundred men cumming on my face. The most I have had is 13 in Las Vegas at a swing party, Red Rooster's orgy room. I miss living in Las Vegas, running out to the Red Rooster and fucking any guy I want. Hubby has been trained to watch and clean up! San Jose is so conservative right now.

    Update this week, I flashed by big boobs and ass at California traffic off the 280 freeway.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Queen of Freaky Mamas

    Yes, kink at it's wildest. I am the Mistress of Latrine. Today a slave sent me a story about him as the toilet. A toilet will take anything. Right? I chained his face right underneath my bathroom toilet and placed my por-ta potty underneath his face. He was helpless. I farted on him 4 times!!! Poof. I just joined the forum over at http://www.owk.com

    See you there slave boy and you can call me the Mistress of Farts or Mistress of Toilet. HA!

    GOTI 2007

    I make it happen. It is up to me! Videos at Liberachy House, live radio broadcast "Tramps and Flunkies", do your own radio show girlfriend, staged female cat fight, and smokin' mamas. Did my Black Daddy at Las Vegas Candi's pad with a Texas red-neck geekoid, and filmed my first You Tube vid clip have some fun "Throw Cream Pies". Now my kids are into the cream pie throwing. WhooHooooooooooooo.

    Rude cam viewers

    Lately I find myself just not wanting to put up with the bull shit of rude cam viewers, phone callers and cum n the brain men that waist my time. It sucks. Yesterday this jock was in my presence and I kicked him out of my studio. For years I was afraid of men but not know. I cannot stand, macho jock fucked up men, that think they are hot stuff but underneath have very low self esteem. When you put someone down, bully them, you are very fucked up inside. Give me a shy guy anytime and it is great. Men need to approach women like a oatmeal cookie. I have this vision and cam viewers were not sure WHAT I was doing or currently doing, BUT they are coming around. Is it possible I am way ahead of my time? I'm all about having fun with our sex. Have a good belly laugh and orgasm. It is what I am and my gift to this uptight planet of ours. Right now I am looking for one good stud to do cam shows with me on a monthly basis in Northern California

    Sex workers Film Festival Award will be PVV on AEBN

    Making porn with Ghetto Boy: Made a porn movie, a major manipulation and threats by Mr. Insecure (4 years ago). A few years ago some one wanna be film producer wanted to make a video with me and was a manipulating freak. He was going to make me into a famous whatever porn star. All he wanted was to get his dick wet! OH, he knew the distributors and it would happen. So we did 3 sessions for video and he got off real quick every time,. Thank god for that!It took forever to get it edited. He had the PC, the software to make it happen. Thousands of dollars was spent for his editing studio. All he had was a table and chair for his computer. REALLY. He might of spent hundreds to edit films but on windows there is a simple editing program to make homemade movies. Thank you Sexy Miss Lizz for showing me how to make my homemade porn clips. In the "MILF Foot Fetish Video", I was the neighborhood mom in platforms. He was into to feet, platforms and getting sucked off. He was okay with getting sucked off but very paranoid even if he had an aids test. BURB. I find that younger men who hit puberty by 1980, are very uptight about getting something, different mind set. Then on top of his fear he did not want his face to be filmed. I want to be in porn, but I do not want anyone to see me in porn. What the duck? All you want MTFer is to get your dick wet! It was like fucking a clothes rack from the ghetto, a turn off for me. He was so UPTIGHT about everything. If you are uptight on the porn set I will not do it with you. NOT EVER, so don't even call or apply. Fun porn with Zoe, it is about fun with me, and I do not need it all your negative crap. Making porn is work, and I will not fuck and suck fearful men for video. I finally got the VHS version "Hot Neighbor MILF Mom". A big tug of war to get it, and entered the VHS tape into the Sex Worker's Film Festival 2001. Some great cock sucking all the way down my throat, head hanging over the end of the office table. Gud stuff!

    It will be on AEBN for PVV this year. I promise.

    A great guy, Sweet William: Now I have some other admirer, his hobby, he loves editing some of my pics for fun. Most people do not know what it takes to make 30 minutes of porn and it TAKES A LOT of patience to do it. OH WHAT THE DUCK, I am about having Fun and when it turns to sour gapes it is over. Girls like me wanna have fun. I have a great girlfriend, Sexy Miss Lizz, and we do videos together. It is about the thrill of making it and she edits it. I have the equipment and she loves to edit the video. We are a great team and it works. Finding a girl on the net is difficult, BUT when you find a friend like Sexy Miss Lizz it is a treasure beyond words. The footage shows the fun and the love. Everyone can see it, and it makes this world step up to heaven's delight. I have done a lot of works with amateur women and every time we had a blast of bursting fun. Putting people at ease helps them to be themselves and it shows in the images. Meow and Smooches, Zoe Zane

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Tuesday morning in California is beautiful

    I like to take a small walk down to the gardenia bush and pick a flower. Gardenias are my favorite flowers. I love the candles from Illuminations, they last for a long time. Great buy.
    My swing friend, Alice in Swingland introduced me to the swinging granny, Mandingo Mama at Las Vegas Porn Convention "AVN" a few years ago. She like to fuck! Nice gal, here is her web site link http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=902518-0049&PA=1541662

    She likes black men! We have something in common, we like dicks. WooHooooo! She's an older woman that has been swinging for years in Florida. She really loves black men just like me. A good dicking from a black guy is the best. I like to talk dirty to black cocks when we are screwing ourselves silly.

    Remember you can come see me at the bar meet with Sexy Miss Lizz and Faith69, Friday 9 PM PST, June 22, 2007 in San Francisco. See you there baby.

    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    Saturday June 9, 2007 Live Cam Show

    I was the Diner Whore and told them what I would do to them if they acted like a dirty animal in my diner. I would spit right on their crotch and give them a big red lipstick kiss on the zipper. Hey, when you mess with a Diner whore there is no turning back baby.

    This weeks update for pics, I take advantage of a drunk whore in a hotel room. Dumb slut!

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    Live Cam Show Saturday morning 06-02-07

    It seems the cam viewers love the Mistress of Kink "Fetish Mommie" farts. I used my Barbi doll from the goodwill. Barbi, she likes to be abused, so what. I spit on my trashy used dildo, use the dildo for my ash tray, dropped ashes on it and they were screaming for it. That dildo is.........
    fucked UP, for sure. Bad Mommie Zoe was farting for real all during the show. And if you do not like it you will be banned from the show. I'm a bad Mommie. The kinker and wilder I get, they love it. Wanka-licious MTFer. Smooches, Miss Zoe Zane

    Live Cam Show Time 9AM PST, that is California baby! See you for a kinky brunch at Starbucks? LOL.

    Next week, the fucked up Diner Whore will appear for the next show.......................

    I am luring in some males for the show, so keep posted.

    Friday, June 01, 2007

    Friday a porn shoot with *hores: The drama of *hores

    It will be fetish stuff, and I just got some really juicy info on the drama of *hores that will be in my book next year. *hores have so much drama, if possible someone could sell it and make millions. There is a lot of emotion over sex. Just a small sample. Guys see different girls and for sure you never have a hold on a guy to be yours!!! This Mexican alcoholic *hore called up "her guy", got mad at him for seeing some other BBW babe. She crossed over the line and will not be allowed to come back and work at her fetish girlfriend's house. Dumb bitch. Never try to get a guy to go your way on the phone, it just makes you look cheap and stupid.

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