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    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Bull Shit to this................................

    Now a tax on porn of 25%.

    So unconstitutional.................................. ya baby

    2257 regulation


    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Saturday April 21, 2007

    I am going back to yoga today. The update was in Palm Springs California with Blue Eyes. He has a lot of women after him all the time. He is having a ball ......hahaha all of America. Want to know how he does it? Send me a email if you are interested. I have all his secrets because Kitty Foxx and I taught them to him.

    My cam show today, I was the Mistress of Kink in black thigh high boots/coat and red PVC. I told them how much I like them wanking off all the time. You will see vid clips of Mistress of Kink on Southern Charms. http://www.southern-charms2.com/zoezane/main.htm

    over 100 cam shows with naked women from all over the world

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    Monday, April 16, 2007

    Sex Workers Film Festival 2007

    I just finished my DVD entry for the film festival. It is a 12 minutes video I did with Las Vegas Candi, Vegas Bad Boy and Adonna from Southern Charms. It is sexy and very funny!!! It is called "Pussy on Drugs". I dressed up like a wild Las Vegas whore with plenty of bling and our black "Pimp Daddy " brags about his international hoes. A lot of orgasmic pussy flashing and comedy about pimped hoes in Las Vegas.

    The process:

    1. Video tape the porn shoot

    2. Copy footage to windows movie maker

    3. Edit the footage

    4. Add transitions

    5. Add title and credits

    6. Save the movie file

    7. Burn a DVD

    8. Finished DVD "Pussy on Drugs" by Inzane Productions

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Bunny Girl. . . . .happy Easter baby!

    Live cam will be a lot of fun for me this Saturday. Bunny Girl will trash her blow up dolly with a pillow fight and feathers. I like the idea of a cute bunny getting all huffy and trashing something! What? It will come to me, oh, a cell phone with her hammering carrot. HAHAHA!

    Sometimes I want to trash my cell phone with all the weirdos that call me for free phone sex or think because they have a huge hard on that I love them as much as they love me. LOL. What the fuck! Oh Miss Zoe Zane, I want to spend lots of time with you because I am so horny, and want to fuck like a army of wild bunnies. I only care about my big horny dick and not YOU but I want you to LOVE ME as much as I love my big horny dick! Weird horny fucker. Hehehehe

    I am writing about my cell phone and sex.

    I am writing about all the weirdos on the toilet web site called Craig's List. A comedian could have a whole "Lotta Shit" for us to laugh about from Craig's List

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    What is my status on a relationship

    I was in my space this morning going through the profile and wanted to change the status. I have been in all the ones listed. Then I thought maybe I need to post that I am divorced. Most the people I know have been divorced. When I was in the LDS church divorce was out of the Q! You were lame a n out cast a loser if you did THAT! Now it seems like everyone is divorced. The new update is UP and running as of Saturday called "Raw Hot Garage Sex". I have fucked in a lot of different places. I am thinking where have I not fucked? The White House??? LOL.

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