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    Friday, March 23, 2007


    WatcherswebTV is an all-new Adult Reality TV Program. Coming SOON!

    I want to do this but I need to be in New Zealand. LOL.

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    Some see me as big but I see me as me!

    Good I have a business coach when it comes to the shit you deal with for porn content. I guess some people see me as someone BIG so when we get together to do images shoots they cancel on me. It is a power trip for them to turn me away. So guess what "F OFF" and I do not need this crap from insecure people. I always come from my heart and a girl who was molested at a very young age that has had to struggle just like you. I am, I have, I can! We can all feel great about out insecure selves. I will look at the good things that are going on, EVEN when shit hits the fan because there is good and bad in EVERYTHING.

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    Porn in Palm Springs at the gay resort

    See the pink arrow, that is me in my glam wig. . . . FAR OUT! I was grabbing Sexy Miss Lizz's big boobs. The gal in the hot orange shorts is Shug nTexas. . . . . what a doll and my new girlfriend. I made a video in the pool sucking off her hubby's dick! Ya baby.

    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    My black boyfriend from Sac

    I posted some pics just for him. Update is pantyhose fetish mommie. I am his nigger pussy, that is what he called me. We have a common interest, his big black dick in my nigger pussy. In live cam show my hubby tied me up with suspenders and watched while I tried to get out. SPECIAL CAM SHOW FOR NYLONS, GARTERS AND PANTYHOSE freaks. I did get out and jacked off at the end. My hubby tries to stop me from being a slut but it is futile. I am a big slut. The Zoe Zane" zoblog

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    I have a flat tire

    I am going in to get it fixed next week. Some know most don't so look to see what I will get fixed March 21, 2007. It was very alarming to see it when it happened. I am thinking what the fuck is this and I freaked out for about 24 hours. Cyber and I talked about it and then I calmed down. Now for the waiting period. I even went to yoga last night with it. Some know. I can see that I love them so much the way they were and they will be back to normal next week. Can you figure out what I am talking about? If you can, I will give you a free membership to my site.

    Another subject: You get some and you don't. In sales it is about 10%. For the Southern Charms Bash in Palms Springs, I planned for weeks to shoot with this model but it never happened. I thought the trip was a waste, BUT, somethings are never meant to be so why waist your time even thinking about it(Cyber advise). People lie just to make you feel good and I know who my real friends are. We share content and that model only give out crappy pics from the shoot, so forget it. When I share, I pass on content where everyone looks good. I bet you want to see the crap pics, don't you. Hey, how about a section on my site for crap pics? What do you think?

    Today I get my stitches taken out. What a trip making sure it healed right. My friends were not able to pull my hair when I did them. But it is almost over. I just sent love to my hurt spot 24/7. It is the happeneing thing to love yourself to wondefulness. It works baby.

    Monday, March 12, 2007

    "The Zoe Zone" . . . . .Too many of see things fucked up BUT

    there is some cool stuff out there percolating LIKE....................some yummy energy you get from your own orgasm. Those who choose not to get off suffer more in this world. They just add to the energy of suffer suffer suffer. SO.......................I say get off and do it more! I'm in "The Zoe Zone" this morning listening to Madonna as my boy "Blue Eyes" would say from Southern Charms. M A D O N N A ........It still love her, she is the bomb! There are few other babes that are the bomb in my life like Sexy Miss Lizz, Moon SC4 with 364 updates on Southern Charms. She and I really clicked for angel work. I have a lot of orbs in my pics which are angels hanging out with me. Porn and angels??? LOL. Ya baby. Another bomb: Niana SC4, we shared shoes since we have the same shoe size, Samantha SC1, I wore her pink boots and shag a lot dress, Tiffany SC4 is very shy and we had a tiny chat, Shugarnexas and her hubby Aimtoplease. I did video in the pool and sucked off his hardon in the pool. Yum! Busty Delight and I chatted about glam makeup, Izzy and I did a live cam show with Blue Eyes in her bed!!! I was in the wild witchy mood so here she comes all orangy brazen. I did some mojo on a black cock, Moon's photographer. More to come . . . . .

    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Porn in Palm Springs with Zoe Zane

    and Sexy Miss Lizz. We flew with United Airlines, they over book (did you know that???) so Lizz plus 3 other women were not able to fly into Palm Springs, took a shuttle, and two freeways were shut down. Make sure you have a assigned seat #. It would of happened again coming back home but Lizz saved the day, called the airlines, got our assigned seats and we made it home on time. The taxi cab driver from the airport to the gay resorts DID NOT know how to get us there, the the dumb ass, tried to put it on us that we need to know where to go! Might be a good idea but that is his job. The fare is normally $15 and it was over $41. He got $25 from Lizz. I thought he deserved 10 bucks, learn your lesson "READ A MAP MAUDHERFAUCKER!" I need a good nights sleep everyone. zoblog

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    My stiches from a photo shoot

    It is much better now, BUT it hurt like hell when I hit the top of my head on the corner of a cabinet. One of the male SC chatters said I need a helmet. Porn slamming in Northern California.................lol. Here is a pic ofthe top of my head. 8 days later

    Monday, March 05, 2007

    There is so much to do before Palm Springs

    this weekend. I went to get more wigs and the store was closed due to a family death. Oh no! I will just not get uptight about all that needs to get done. I want to go to yoga three times by the end of the week. A new babe and I are becoming good friends over the Net. It will be a surprise to everyone! I am going to bed and fuzzy my male cat is sleeping on the floor right next to me, hubby is snogging away under the covers. Good night America. . . . . and all my other
    friends around the world. Hugs, Zoe

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    Yoga Thursday night

    I pussy farted again. I wonder how many women do that in class? Last night I was practicing by one of the good looking yoga female instructors and did the camel twice. I got it! It is about the energy. I connected with her energy and was able to make things happen even more! So coo!

    Cam show is this morning and will I have a surprise for the viewers. Yesterday I organized the studio and it is fantastico. Since my last studio move, March 2006, I never got it the way I wanted it to be, BUT is is jamming now with great fungshui

    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Today on ifriends live cam

    all the guys had names with big in it. Is it the full moon or what? Did the earthquake in California shake up their sex brain to BIG? And they were really into dangerous way out there fantasies that even the kinkiest porn star could not do. Zoe fuck yourself all the way with that 18 inch dildo. . . . . sure buddy, I can do THAT!

    Thursday night bikram yoga class. . . . .

    I pussy farted (qweethed) in class after a certain pose. Funny!

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