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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Most people fry themselves

    You do not have to help them out, just watch and wait.

    I just edit the site again

    for better navigation. 02-28-2007 Home page

    A few days ago I hit the top of my head on the corner

    of the kitchen cabinet during a photo shoot. I hurt like hell. I had blood running down my head and felt very dizzy. We ran off to the hosptial and I had to have stiches. LOL. I need a helmet!

    It still hurts but is getting better. I have not gone to yoga. Maybe, tonight????. . . . . I can go to class.

    When the pressure is on you see who your real friends are

    You cannot trust very many people. In the long run most people care only about themselves. My neighbors needed help so we were there and then they went to the crazy throw up insane channel disrupting the whole neighborhood. Telling the landlord every little thing. The whole complex was distributed by their rants and screams and begging crap, cops over there and they l are in their space. Squealed on us..............I will never do anything for them ever again. GFYN

    Some things shall never be told to people. Most people are not worthy of your gems. Most of the everyday people I know do not know what I do.

    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    My crazy girlfriend and I came up with this ........

    off the wall idea for my live cam show. Right now I will tell you that it is going to be freaky funni. Sexy Miss Lizz will love it and get a hug laugh from it. I will be your naughty diner whore cooking up cupcakes and cookies in her kitchen. Some fetish freakin' hot stuff never before seen on the Net, not anywhere. I have been doing research on this for sometime. Stirring up some trouble in her pink outfit for fetish freaks!!!

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    No make up and booze

    I am really pleased about this next update from Las Vegas. A few of us drank pussy shots out of Busty Beth's kitty in Liberachy's kitchen during the GOTI party 2007.
    Update is Sunday February 25, 2007. Party on baby!!!

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Can you make me follow the sysyem?

    I 'm unconventional, try to make me follow the system, it would kill me. Forget it!

    Here is a little about me

    1. It is a full time job keeping track of my cell phone. I need to tie it on a chain so I know where it is all the time.

    2. I tie my keys on my purse. I'm the absent minded professer. My mind is on other things constantly.

    3. If you are ever around me during a photo shoot I look disorganized but do not be deceived because I am very creative. I love being organized. I like to get everyting in order before a party shoot and by the end, it looks like a huge mess.

    4. I do all my updates myself. I also edit all my vid clips and videos.

    5. The past two years I have gone to business school and still growing. You can never learn to much about business and marketing.

    6. I love Warren Buffet, my new read is: "Security Analysis" by Bejamin Graham & David L. Dodd.

    7. My fantasy: wear a very classy business suit with silk stockings and heels at one of top score Wall Street bars. Hang out with the boys for I have made millions in the stock market.

    8. I eat an apple a day, one in the morning. Sometimes I eat something different like a banana, blue berries or an orange. When fruit is in season I eat something of that season.

    Monday, February 19, 2007

    My trip to Palm Springs with Southern Charms

    Here is a pic of the resort which is gay. Whocares they are nice people. I am getting very excited about this stip. I have been gathering vintage gowns, wigs etc.

    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    A note from a fan to zoe

    Hi Beautiful Zoe,
    Do you live on the west coast. If you do, what the heck are you doing up so early? Tom M.

    I live in San Jose, California and I get up abt 6 AM every morning. It is the best time for me and I have lots of energy! I have done this for years. It is how I'm wired. zoe

    It is my quiet time, my space. zozo

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Update this weekend Zoe with huge hooters

    "ShugarnTexa" Yes they make them big in Texas, like 42J. http://www.southern-charms.com/shugarntexas/main.htm 40 pics in Las Vegas, 2 hot mamas licking and squeezing each other on Liberachy's red couch. I have done video with Shugar's hubby Mojo Man. March 8-11, 2007 in Palm Springs will prove to be a sexy fun with Mojo Man, Shugar and myself. I just found out that Busty Beth SC2 will not be at our 3 day party bash. Bummer, her hubby has to work.

    Live Journal old blog


    After all the fun now it is tax time

    That is what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks, organizing all my paper work for the tax accountant. I decided to change my attitude and make it fun. I am almost done with it. For many of us doing taxes sucks but I will NOT let it get to me. I play fun music, and when I get tired of it I take a walk or work on content for the site. I read some other blogs and how they hate taxes. I do TOO but I will get through this and have fun along the way. My Bikram class has helped a lot. Valentine's Day was great! It is Friday and I almost done with all the figures and then out in the mail to the TA

    The old blog from live journal

    Some who I was not able to post anymore. These big sites do not not respond back so I will post the link and you can read past posts.

    Vampire content

    A few years ago some one wanna be film producer wanted to make a video with me and was outrageously manipulative. He was going to make me into a famous whatever star. Oh he knew the distributors and it would happen. So we did 3 sessions for video and he got off real quick every time and it took forever to get it edited. He had the PC, the software to make it happen. LOL. Thousands of dollars was spent. Yes he might of but... on windows there is a simple editing program to make homemade movies which my amateur girlfriend uses. I did this video over 3 yrs ago. I was the neighorhood mom and hot. He was into to feet, platforms and getting sucked off. He was okay with getting sucked off but very paranoid even if he had an aids test. BURB. I find that the younger guys who hit puberty by 1980 are very uptight about getting something and that is understandable. Then on top of it as we got into more fucking shoots he did not want to be seen. It was like fucking a clothes rack from the getto hood brother and it was a turn off for me. How can a video be hot if filled with fear and I am not turned on forget it baby. He was so UPTIGHT about everything. Fear and paranoid feelings KILL the fun on a set. I WILL NOT HAVE YOU DO IT WITH ME PERIOD if you are all uptight. NOT EVER so don't even call or apply. Making porn is about fun and I do not need it. Making porn movies is work and I want it to be fun not fearful. I finally got the VHS version of MILF hot mom with amateur lighting. It after a big tug of war to get it. I entered the VHS tape into the Sex Worker's Film Festival. Some great cock cucking all the way down my throat head hanging over the end of the office table. Fewwwwwwwwww. That was a long way to say it. Get the image? Great!

    Now I have some other admirer, his hobby, he loves editing some of my pics for fun. He has done some great stuff and my "almighty web master" thought it was GUD FABULOUS STUFF! YA BABY! Great stuff so I sent him the MILF HOT MOM video and he though it was JUST a promotional video tap for my site. Get the picture. Most people do not know what it takes to make 30 minutes of porn and it TAKES A LOT of patience to do it. OH WHAT THE DUCK, I am about having Fun and when it turns to sour gapes it is over. Girls like me wanna have fun. I have a great girlfriend and we do videos together. It is about the thrill of making it and she edits it. I have the equipment and she loves to edit the video. We are a great team and it works. Finding a girl on the net is difficult BUT when you find a friend like Sexy Miss Lizz it is a treasure beyond words. The footage shows the fun and the love. Everyone can see it and it makes this world step up to heaven's delight. I have done a lot of works with amateur women and every time we had a blast of bursting fun. Putting people at ease helps them to be themselves and it shows in the images.

    Meow and Smooches, Zoe Zane, amateur porn producer in San Francisco/San Jose CA

    My journey to produce porn

    I have been in this process to write about my life in the world of porn and adult entertainment. It is overwhelming as I write it. There is a lot of emotion attached to this life style. We all want porn but do not want anyone to know we want it. It is still taboo but the Internet lets us hide and enjoy ourselves.

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