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    Thursday, May 26, 2016


    Get Your Free Guide, Get Ride of Trapped Emotions and Negative Programs in the Brain Increase Your Personal Power - RECLAIM Your Power 

    Read my past blogs, heal your life with:

    PSYCH-K by Robert M.  Williams M.A
    Emotion and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

    Did your doctor tell you he has no answers for your health condition?  Did it feel hopeless?  

    Are you frustrated and it feelings like something is missing but you can't figure it out, your life is not working?

    Read this about complaining and what it does to the brain.  Stop complaining and stay away from complainers.  Complainers will make your life unhealthy.  COMPLAINING WILL KILL YOU!

    New scientific research on the brain and complaining.  Complaining makes you more negative.

    Fires up your limbic brain, more trauma in the human body.

    In my line of work its a challenge to find people who understand and accept what I do.  Someone in the underground understands what a girl like me goes through.  After reading how complaining rewires your brain for bad health, I'm so happy I stopped my relationship with a pr dom female complainer.  Read why:

    Negative words and emotions change the brain.

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