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    Thursday, March 03, 2016

    My biggest fans (laughing out loud) you'd never know these 2 blahs are my biggest fans! THEY are .....

    blah blah blah and more blah. The reason why it will not work with us, both of them are extreme competitors.  It's for me me me and not you.  And blah blah blah is like my Dad.

    After WWII Dad worked for Southwest and United Airlines till retirement.  My Dad is one bad mother fucker, his company in Russia was not meant to come home. Death or Die for Dad but his BMF hardcore WILL made it home.  Dad made sure the General's plane was in top flying condition 24/7.  My abused Maw said to me a lot, "You are like your Dad".  I hated it when Maw compared me to my Dad.   My childhood was in a house of hate.  I was a running fool to survive, a tomboy.  I was not spoiled like other girls. I have worked hard for everything!

    Blah blah blah are jealous fans and will never make a video or photo with me. They're so Me Me Me competitive and go wild when I do something off the wall.  My marketing team's ideas are for tomboys.  When ALL of them sit around the "not corporate table" their ideas blasts out like glitter stardust for Zoe Zane.

    Disappointment for Zoe Zane's fans  ......that my fan blah blah blah will not make video or photo with me.  But there is hope, blah blah blah will make sure to steal my show when Zoe Zane and her hot girlfriends out do do do.  That is what blah blah blah does with Zoe Zane.  When I do something blah would never do, it makes sure it's part of it.  Blah only cares about blah.  My trauma therapist has briefed me and a big fat angel put white light on the body part blah attacked.

    WHEN ZOE GOES BIG  ............... there it is -----blah blah blah.

    zoe zan blogger ZOE zoe-com zoe zane www.zoezane.com

    The reason why I blogged about blah, I saw the keywords in my traffic stats blah fans.

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